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    *** Not my finest piece of work, but the first installment in since 2014. My writing style has changed but I hope you enjoy! Part One can be found >>here<< Part Two can be found >>here<< Part Three can be found >>here<< *** My walk home was pretty uneventful, I passed a few people along the way and couldn’t help but smile, wondering if they had ever wet themselves in dark clothing and walked home just like I was. My black shorts hid everything but I could still feel the familiar wetness, it was giving me a thrill. My house was only fifteen minutes away but by the time I got there I wasn’t enjoying things as much. The lovely warmth of a naughty pee was replaced by cold wet fabric sticking to my legs. It wasn’t nice at all. I let myself in and threw my keys on the table before heading upstairs to my ensuite to have a long soak. A bath hot enough to cook lobsters. As the bath was filling I stood in the mirror and slowly undressed, starting with my top. I slowly pulled it over my head, smiling as my neon pink bra came into view. I’ve never been much of a pink girl but for some reason I really enjoy bright pink underwear and I love how even my sports underwear can be pink. I looked at my shorts in the reflection, a wide smile forming on my lips as my mind wandered back to the bus ride home, that amazing feeling of them getting wet. I wondered if I could pee a little more and tried to relax as I took off my bra, a little heap of clothing forming next to me. A few seconds later my eyes lit up as I felt warmth spreading between my legs, then saw my shorts glistening in the mirror. My knickers definitely were getting a thorough soaking! Little trickles of wee were just starting to run down my legs when my stream slowed to a halt. It wasn’t much, but it was definitely fun. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my wet shorts and slowly eased them down my legs, kicking them off into my pile. I gasped as I looked up into the mirror again and saw the state of my thong. It was almost completely soaked, a solid shade of dark pink. Right between my legs was darker than the rest, my second wee re-wetting it and the only light pink parts were the straps. I ran my hands over the fabric, giggling as I felt the wetness and then turned around, looking over my shoulder in the mirror. Even the back was soaked! I bent over at the waist as I pulled down the small strip of material, letting it drop to my ankles and kicked it off into the pile. I had one last peek at myself in the mirror and then went to the bathroom. Just in time too, the bath was close to overflowing. I carefully climbed into the bath and sighed as I slowly sank into the hot bubbles. It was just what I needed. I immediately felt myself relaxing and closed my eyes, letting my mind wander as I unwound. Naturally, I started thinking about the events of the day, seeing my friends relieving themselves on the toilet with the mirrors above, seeing Chloe peeing in the sink and of course me one upping her by peeing on the sofa. Then I started thinking about the bus journey home, all of us peeing on the roadside and some of us deliberately peeing on the bus. It really showed who was the naughty ones. But the highlight of my day was completely soaking my shorts on the seat. I wished I could have seen the drivers face when he saw the wet stain. Would he have known it was me? Would I get in trouble the next time we have a game? Maybe you would still see a faint outline the next time we were on the bus. As my mind was wandering, my hands did too and I soon found myself squeezing my breasts and pulling my nipples, my other hand between my legs slowly rubbing my clit. My breathing was getting heavier as I pleasured myself, replaying the naughty wees over and over in my head. I felt myself smiling every time I got to the part where I let go, feeling that initial wetness spreading across my rear. I just let my body go into autopilot, letting it do whatever it fancied and I soon began to get very vocal, moaning with every exhale. The walls of my house were rather thin so it was likely my neighbours could hear me but I didn’t care, in fact it excited me, it encouraged me. Over the next few minutes I chased my orgasm, feeling it getting stronger and closer by the second as I got louder. My release was only moments away. I squeezed my legs together tight and sat up a little, crying out in pleasure as every muscle in my body contracted and relaxed rapidly. I could hear water splashing out of the bath but I was enjoying my orgasm too much to care. Nothing else mattered. I pulled my nipples hard and arched my back as the pleasure just kept increasing, moaning loudly. After a few seconds I fell back as I relaxed again, my breathing unsteady, gasping as I felt little orgasmic aftershocks. I had never felt calmer in my life. I stretched out like a cat, sinking even further into the water with a huge smile on my face as I enjoyed the afterglow. Everything went dark as I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep… I woke up in a bath of cold water and looked across at the clock on the wall to see how long I had slept for as I started peeing again, smiling as I felt warmth envelop my lap. 6:45. “Shit!!” I had to be there at7:30 “Shit! shit! shit!” My stream halted immediately and I dived out of the bath, not even bothering to drain the water, and quickly wrapped myself in a towel. I frantically looked in my wardrobe for a dress, quickly picking one that looked nice for nightwear. A red bodycon dress that I hadn’t worn in years because I didn’t have a good occasion. This was good enough! I quickly dried my hair with a towel and finished the rest with my hairdryer, simply brushing it afterwards. I didn’t have time to do anything else with it. I squeezed myself into my dress with a struggle, it was much tighter than I remembered and then looked at the clock again. 7:05. It was no good, I’d have to do my makeup in the car. As if by magic my phone beeped. Looking at the screen I saw 4 missed calls and 9 texts from Chloe “Sophie, where r u?! The taxi is leaving in 2 mins with or without u” I grabbed my makeup bag, quickly put on my shoes, ignoring my aching bladder and climbed into the taxi. “Sorry to keep you waiting, Barrington Hall please” I would have to find somewhere to pee at the party…
