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    They finally pulled into the parking lot of a building that resembled a double-wide trailer with a wooden siding and a full porch that rand the length of the building. Susan also saw a few posts sticking out of the ground on both sides next to the entrance, each with a longer post running across. “What are those?” she asked, pointing to the posts. Tommy laughed. “Those are hitching posts for horses. Kirby thinks he’s some kind of cowboy, so he had those put in when he opened the place. Wants it to look authentic.” Susan smiled as she also noticed two wagon wheels, one on each side, propped against the porch. The porch itself held several wooden rocking chairs, and even the lights near the door resembled lanterns. The only “modern” touch was the neon sign at the top that advertised the name “Kirby’s.” “It’s tacky,” Tammy said, “which is why we love it.” Once inside, it was just as they siblings has described it, a lot of country-themed odds and ends hanging on the wall, including a few mounted game animals. The lighting was dim, and there were even some faux oil lamps hanging along the bar. The floor was tile just as they said, but its style was made to look like wooden flooring. The booths were made of actual wood but with burgundy vinyl backings and seat cushions. There were also some round wooden tables and matching chairs. When they passed the bar, a man with pepper-gray hair smiled and waved. “Hey there!” he said. He finished pouring a drink for another man at the bar and then stepped to the end of the bar to greet them. “Hey Kirby,” Janice said. “This is my friend Susan.” “Well, howdy Susan,” Kirby said. The siblings laughed and shook their heads. “Told you so,” Janice said. “We’ll take our usual, Kirby.” “You got it, little lady.” Janice and the twins led Susan over to a booth at the end of the bar. She directed Susan to sit on the inside and Tommy squeezed in next to her. Then Tammy sat across from Susan and Janice took the other outside seat. Almost as soon as they sat down, Kirby showed up with four frothy mugs of beer. “On the house, as always,” Kirby said, smiling. He winked at Janice, who smiled and winked back. “I’d better make room for this,” Tammy said. Susan looked at her, confused, until she saw Tammy sit up straight and then heard a soft hissing sound. Susan started to look, but Janice shook her head. “Discrete, remember? The customers don’t know.” Susan nodded. “It’s actually one of the hottest things about this,” Tommy said. “The fact that right now my sister is pissing herself and no one knows but us.” “So, what are you going to do?” Susan asked. “Are you going to wet your pants, or…?” “Well,” Tommy said and took a sip of his beer. “Maybe not because even though these pants are black, they’re denim, so it would still show. But yeah, I have before. I spilled a drink on myself one night and then decided later, what the hell, I’m already wet, so…” Susan smiled at him and then looked him up and down, imagining what he might look like with wet jeans. Tommy smiled back. “And you can’t just whip it out right here because you’re on the end seat, so what then?” Tommy winked at her. “You’ll see.” Meanwhile, Janice had made eye contact with Kirby several times. Every time, he smiled at her, and it wasn’t just a cordial, friendly smile but something deeper. Janice remembered admitting to her father when she was nineteen and met Kirby for the first time that she thought he was attractive. Her father had laughed and said, “Well, he’s not a bad looking fella for a wannabe cowboy.” Now, almost a decade later, Kirby was just a few years younger than her father but almost twenty years older than her. Should she still be feeling this way? Kirby’s own wife had died of cancer a few before her parents’ accident. He still wasn’t bad looking, even with his blue button up shirt and brown vest. Kirby also had a cowboy hat that looked cute enough on him to work. As she looked at him again, he smiled once more and then motioned subtly with his head for her to come over to the bar. Janice could feel her face redden. “Hey, I’ll be back. Kirby wants to talk to me.” As she stood up, she tried not to look at her siblings, but she caught sight of a naughty smirk on Tammy’s face. Janice could not help herself and she returned the smile. “You’re going to leave me here alone with these two?” Susan said, but it was clear from her tone that she was faking it. “No… please… don’t.” She giggled. Tommy leaned close to Susan and kissed her on the cheek. Janice walked to the bar, which was now surprisingly empty. There were about five other patrons in the bar, three of them at a table and the other two shooting pool in the far corner. “Hey there,” Kirby said. “Hey.” Susan smiled, and he returned the smile, but it seemed a little more nervous than before. “What’s up?” she asked. “Hell, I might as well be honest with you,” Kirby said. “Ever since you walked in that door I haven’t stopped looking at you.” “I know,” she said, smiling. “I saw you looking.” “You favor your mother,” he said. This hurt her heart a little, but she knew it was intended as a compliment. “Thank you,” she said. “You have prettier eyes, though,” he said. He smiled and poured her a glass of beer. “Looks like your new friend is fitting in well.” Janice turned around and looked back at their table. Susan was sitting with her head back as Tommy kissed her neck. She wondered if Susan was also wetting herself at that point and assumed she probably was. “Yeah, she is,” Janice said. “Would it be inappropriate if I asked you to meet me in the back office in about five minutes?” Janice looked at him and her eyes widened, but his expression made her pause. It was lustful, but also loving. Was it possible he had been thinking about her all these years, as well? She was an adult then, so it’s not like he would have been a pervert if he had. And she was definitely old enough now. Still, their age difference might turn some heads if anyone found out. But the back office… “No,” she said after a long pause. “I understand,” he said and sighed. “No, I mean… it’s a bit forward, but… not inappropriate. Five minutes?” Now Kirby’s eyes widened. “Yes. You remember where it is? Down the bathroom hallway, last door at the end.” “I remember. Tammy and Tommy and I used to hang out back there because we weren’t