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  1. Reminds me of a picnic with friends a few years back. The park that was chosen as the venue had bathrooms but they were locked so everyone just used the grass/trees until it started raining, then we moved under the shelter of a gazebo and when people had to go they just walked out and peed right there on the ground. It was a great day.
  2. Oh man @Paulypeeps sounds like she had quite the vacation! Thanks for attaching the photos as well, are there any more?
  3. Do you empty the bucket after every pee or at the end of the day? Do you think you could fill the bucket at least half way in a day?
  4. I feel like the larger the city you're in the more likely you'll see people peeing in public. Or if there is a college in your town just hit up the college bars on a weekend and I'm sure you'll see plenty of people peeing outside. That being said, yes I do wish it was more acceptable to just whip it out and pee in public.
  5. Scored 133 on my first play through, pretty happy with that!
  6. Started playing around with something new this weekend. When my wife is out of the house, for work or whatever, her garage bay is empty, there is a small floor drain but the floor is so beat up not much flows to it. There is also a door to go into the other garage bay and then into that back storage room I was talking about. Well this past Saturday I decided to take advantage of all of this open space. I stripped down naked opened the doors leading to the other garage and storage room and just started going, no hands, and walked around between the three rooms. It was a lot of fun, and a bit of encouragement to clean out the other garage so I have more room to walk/pee around without hitting anything I dont want to.
  7. I'm the same as most of you, no one really taught me per say but growing up my family spent a lot of time outdoors, camping, hiking, etc. So out of necessity you would have to "use the woods" and I always found it fun to pee somewhere other than the toilet, so I would always find an excuse to pee outside. In the summers whenever I would be playing with friends in my parents back yard we would always use this one particular tree, pretty sure it is a few feet taller thanks to us.
  8. If you like this kind of stuff def check out the videos by legalporno tons of ass pissing, plus all sorts of other hardcore sex acts, double pen, gang bang, cumshots, piss swallowing, etc...
  9. Do you have access to the roof? Imagine peeing down 35 floors!
  10. I have the obvious spots, bathroom sink, bathtub, basement sink which is a very frequently used spot out of pure convince for me and others, it's sometimes referred to as the "downstairs toilet". I also enjoy using the drain in my garage, and off the back of my garage is a small room that is used for storage for yard equipment and it has a concrete floor but with no drain. No one really goes in there aside from myself so I will frequently pee right on the floor(maybe splashing on a few things depending on her daring I'm feeling). Hell this week I've peed in that room at least once every day.
  11. I'm not ashamed of my fetish, I just haven't told too many people about it. Just my wife, an ex, and another friend who I used to mess around with. That being said I know my wife has told a few of her friends about it, they are all very open with each other, and none of them have said anything to me about it positive or negative. Now between my wife and I, we are very open with talking about it and I gotta say it's awesome, I really lucked out with her.
  12. I love videos about this! I wish there were more. I remember one of the first ones I ever saw was Annette Schwarz, she peed in a cup of noodles and then microwaved it and ate it! So sexy! I think she may have also had a guy pee in the cup too, it's been a while since I've watched it. The closest I've ever come to doing this in real life is just freezing my wife's pee into ice cubes and using it in drinks. Makes for a really good gin and tonic, sometimes we'll even skip the tonic and just mix it with more piss and gin. I would like to actually try cooking it into something but I feel like you would have to use really well hydrated pee or else the smell might be a bit much.
  13. Awesome story! I wonder if you had just peed while walking with the guy if he would have even noticed, sounds like your shorts would do a good job of hiding it.

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