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    There is a washroom with 4 stalls where I work which is not too far from my desk. I have noticed yesterday, a staff from the maintenance department hangs around the women's door a lot which a co-worker pointed out to me yesterday. So this morning, she went to the washroom and noticed he was hanging around and I decided to look threw the window shutter. When she came back, I told her that he did lean in towards the door to listen and then she said something about he might have a poop or pee fetish and started laughing at him. So I told her, we can make fun with it but don't make laugh at him because of a fetish as it's something that turns them on and they must feel embarrassed to talk about it. So she asked me if I had a hidden fetish and I was honest with her and said that everyone has a fetish. Some might find it gross and it's up to the person dating them to decided if they want to participate or not. So I told her, he might have a fetish of listening women peeing or something down that line and he is kind of cute. Anyways, I left it as is and then, (some of you would be proud of me), I decided to use that washroom while no one was there and "I accidentally" peed a bit on the floor and the seat. It took all the gut in the world to step out and I tell him, this was embarrassing, but I did not make it in time and had an accident on the first stall. And I told him that I was sorry for the small mess and he just told me not to worry about it. Then I walked back to my desk and I never bothered looking when he came out or asked myself what he really did about it. Except that I might have made someones day.
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    Lily had always had a few secrets. For one, there was the time that she had accidentally broken her mother's favorite vase - and then blamed it on the cat. There was also her secret collection of cheap, paperback romance novels. Then there was the day she and her sister went to the fair. Both her and her sister had been needing to use the bathroom for quite a while, but wanted to avoid using the fair toilets if possible. When they finally got back to the apartment her sister dashed to the single bathroom to pee, leaving Lily desperately waiting. She tried to cross her legs and gripped at her crotch to hold in her full bladder, but as soon as she heard her sister's faint tinkling sound from behind the bathroom door she lost control. Warmth flooded her jeans as a heavy stream of pee rushed down her legs, forming a modestly sized puddle on the carpet beneath her. Relief quickly turned to embarrassment as the bathroom door opened and her sister caught her standing in a puddle of her own piss. She sheepishly apologized and cleaned up the mess before leaving the apartment, but what she never told anybody was that she secretly enjoyed the experience. She loved the feeling of relief, the soft squish of the soaked carpet, the warmth of her own piss surrounding her, and most of all, the sheer naughtiness that came with peeing somewhere she shouldn't. Since that day, Lily had become obsessed with naughty peeing. She would fantasize about letting her bladder go wherever she needed, no matter how wrong the place or how messy it would make things. She desperately wanted to turn her small apartment into her own giant toilet, but her own morals and the potential repercussions of it kept her from ever indulging her fantasy. When the day came that Lily's aunt passed away, her indulgences were the last things on her mind. That all changed when she learned that her aunt had left her the family summer home. The summer home was small, but in good condition. It was a pretty typical home, with one unique feature - the guest house. Far back at the end of the garden, there was a small cottage that was rarely ever used. Few guests ever came to stay, so the cute, fully furnished cottage was left untouched. Lily intended to change this. After she moved in to the summer home and settled back into life, things were fairly typical. She would go to the vet clinic during the day - she worked as a technician - and come home in the evening to make dinner, relax with some tea, and enjoy whatever activity she felt like doing. One Friday, however, as Lily awoke, she felt an unusual fullness in her bladder. She wished should could continue laying in bed, just letting her bladder release right there under the sheets, but knew better than to ruin her expensive mattress and succumb to turning her home into a pissy mess. What if people came to visit? She didn't want to risk the embarrassment. That is when Lily remembered the guest house at the far end of the garden. Perfect. It was fully furnished and nobody ever came back there. If it was a pissy mess, she would be the only one to know. With that, she resolved to take advantage of the upcoming weekend to indulge her fantasies. She climbed out of bed and got ready for work, peeing in the toilet one last time. After she got back from work, Lily quickly grabbed a few things from her room and kitchen that she would want for the weekend. The book she had been meaning to read for months, stuff to make herself some tea, and her laptop were tucked under her arms as she made her way through the garden to the door of her guest house. Opening it up, she surveyed the small cottage. It surprisingly wasn't too dusty. All the seats looked soft and plush, the large king-size bed was fluffy and cozy. Several bookshelves framed a fireplace, and the small kitchen was already stocked with some snacks and drinks. There was also a small bathroom, but she didn't bother looking in there - not like she would be using it anyways. Lily quickly put on a kettle for some tea and stripped off her work scrubs, feeling both the freedom and shyness that came with being completely naked. Once her tea was ready, she settled into the soft loveseat with her book, ready to relax. After about thirty minutes of sipping her tea and