yet old enough really to be in a bar, and you didn’t want someone calling ‘the law’ on you. That’s literally what you said, ‘the law.’” She laughed, and he shook his head. “It was cute,” she said. “Five minutes,” he said. He walked out from behind the bar and to the group of three at the table. She heard him mumble something, and they nodded. Then he checked on the two at the pool tables, turned to look at her over his shoulder, smiled, and walked down the hallway. Janice walked over to their table. “Hey, I’m heading to the bathroom. I need to do more than pee.” All three of them looked at her, and Janice could tell from Susan’s expression that something was up. As she looked closer, she could see that Tommy had his hand between Susan’s legs and was obviously rubbing her slit. Janice smiled as she saw a few droplets of Susan’s pee dribbling onto the seat. “Mmmkay,” Susan said, obviously trying to maintain her composure. “Have fun,” Tammy said, and she winked. How did she always know? Janice left them and walked to the hallway where the bathrooms were. She passed the bathrooms and finally reached the door at the end. She hesitated for just a few seconds but then turned the knob and walked into the familiar back office. Kirby was sitting behind his desk, but as soon as she entered he stood up. He made a sound like he was clearing his throat. “I didn’t know if you’d actually come,” he said. “I told you I would.” “No, you just said it wasn’t inappropriate to ask. I’ve spent the last three minutes agonizing over whether you would come.” Janice looked at him. He was genuinely nervous and apprehensive. This made him ever cuter. She closed the door behind her and turned both locks. “I’m here, aren’t I?” she said. He nodded then stepped out from behind his desk and walked to her. Janice stood still as he approached her. He reached out his hands and rubbed her arms gently while looking into her eyes. “Those eyes,” he said. Then he cleared his throat again. “Can I… kiss you?” She nodded, and he leaned in and placed his lips on hers. Then both of their mouths were open and their tongues touching. Janice moaned involuntarily at the pleasure as he kissed her. “I want you,” he said. “But I haven’t done anything since… since Mary passed.” “I know,” she said. “It’s okay.” Janice moved closer to him and reached down to unzip his fly. He made a grunting sound as she reached in and slid his penis through his zipper. She rubbed it gently with her fingers, feeling it grow and pulse in her hand. She looked down at it and her eyes widened. It wasn’t the biggest she had ever seen, but it was considerable and definitely the biggest she had ever had. She lifted her dress up and guided his penis closer to her until the tip of it was touching her slit, which was already very wet and ready for him. He looked into her eyes again and moved even closer until he slipped all the way inside of her. She gasped when he entered her, and her eyes rolled back. He chuckled as he moved his hips slowly, sliding in and out of her. Each time he pressed against her, Janice could feel the pressure in her bladder getting stronger. “Kirby,” she said, “I have to pee.” He chuckled and pulled out and looked into her eyes. “Let’s go to the desk,” he said. She nodded, and he led her across the office to his desk. Then he pulled his office chair out and pointed to it. Janice smiled as she obeyed him, hiking her dress up as she sat down. He stood next to her, still smiling and looking into her eyes. Then his eyes dropped down lower to her exposed vagina, and his expression changed to pure lust. Janice closed her eyes and sighed. Her flow started as a soft trickle as she only let a little bit go. “Oh my god,” he said. “That is incredible.” Janice giggled. She was about to let more go when Kirby knelt down closer, his penis in his hand. “I need you right now or I’ll explode right here.” “But I still need to go,” Janice said. “I don’t care,” he said. Janice bit her lip and reached out to pull him closer. They kissed again, and soon he was inside of her. She moaned and knew she couldn’t hold back any longer. She kept kissing him as he slowly moved in and out of her. She felt the first few drops trickle out of her and he groaned, obviously feeling them, as well. “That feels so good,” he said. His movements became quicker and quicker and he pushed deeper. She could feel his weight against her bladder, and with each thrust she squirted more warm pee. It dribbled over his penis and down his testicles and tickled her lower labia. “Oh, my god, yes,” she said. She had an idea and cut off her flow. Then she pushed him back and motioned for him to stand up. He slid out of her and obeyed. She stood up from the chair, and then directed him to sit. As he turned, he unbuckled and unsnapped his jeans and tugged them down to his ankles. She giggled as she wrapped her legs around his waist and straddled him in his office chair. He started to slip his penis back inside of her, but she stopped him. “Let me do this,” she said. He nodded as she scooted up just enough to put his penis right along her slit but not inside her. Janice sighed and let go completely. The hissing sound of her warm pee as it sprayed out of her and splashed against his penis and lower stomach was loud enough that they both laughed. But their laughter quickly turned to moans as Janice moved her hips, rubbing her soaking wet labia along the shaft of his penis while still peeing. He looked at her again with hungry, lustful eyes and she leaned forward and finally gave him what he wanted as she slid down onto him. Janice knew it wouldn’t be long as she wriggled her hips and he gripped her bare ass. “I’m not going to last much longer,” Kirby said. “It’s okay,” Janice said, smiling. She pulled the straps of her dress and bra away and freed her breasts, and he leaned in to kiss them, starting with her cleavage and working his way to her left nipple. She squealed and moved her hips quicker. “Oh, that feels… so good,” she said. “Oh, I’m gonna… oh, ohhHHHHHH!” She screamed, not caring if anyone heard, and he joined her as she felt him ejaculate into her. Janice stopped moving, but she stayed on top of him as he continued to kiss her cleavage and shoulders. “Thank you,” he said. “That was incredible.” “It was,” she said and kissed him. “So which one of us walks out of here first?” They both laughed.