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    Hi My name is Sarah. I'm 45. And - often in the company of my best friend and partner in crime, Barbara, who is also 45 - I like to vandalise, ruin, and destroy things, by pissing on shit!. As does Barbara. It's our thing! And we have never been caught! We are good at what we do and getting away with it. Occasionally, we go on fetish sites to share our confessions. Many love it. Others disapprove strongly. Some of you reading this might be thinking, "Come on girls, sexy ladies peeing all over the place is great but deliberately ruining other people's shit for fun isn't cool!" But hey! It is what it is, guys. I'm not going to sanitise it for you. Neither of us really worries too much about it from a moral viewpoint. That boat sailed out of sight years ago. We just kind of think of it as collateral damage for our fun and not our problem. Think that's bad? Well, let be tell you this. Go on the dark web, buddies, and take a look around! There are far worse things for a couple of ladies to be into, let me tell you! But how did it start? How did we get into doing this stuff? I guess for me the catalyst was the discovery of my parents secret stash of porn videos. And in those pre-internet days it really was actual video cassettes. Thing is - and parents out there take note - kids are often far more up to speed with parents' secret hiding places than they realise Now my parents were good parents. They never encouraged me to pee all over the place or anything like that, nor did they do random stuff like pee on the floor in my presence like it was normal. They raised me right and I "knew" that peeing somewhere other than the toilet was "wrong" and "dirty". Which later just added to the fun when I started doing it, lol. But my parents never encouraged me to be a piss vandal. So what I have become cannot be laid at their door. Well, apart from the fact that they maybe should have been more careful about where they stashed their porn! Lol Because those vids really were an eye opener. There were about 8 of them altogether, and every one of them featured people - mostly women - peeing. So they hid it from me pretty well but apparently this was their thing. The vids were mostly German language, with people peeing on each other with obvious pleasure. And there were scenes featuring ladies peeing on carpets and tables and beds and all sorts which - to be frank - was turning me on. And this was something of an eye-opener for me, the first time I became aware that peeing where you shouldn't could be a turn on. But one film was an amateur production. And clearly home made. And with my own parents' camcorder by the looks of it, haha. Because the first scene I came across was of two women in their 30s, naked, and squatting and pissing on the kitchen floor with obvious grins of pleasure. And I recognised the fucking kitchen as ours!!! In another scene - thankfully I didn't recognise the location - there was the sound of music and much chatter in the background. Obviously a party of some kind. But this scene featured a bedroom into which two women strode, both only wearing bikinis. Guess it must have been high summer. I recognised one of the women as one of the barmaids at the pub my parents sometimes drink in! And she and the other lady were joking about how much it would piss him off - no idea who "he" was - when he found that someone had pissed on his bed. And they both got up onto the bed after removing their bikini bottoms - and started pissing on it, laughing about how much fun it was to fuck his bed up and imagine him finding it later. And from behind the camera I heard mum's distinctive laugh. She was the one fucking filming it!! And it looked like those two women were deliberately pissing on someone's bed behind his back, and laughing at the idea of such deliberate vandalism. This triggered a spark in my brain. The notion of pissing all over someone's stuff and wrecking it for sexual pleasure was something I was getting seriously turned on by. The piss vandal that I became was - if not born then, at least conceived at this moment as I watched this vid. Then I fast forwarded and stumbled across a particularly disturbing scene. Because there was a VCR on the floor of someone's carpeted living room, and one of the two naked women who were stood over it and pissing on both it and the carpet was none other than my own mum! She was clearly loving it as well, which was difficult to get my head around. No idea to this day whose room, carpet, or VCR that was. I only watched that scene for a few seconds. No one wants to see their mum like that. It isn't natural. After that I quickly stashed the films, somewhat traumatised to have seen mum in that way. Yet at the same time the seed of my love for piss vandalism, and the awareness that it seriously floated my boat, was planted firmly in my brain. And I know that this was something I was never meant to see, and that in all other obvious respects, my mum was an awesomely great parent. And yet...with the hindsight of years and a little pseudo-psychology....I have come to realise that the fact that my awesomely good mum was secretly ok with this sort of thing kind of subconsciously circumvented any moral qualms I might otherwise have had. If mum was ok with doing this it must be ok, right? So I began to nurture fantasies about peeing on this or that persons stuff and wrecking it for fun, and the notion of doing it for real never really troubled me morally all that much. After all, mum did it! Lol. I began to nurture naughty ideas, like peeing on my own bedroom carpet on purpose. But though the idea "interested" me, it didn't quite hit the spot. After all, it's not really vandalism if you do it to your own stuff, is it? And the necessary cleaning up afterwards to make sure mum never found out was never part of the fantasy. So when it came to the carpet, it was really someone else's carpet I wanted to pee on, and then just leave it there with the naughty knowledge of what I'd done! Well Barbara has been a lifelong friend. We shared the same class in school together and everything. And we shared everything sooner or later. My head was done in by the vids I'd seen, both eroticised and to some extent disturbed. After all, whilst watching people with no clothes on peeing all over the place for pleasure is fun to watch, no one wants to see their own mum doing it...haha. So eventually - when I was about 18 - I ended up confiding in Barbara, showing her the video evidence. My parents' video stash was still there, lol. Anyway, Barbara was amused, and somewhat shocked to see people she recognised - including my mum - pissing all over stuff for a thrill. She pretty much said "Wow", and "Oh my God", and laughed. A lot. I said that seeing my mum like that was a shock. "I'll bet!" she laughed. But I also said that in some way I envied how much fun they were having doing that stuff and admitted it turned me on. Barbara looked at me with a grin but seemed ok about it. "Does that make me a perv?" I asked. "Who cares?" she laughed. "Everyone has to piss so why not have fun with it? And what they were doing sure looks like a lot more fun than boringly sitting on the toilet for ages. I'd love to be able to just piss anywhere for a laugh. If some dude cheats on me? I'll just piss on his bed when he's not looking, hahaha!" "So you're not bothered about it then?" "Me? Nah, it was fun to watch! Your mum is way more cool than I realised." We laughed at that before Barbara lowered her voice conspiratorially. "Wanna know a secret? Sometimes I pee on my own bedroom carpet on purpose, just because I like doing