reading, Lily felt the familiar twinge of a full bladder. She instinctually started moving to stand up, but then remembered where she was. Butterflies fluttered around in her chest as she sank back into her seat, excited to do what she had been fantasizing about for so long. She tried to relax herself and focus on her book, letting the muscles around her bladder release. It took a moment, but very slowly a warm stream started flowing. A faint hissing accompanied the warmth that was suddenly pooling around Lily's crotch, tickling her clit as it swirled around before soaking into the cushion. Lily had lost focus as she enjoyed the feeling on relief, warmth, and naughtiness. It was everything she had imagined and more. For the rest of the evening Lily constantly drank water and continued to allow herself to pee freely wherever she was when the urge came. She read her book for a while longer, flooding the couch cushions once again, this time so quickly that they overflowed onto the plush carpet beneath before soaking into the fabric of the sofa. Later she was standing in the bedroom on her way to get her laptop when she let go, feeling her warm piss rush down her legs and soak into the soft carpet beneath, much like the time at her sister's apartment. The next time she was sitting in the armchair, curled up into a ball watching netflix when she felt the urge, relaxing to let her piss shoot out in front of her, spraying the carpet in front of the chair and soaking into the seat cushions, all the time not taking and attention away from her show. That night when she went to bed, she crawled under the covers with a full bladder. As she drifted off to sleep, she relaxed, opening the gates to let her warm pee gush out, soaking herself and the sheets beneath her. The warmth of her own mess comforted Lily to sleep that night. She awoke in a similar state as the morning before, but this time she giggled as she indulged herself, flooding her bed once more. With no reason to leave her warm bed, she dozed for a while longer before getting up. Breathing in the morning air, she became aware of the subtle yet noticable smell of piss that surrounded her. She loved it. It felt so dirty, yet so invigorating, now that she had marked areas all over the cottage. This was her place, and anybody could smell it. Excited for a full day of relaxing and pissing freely wherever she pleased, Lily knew that this would have to become a regular weekend activity. Maybe today she'd actively mark her territory today. This was HER home now anyways. The possibilities filled her with excitement as the pressure in her bladder grew, silently asking - where next?
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    it's been prettynice out lately. spent almost all of sunday doing chores around the house and backyard in just my undies. of course that made it way too tempting to just wet whenever. took a few pix of my 2nd pee that day during a short break. 😇☺️💕
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    As some of you may know, my new years resolution is to have a wee somewhere other than the toilet at least once a week, and so far I’ve been keeping up with it. It’s actually really interesting to think in a completely different way, suddenly you get lots of ideas and everything is a toilet if you want it enough. So I’ve been peeing outdoors, in the bathtub, sinks and more. I want to share one that I enjoyed in particular... So one of my all time favourite things I’ve done, and a story on here, is peeing on the kitchen floor while being recorded by a camera, and since I enjoyed it so much, I decided to do it again. I was going to mix it up a little, going for a more casual approach (yeah, what’s casual about peeing on the floor, Sophie...), so no sexy outfits or lingerie, no stripteases. I was going to just go in my normal everyday clothes, and this time there would be a wetting. To make sure I truly wasn’t preparing for it, I asked my husband to pick the date for me, and only tell me on the day. I actually asked him on the 3rd of January, nearly three months ago! The rule was once he told me I wasn’t allowed to get changed, or put on makeup, or do my hair etc, it had to be just normal, natural Sophie. So yesterday (27th Feb) I was just lounging around in front of the TV after work. I was wearing a white tennis style skirt and dark blue top, with a blue thong and matching bra, nothing spectacular. I had my hair in a ponytail, with two small sections of hair hanging down at the front. My daughter was staying with a friend for the weekend so it was just me and my husband.. He came in from the kitchen carrying a large glass of water and with a smile, placed it in front of me. “Today's the day! Drink up.” I gladly took it from the table and finished it within seconds. I hadn’t been to the toilet for about three hours so I was already feeling full and knew it wouldn’t take long for me to become desperate. I passed him the empty glass and with a kiss on the cheek, he went back into the kitchen to get me more water. I drank it quite quickly, consuming the pint in a couple of minutes and got up to cook dinner. Making sure I had a drink at hand. I frequently sipped the water while peeling the potatoes and getting everything ready, and I could feel it starting to have an effect. I felt fuller as the minutes went by and began to get excited, I estimated I would be making a puddle within an hour. By the time I was plating up my glass was empty again and my husband happily refilled it, putting it on the kitchen table ready for my meal. As we sat and ate our dinner, a delicious omelette and chips, I felt myself getting desperate, having to cross my legs under the table and jiggle about a little. The first glasses of water were definitely in my bladder now. I soldiered on, drinking water throughout my meal even though it was quickly becoming difficult, and my brain was protesting. Every time I picked up the glass it became harder to hold, it felt wrong drinking