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  1. I would guess that you make this happening by thinking sexy thoughts until you could feel the area around the clit starting to tingle. Then you just concentrate on that feeling and make it more intense until it goes over the edge. I must be among your more intense orgasms. Do you do this often or put it off for special occasions?
  2. Are you able to cause an orgasm by just thinking about anytime that your are thinking sexy thoughts, or does it take a very special occasion to set your mind up for such action? The thought of being able to do this really turns me on.
  3. I have had arguments in the past on this forum about whether squirting is Peeing or not. I know from another forum that I am on that Squirting is a separate action than Peeing even though it come out of the same urethra, but hey men's ejaculate comes out of the same urethra as his Pee. It is also my understanding the squirting is different from Cumming (an orgasm). On my other forum one girl says that if she squirts then her orgasm is more intense. One of the other girls I can see that she squirts and continues on until she Cums. Since we all seem different, I would guess that some gi
  4. At last I see an explanation as to why you left PeeFans so suddenly. I see myself as one of those individuals who was eating up your time. I would apologize, but I don't know how to go about doing that. I know that you have been visiting PeeFans from time to time. I was very surprised to see that you had changed the pictures on you Profile. I was checking to see when your Birthday was and see that is it coming up shortly. So, I will wish you a Happy Birthday a bit early. I see that a Birthday greeting on a PM will not fly. It has been so nice knowing you. BPB
  5. bpb

    Random sexy girls

    OI think that I prefer the girl on the left.
  6. What a surprise from PeeFans! Thanks very much.
  7. When I was in college, OSU, I was in an Army reserve firefighting unit. There was a fire school in the college. The top ranks of the firefighting unit were filled with members of the town's fire department, and many were part of the college training staff. Going to a summer camp was a problem as it would deprive the town of its fire department. So, arrangements were made such that we could conduct our own fire school there on the college. I checked out my fire suit and slept in the campus fire dorm. One night the fire alarm rang, so I got out of bed and was fully awake, I slid down the f
  8. I have just read some of your entries. Boy are they interesting. I hope that you have some more stories. I can image your poor mom coming into the bathroom with Pee in full go! And having to find an alternate place to go!
  9. bpb


    This happened to me when I was about 14 and had not yet discovered how to produce the wonderful sensation of an orgasm. The sensation of Peeing thru an eject prick without touching it really appealed to me. I was small enough that I could get my butt thru the bare porcelain ring on the toilet, so I would put my but thru the ring and wrap my prick in toilet paper and let the Pee flow. What a nice sensation! the Pee would collect in my lap and when I was thru Peeing I would push myself up out of the ring and the Pee liquid would gush back into the toilet past my legs.
  10. I am so glad to see you back on the forum again. I was thinking about you very recently and wondering if you have any races coming up. I was wondering just how you might plan to handle the Peeing situation.
  11. bpb

    Small boobs....

    Now if I could only play with them!
  12. Perhaps this will help. http://www.theplacewithnoname.com/t/Peestanding.pdf
  13. bpb

    Random sexy girls

    What I would try to do is to use the Snipping tool from windows 10 to cut the picture and move it to my compute and then upload it to PeeFans thru their normal picture upload procedures.
  14. On 6/13/2014 at 6:45 PM, CrissyP said: 2. On stage. I was a stripper at one time. The owner said it was ok, if I cleaned it up. I had multiple orgasms while doing it. I remember CrissP telling of this. She said that the cleanup effort was not worth the effort, so she never did it again.
  15. I have: http://www.theplacewithnoname.com/t/Peestanding.pdf
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