it!" "Really?" "Yeah, done it quite a few times. You should try it sometime! It's fun!" I told her I thought about doing it but it would be way more fun to do it on someone else's and not have to worry about cleaning up. "Why worry about cleaning up? I just leave it. Yeah, my bedroom smells a bit pissy at times but I'm not bothered, and my mum never goes in there anyway." " I could never get away with that cos my mum does come in here." "Would she be bothered? After all I've just seen her with no clothes on and pissing all over someone's VCR and carpet for fun." "Well yeah, but you know my mum. She'd say that there was a time and a place and suchlike BS. Besides, it would be WAY too awkward." "Yeah, I guess, haha." Then I said that fucking up someone else's stuff - carpet, bed, furniture, electrical goods, whatever - would be a lot more fun cos for me the shear wrongness of peeing somewhere outrageously bad was only half the thrill. Wrecking someone's shit in the process and then just walking away was also a major part of the deal. And she agreed that peeing on someone else's stuff would be a whole lot naughtier and therefore sexier. And so, the idea was born. We decided that we both wanted to piss all over someone else's stuff and just had to figure out a way to make it happen. The plan we came up with was to hunt for a suitable victim in nightclubs, to drink little ourselves and find someone way ahead of us when it came to being boozed up, let him know he had a chance of getting lucky with us, get him to invite us back to his place for more drinks, then make sure he got so drunk that he crashed out into an unwakably deep sleep. Then the fun would REALLY begin! Well we found some drunk asshole of a guy, making lewd comments, not to mention sexist and offensive ones, and being aggressive to others for no reason and generally being a dick. Any moral qualms we might have had, he pretty much killed by being such a knobhead, lol. Anyway, when we led him to believe that we both liked him in spite of all this - which he was stupid or drunk enough to believe - and suggested that back at his place he might get to have fun with both of us at the same time, he thought he'd died and gone to heaven! It was almost too easy. Back at his, we carried on drinking some more.....this time we started drinking too, mostly high fluid drinks like lager rather than spirits to increase our fun later. And we spiked his drinks with spirits. Poor sap never did get lucky, he just crashed out into drunken unconsciousness. And there was evidence in his home that he actually had a girlfriend who was away with relatives. So a wannabe cheat as well So I kind of feel he deserved what he had coming. With him crashed on the sofa, Barbara - who was a trainee medical student at the time - got a couple of pills out and gave me one. She explained that they were diuretics, pills that make the body expel excess fluid. Basically they make you pee a lot. And what with the lager we'd been drinking - and were carrying on drinking - we were going to piss gallons, lol. Right at the start, Barbara pointed out that it would be even more fun if we were naked. So we undressed completely then both adopted a semi squatting stance with our hands on our knees right there in his living room. And we started pissing right there on the carpet, swinging our hips with huge grins on our faces, gleefully spraying as much of his carpet as we could to maximise damage. It was stunningly erotic. Never had I had such sexual pleasure before, not even when I rubbed one out. The room was filled by the hissing sound of our relief - isn't it funny how girls make that sound but guys don't? - and the sound of our pee loudly splashing down onto the ever more sodden carpet. We'd totally fucked up his carpet. It was so fucking saturated with piss that you could hear it squelching when you stepped on it. Well, that was just the start. We knew this guy would be out of it for hours so we hung around for more fun. And the lager we were drinking combined with the effects of the pee pills was really doing it's job. Seemed like every 30 minutes or so we needed another massive piss. Which was awesome! For our next extravaganza, we headed into his kitchen where Barbara grabbed his kettle with a smirk, which - after removing the lid - she placed on the floor. She adopted another semi-squatting position over it, and laughed, "Hope he enjoys his first coffee in the morning!" And she started pissing right there in his kettle. Mind you, I should qualify that, because her aim was all over the place. Half the time she was missing completely and her pee was just loudly splashing down onto the floor tiles. By the time she'd finished, the kettle stood in the centre of a very large puddle on the floor. I myself then said, "You think that's bad? Watch this!" And I opened his fridge door - it was full of cans and food - and stood naked before it with my hips thrust forward. And yeah you've probably guessed it. I pissed in his fridge, Barbara laughing as I deliberately sprayed my hot piss all over everything inside it. Quite a lot flowed out of the bottom onto the floor in front - another large puddle of pee on his floor tiles. At least I was polite enough to close the door again when I was done, lol. For our next bout of pissing fun some half an hour or so later, we decided to fuck up his bed. So we went upstairs into his bedroom where I paused us for a moment. I rummaged in his wardrobe where I found some expensive designer shirts. I threw them on the bed. Then I spotted a large portable radio/cassette player on a desk. So I grabbed that and placed it upon the carpeted floor in front of the bed. I laughingly suggested that Barbara get up on his bed and piss on his shirts, whilst I fucked up his ghetto blaster. Which is pretty much how it went down. Barbara climbed up onto his bed and squatted in the middle of it right over his shirts, and started pissing. Within moments, I too was squatting over his ghetto blaster on the floor, my piss spraying all over it, though most of it ended up on the carpet. By the time I was done that shit was totally fucked. I'd peed loads and there was a massive wet patch on the carpet as well. But incredibly, Barbara was still going and continued for another ten seconds or so. Fuck knows how she managed to pee so much, or hold it in the first place. By the time she stepped off that bed, not only were his expensive shirts soaked in piss, but the mattress itself was totally soaked through and surely a write off. In fact, we heard the sounds of liquid dripping onto the floor and when we investigated the source, we saw pee had soaked through both the mattress and bed so completely that it was starting to drip onto the carpet underneath. "How'd you fucking pee so much!" I laughed. It wasn't long before our bladders let us know it was time for our next pee adventure. Those diuretics are brilliant when combined with alcohol I must say that I have used them a lot over the years. Anyway, this