more water when I really wanted to get it out of me. I knew I wouldn’t be able to wait much longer so I said to my husband “You might want to get your camera ready after this” with a smile, he smiled back, knowing what was coming up. We finished our meal at about the same time and as he stood up I took the glass and finished what was left, roughly half a pint, in one go. I knew that was getting close to my limit and was a little painful with all the food too. He took my plate away and went upstairs to get his camera and tripod, while I sat waiting, crossing my legs and jiggling in my seat. I began to wonder if I would become shy again, and how long I would go for. What my stream would be like. I guessed it would gush out of me again, and I was looking forward to that. The feeling when the dam finally bursts is amazing. My husband came back downstairs with his camera and I slid a hand between my legs, holding myself over my skirt while I watched him put everything together, my legs squeezed tightly together. After about five minutes he said he was ready so I took a deep breath and stood up, my hands shaking with excitement. I knew he liked to focus on the kitchen tile with a slight scuff so I walked over to it, and into frame with a smile. Stopping to face the camera before squatting, lifting my white skirt up around my waist at the same time, revealing the still dry thong hidden underneath. A wave of happiness flooded into my brain as I felt myself relaxing immediately, I wasn’t going to be shy today. My smile widened as I let out a dribble of wee, seeing a small wet circle appear on my knickers in the screen opposite. The smile turned into a giggle as I let out another, much larger dribble. The wet circle now spreading out to the edges of the fabric. My relief was only moments away. After a few seconds I let out another dribble which quickly developed into a slow trickle, gently flowing though my thong and onto the floor, a puddle forming underneath me. There was no stopping now! It felt so good being able to finally have a wee, my body shivering with relief, and I loved being able to watch it all on the screen opposite. Seeing what the camera sees. I looked down as my pee started pooling around my feet, smiling at the growing puddle and the small stream making it. I absolutely loved the gentle wee I was having instead of a proper gush, knowing I would be able to enjoy the amazing feeling for longer. Looking back at the camera I saw a very thin trickle behind my main stream, running off my bum and causing a second set of ripples in the puddle below. By now my thong was completely soaked but I just kept going and going, I had been going for about a minute at this point and I began to wonder when it would end, but I wanted it to continue. After going for a good minute and a half, and feeling very relieved, my stream began to die down and soon turned into drips. I was finally done. I stayed squatting for a little longer, knowing I usually have some left over and sure enough after about a minute I started another gentle trickle, weeing for another ten seconds. I loved seeing the fabric glisten as I started weeing again. I stood up with a beaming smile and looked at the large puddle around me,letting my skirt fall and hide my soaking wet thong before walking past the camera, giving it a cheeky wink. My husband stopped the recording and when he turned around I grabbed him, pulling him close and locking lips. Straight away his hands went up the back of my skirt, pulling down the waistband of my knickers. I’ll let your imagination tell the rest of the story ;) Looking back at the video, I went for one minute and 37 seconds, including the second dribble, quite proud of it really! My husband mopped up the puddle while I ran a hot bath for us both. I hope you enjoyed this, and I apologise if it’s a little too long!
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    After their first peeing/masturbation session on the bathtub Gina and Alex realised the obvious: They both were really into this. After their first experiment, they washed themselves (and the bathtub) and then met up in the kitchen to plan their further experiments. Gina was the first to finish, so she opened up two bottles of water, placed on on the table and started to drink from the other one. She was wearing sweatpants with some comfortable panties underneath and a T-Shirt without any bra. But when cmae in Gina almost choked on her water, Alex was fully nude when she came to the kitchen. So Gina asked: "Alex? Why aren't you wearing anything? You aren't even wearing panties!" "Why would i?", Alex answered, "I always liked to be naked, and after that session before there is for sure no reason to be ashamed in front of you. Also it's pretty hot today." "Well, ok", Gina didn't know much more to say about this, but she couldn't stop taking glances at her sister either. Alex sat down and took a sip from her bottle, then asked "Soooo..., uhmm, what do you think about our first experiment?" "Well, obviously, i really liked it", Gina started, still staring at her sisters perky boobs, "but i am not sure about one thing: We talked about going to the toilet being such a waste of time, then we went in the bathtub, which doesn't make peeing more convenient at all. How do you think can we fix this? We can't put a bathtub in every room and we can't just pee on the floor." "Hmm, thats actually a good question. Peeing just on the floor would be the best solution for the convenience problem, but as you said, we can't do that. But actually, why not? Think about it, all our floors are tiled. There is even a drain in every room the only problem are the carpets, but we could get rid of them.", Alex was really getting excited now, thinking about being able to just pee on the floor made her vagina wet immediatly, she spread her legs a bit and slowly started to stroke her breasts without even noticing. "Are you crazy?", Gina couldn't belief what her sister just said, "Mum