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    After making some arrangements, it was for sure that Susan was going to spend the night with the siblings. Janice agreed to let Susan borrow some of her night clothes if necessary and even a change of clothes for tomorrow. As they talked, Tommy stepped down the hall. All three girls peered at him, smiling. They could also see that Susan could not hide the redness in her face. “You sly dog,” Janice said. Tommy grinned, and he surprised all of them by taking a seat on the couch right next to Susan. She looked shocked until he touched her hand and she slipped her fingers between his. “So, Susan,” Tammy said. “Now that the ice is broken and you’ve had sex with my brother, I think we should drop the act. Tommy and I planned the whole thing to get you to piss yourself.” “You… what?” Susan said. “Yeah, I’m sorry. Janice is sometimes ashamed of what we do, and from what she tells us she really likes you and didn’t want your friendship screwed up. So we had to find a way to let you know that this kind of thing happens around here and hope that you wouldn’t run screaming.” “Well… I didn’t did I?” “No,” Janice said. “You didn’t. Thank you.” “You’re welcome. Honestly, there aren’t a lot of people around the office I care to talk to or spend time with. They’re all boring. You… are most definitely not boring.” Janice smiled, and Susan returned it. “Well, now that that’s settled,” Tammy said. She scooted forward in her seat, lifted her bottom and slid her shorts down to her feet but kept her panties on. She sat back in her seat and a few seconds later she sighed, and a dark stain appeared in the crotch of her panties. Tommy and Janice both just shook their heads, but Susan watched, enraptured, as Tammy’s flow increased and hissed loudly through her panties, soaking into the seat cushion. “So you really just… pee in your seat?” she said. “Mmm hmm,” Tammy said. “I told you. We… ohhhh… really enjoy wetting. It’s so warm. Mmm…” Susan looked at Janice. “Do you do this?” Janice cleared her throat. “Sometimes, yes. If the mood strikes me.” “And you?” Susan asked, looking at Tommy. “All the time,” Tommy said. “I’ve even pissed right here on this couch. Obviously, the feeling is different for me than for you girls, but I still really enjoy the warmth and the relief. And of course, the naughtiness of peeing somewhere you shouldn’t.” Tammy’s flow was dwindling to a trickle and Susan watched as she pulled her panties aside and let the last little bit dribble straight into the chair cushion. “But what about the mess?” Susan asked. “We clean it up,” Janice said. “And all three of us drink more water than anything, so usually the smell and the color isn’t so bad. Plus, if the mess is too big we can afford cleaning services.” “This is all so…,” Susan said. Janice closed her eyes waiting for this whole thing to finally come tumbling down. “I mean, it’s a lot to take in, but it’s also kind of… hot.” Janice’s eyes snapped open. Susan was smiling and still looking at Tammy, who was licking her lips and enjoying the last tiny droplets of warm pee through her panties. “Really?” Janice asked. “Yeah, really. Before today I haven’t had sex since my husband left over a year ago. This is the most excitement I’ve had recently that didn’t include chasing toddlers through a toy store. I kind of feel like I needed this.” Janice felt like crying tears of joy. “I think we just became best friends,” Janice said. Susan laughed. “I think I want to try pissing on your couch,” Susan said. All three siblings looked surprised, but Susan smiled and unsnapped her jeans. She was still going commando, so all she had to do was slip her jeans down. She kicked them completely off and was now sitting on the couch naked from the waist down next to Tommy, who was watching her and had a clearly growing erection. “So, do I just sit here and do it?” she asked. “You do it however you want,” Tommy said. His voice was low and encouraging but also had that husky tone she heard in the hallway earlier. “It might be easiest for your first time if you sit like you’re on a toilet.” “Okay,” Susan said. She scooted back on the couch and sat up straight. All three siblings watched as she closed her eyes and let out a breath. Then she gasped and they all heard a hissing sound. “Oh!” Susan cried and looked down to see the small wet spot beneath her. “Just a little spurt,” she said. “But ohh, you’re right Tammy, it’s warm. I think I need to…” She leaned back a little more, relaxing as she spread her legs a little further apart. Then she sighed, and a steady spray of warm pee started from her and hissed loudly into the couch cushion. “Ohh, holy… Mmmm!” She looked down at her flow and opened her mouth in both pleasure and surprise. “Oh my god it’s so… ohhh… so warm, and it’s splashing against my clit… Ohhh!” As Susan peed full force now, Tommy moved closer to her, and she looked to see that he had removed his penis from his shorts and was openly stroking himself. Tammy was also rubbing her vagina without shame. And to her right was Janice, her new best friend, who had pulled her own jeans down to her thighs and was also clearly rubbing herself. The best thing about this is that she didn’t find any of it inappropriate or gross or upsetting in any way. She was deeply turned on by it. These three siblings could have asked her for anything, and she would have said yes without hesitation. As Susan smiled at Janice, her flow was dwindling, but she could see a fresh spray of pee falling from between Janice’s legs and soaking the seat cushion. Janice moaned as she rubbed herself while peeing. Tommy leaned closer to Susan. “Do you want me again? My sisters won’t mind.” Susan looked at Janice who bit her lip and nodded at her through half-lidded eyes. “Yes,” Susan said. Tommy knelt on the floor in front of her and in a quick motion had her bottom scooted to the edge of the couch. She could feel the tip of his penis right at her vulva. Before he entered her, though, he smiled. “I have to pee,” Tommy said. Susan thought she knew what he was getting at, and she smiled. “It’s okay,” she said. Tommy smiled at her and sighed. Soon, a warm stream sprayed messily from his penis and splashed against her lower tummy. She gasped at the warm feel of his pee as it dribbled down her slit, making her even wetter than she already was. This must have stirred more in her as he felt another squirt of pee flow from between her legs and wet the edge of the couch. Tommy groaned, and his spray reached as far as her shirt, which she quickly yanked off and sat up to unsnap her bra. Now she was completely naked and to her surprise didn’t feel the least bit ashamed or self-conscious. This was made better by Tommy’s admiring gaze as his flow of pee eased to a