time we decided to fuck up his dining room. We found a rather large glass table in the middle of it. Barbara said, "Glass table, nice touch. There's something especially kinky about pissing on a glass table!" I laughed, "That's because there's usually some pervy guy underneath wanting a view from below without being peed on." "Haha, you can always get underneath and watch while I piss on it if you want to, Sarah." "It's ok, the view from here will be just fine." This amused us both. Then she got up onto that table and crouched down into a squat in the middle of it. And with obvious glee she stared pissing there! And she peed loads again, the puddle upon the glass surface soon enveloping her feet as it expanded. It was still forcefully splashing down when her piss was flowing off the edge of the table in several places to patter down onto the carpeted floor. She climbed off when she was eventually done, with pissy wet feet and a broad grin as she took in the sight and sound of her piss still flowing off the edge of the table to splash down onto the carpet. I'd been happy to enjoy the spectacle and delaying my own relief until she was done. You see, I enjoy watching her - or any other good looking girl - peeing. Think she's the same which is part of the dynamic between us. Anyway, I'd noticed the wallpaper in the room which looked expensive. But didn't look waterproof. And therefore not piss proof either, lol. Which is all the inspiration I needed. I told Barbara I was going to piss against the wall and fuck up his wallpaper. She thought this quite funny. "You actually going to just stand there and piss against the wall like a guy?" "Why the fuck not? Hahaha. Guys do it all the time!" "Yeah, but not in people's dining rooms!" "Bet my dad would if mum had a camcorder!" "Yeah probably, haha." "Mind you, bet my mum would too actually!" We both laughed at that. By which time I was already standing facing the wall, legs apart and hips thrust forward. A moment later I was doing it, my piss spraying against the wallpaper, soaking into it and clearly ruining it. I swung my hips slowly from side to side to spray - and ruin - as much of that wallpaper as possible. My pee flowed down the wall, soaking into and damaging even more of the wallpaper as it did so. Most of it ended up on the carpet at the base of the wall. By the time I was done a large area of the wallpaper was damaged irreparably and would clearly need repapering. And Barbara's pee was STILL dripping off the edge of the table onto the carpet as we left the room, lol.. Sleeping beauty, meanwhile, was still giving out zeds on the sofa, wholly oblivious to what was going on. Barbara joked about pissing on HIM next time. But we thought we'd better not go that far. We might inadvertently wake him up! By the time we needed our next pee it was gone 4am and sooner or later this dude was going to wake up. We realised it would be better for us if we weren't around when he did. So we decided to have one last pissing adventure in his house before leaving. I rummaged in a cabinet in his living room and found what looked to be important business documents. So I placed them on his coffee table just in front of where he was sleeping, and stood facing it with my legs apart. Then I started pissing all over the table, soaking all those documents in the process. The table wasn't large so pretty soon my pee was flowing off it onto the carpet. But I just carried on pissing there anyway until I was done. Barbara unplugged his VCR, and placed it on the floor in the middle of the already soaked living room carpet, then grabbed his collection of video cassettes and placed them in a heap upon and around it. Then she stood over it all and peed, completely ruining the VCR and fucking up all his videos - and saturating his carpet with piss even more. After that, we high fived each other and got dressed, then swiftly departed to crash out at my place. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall when he woke up and found all this. We'd stopped drinking now of course but could not entirely switch off the effects of the pee pills. So as we walked the two mile or so walk to mine we had to pee en route. So we found a public telephone box and laughingly took turns in holding the receiver between each others' legs as first she - and then I - peed all over it. And that, guys, is how my piss vandalism began, a generation ago now. But I - and Barbara too - have had a lot more fun with it over the coming years. I'll tell you some more about that next time.
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    *** I originally posted these on Peesearch in 2014 and have decided to continue the series. My writing style has changed since then as you may see in part four, but I felt it was necessary to post the previous parts here for it to make sense. *** 2:30PM. We had just pulled in at the Sunshine Vale Sports Center for our volleyball game, It had been a three hour journey and I really needed to stretch my legs, and pee. With it being a hot day I had finished my litre of water in no time at all. I had extras in my bag but they were for the game. I was accompanied by Michelle, Karen, Renee, Sarah and Chloe. My best friends and the best volleyball teammates I could ever ask for. We all jumped off the bus and made our way to reception to check in. Sat at the desk was a girl in her early twenties, long straight hair and glasses. She was slim with curves in all the right places, filling her white blouse beautifully. One by one we wrote our names and signature on the clipboard, moving aside to let the next person do the same. “Excuse me, can you tell us where the bathrooms are please?” Sarah inquired “We've just had a long trip and I really need a wee-wee” The young blonde removed her glasses, smiled at us all and said “Certainly. They're just down the hall and on the right, big sign, you can't miss them.” We thanked her and headed to the toilets. We pushed open the bathroom door and was greeted by a fairly large white room, it had a dark purple shiny floor and a mirrored ceiling. Along one wall was two sinks with mirrors, and a single but large stall in the corner. I'll never understand why it was two doors, two toilets, but no wall down the middle to separate the two. Next to the sinks was a dark blue three seater sofa which looked very comfortable, We all burst in, Renee and Sarah rushing to the stall. There was a loud bang as the doors slammed shut and locked, followed by the rustling of clothes and then...silence. I looked up at the mirrored ceiling just as the sound of pee hitting porcelain reverberated throughout the room. From where I was stood I could see Sarah throw her head back in relief, she had just let go. A couple of seconds later there was a quieter, but still powerful tinkle as Renee began her wee. The mirrored ceiling allowed me a good view of the two girls, I could see they both had their knickers at their knees and had adopted different seating positions. Sarah was leaned forward