will never let us remove the carpets and piss on the floor. It's not just the two of us us living here. And what should the cleaning personell say? What should we tell our friends when they come over?", then with a short pause she said: "And why are you touching your breast like that?" Immediatly Alex stopped caressing her breasts, skipped the answer to Gina's last question and answered: "Well maybe we will have to convince mum about it, but we can add an obligation of secrecy to the staff's contracts and our friends are barely coming over anyways. I think we could tell some of them, like Riley for example, she seems to have some affection to this topic anyways, and otherwise we just use the toilet like we did by now, i suggested getting rid of the carpet, not getting rid of the toilet, you're going to have to use it anyways sometimes if you know what i mean" - "Thinking about it, I might have an idea about how to convince mum, I mean we could use a similar situation, that got me into this whole thing. Just that we are going to force the situation." - "See, i told you it's not that much of a problem, tell me how you wanna force this." - "We could take her out to the pool in the garden, and then make a little show for her, by one of us pissing in the pool-shower drain or something like that. Also we're giving her some drinks so she has to go to. When she wants to go inside to use the toilet we ask her why she doesn't go in the shower drain like we did before, this will give us a good base for discussion." - "That could actually work, but what if she insists on going inside?" - "Then we should try some other plan, but lets think about this later." - "Ok, it's twelve o'clock now, mum should come by 4, what should we do until then?" - "We wanted to experiment, remember? Lets have lunch and then train for our play for mum." - "Ok, but first let me go take a pee." Alex stood up, but Gina, suddenly really excited, said: "Let me watch, where will you go?" - "Hmmm, i think i'll just go here in the sink." That was an answer Gina did not expect, Alex however hopped on the kitchen-sink and sat on it like it was a toilet. With her legs closed she started to pee. "Hey!", Gina shouted, "let me watch!" - "Come here and look if you want to watch.", Alex answered teasingly. Gina quickly went around the table, approached her sister grabbed her knees and softly pulled them apart while saying: "Please, i just want to watch, it felt so nice watching you pee in the morning." So Alex leaned back a bit and spread her legs to give her sister a better view. Seeing her sister getting aroused by watching her pee and also the fact that she was peeing in the kitchen sink made Alex really horny, so she demanded: "I'm sitting here naked, letting you watch me pee in the sink, i want you to be naked too!" Gina, being pretty horny herself didn't need to be told twice. She quickly took off her T-Shirt and trousers. Standing there in just her panties she started to tease her sister by turning around and slowly pulling down her panties, her firm ass on full display for Alex. Then she went to the sink and started to climb on it. "What are you doing? I'm still peeing on here!", Alex asked confused. "I'm going to take a pee too, now move to the side a bit", with that said Gina climbed up the kitchen counter and placed her feet next to her sister's right thigh, facing her. Then she aimed between Alex' legs and pissed a strong stream in the sink. Alex couldn't believe what her sister was doing, but she couldn't help but being really aroused about the whole situation. Since she had finished her pee, Alex slipped back a little bit to give her sister a bigger part of the sink, then she reached out and touched her sister's stream. Gina's pee felt so warm and great it was driving her mad. She reached out to Gina, pulled her closer and gave her a long kiss. Gina didn't stop her sister from kissing her but actually stopped peeing and leaned in. After the kiss Gina let her sister climb off the sink and finished her pee. After their short session the twins started to cook dinner, both of them still highly aroused, but also a little bit ashamed for kissing each other. Gina set up the dishes while Alex prepared the food. When Gina saw her sister standing in the kitchen, still naked, she couldn't resist, but going over and shortly massaging her sisters breasts. Alex just said: "Stop that, I'm cooking" - "Yeah? What about that?", Gina asked and grabbed Alex' buttcheek. "Are you so horny you have to grope your own sister?", Alex asked, "Look, i probably shouldn't have kissed you, but i was just too excited and aroused to resist." - "Well so am i at the moment" - "I can tell, but we shouldn't do that, we're sisters" - "Oh come on, whats the problem? I won't get you pregnant, i promise" - "Please, no now." - "Does that mean you're ok with it later?" - "I don't know, lets eat for now. Lunch is ready.", Alex was quite unsure about the situation. After lunch the girls fetched their bikinis and some drinks, this time including some wine and went out to the pool, waiting for their mother who was to arrive within an hour. When Rachel came home and found both of her daughters lying at the pool, they invited her to come out too and have a glass of wine. Rachel who was really exhausted from work gladly took the opportunity. Since the girls normally mostly had been around with their friends or haven't been at home at all, it was the first time since three years, that it would be just the three of them lying at the pool. When Rachel had put on her bikini she went out and at first took a short swim around the pool. The twins were already pouring some wine for her and themselves, they seemed pretty excited, but Rachel thought they maybe had some wine before. When Rachel got out of the pool she asked: "Girls? Do you mind if i take my top off? I'd get a better tan and i really hate to wear wet clothes, even if it's a bikini." - The twins shortly stared at each other both thinking about