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  1. I don't seem to be able to find my way to this special Gold Member material. Like how do I find Spywareonya new video? I saw all the WetFetishCat video, but I would like to review some of them, but don't know where to look.
  2. bpb

    Hi from holly from England

    Missholly, I do welcome you to this forum. I do hope that you find it very exciting and gentle. There are a number of very active girls on this forum. I expect that you will find the males on this forum very respectful of your presents. WELCOME.
  3. Steve, what a large batch of beautiful girls. HOT . . .
  4. I look forward to those videos that you said that you would put up! WOW
  5. bpb

    From a standing position.

    My favorite set of instructions given to me by CrissyP http://www.theplacewithnoname.com/t/Peestanding.pdf
  6. bpb

    Ladies please answer

    Well, Annie might reach 5 Meters. Hitting the wall on the other side of the room is quite a ways.
  7. bpb

    Question for the Girls.Wetting.

    Vikka suffers from a Bi Polar mental state. She explained this in her original Profile. However, profiles no longer carry the information that they use to carry under the older software. Vikka suffers from sever depression which can last for long periods of time. The first period of time that she was active on this forum were just delightful with personal accounts that were unbelievable HOT! Then she was away with depression that lasted for a loooooooog time. She has from time to time put in appearances, but has never stepped up with the stories of her original presents. She did put in a brief presents last year. I could only hope that she might put in another appearance this year. I am not in a position to comment on MissPiss. I just appears that she decided that she no longer wanted to be part of this scene. CrissyP I am very familiar with as I was in very active communications with her on both in PM here on PeeFans and by way of email. She had gone down to for in interview for a job in South Carolina. She meet this guy who has just lost his wife. She had some hot sexy stories with this guy. CrissyP was not interested in the job and turned them down and returned to Pittsburgh where she worked. Well, this guy Don was so taken with Crissy that he arranged to me Crissy in the Pittsburgh area. Finally he arranged a cruise and Crissy added enough money to the arrangement to make it a very nice first class cruise. As I look back on the messages from Crissy at the time period I can tell that she was having very mixed emotions about Don and also her friend Lynda. The three of them went on this cruise and Crissy sent back message as they were going down to Florida getting ready for the cruise. Crissy said that she would not be able to communicate while on the cruise. Then there was silence.. . . . How such a gregarious chatty girl could go silent and unreachable was just unimaginable. About the only thing that made sense was that she had died somehow. It took me several months of hard digging to make contact with Lynda who let me know that Crissy had gotten married to Don and had cut her ties to PeeFans I have hope against hope that she might drop me a note, but I guess that will not be the case. It has been over a year.
  8. bpb

    Question for the Girls.Wetting.

    @Vikka, it is getting close to summer. I do hope that you feel like putting in an appearance. It feels like you have been hiding all winter. You much have some HOT personal account of you and your girl friends!
  9. I first joined WatchGirlsPeeing on Jan 13, 2014. Yes the Title page looks quite familiar. Kevin and I went a long time before we picked an avatar. His was a B29. Who could forget CrissyP. She would converse with anyone who would PM her. My conversation with her lasted for 1 1/34 of a year. Some 59 hundred messages on our conversation. I also had email contact with her used for passing pictures. Vikka had very exciting stories a lot of them being personal experience. Almost all her Peeing turned into a personal orgasm. Yes they were HOT stories. She was a lesbian and had to remind the boys of this when their remarks got a little too personal or sexual suggestive. I could wonder if I am the oldest person on this forum. I was born in Jan 1936. Is there anyone older? I was innocent of this Pee Fetish. I was pulled onto the forum thru some subtle invites on scenes on YouTube. I think that I could fill a number of pages of things that I have learned of this Pee Fetish.
  10. bpb

    Where would you see me pee?

    Come on good weather. . . . give her a very good chance.
  11. bpb

    A midsummer nights wet dream

    WOW! That was different. What a dream, and it felt so crude.
  12. bpb

    Flush Fetish

    What brought about this fascination on "flush fetish"? Was there something in your life that set it up?
  13. bpb

    The new job

    It is so nice to see females come on to this forum and be able to make entries and feel free to do so without any aggression from males on this forum. It has not always been so gentle. It took quite a bit of prodding on the part of the powers of this forum to get the atmosphere to the point that females are accepted as equal member and given the respect that they deserve. It does make the forum seem so much more friendly, and I certainly enjoy it more.
  14. bpb

    The new job

    I am not very perceptive on spiritual things, so I wouldn't dare offer any help.