slightly while Renee was sat perfectly straight. The tinkling soon stopped as Renee finished and wiped, but Sarah continued, the loud hiss making it difficult for us to hold. Eventually she finished and wiped. I heard the familiar rustle as they dressed again, followed by two flushes. Renee and Sarah vacated their stall, their thrones immediately reoccupied by Karen and Michelle. These two had the largest bladders in the group and I knew it was going to be a struggle for me and Sarah to hold it. They didn't close the doors this time and I watched as they undressed in unison, sitting down together with a giggle. Straight away a series of splashes could be heard as they started to pee, synchronised like a diving team. Karen reeled off some toilet roll as their bladders emptied, passing it to her partner before getting some for herself. I could see the look of relief on their faces and felt jealous, I still needed to go and Chloe definitely did. She was hopping from foot to foot, doing a little dance and bending over, doing anything she could to hold back the awaiting waterfall. Karen peed for a good thirty seconds before reaching between her legs to wipe. She stayed seated though, waiting for Michelle. “It's no good, I can't wait any longer!” Chloe cried out, panic clear in her voice. She quickly ripped down her shorts and hopped onto the counter, her bum resting over the sink. Immediately a loud hiss rang out, much to the cheers of the girls. “I cannot believe I'm doing this” She whispered. I couldn't believe it either. Chloe had always been quiet, the shy girl. She was the last person I expected to pee in a sink, especially after she disapproved going in the shower. Everyone has done that at some point. As Chloe continued to wash the sink Michelle finished her pee, both her and Karen joining us. I couldn't see Chloe going but I easily imagined the thick jet gushing out of her hairless mound, the incredible feeling of relief and naughtiness. She peed for thirty seconds, her face getting redder as the time passed. She finally finished with two bursts and climbed off the toilet. Not bothering to wipe as she dressed. Since the toilets were now free, and my bladder was screaming for a release I made my way to the stall.“Sophie, wait! Where are you going?” Karen asked. “Erm... the toilet?” I was puzzled, where did they think I was going? “Oh c'mon! You can't do that after Chloe's performance” “I don't want to make a mess though” That was a partial lie, I'd love to pee somewhere else but it just felt wrong” “Don't be boring” Michelle chimed “We have the whole place to ourselves and you want to use the toilet like a goody two shoes?” That was it, I knew I couldn't use the toilet now or I'd forever be branded as boring. I scoped the room and one thing caught my eye, the sofa. With a cheeky smile I slowly walked across the bathroom towards the sofa, 5 pairs of eyes following my every move. I pulled my shorts and sports thong to my knees and took a seat in the middle. The soft fabric felt wonderful against my bare pussy, a feeling that couldn't be replicated by any clothing. “Oh my god Sophie!” Renee exclaimed. “Don't worry, nobody is going to check in here anyway, why would they?” I felt so excited about what I was going to do but that also created a problem, I couldn't relax. I closed my eyes and blocked the outside, I needed to concentrate. A few seconds later I felt the amazing feeling as my wee rushed to my exit, my relief was only a moment away. A barely audible hiss could be heard as my hot urine burst out of me into the cushion below. I couldn't hold back the excited giggle, the naughty thrill I was experiencing. I've always wanted to pee on a sofa but I've never had the opportunity at home, or found one dumped that was clean enough. But now, now my fantasy was becoming a reality. I quietly moaned, the relief I was feeling after holding it for so long was incredible. The sensation of the wet patch slowly growing underneath me felt strange, it wasn't predictable at all, neither was it describable. As I continued to relieve myself the circle got bigger, soon reaching my bum. After about 35 seconds I could feel my stream dying down so I pushed, forcing myself to pee for longer. I really didn't want this experience to end. Sadly all good things come to an end and my stream finally stopped. Still dribbling, I shifted across to another cushion, effectively wiping myself on it and observed the damage. The circle almost entirely covered the cushion except for the corners. Imagine a round pizza in a box. With a coy smile I stood up and dressed. We all washed our hands and then left for the game.
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    *** Part One can be found >>here<< Part Two can be found >>here<< *** We sat and talked as we resumed our journey, laughing about our wee outside. I guess that's the real reason they call it the great outdoors, because it feels really great! Sarah seemed the happiest of the group, clearly having enjoyed her relief. Before we knew it 45 minutes had passed and we stopped at a service station to stretch our legs, get something nice to drink and have a wee. Just as we were climbing off the bus the driver said “You have fifteen minutes, make sure you go to the toilet because I'm not stopping for you again. You're like children.” making sure we heard it. We decided not to say anything and went into the services. Inside there was a sign mounted to the ceiling pointing to the toilets, they were right at the back. To reach them we went past an arcade, a newsagents and a small shop. Once inside the toilets we started talking about what the driver said, and decided we wasn't going to stand for it. Sarah and Renee went into a stall each, having a wee anyway just because they were there, but me and Karen had other ideas. “I want to wee on the bus” Karen said “I don't need to go right now but I'm sure a bottle of cola would do it. I'm not doing it on my own though” “I'll do it with you!” Chloe chimed in “I cannot believe what he said, he has no idea just how badly I needed to go.” The three of us smiled as Sarah and Renee left their stalls. “I'm not going for cola though, it makes me burp too much. Coffee however, goes right through me.” We all left the bathroom and browsed the shop, there wasn't too much there but we made sure to get a large bottle of Cola to share between us. Chloe went across to McDonalds and got herself a coffee, finishing it within minutes. Just before we got back on the bus we stopped at the newsagents to get something to read. There was nothing unusual about the place, the same magazines and small drinks we would get at home but one thing stood out for me. You could buy porn! I don't mean those “lads mags” either, I mean full blown porn DVD's, for as little as £10! I considered it, I've always wanted a nice movie rather than the quick stuff you can find online, but I felt too embarrassed, not only about paying for it, but because the others would know. Instead I just bought