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    Professional introvert and lurker.
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    Trying to be more active on here and life in general. Mostly like to see girls peeing in naughty places. Resident of Northwest Florida, USA.
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  1. JoeBob563

    Please, help to identify this Model

    Here is a link to her clips4sale store. She used to post fairly but seems to have fallen off recently. The prices are reason too.
  2. JoeBob563

    Clubs you'd like to see...

    I see that there is a Florida club but there are no members and as far as I can tell, no way to join it....
  3. JoeBob563


    Any idea what video this is from?
  4. JoeBob563

    Florida Panhandle?

    I am from there same area but, haven't had much luck finding any interested women nearby...
  5. JoeBob563

    Kik group chat anyone?

    JawnDough00 if there is still room.
  6. JoeBob563

    Anyone from...?

    Seems like everyone is either way north of me or on a different continent. Northwest Florida here.
  7. JoeBob563

    Where are my pee buddies?

    @Admin would it be possible to get a location field in the profiles? Optional, of course, but it'd be cool to be able to see where we all are.
  8. JoeBob563

    Where are my pee buddies?

    Anybody in the Washington DC area? Up here for an indefinite work assignment...
  9. JoeBob563

    Where are my pee buddies?

    Damn, just missed it lol
  10. JoeBob563

    Where are my pee buddies?

    Not sure how I managed to miss this for almost a year! Do you have any suggestions for where I might be able to meet some friends? I'm about an hour from Ft. Walton in Panama City. I generally try to avoid the beach during the tourist season, not a big fan of crowds.
  11. JoeBob563

    Carpet Crawlers

    Personally, I like the naughtiness of it. The carpet adds an extra taboo I guess. Another favorite of mine is girls peeing on the floor next to the toilet. I don't have much interest in the actual fluid itself but I enjoy seeing something I'm not 'supposed' to see.
  12. JoeBob563

    Snapchat pee

    I need some friends like that!:thumbsup:
  13. JoeBob563

    How to meet local pee fans?

    I'm in a fairly large "small" town. Just enough real activity on CL to keep the carrot dangling just out of reach. Definitely wouldn't just put it out there on a general dating or hobbyist site. FetLife seems to have a fairly active user base around me but as far as I can tell it's pretty limited to the s&m crowd. I do wonder that myself sometimes. Try not to think about it too much though. Don't want to go crazy lol :wacky: That sounds like fun, I look forward to hearing from you.
  14. Any suggestions on how to meet local pee fans, especially ladies of course. I've looked at a few "fetish" dating sites but they all seem to be pretty much the same stupid site with a different name and banner. I live in a fairly large "small town." I've tried Craigslist with mixed results, actually met a few ladies but not anyone I wanted to or was able to maintain contact with. As to be expected there is a lot of spam and several that seem promising then just disappear. So basically i was wondering if there were any other localised personals or community sites that would be worth trying? Or any suggestions for getting good repsonses? Have looked at but never posted on backpage.com as there was very little on there for my area. Hell, I'd even post some of the ads I've put up for some constructive criticism if that was something you guys would be willing to provide (and is allowed by forum rules). Would also be willing to share what little has worked for me if someone wants to compare notes :bookworm:
  15. JoeBob563

    Anyone from...?

    Northwest Florida here. Spent some time in Austin but that was a long time ago. Honorary Texan?