trickle. Tammy stood up from her chair, walked over to the couch, and sat next to Susan. As Tommy moved his pelvis back again to where Susan could feel the tip of his penis at her vulva, Tammy removed her own shirt and bra. She leaned close to Susan and smiled. Then Susan watched as Janice also stood up, stepped out of her jeans, yanked off her shirt, and removed her bra and walked over to sit on the other side of the couch. Susan now had Tommy in front of her, Tammy to her right, and Janice to her left, and they were all watching her lustfully. “You can stop us anytime,” Tommy said in that comforting, husky voice of his. She nodded, and soon Tammy’s mouth was on her right breast, licking her nipple and sucking at it gently. Susan gasped as Tommy slid his penis just to the edge of her labia and moved it around. She could feel the head of it rubbing her clitoris. Janice leaned in now and started to kiss her neck and shoulder while Tammy continued to suck on her breast. As Tommy entered her, Susan felt two hands touching her upper labia and clitoris and looked to see that both Tammy and Janice were rubbing her. “Mmmm!” she cried out. “Oh my god, this is so amazing. I’m not going to last long.” “It’s okay,” Janice whispered. “This is for you. Just relax and let go.” Susan obeyed and soon she could feel her orgasm building as Tommy continued to move in and out of her and the girls continued to kiss and rub her. “Oh! Oh! I’m gonna… OOoooooohhhhhhh!” Susan came loud and hard, writhing and bucking her hips as best she could with Tommy still inside her. He pulled out of her and scooted back as her breathing slowed to normal and all three of them looked at her, smiling. Susan sighed as another steady flow of pee fell from her and dripped gently onto the edge of the couch and the floor. She giggled. “I always have to pee after I orgasm.” They all laughed with her. “How was that?” Janice asked. “Incredible,” Susan said, still sounding a little out of breath. “I’m glad. Because I really like you. And obviously so do my siblings.” Tammy and Tommy both nodded, wide-eyed, at the exact same time. “Good,” Susan said. She sat up but did not bother getting dressed. She could feel the wetness of the cushion under her getting cold and wished she could warm it up, but she was tapped out. “Why don’t we get dressed and then go out and have some drinks?” Tommy asked. “That sounds like a great idea,” Susan said.
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    [Short and sweet, but I think it will make some of you very happy.] Janice waited for Kirby to leave the office, and then she quietly opened the office door. She could feel tendrils of Kirby’s semen creeping down her inner thighs, so she stepped into the women’s restroom. The bathrooms at Kirby’s were about what someone would expect from a bathroom in a bar, but they weren’t the worst Janice had ever seen. The floors were concrete and there were two drains, one on each side. There were three stalls with doors that actually locked, and the toilets were usually clean. Janice stepped into one of the stalls, happy to be alone as she sat on the toilet and grabbed a wad of toilet paper. She sighed and emptied her bladder completely. It wasn’t much, but she wanted to be empty before going back outside. She wiped herself, trying her best to get as much of Kirby’s semen out of her as possible. Since she was going commando, she didn’t want to be leaking it all over his seats. After a few more wads and a few more wipes, Janice was sure she was clean. She dribbled a little more pee into the bowl and sat there, processing what just happened. As she was sitting, the door creaked, and she could see four sets of feet enter the bathroom. The girls who entered were giggling. “Shit,” one of them said. “One of the stalls is occupied.” Janice thought about speaking up and telling them she was almost done but hesitated. She wanted to see where this was going. “So?” another girl said. “Well, there’s four of us and three stalls. One is used up, so that leaves four. And I really have to go, so…” The set of feet closest to the stalls tried to run to the open one beside Janice, but a second and third set of feet rushed past her until both stalls were occupied. “Oh no you don’t,” a third voice said. There was a lot of laughter. “Damn you Kiki,” the first voice said. But she didn’t sound angry. Janice smiled and stayed where she was. “Well,” a fourth voice coming from the last set of feet said, “I guess we know what we have to do then.” Janice still couldn’t see their faces, but there was something more calming and mature about this last voice. It was soothing, almost motherly. Janice tried to put a face with the voice, but she was distracted by a soft pattering sound coming from the stall next to her. Janice looked and could see a stream of pee falling between the girl’s legs and to the floor. “Why did you even go in there if you were just going to piss on the floor anyway, Kiki?” the first voice said. Kiki just laughed in reply as her flow eased to a dribble. There was a knock at Janice’s stall door. “Hey, are you going to be much longer?” “I’m almost finished,” Janice said, smiling. “Well, I can’t hold it,” the last voice said. “What are you going to do, Cheryl?” the first girl asked. “Well, I guess my usual.” Janice watched as the last set of feet stepped together, and she gasped as she knew what was about to happen. A few seconds later she heard a sigh, and then the familiar trickle of pee down this woman’s feet to the floor. She was wearing flat sandals, so the pee just flowed over her feet and made a puddle on the floor that started to run towards the drain. “Well, I’m wearing jeans, so…” The first voice walked over closer to one of the drains, and Janice watched as the girl moved around and then dropped her jeans and panties around her ankles. Janice had a near perfect view of the girl’s bottom as she breathed out and was soon spraying a messy stream onto the floor. “I can’t believe you three already got me pissing on the floor, and we literally just got here.” “Does it feel good?” the woman, Cheryl, asked. “Yes,” the girl said. Her flow finally stopped, and she stood up and pulled her panties and jeans back up. The other two girls exited their stalls, and Janice watched all four sets of feet walk out of the bathroom. She grabbed another wad of toilet paper and wiped herself one more time and then stood up and walked out.
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    sometimes i feel especially naughty and sexy. today is one of those times. i dressed for the occasion, and it's not making matters any better, or is it? a little better pix taken later in the day. of course, aside from pix to share, i was pretty conscience of the fact that i was bare, but jean skirts as they are...