myself a couple of magazines that I would share with the girls. We paid for out things and went back to the bus. “All relieved?” The driver smirked. I smiled and said “Yes, we've all been, thank you” Little did he know I had just told a white lie. We made ourselves comfortable at the back of the bus and started consuming the cola. Between us we had about a litre each and then let nature do it's magic. I could already see Chloe squirming a little, she wasn't kidding about the coffee going right through her. We was roughly an hour from home and Me, Chloe and Karen had decided we were all going to relieve ourselves within that time. For the first thirty minutes nothing happened, we just sat and read our magazines, talking about the usual rubbish celeberities get up to these days. I needed to wee quite badly at this point but kept holding, I wanted to make the most of it. Chloe however couldn't wait any longer “That's it, I'm done. It's beginning to hurt now” She put the magazine on my lap and slid off the seat, crouching between me and the window in the foot well, facing the seat in front. Lifting her head she made sure she was out of view and reached behind, pulling down her black shorts and pink underwear just enough to go. With a shy giggle she relaxed. No more than a second later she started a thin trickle that quickly developed into a proper stream. Chloe closed her eyes and threw her head back, clearly enjoying her release as a puddle started to form around her and under the seat in front. “Oh my god, Chloe! You're making such a mess” “I know” she smiled “and I'm loving it! I never knew something as simple as having a wee could feel so good. I want to feel like this every day.” Lucky for her the puddle mostly sat under the seat in front, hiding it from view. I could see on her face that she was really enjoying her act, a smile that stretched from ear to ear. Her cheeks slightly flushed. She went for about twently seconds, a thick stream gushing from her smooth pussy. What she lacked in duration she made up with volume. I would have had to go for at least twice as long to produce what she did. Her stream finally dwindled into drips and stopped. Chloe sighed again and grabbed her shorts, pulling them up as she stood a little and sat on the seat again. It was now only me and Karen left with full bladders. Thirty minutes later Karen quickly lifted her bum a couple of inches above the seat and pulled down her shorts, along with a black g-string. She needed to go and needed to now. She grinned at us all watching as she made herself comfortable. “Maybe Michelle was a bit harsh with you Sophie, what you did looked fun!” Moments later a hiss could be faintly heard over the sound of the bus, she was finding her relief. If the sound didn't gave away what she was doing, the expression on her face certainly did. She closed her eyes and went a shade of pink, her mouth partially open. It looked like she was going to have an orgasm. I can only imagine what was racing through her head at the time. She sat perfectly still whilst her bladder emptied into the soft cushion below, lost in her own paradise. Nearly a minute passed before the hissing stopped and she opened her eyes again. With a shy grin she slowly stood up, pulling up her shorts at the same time, revealing the large wet circle next to me. I'm certain the cushion didn't absorb it all, she went for so long! “Oops!” She giggled “I've had a bit of an accident, what a shame” We all laughed as she finished dressing and moved to the seat in front. It was only me left. I also had the idea of peeing into the seat, except I didn't want to undress. I've always liked wetting, it's been my guilty pleasure. Wetting in front of a bunch of hot girls however was a fantasy. A fantasy I wanted to become reality. I squeezed my legs together and held on, I knew if I was going to wet I'd need to do it near the end of the trip to minimise the time I spent in wet clothes. Wetting yourself is great at first, the lovely warmth against your bare skin. A little later on though it becomes cold and not so nice. I waited another fifteen minutes and started to dribble a little, it was time to have some fun. I bit my lip and gave a gentle push to get things going. Straight away I felt a lovely warmth between my legs as I started peeing. My smile gave away my act to the others, the familiar feeling of wetness spreading across my shorts, but this also had the naughtiness of wetting on a seat. Just like in the bathroom earlier. I was getting such a thrill from peeing on the seat combined with doing it in front of everyone. The great relief was the cherry on top. I looked straight ahead whilst my bladder emptied into my shorts, just enjoying how good it felt, how naughty it felt, how free I felt. I had never done anything like this before, I wanted to savour every second. Because my shorts were already wet I couldn't really feel the wet circle spreading across the seat but I knew I was leaving a mark, a little signature if you like.. My knickers were really taking a soaking! I enjoyed the feeling for around 40 seconds until it died down and eventually stopped, but not before I had thoroughly flooded my shorts and thong. There was only ten more minutes before I could get off the bus so I didn't switch seats. With me being sat in the middle this also helped me hide my naughty deed. We soon reached our stop and got up to get off the bus, trying our hardest to keep a straight face. I found it particularly difficult as my mess would be in clear view if anyone looked at the back of the bus, and my shorts were very wet. Luckily with them being black they didn't show it at all unless you looked really close. We all thanked the driver and left the bus. Saying our goodbyes we went our own way. No doubt we would discuss the event in detail at the party.
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    Guys,please can we not use pics of our willies as avatars?No rule on this,but as we are really mostly a male users site,mostly,im not that keen on having a willy thrust into my face everytime i log on.There are pages where you can post such things..