this maybe being than they thought and then both said: "Sure, go on", then they watched as their mother took her top off to reveal her pretty big C cups. Rachel layed down in the sun and took a big sip from her wine, then she said: "If you want to take your tops off too, i really don't mind, and as twins you shouldn't be ashamed of each other anyways, you should try it, it feels pretty awesome. Normally i wouldn't even have put on one." Again the twins just looked at each other and then they both also took their tops off and layed down next to their mother. They all were lying around, drinking wine and exchanging the latest gossip for about one hour, when Gina suddenly got up and went to the outdoor shower, which was placed just a few steps away. Then she bent over, pulled down her bikini bottoms just below her butt and released a strong stream of pee in a really high squatting position, standing sideways to her mother and her sister. Alex in the meanwhile watched what her mother would do, but Rachel didn't deem to mind, she even looked amused. When Gina got back Rachel laughed: "Well, you definitely don't have a problem with seeing each other topless, but since i saw you pee i have to go too. After this show you gave us you surely don't mind if i use the shower drain too? What about you Alex, do you mind seeing your mother pee?" - "Just go ahead, we don't mind", Alex answered, while Gina had to control herself not to grin openly. "Well then, i think i'll just leave my bottoms off", Rachel said, once more to the surprise of her daughters, then she got fully nude and walked over to the showers. There she went into a low squat position with her legs spread facing the twins and released a torrent of piss out of her cleanly shaved pussy. When Rachel layed back down, Alex started to loudly "think" about how convienient it would be to be able to pee like that all the time and not just when they were lying at the pool. Hearing that Rachel became a little bit suspicious and asked: "Ok, enough, i'm not stupid, what is this all about?" So Gina told her everything that had happened the day before at the lake. Afterwards Alex added her thoughts about the carpets and the tiled floors. Rachel could do nothing but laugh, then she said: "You two truly are your mother's daughters. Why do you think the floors are tiled? It was me who wanted that, when we built the house, because i always liked to pee. I can understand that you did not tell me about how this whole thing arouses you sexually, i'm your mother after all, but you can't tell me it's just about the convenience. I know how this works, i feel just the same way, i just stopped with it because i did want to be a normal mother, but now i think we can remove those stupid carpets." - Gina and Alex couldn't believe what they were hearing, they didn't even have to start a discussion, but Alex wanted to ask one last thing: "Ok, we're really glad to hear that, but I'm not sure if i understand that right, or at least i can't believe it: You are ok with us not just walking around nake, but pissing all over the house?" - "Yes, i even will do these things myself. Lets now go to bed and start over tomorrow."
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    There may be some validity to big girls having big bladders, but I am 5'3" and my bladder capacity is crazy! I can and do control my flow and I might choose to gush it out over 30 seconds or I might flow it over 2+ minutes. Just depends on my mood and who might be listening! ;)
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    Hello friends, As you all know I have closed my site and retired. People think I am "Born Again" but I am not sure that is correct. I hate labels and assumptions. Yes I have a strong relationship with God and I met a new man who adores me. I retired from the internet to lead a more clean and respectful life for my new man and children. Just trying to be a better person in Gods eyes and in the eyes of people i love. I have been extremely blessed this past year and feel positive with my chloices. i hope you are all doing well. : )
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    Since the next day was a saturday, Rachel did not have to go to work, so she and the twins had plenty of time to make their preperations and then enjoy themselves. Rachel herself woke up at about 8 o'clock and she was really excited for the day. She had dreamed of this almost her entire life finally she got a chance to just piss all over the place. Also she looked forward to getting to know her daughters better, since the twins were going to spend much more time at home in the future. So she got up, dressed herself with underwear, jeans and a T-Shirt and went to prepare breakfast. Half an hour later Alex came down the stairs, wearing just panties and a shirt, followed by her sister, who was wearing sweatpants and a sportsbra. While eating their breakfast the three of them started making plans. Gina started by asking her mother: "Can i please keep the carpet in my room? The tiled floor looks so cold there and we could tell the cleaning staff to wash this carpet every once in a while if someone pees on it." "Of course you can, darling. We don't have to get rid of all of the carpet, but it's going much cleaner when we don't have a carpet in every room any more. I want at least to remove the carpets in the living room and the kitchen, also in all the hallways. Of course you can do what you want with the carpets in your rooms." "Ok, sounds good to me" "I'm fine with this too", Alex started, "but i have some suggestions too, mainly to become closer among each other. This is our little secret and also a pretty intimate thing, so we should know and trust each other absolutely. So we should get used to seeing each other naked and doing some pretty intimate things, like peeing or masturbating. Although we all said it weas nothing special when we've been naked together yesterday, at least i felt a bit weird and i could see that