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    The siblings and Susan spent some time cleaning up the furniture cushions and floor as best they could and spraying some Febreze to cover the slight smell. Janice led Susan to her room to help her find some clothes. Both women had a similar figure, a little round in the bottom with curvy thighs and breasts to match. Janice smiled as she found a low-cut silver shirt with some kind of sparkly design on it and a short black skirt. She handed these to Susan. “Do you need panties?” Janice asked. Susan smirked. “That depends on how short the skirt is. I don’t want be flashing my lady bits to some stranger.” Janice laughed. “I think it’s long enough to cover, but it’s up to you.” Susan took the skirt and slid it on, noting that the bottom of it reached her knees. “Yeah, I think this will work,” she said. Janice ruffled through her clothes and removed a red dress with thin straps, and like Susan she did not bother with panties. “And now for another test,” Janice said. She stood still, and it took Susan a moment to figure out what she meant. Then a few seconds later she could just barely see a trickle of warm pee snaking down Janice’s shapely legs and dripping to the carpet. Janice looked down at the crotch of her dress. “Nothing. What about the back?” she asked. Janice turned around to show Susan her back side. “Nothing,” Susan said. “Should I try mine out, too?” “Go for it,” Janice said. Susan stood still and closed her eyes. She didn’t know how much she could go after the events of earlier, but she breathed out and relaxed. Soon, a small dribble fell from between her legs and trickled down her thighs and to the floor. She let go completely and opened her eyes. Other than a soft hissing and the dribbling down her legs, there was no sign that she was peeing herself right now. “Yeah, girl, you’re ready,” Janice said, smiling. There was a knock at Janice’s door, so she opened it. Tammy and Tommy both stood, smiling. Tammy was wearing a black dress with a similar style as Janice’s and Tommy had put on a pair of black jeans and a snug blue polo that flattered his muscles. Susan stared for a few seconds before Tommy caught her eye and smiled. She blushed and looked away. “Are you two ready?” Tammy asked. “As ready as I’ll ever be,” Susan said. They all piled into Janice’s car with Janice and Susan up front and the twins in the back, and they were soon on the road. “So where are we going?” Susan asked. “A little place up the street called Kirby’s,” Tommy answered. “It’s our favorite place. It looks like one of those old redneck bars most people avoid because they think all that happens there are bar fights and people getting thrown out. But it’s chill, and the drinks are good.” “Kirby knew our parents,” Janice said. “He was a friend of our father’s, so we’ve been going there since we were kids. He lets us drink for free, so it’s perfect.” “Does he know about…?” Susan started to ask. “Yes,” Janice said, “but his customers don’t, and he’s asked us to keep it that way.” “We have our own booth in the back corner beside the bar,” Tammy said, smiling. “With vinyl seats and a tile floor. As long as none of the customers see what we do, Kirby doesn’t mind. He mops the place up several times a day anyway, spilled drinks and all, so no big deal.” “That’s incredible,” Susan said. She noticed Tammy had sat upright in her seat and was spreading her legs until Susan could see she also had gone commando. Tammy smiled and then looked down. Susan followed her gaze and saw a tiny dribble of pee fall from between Tammy’s legs through her dress and to the seat of the car. Susan’s eyes widened, but she smiled. So much had happened in such a short time that Susan was no longer surprised by anything these siblings did. Or so she thought. “Is she peeing?” Janice asked. Susan laughed. “Yes, she is,” Susan said. Janice shook her head, but she was smiling. Tommy chuckled. “So now you know it’s also okay to pee in my car,” Janice said. “The seats, as you can see, are vinyl and the floor mats are rubber. This was our parent’s car.” Janice saw Susan’s eyes widen. “Wait… were your parents…?” Susan asked, looking shocked. “Where do you think we got it?” Tammy said. “Wow.” “Yep,” Janice said. “I sat right where you are more than a few times while out with mom and watched her wet this seat. She would just…” Janice paused and lifted her bottom enough to slide her dress back until it was no longer under her, “… move her dress out of the way like this… and then…” Just a few seconds later Susan could hear the tell-tale hissing. She looked down between Janice’s legs and saw the puddle forming and the swirl as her spray of pee continued to add to the puddle. “That looks amazing,” Susan said. It pooled between Janice’s legs until it started to flow over the edge of the seat. Janice smiled and scooted forward just enough to push the puddle of pee into the floor. Then she sighed and continued to dribble her pee to the floor. “It feels amazing,” Janice said. Susan smiled as she watched the last few drops seep down the edge of the car seat. Then she sat up and started to adjust her skirt, as well. “You know, since your skirt is black you don’t have to do that,” Tammy said. “That’s why I just peed through mine.” Susan looked at Janice who just smiled. “She’s right,” Janice said. “I mean, if you don’t want to be wet all evening then I understand, but it won’t be visible if you are.” Susan bit her lip, trying to think about it. She did a quick check of how badly she needed to go. It was noticeable but maybe not enough to leave her soaked. And even if it was, did it matter much to her anymore? “Okay,” Susan said. She relaxed in her seat and just looked out at passing cars. After only a few seconds, she could feel the pressure building. She could also hear Tommy moving in his seat as he leaned forward until his head was right next to hers. “Just relax,” he said, “and let it all go. You’ll be glad you did.” This was all the encouragement Susan needed. She sat back in her seat and relaxed. Then she felt the first dribbles of her warm pee against her inner thighs and felt it soak into her skirt. At the same time, she felt Tommy’s lips softly on her neck. “I can hear it,” he whispered. “That’s so fucking hot.” He kissed her neck again, and she moaned and completely let go, feeling the warm spray of her pee as it pooled between her legs, making a dribbling sound and soaking the crotch of her skirt. “Mmm, that does feel amazing,” she said, sighing as the last of her flow dribbled into the puddle in her seat. She sat there even after it finished and enjoyed the warmth of it against her bare pussy. Then, in a bold move, she slid the front of her skirt up and started to rub her slit. “Oh my god,” Tommy said. He sounded like he was about to lose his mind, like if he could safely crawl over the seat and screw Susan right then and there he would. It only took about thirty seconds of rubbing herself before Susan moaned and had a small but satisfying orgasm. “You go girl,” Tammy said. Susan could feel Tommy’s lips on her neck again. “You’re mine later,” he said. Susan nodded.
