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    Peeing naughty places at house parties?

    This is a true story from a long time ago, Very old house a mate was renting. My girl would wee in front of me and from time to time wet her panties as well I would often try and get her to pee while she was wearing a skirt, and she did this from time to time both with and without panties, but at a party one evening in the 70’s… She looked great, platform shoes lime green top and tight black pants. Like most parties back then there was sometimes a little pot, but mostly just beer and wine, some spirits. Nothing much had happened, everything just getting louder and a bit of falling about. My girl had by this stage had more to drink than me, and she normally did not drink very much. I was sitting on a set of outside stairs when she came down the stairs to me, and stood on the step I was sitting on, I started to rub her lightly between the legs and asked her if she wanted to do a trickle, she said yes, giggled and moved around a bit and said done it. I told her I could not feel any wet spot, she said look down, and then soon there was some pee, not a lot flowing over her shoes. Here pants still did not look wet but you could now feel the wet spot. I said finished? She said no I have got to do lots, so we walked around the place a bit looking for somewhere a bit quiet, no one in the lounge room so I sat down on a chair, she stood beside me and started to pee again, just then someone walked through and did not realise what was happening, although she stopped and you could still see the pee dribbling off the cuffs of her pants and onto the floor. We went out onto the front veranda, and she just stared and peed and peed, quite a puddle formed around her feet. I had a massive hard on by this stage and wanted to get going, she said no, get me a drink, a big one, which I did. She drank it quickly and then I thought we would get going, but she just went around talking to people in her wet pants and nobody noticed. About half an hour later she peed on the kitchen floor,( by this stage of the night there was so much other spillage that it was not noticeable) I was watching from the back and you could just see it dribbling out the legs of her pants, just a small puddle. She did one more out on the back concrete almost all of it going down her left leg and really running over her feet. After we left and parked in quiet spot up the road, I was helping her get her pants off and with them being so tight and wet it was quite a pull, but worth it