both of you felt a bit weird too. I think there are two things we can do: First, we should try to be as open as possible, physically, but also by telling each other everything and by being fully honest to each other. And second, i think we should try playing some games which enforce such things, like truth or dare or something like that." Gina added: "Yeah, you're absolutely right, we're going to have a completely different and secret lifestyle, so we will rarely be any around other people." Rachel just nodded agreeingly. Talking about getting to know each other even better the three of them finished their breakfast and put away the dishes. When they were almost done, Gina suddenly suggested: "Alex you talked about getting used to seeing each other naked, i think we should start getting nude, but lets start slowly. I'd say we all take off our tops for now." Gina didn't even wait for a response, but instead just took off her sports-bra and put it on the table. Alex, who wasn't far from being naked anyways also didn't hesitate and took off her shirt. With their small, perky boobs revealed, they both looked at their mother who just said: "Ok, sounds pretty fair", and also removed her shirt and then took off her bra. Her boobs were much bigger then those of her daughters but they were barely hanging and well formed, so Rachel was pretty proud of them. Rachel was amused when she caught her daughters staring at her breasts and laughingly said: "So when you two are done with staring at my boobs we could start getting rid of those carpets, i think I will have to pee soon, and by then I want that house to be rady for our new peeing lifestyle." "Alright, lets do this", Alex said, full of excitement. It took them about half an hour to collect all the carpets they wanted to remove and bring them into the attic. When they were done, they fetched some wine, poured it into glasses and like they were drinking a toast to somebody Alex held a little 'speech': "We are now done with the preperations, now it's getting serious, i think this means time has come for us to get naked and set some rules for a more open lifestyle among each other. I'd say we're normally not supposed to run around naked, but lets say we stay naked for the first week. Also I'd like to set the rule, if you're ok with it, that everyone has to drink at least 4 litres a day. To loose all restraints, we should make this a little bit more fun and let all rules of politeness and privacy go, without harming anyone of course. This means, we are allowed to touch each other when- and wherever we want, we don't lock doors and we don't leave each other private space like a private room. Everyone is allowed to use anyones stuff without asking for it. I know this sounds crazy, but to my mind it's the best way to achieve absolute and full trust and understanding for each other. We have to use those new possibilities though, otherwise we would just live almost normally. Just that you understand me right, I want us to play pranks on each other, to be sometimes a bit mean and unpleasant, be a bit offensive, short i want us to be too close for comfort. Although it sounds maybe stupid, but that includes you mum. I don't want you to see us as your daughters, but more as best friends and roommates, the same way we will not treat you as our mother but as our roommate. The most important rule, however, is to pee wherever we want. So, are you two with me?" Rachel shortly thought about what her daughter just said, then she raised her glass and said: "I'm in, let's try those rules!", while Gina just grinned and also rose her glass. The three of them clinked their glasses, took a sip from their wine and then Alex pointed out: "From now on we are living by those rules, so let's get naked!" With this she grabbed her panties, pulled them down and threw them across the room. Then she went over to her mother and started unbuttoning her jeans. Rachel, a bit shocked about her daughter unbuttoning her jeans asked: "Alex, what are you doing?" Alex answered: "You told us before that you have to pee, besides that is clothing forbidden in this house, so I'm getting you naked. Furthermore we agreed on being closer than comfort zone." "Ok, well then, i think i have to get used to this a bit, but first let me try this. Follow me." That said, Rachel reached down, took off both jeans and panties at once, and hung them on Alex' shoulders. Then she went upstairs, went into Alex' room, opened a drawer full with all of Alex' trousers, jeans, sweatpants, leggings and so on, then threw everything on the floor. Alex quickly realized that her mother was testing if she could live with her own rules, but she didn't expect what followed: Rachel just mumbled "You're not going ot need them for a while." and stood over the pile of clothes, she then lowered herself into a squatting position and started to pee on Alex' clothes. While she was peeing Rachel asked Gina, why she still had her sweatpants on and then after about half a minute of absolutely soaking the pile of clothes Rachel stood up went over to Gina and rubbed her pussy against her daughters sweatpants, to get it dry. In unbelief Alex stared at the wet pile of clothes, but then Gina got her attention by saying: "Oh, of course, i'll take it off, i need to pee anyways." Gina quickly stepped out her sweatpants and panties and got out of her sister's room. She then stopped to wait for Rachel and Alex and when they came out she grabbed her mother's boobs and said: "I always wanted to know how those big boobs feel and i also want to do this", then she turned around and slapped her sister's ass. Still needing to pee Gina stood there, her hand on Alex' butt and suddenly knew what she was going to do. Gina stood still, spread her legs a little bit and jest let her pee flow. Alex and Rachel quickly stepped out of the way while Gina's piss formed a puddle on the tiles. Gina finished her piss and slowly stroked over Alex' shaved pussy once, then she said: "Lunchtime! I'll