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    *** Part One can be found >>here<< Part Two can be found >>here<< *** We sat and talked as we resumed our journey, laughing about our wee outside. I guess that's the real reason they call it the great outdoors, because it feels really great! Sarah seemed the happiest of the group, clearly having enjoyed her relief. Before we knew it 45 minutes had passed and we stopped at a service station to stretch our legs, get something nice to drink and have a wee. Just as we were climbing off the bus the driver said “You have fifteen minutes, make sure you go to the toilet because I'm not stopping for you again. You're like children.” making sure we heard it. We decided not to say anything and went into the services. Inside there was a sign mounted to the ceiling pointing to the toilets, they were right at the back. To reach them we went past an arcade, a newsagents and a small shop. Once inside the toilets we started talking about what the driver said, and decided we wasn't going to stand for it. Sarah and Renee went into a stall each, having a wee anyway just because they were there, but me and Karen had other ideas. “I want to wee on the bus” Karen said “I don't need to go right now but I'm sure a bottle of cola would do it. I'm not doing it on my own though” “I'll do it with you!” Chloe chimed in “I cannot believe what he said, he has no idea just how badly I needed to go.” The three of us smiled as Sarah and Renee left their stalls. “I'm not going for cola though, it makes me burp too much. Coffee however, goes right through me.” We all left the bathroom and browsed the shop, there wasn't too much there but we made sure to get a large bottle of Cola to share between us. Chloe went across to McDonalds and got herself a coffee, finishing it within minutes. Just before we got back on the bus we stopped at the newsagents to get something to read. There was nothing unusual about the place, the same magazines and small drinks we would get at home but one thing stood out for me. You could buy porn! I don't mean those “lads mags” either, I mean full blown porn DVD's, for as little as £10! I considered it, I've always wanted a nice movie rather than the quick stuff you can find online, but I felt too embarrassed, not only about paying for it, but because the others would know. Instead I just bought myself a couple of magazines that I would share with the girls. We paid for out things and went back to the bus. “All relieved?” The driver smirked. I smiled and said “Yes, we've all been, thank you” Little did he know I had just told a white lie. We made ourselves comfortable at the back of the bus and started consuming the cola. Between us we had about a litre each and then let nature do it's magic. I could already see Chloe squirming a little, she wasn't kidding about the coffee going right through her. We was roughly an hour from home and Me, Chloe and Karen had decided we were all going to relieve ourselves within that time. For the first thirty minutes nothing happened, we just sat and read our magazines, talking about the usual rubbish celeberities get up to these days. I needed to wee quite badly at this point but kept holding, I wanted to make the most of it. Chloe however couldn't wait any longer “That's it, I'm done. It's beginning to hurt now” She put the magazine on my lap and slid off the seat, crouching between me and the window in the foot well, facing the seat in front. Lifting her head she made sure she was out of view and reached behind, pulling down her black shorts and pink underwear just enough to go. With a shy giggle she relaxed. No more than a second later she started a thin trickle that quickly developed into a proper stream. Chloe closed her eyes and threw her head back, clearly enjoying her release as a puddle started to form around her and under the seat in front. “Oh my god, Chloe! You're making such a mess” “I know” she smiled “and I'm loving it! I never knew something as simple as having a wee could feel so good. I want to feel like this every day.” Lucky for her the puddle mostly sat under the seat in front, hiding it from view. I could see on her face that she was really enjoying her act, a smile that stretched from ear to ear. Her cheeks slightly flushed. She went for about twently seconds, a thick stream gushing from her smooth pussy. What she lacked in duration she made up with volume. I would have had to go for at least twice as long to produce what she did. Her stream finally dwindled into drips and stopped. Chloe sighed again and grabbed her shorts, pulling them up as she stood a little and sat on the seat again. It was now only me and Karen left with full bladders. Thirty minutes later Karen quickly lifted her bum a couple of inches above the seat and pulled down her shorts, along with a black g-string. She needed to go and needed to now. She grinned at us all watching as she made herself comfortable. “Maybe Michelle was a bit harsh with you Sophie, what you did looked fun!” Moments later a hiss could be faintly heard over the sound of the bus, she was finding her relief. If the sound didn't gave away what she was doing, the expression on her face certainly did. She closed her eyes and went a shade of pink, her mouth partially open. It looked like she was going to have an orgasm. I can only imagine what was racing through her head at the time. She sat perfectly still whilst her bladder emptied into the soft cushion below, lost in her own paradise. Nearly a minute passed before the hissing stopped and she opened her eyes again. With a shy grin she slowly stood up, pulling up her shorts at the same time, revealing the large wet circle next to me. I'm certain the cushion didn't absorb it all, she went for so long! “Oops!” She giggled “I've had a bit of an accident, what a shame” We all laughed as she finished dressing and moved to the seat in front. It was only me left. I also had the idea of peeing into the seat, except I didn't want to undress. I've always liked wetting, it's been my guilty pleasure. Wetting in front of a bunch of hot girls however was a fantasy. A fantasy I wanted to become reality. I squeezed my legs together and held on, I knew if I was going to wet I'd need to do it near the end of the trip to minimise the time I spent in wet clothes. Wetting yourself is great at first, the lovely warmth against your bare skin. A little later on though it becomes cold and not so nice. I waited another fifteen minutes and started to dribble a little, it was time to have some fun. I bit my lip and gave a gentle push to get things going. Straight away I felt a lovely warmth between my legs as I started peeing. My smile gave away my act to the others, the familiar feeling of wetness spreading across my shorts, but this also had the naughtiness of wetting on a seat. Just like in the bathroom earlier. I was getting such a thrill from peeing on the seat combined with doing it in front of everyone. The great relief was the cherry on top. I looked straight ahead whilst my bladder emptied into my shorts, just enjoying how good it felt, how naughty it felt, how free I felt. I had never done anything like this before, I wanted to savour every second. Because my shorts were already wet I couldn't really feel the wet circle spreading across the seat but I knew I was leaving a mark, a little signature if you like.. My knickers were really taking a soaking! I enjoyed the feeling for around 40 seconds until it died down and eventually stopped, but not before I had thoroughly flooded my shorts and thong. There was only ten more minutes before I could get off the bus so I didn't switch seats. With me being sat in the middle this also helped me hide my naughty deed. We soon reached our stop and got up to get off the bus, trying our hardest to keep a straight face. I found it particularly difficult as my mess would be in clear view if anyone looked at the back of the bus, and my shorts were very wet. Luckily with them being black they didn't show it at all unless you looked really close. We all thanked the driver and left the bus. Saying our goodbyes we went our own way. No doubt we would discuss the event in detail at the party.