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    Dear Wet Carpet, I am 25 and fairly fit, but I do like to party and as you might guess, I enjoy peeing where I'm not supposed to pee. I get a bit of an adrenaline rush knowing that I'm peeing where others would be shocked and that I might be discovered, but I do try to be discreet and avoid detection. Last Friday, I was invited to a party that was held at a hotel. There were about 50 people all getting merry and drunk. The first couple of times in the evening, I was a good girl and went to the toilet when I needed to pee, but I did make sure that I adopted a high squat and sprinkled the seat as well as "accidentally" missing the toilet and spraying a bit on the tiled floor to the side of the toilet. I was wearing a fairly short skirt and had "forgotten" my knickers, so it was easy to just reverse up to the toilet and let fly with my pee. As the night wore on and people (including me) got more drunk, I decided to get more daring. At one point, I left the room to take a phone call and I sat on the carpeted stairs talking to a good friend. My short skirt and lack of underwear meant that I could feel the plush carpet on my bum cheeks as I sat there on the stairs. I needed to pee, so I thought I'd save a trip and simply allowed my pee to escape whilst I sat there. It fell to the step below where I was sitting and splashed gently into the waiting carpet below me. I kept my legs tightly together, so anyone in front of me wouldn't see what I was doing, but I also couldn't see what was going on below me and didn't know whether the pee was pooling or soaking in. I didn't really care as I was enjoying my relief. A man walked past me and up the stairs whilst I was peeing, but I didn't stop. He may have heard a slight splashing, but I doubt it because the music from the party room was quite loud. When I finished peeing, I continued to sit there and finished my phone call. Then about 5 minutes later, I stood up as if nothing was unusual. I turned briefly and saw that two steps were very damp, but I didn't worry and headed straight back to the party. Later on, I needed to pee again, so I knelt on the floor in a corner of the party room, going through my bag, looking for something. I sat on my heels, but with my feet slightly apart and my knees close together. I peed let loose with a full bladder spraying into the carpet whilst anyone looking on thought I was just looking for something in my bag. As soon as I was finished, I stood up and moved away from the area. There was a very damp patch, but the carpet was doing a great job of soaking it up and hiding the evidence. Finally, at the end of the night, I thought I would pee one last time before heading home. I slipped away from the party and went up the stairs where I found an empty conference room. I slipped in and squatted in the corner that was to the right of the door, meaning that I would only be seen if someone actually came into the room. lifted my skirt up and spread my legs, leaned back against the wall and sent a pressurised jet of pee forward a good couple of feet, arcing down and splashing satisfyingly onto the carpet of the room. As the pee continued to flow, a puddle formed on top of the carpet and spread to around a foot diameter. As my pee finally reduced in pressure, the arc dropped back towards me, leaving a lollipop shaped wet patch on the carpet. With a few final drips, I was done. I went and sat on one of the chairs and rubbed back and fore slightly to wipe myself, before making a quick exit from the room and indeed the hotel Hope you enjoyed reading the experience as much as I enjoyed doing it! Fiona. xx
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    Tamsin was getting a bit bored with her gym session by now. She'd been working hard while checking out the firm bodies of the sweaty boys. Not to mention quite a few of the other girls as well. She paused to take a big gulp from her water bottle. And to stare quite openly at the wildly flopping crotch of the man on the treadmill facing her, telling her that he wasn't wearing any pants under his gym shorts. Now, it’s true you need to drink a lot during exercise but nobody ever seemed to notice that she always drank far more than necessary. All of the eye candy, coupled with her wonderfully dirty imagination had made her pussy so wet that she was starting to slide around in her panties as she moved, and the extra water meant that the full feeling in her bladder she’d been enjoying for the last twenty minutes was beginning to crest. She wouldn't be able to hold on for that much longer so she finished her current set and walked out to the changing rooms. She forced herself to slow down her step and, keeping her legs tight together, savoured the sensation of her slipperiness. She stopped at the mirrored wall of the gym and briefly admired the perky figure honed by these twice-weekly sessions reflecting back to her before she almost flooded the floor with her pent up pee. She just about managed to control herself and only lost a few drips to her panties then, when she was certain she’d make it, continued out. Once safely secluded within one of the cubicles Tamsin rubbed the palm of her hand over her crotch, moving her Lycra shorts in small circles designed to spread her cream further out from its source. She was so horny by this point that the motion instantly hardened her nipples. So her other hand grazed over them, triggering her first orgasm and causing her to slide down the wall in delicious convulsions. Once she’d calmed down, enjoying the aftershocks as she gently kneaded her modest breasts; she crossed her legs and finally succumbed to her body’s demands to release some of her now insistent piss. It pooled in her crotch and before she could control her flow, some escaped by following the waistband of her tight lacy panties to flow over her hips and under her bum. She reverently dipped two fingers into her makeshift urinal font and wiped them over her face, returning twice more to scoop some over each of her boobs in turn and then finished by slurping some from the palm of her hand. She was ready to cum again from the slightly sweet flavour of her own pee but forced herself to wait. She opened her thighs and luxuriated in the feeling of it trickling over her pussylips, adding a bit more at a time, having fun trying to stop herself until the piddle puddle on the floor was big enough to roll around in for a short while. Then she got somewhat unsteadily to her feet, massaged her pissy clothes all over herself before finally stripping off, and ever so slowly peeled her sodden knickers from her firm bottom. She wrung everything out over herself, watching her yellow fluid dripping from the tips of her still hard nipples and landing on her stomach to flow through her untamed bush. Then she balled up her gear and sealed it all up in a plastic bag for laundering when she got home. Following a fast rinse under the shower Tamsin dressed in her one size too small swimsuit to have some more fun in the centre’s pool. She hadn’t dried herself and so couldn’t resist releasing another warm spurt into her suit while it wouldn’t be noticed which, because it was so tight over her crotch, went up into her bush before trickling in rivulets down the inside of her long legs and covering her bare toes. She wiggled them, splashing her piss over her feet before leaving to lock up her gym bag, gulp down the second half of her water bottle to ‘top off her tank’ and head out, leaving wet footprints behind her. With her eyes half-lidded and a sway to her step she made a slow circuit of the pool area, taking in the views and making certain everyone got a good look at her body. Stopping by the deep end, she dove into the water and swam a few laps. She liked to use more than one style but it pleased her to finish with the breaststroke because