cook some pasta!" and went downstairs into the kitchen. Alex and Rachel meanwhile went into the living room and sat down on the couch to watch some TV. While watching Alex' thought about what had happened and wanted two things to do: She wanted to get revenge on her mother and at the same time, fulfill the same dream her sister had and touch her mothers breasts. But she decided to wait for a better opportunity to do both. They were sitting on the couch for about ten minutes, when Rachel who had realized, that this was pretty fun, decided to tease Alex even more. So while watching TV Rachel started to touch herself, at first she slowly stroked her tits and then began stroking her pussy, waiting for a reaction of Alex all the time. When Alex saw what her mother was doing she thought about it as the perfect opportunity to touch her mothers breasts. So Alex waited a little bit until her mother seemed really horny, then she slid over to Rachel and sat on her lap, face to face. She then began to massage her mothers tits thoroughly. When Rachel started to moan, Alex stopped, stood up and got in the kitchen to look after Gina. When she came in Gina turned around and again stroked her pussy once. Alex just said: "Now it's time, i have to pee too, let's annoy mum a bit." With that she climbed up the dining table, squatted down and flooded the surface of the table with her piss. Rachel, who had stopped masturbating by now, came in just as her daughter was squatting on the table and said: "Looks like we're eating from the floor today." Then she went over to Gina, who was just finishing the pasta and spread her buttcheeks. Gina did not react on this, but just asked her mum to set up the dishes.
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    A Selfie of me sitting on the lavatory...toilet...bog...what do you like to call it?
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    lol. omg. my morning pee wouldn't stop!
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    WARNING: The following story does contain content that may be seen as incestual (girl-girl between family members), however the story is purely fictional as are the people mentioned. Another warning: I tend to write pretty long stories, since i want my charakters to have some background and i like a bit of reasoning in my stories. Also english is not my native language. A few years ago when the identical twin sisters Alex and Gina were 19 years old, they were still living with their mother Rachel, who was 45 at that time. Their father left them when the girls were in kindergarten-age. However when Rachel and her Ex divorced Rachel and her daughters had received half of the shares of her Ex' (rather big) company and the house, which had been built just before the twins were born. Thanks to those mentioned shares, the three girls did not have any financial problems. Although they had enough money for the three of them Rachel had a job in a lawyers office, where she worked 30 hours a week. Alex and Gina just finished school and now wanted to take a few months off before going to college. Like many single-moms and their kids Rachel and the twins were pretty close, but the like most of them the twins among each other were even more intimate. Both girls hadn't had a serious boyfriend until then and thinking about their previous relationships with men (or boys) they didn't want one either. However they both had had some sexual experience. Of course thy did know about any sexual contact of each other. But not just sexually, but in general they told each other absolutely everything. So one day it happened, that Gina was out with some of their freinds while Alex stayed at home because she needed to register for college. Gina, generally a a bit more busy person, had had done this weeks before, so she had time to go out with friends. Having summer Gina and her friends went to a nearby lake to get a tan and swim a few rounds. While being at the lake the girls had a few beers and glasses of wine, which meant two things: First, they all were becoming pretty tipsy and eventually most of them needed to use a bathroom. When one of Gina's friends mentioned her rising need, suddenly 4 of them, including Gina herself wanted to go. When they realised, that no bathroom was in a reasonable distance, they weren't sure what to do at first. The problem led to a discussion in which Riley, normally the quiet one in the group, surely supported by the alcohol in her body said: "Why don't we just go in the lake or pee here at the beach? Come on, no ones gonna see us, the next people are 100 metres away. And if you are shy, just go in the lake, it's only a five minute walk. I'm not waiting much longer." The whole group looked surprised but they all quickly realised that Riley was right. Being a rather talkative and not really decisive group, they all started to discuss now wether they should take the walk to the lake or go where they were, which meant they had no cover. All discussions were over when Riley, obviously pretty drunk, said in an angry voice: "Oh just shut up, I don't want to wait any longer and I'm not sure if I could!" That said she pulled down her bikini bottoms, squatted down in the sand, leaned back, spread her legs wide and started to piss right where she was. Her forceful stream at first hit the foot of one of the girls, who quickly jumped out of the way, but then formed a steady, more than a meter long arch which then hit the sand. The other girls gazed in unbelief of what they were witnessing: Their shy and well-behaved friend Riley crouching on the ground, her hairy pussy on full display, taking a massive piss on a public beach. It took Riley almost a minute to finish, all the other girls didn't say or do anything during that time. When she finally finished Riley got up, pulled up her bikini bottoms and apologised for hitting the other girl's foot. Her kind apology made the other girls wake up and they started to laugh, one of them even suggested that