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    I'm sure there has been a thread with many examples of how urolagnia and art 'meet'. But let's mark out some definitions, perhaps we need to identify and separate the 'erotic' from the 'porn' Is the example I give art or porn? I would argue that it is both, look at the lighting for instance, that is a decision the photographer has made, how the light 'sculpts' along the sensuous line of the female body. The way the pubic area is lit, a natural blonde? Then there's the vessel, glass, it also alludes to some kind of chemistry equipment, or even medical. If it is pornography, then it is in the very act of pissing, itself private, personal, the last taboo. Yet we do not identify the model, we do not see her face, we are drawn to the body, and as such the objectification of the body. Was there consent? Was she paid? We take the image out of context, but we also feed our own lusts. The urine is golden, it streams in two directions, I try to imagine the sound, both of the liquid gathering in the vessel, and the soft hiss of the stream forced through the urethra. Our retinal gaze is satisfied, the rest is up to our imagination.
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    Helloooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm Nancy!!! Nice to meet you!!!
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    I have never stumbled across this, and I utterly understand how you feel In my mind, this is among the deepest reflection I usually make about our fetishes Urine is sterile in the first 30 minutes after emission, but after that, it becomes polluted, because is so rich in nutrients that bacteria consider it a five-star hotel We piss where we shouldn't, I personally do that very often, and Always ask myself about being the one pranked In my case, the thing is terribly complicated Because my most dirty and twisted side, remember with a vertigo-inducing sensation those old times when there was a pub just on the other side of the road from my house, with people coming every single night to flood my foyer with piss, hundreds of men and women pissing on my fron door until piss was so much it damaged the bricks and police shut the pub down. I remember the unsubstainable smell, actual puddles like those after the rain, twenty feet long and five wide, but of piss and not rain, just outside my door, in the morning. I was horny, and was still pre-period. I masturbated to that. Yes, pre-period masturbation, is not that uncommon. All these grown men, with hairs on their huge cocks, unloading their bladders on the wall building the shelter where a girl should play with dolls. It was so crude, so demonic, so wrong, so nasty… so marvellous. It actually made me to understand I was, and I would have grown up to be, a SLUT. Nowadays, the thing got more complicatd, because after all I saw and endured in my life, I developed some kind of, how can I say? Not an EGO, but a... well… let's say "an aggressive stace inherently leading to dominant and hierarchic behaviour". I would not be offended, nor in the EGO (I am an occult pratictioner, I strive not to have one) nor in the "it's mine!!!" attitude, to find a man pissing on my car, but my hierarchic side would never tolerate it. So, I piss into people's garden, and hate laws and even more hate those who uses them to threat public pissers, but was I ever to find a girl pissing in my garden, I would blackmail her into lesbian submission with the threat of reporting her to the police, utilizing a force I despise first stance. It is not hypocrisy since it is utterly done without any attempt of self-justifying: I am simply a warrior, I use every weapon, even those I despise, when they come to my help. It is also not hypocrite because I say I strive for a lawless world: well, in a lawless world, I could not use laws to blackmail her upon finding her in my territory. a Smith&Wesson 500 would do the trick I prefer peace over violence but am ready for all. Anyway, what I want to say is that what we do, what arouse us, is not that different from what those girls did I recently saw families having picnics, teenagers playing card games or kissing, while on tables I pissed on in the past, drenching them and the benches nearby. When I piss into somebody's stairwell, they got out of their apartments and find the stairwell smelling of my piss. When I concluded my lesbian nightout with that black skinned girl and we all pissed on the picnic table (we were in a playground) we had previously fucked upon, we left our tissues in the puddles on the very table, and it was almost dawn of sunday Bet 5 $ the first to find them was a family having a picnic We kill animals to feed. we can pop up being venag, what would happen when Science will complete the already-started exploration about plants having a very simple yet-nonetheless-active emotional brain too? We are NOT innocent. Inherently, innocence is a wrong concept, we all are murderers of living beings. We kill cute rabbits, we devour them, then we unload our bowels of their carcass in the bathroom (or in the parking lot of the restaurant if the taxi is late, personal experience ahaha) What we do, as humans and even more as piss fetishists, disturbs people, gets places and objects dirty. We are vandals, we are criminals. This doesn't mean we should think that because of this, we must degrade ourselves to the most despicable interpretation of my last sentence!!! It just means that I think every single time of how the "receiving end" will feel. It is the price to be a conqueror: you have to refrain from caring not, it would be spiritually rude. When I piss into a flowerpot not fornecessity but for the heck of it, I wipe though I do not need/like to do that (my pussy is bald, my stream is neat, I don't dribble, and furthermore wiping is for good girls, which I am not!) and leave the tissue near the puddle around the pot to make clear to the householder that a girl actually pissed on their beloved flowers. I do not do that out of uncaringness: I actually direct a movie, intended to summon a very precise emotion in the spectator. So, I do NOT endorse the sanitary pads on the table. And that's all: it crosses limits. BUT I reflect about that everyday. I want to transgress, but I also want to respect different limits, those of the soul. There are no laws I respect. Pee is not the only unproper bodily function I deployed unto the world beside toilets. But there is a difference between Good and Bad beside pathetical morality.
