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  1. Sitting at those covered picnic table in parks, the ones with the slat type seats, sitting there with Curls, often halfway through lunch I would hear a splashing sound, look down and she was wetting her pants where we sat, not saying anything before hand, just had a complete nonchalant wetting
  2. Curls and I were running a bit late for an event at a major hotel. We arrived at the end of the line and both needed to pee, she told me to go first and she would hold the place in the line, I came back and she went off but was back very soon, she hadn’t been as she said the ladies on this floor was very busy. She had on a dressy pair of black slacks that we had leant in the past did not show wet spots or get shiny when she wet them, and open sandal type shoes. We were still at the end of the line, Curls looked around and said quietly to me, “I am going to wee in my pants here”,
  3. My mate up the road and I as young guys used to see who could piss up the wall the furthest, that sort of thing, but he had a sister who often seemed to have wet pants and no one noticed. I remember her sitting on the back steps and a small trickle running down, later she was still sitting there and it was a longer trickle. People moved in next door for a few months, the girl was the same age as me, we used to play in each other backyards, on the swings, wasn’t so keen playing with her dolls. One time we were sitting and talking and I heard a hissing sound and I realised she was wett
  4. Thought I would add another surprise my now fiancé gave me about a year or so after the first. I would often try and get her to pee while she was wearing a skirt, and she did this from time to time both with and without panties, but at a party one evening in the 70 She looked great, platform shoes lime green top and tight black pants. Like most parties back then there was sometimes a little pot, but mostly just beer and wine, some spirits. Nothing much had happened, everything just getting louder and a bit of falling about. My girl had by this stage had more to drink than me, an
  5. Wonderful as always, thank you for posting
  6. My Girl would nonchalantly pee at house parties where the lines for the toilet were long.she usually had on a skirt and very light panties, and did not once use the toilet. She would often let out a dribble in her panties while chatting to soemone.
  7. In my Girl Friends Jeans At a house party many years ago. We both needed a pee and went outside, we often peed together (still do) We had had a bit to drink, and she had gotten me out and all of a sudden said “I need to go or I will wet my pants” Me being the gentlemen, as always, said “No let me wet them for you” So, poking my half hard cock into her open zipper of her jeans, and tried to pee with half a hard on. Eventually did and I heard a hissing sound as she wet her pants and jeans completely. Little stroking of her pussy made her come almost immediately.
  8. Many years ago my wife (then GF) Curls, went on a big day out picnic. One of the conditions was that she had to leave her pants on all day. ( I did bring spares). The first wetting she was desperate and a bit reluctant, but after that looked forward to it and did multiple little wettings
  9. Got to agree, one of the best ever , Thank you for your post
  10. Different strokes for different folks. Got to agree about the scat/ smearing. However i like the Idea of Rick's girl and her fart pebbles
  11. Early days in your experiences, I hope you post more on the timeline. Looks like you struck it lucky with your girl, same as me and she doesn't mind a wee.
  12. When making love we would usually put towels down as Curls when she gets super excited in an orgasm will often pee. But have purchased a new bed, couple of weeks off delivery yet. So having fun destroying the old mattress. This morning, i rolled on top of her and was slowly making love and she said. Stop its sore i have to wee, my answer , well just wee, took a few minutes but she did, running out while still making love. That really got things moving.
  13. I'll be following this , glad to hear of of others experiences, not always plain sailing, thanks for posting I look forward to the next installment.
  14. Curls used regularly pee in her panties when playing hockey. At half time she would just sit on the grass and pee through her panties under her skirt.
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