Riley should shave her pubic hair. While laughing and joking around Gina was the one who again felt her urge to pee and mentioned it. After that bold move by Riley, the other girls had to make their move now , so one of them said: "Ok, let's go here, but I will try to be at least a bit mor subtle than Riley was." This quickly found consent among the girls, so they all went a few steps apart from each other, squatted in various positions, some higher some lower, and relieved themselves. Gina herself just chose a high squat position and pulled her bikini aside. Shortly later, they all made their ways home. When Gina came home she couldn't wait to tell Alex what happened. After she told her about Riley and convinced her she wasn't making that up, Gina began to tell her sister how she felt about the whole situation: "When I saw Riley taking a pee there the only thought I had was 'I want to try this, right now'. It felt so logical to just take a pee where you are, instead of walking all the way to the bathroom, wasting all that water with flushing and so on. -Oh god, I sound so crazy right now, I'm probably pretty drunk." - "Uhmmm, you actually seem worringly excited about all this", Alex answered. "Yeah, but then I peed there myself and it felt just so right, besides it really made me horny. The piss wasn't the only thing making me wet at that time, if you know what I mean.", Gina was so excited about all this, she was barely able to stop talking. "Ok sis, you should really go to bed right now, let's talk about this tomorrow morning." So Gina went to bed, while Alex went off to take a shower. While showering Alex thought about what Gina was talking about earlier, at first she thought of it as even worse nonsense than her tiwn-sister normally was talking about when she was drunk, but Alex had to admit that Gina had a point with the inconvenience about going to the toilet, especially with a bladder as weak as hers. While washing her long black hair she suddenly felt the urge to pee, this pushed her thoughts about the things her sister said even more. So Alex decided to try it out. Even though she knew that peeing in the shower wasn't a great deal it was new to her to pee anywhere other than a toilet. Surprisingly just thinking of peeing in the shower and being so 'naughty' made her horny. So she popped a squat and let loose. At first her pee just trickled out of her shaved pussy, but then a slight but steady stream went into the drain. And to Alex it felt great. She felt so free and at the same time naughty and that just by a simple thing like peeing in the shower. She immediatly started to massage her small B-cup breasts and rub her clit. When she had finished her pee, she also fingered her tiny pussy and quickly climaxed. On the next morning, Rachel being at work, Alex was sitting at the breakfast table when Gina came down, wearing nothing but a long T-Shirt and her panties and also sat down at the kitchen table. Alex welcomed her screaming "You were right!", which confused Gina pretty much. After Alex explained her sister what happened in the shower the day before Gina was amazed. During breakfast the twins talked a while about their new discovery and eventually decided to experiment more. An hour later they went to the grocery store together and bought a lot of water and also some beer and wine. When they were back at home Gina said she needed a pee, which meant the girls had to start their first experiment, so they went to the bathroom. In the bathroom they discussed how to do their experiment, and Alex meant they should start slow and use the bathtub for their first try. Gina took off her pants and her shirt and stood there, unsure what to do now, because despite being really close to each other, the twins hadn't seen each other naked for a few years. Knowing what problem her sister had Alex said: "Well I think if we want to try this together we will see each others private parts, besides we are looking the same anyways, so i think it's just fair when we both get naked right here and right now." Gina just nodded and watched as her sister also took off her shirt and jeans. When both twins stood there in their underwear, both seemed unsure what to do, so this time Gina took the initiative by reaching to her bra and counting "Three", "Two", "One" and eventually taking her bra off, simultaniously with Alex. They just repeated the procedure for their panties. Then they were both standing there in the nude. They were both about 1.65m tall and both weighed about 45 kg, petite as they were they had small B-cup boobs and a small and firm butt. Alex' pussy was completely shaved, Gina had a small triangle above her pussy. Since Gina still needed to pee she asked what to do now. Alex told her to go pee in the bathtub if she still wants to try this out, but Alex slowly felt the urge to pee rising in herself too. While the obviously nervous Gina climbed onto the bathtub and tried to find a comfortable squatting position, Alex told her to wait and leave enough space for her to come up too. Gina gladly got out of the way, since she didn't have to start alone. So they both got up the tub and squatted facing each other, both slowly getting turned on by the view of their naked sister and their exposed pussy. Then they started to pee, both just trickling a little bit out of nervosity. But this was enough to make Gina feel in a completely new way. Unconcously Gina started to rub her pussy and a few seconds later she started to moan. Alex in the meanwhile watched her sister peeing and masturbating, which aroused her so much she forgot all nervosity and her piss gushed out of her pussy. The noise made by that let Gina open her eyes and realize that she was masturbating in front of her sister. Gina quickly stopped, but Alex told her to go on and started masturbating herself. After a few minutes the both got off and smiled at each other. They wer definitely going to experiment more.
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