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    I love how many examples there are of images/videos of peeing intersecting between art and porn, because as it proves to be both, the elements that uphold the art aspect of it essentially show the intricate eroticism of peeing. One of things that I love so much about pee is that it's a common but very sensory act that involves the erogenous zone, and is also a feeling that can be related to regardless of gender. This is an aspect that can be appreciated with forthright pee porn, but if the goal of porn is to be a direct dose of sexual content to cum to, the goal of art is to highlight the sensory aspect of the peeing (and of course, that can be pretty easy to cum to.) For one example, The New Yorker wrote an article about this picture being "the most intimate photograph," and there's a case to be made for it, even for those who aren't already inclined to pee stuff. While she's technically nude from the waist down, the point of this picture isn't that you can kinda see her pussy. And given the way the black-and-white coloring is for the picture, the focus of the picture isn't just the pee she's releasing onto the barn floor. It's more about the scene in general. How she's averting her gaze from the camera and photographer, her face looking ambiguous. Maybe she's pensive, maybe she's shy. But she still lifts her shirt up a bit in order to let the viewer see her private part while she pees. She lets her guard down in a moment of intimate candor to be seen doing something that, as greedyneedygirl said, is taboo, yet so natural and instantly satisfying of an action. All of these things, and probably other things that I failed to mention, are what make this an incredibly erotic display of peeing. There's perhaps a more official thread regarding "artistic" pee content in the pics or videos topics, but in the interest of showing more of my own examples and examinations of them and keeping them in one place, I think I'll be using this thread in particular for that.
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    Now an imagination game!!! Guess what's under my hat?????
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    and sometimes a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do
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    I shall shortly be taking my annual holiday in Greece. I love the Greek people, and going there will remind me of an old website dedicated to 'pissing', called 'Athen's Girls'. I would never have associated Greece with pornography, let alone the depiction of urolagnia. For me pornography seemed more closely related to Northern European yet we know that the Greeks were rather fond of perversity in Ancient times. So, along came 'Athen's Girls' back in 2001/02 and here is a wonderful young woman called 'Angel'. The series starts with a unique take on the wet T shirt, and I love the 'yellowing' of the garment and the way it exposes her tits. Athens, hot, sultry, steamy, I imagine the strong sulphurous smell, as Angel adds to the heady mix. I do hope that members react and comment to it, perhaps there's someone out there who also remembers the site that gave me so much pleasure, 17 years ago! Was it that long!
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    Found this book at a local Book Store Some very naughty art inside
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    Oh my, if there is a salon of this type, please !!! tell me because I want to sign up
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    wow. i clicked on it becuase i was curious. and lol, now i'm kinda turned on from these. who knew?! so sexy. and i'm totally going to have to second spy's comment. having someone down there like that is like my favorite.
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    Well that was fun. Guess I got a little excited in the end!
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    I have Always fantasized about taking a pic like this I am a butterfly I'm your butterfly...
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    It's so hot today, can't breath… maybe, if I hike it up just a bit, I could cool off...
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    Love this long skirt It's from Brazilian Kiumbanda, a dark and terribly powerful derivation of Voodoo It worships entities, Exus (males) and Pombagiras (females) who are dead Witches who ascended to the condition of Immortality and stopped the Cycle of Rebirth, like Buddhas Yet, beside giving advices in every daily stuff and performing terfiyingly powerful spellbinding, they have an incredibly strong relationship with sex and its most obscene, fetishistic and orgiastic stance Pombagiras are the ultimate concept of slutty women, ispiring the most orgiastic rituals of happiness, food, alcohol, and embarassing situations Never play Truth or Dare with a summoned Pombagira: She could dare you to blowjob your best friend or to massage your female best friend's asshole while your boyfriend fucks her in front of you!!! Or to moon your butt to a police officer, or take a dump in front of a snob nieghbour on the lawn in full daylight!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!
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    Hello! I'm Steven, a successful, respectable guy in my 40s with a few secret fetishes, mainly revolving around pee. Really happy to have found this site, already pretty horny from reading a few peoples' bios and hope I can make some contributions. I think my obsession with pee started before I even masturbated. When we were young it was the rudest thing we could think of to do. I has lots of early experiences peeing in secret places (like a friend's bedroom carpet) and watching girls pee or seeing that their knickers were wet or stained. I have some memories that are really odd turn-ons, like a girl pulling down her knickers and being embarrassed she kept rolled-up toilet paper in them to catch any little accidents. Lots of weird situations like that that get me excited, hopefully someone here may empathise, or maybe it's just me! I've had lots of great experiences later in life too, with wetting, naughty peeing, really messy wet sex, guess I love everything to do with pee and just like to do rude stuff (all ideas welcomed!) Just writing this feels great so I hope you'll accept me into your club, I'd love to correspond or even meet up with like-minded people. I'm from the Midlands UK but travel a lot. Thanks for having me Steven
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    I love these shoes, they are so comfortable and funny!!!