of the name. Slightly out of breath, she stopped by the edge and lay back against it, her tits far enough out of the water that the wave action repeatedly splashed over and excited her nipples. Looking around, trying to decide whom she would fuck today she lazily scissored her legs, which gently stimulated her hungry clit and pushed her a little closer to her next orgasm. She peed again, into the water, exited by the thought of sharing her liquid with all the men and women around her. Then she spotted him. He wasn’t much to look at, a teenager still growing out of his baby fat. However, she could see the man he would become starting to develop. What made her breath hitch with lust were the drips falling from his shorts as he entered from the changing rooms whilst the rest of him was suspiciously dry! He walked down the steps into the water and began to swim. She surreptitiously adjusted her suit to one side of her puss, pushed off, and set herself on a deliberate collision course. They were approaching each other at a slight angle and she sped up her stroke so that the oblivious teen swung his arm up, over and the palm of his hand landed smack across her partially exposed arse cheek. Perfect! He exploded out of the water in panic, apologising profusely while she calmly took in his features. Eighteen would be her guess – ‘young, dumb and full of cum’ as they say. She smiled disarmingly as she steadied him in the water. “No harm done, entirely my fault.” She admitted. “Did you enjoy it?” “Enjoy what? Accidentally groping you?” She grinned at that. This one was going to be fun. “Well, that too. No, I meant your…” She searched for the right way to put it. “…pre-soaked trunks.” His eyes widened in shock at his being caught out and he stammered a denial. Tamsin shushed him by putting a finger to his lips, taking his hand in hers, and holding it between her thighs. Shock turned to astonishment as he felt first her naked pussy and then the temperature of the water around his hand increase while she leant towards his ear and whispered. ”I like doing it too. I’m Tamsin. Would you like to fuck me?” She gently nipped his earlobe and continued. “I’d love to taste your piss.” She squeezed his growing cock through his trunks, and then her hand snaked past his waistband and began to stroke him firmly. Her nails grazed his heavy balls on each down stroke as her hand sped up. “Does that feel nice?” She asked, pushing down his foreskin to tickle the tip. All he could do was nod as she coaxed him to the edge with long practiced ease. Just as he began to twitch in her palm the highly qualified cock-hound paused in her ministrations and looked around – nobody was paying them the slightest attention. She locked eyes with her current prey and told him, “I’d better finish you off before we go, there’s no way we’ll make it out of here with that weapon stretching out your trunks.” She sighed as if put out by her turning him on, “Keep a lookout.” With that admonition, she took a deep breath, making her breasts strain out against the confines of her swimsuit and vanished beneath the surface. In the same motion, she pulled his trunks down, releasing his cock to bob in the water to the rapid beat of his pulse and swallowed the entire length before retreating until only his swollen bell-end was still in her mouth. Her hand firmly tugged and massaged his ball sack while she sucked hard. She wasn’t under for very long before she received four long squirts of thick, creamy cum. She managed to swallow most of it but some escaped her lips to drift in the water before falling captive to the shoulder-length blonde hair surrounding her head like a nimbus. “That was lovely,” she gasped as she came up for air. “I’ve never tasted cum like yours before. I think I’ll keep you.” “P-pineapples,” was all he could manage. “I read somewhere it can improve the flavour, so…” he shrugged. “Well, it works.” She replied as she palmed his buttocks, stroking and squeezing them rhythmically. His arms were around her by now as well, pulling their bodies together and crushing her chest against his. His fingers traced designs up and down her spine making her shiver delightedly in his embrace. There was just the one problem – he wasn’t going soft. It was probably her own fault, she mused. Because they were so close together, his dick was between her legs and she was rubbing her swollen clit along it unconsciously. So she made a decision. She swung her hips back and wriggled a bit until she’d lined him up correctly, then pushed forward slowly in order to savour his girth until she came to a halt when her pleasantly stretched out pussylips reached his balls. She pulled up his trunks so what they were up to wasn’t so obvious and said, “Come on big boy, you know what to do.” He began to thrust gently inside her deliberately tight crevice; she made a point to exercise all her muscle groups. He was half-scared his luck would run out and she’d change her mind. She drew in a gasp of sudden pleasure but stopped him. He looked crestfallen and made to withdraw but she gripped him with her pussy, stopping him again and pulled his full length back into her. She kissed him then – softly, and spoke again. “You misunderstand; first I want you to fill me up some more. You know… like this.” He felt his balls get hot and a sudden current tickle his pubes as she peed on him again. He got the message and released his own piss deep inside her. She kissed him again much harder now and when she was full of his golden liquid, she began to fuck him, creating a faint yellow cloud around their hips as, trying to keep quiet; they rode their second orgasm together. She held him in until his penis finally stopped twitching, signalling that his balls had finished emptying themselves again and slid herself off him when he finally softened. She tucked him back inside his trunks and swam away. He watched her go, marvelling at his good fortune at getting off with such a hot, older woman when she stopped and looked back over her shoulder. She beckoned him over and admonished him, “What made you think I was finished with you? We haven’t drunk from each other yet. And you’ve got to eat your cum out of me. Come along now.” She snuck him into the women’s changing rooms and shoved him inside one of the cubicles. She leant back against one wall, peeled her costume down to her tiny waist, and her tits bounced free. His eyes widened as he stared at them and she grinned at the power they still had to mesmerise. She directed his hands to her chest and spoke only one word – “Kneel.” With his arms up as if in surrender and her bullet-hard nipples poking into his palms, his face was level with her crotch. Her hands on the back of his head pulled him into her and he began chewing on her steaming hot twat through the cloth. She quickly pulled her suit off entirely before thrusting her furry pussy back on his face. He stuck his tongue as far as he could past her lips and sucked hard on her clit, which made her legs tighten around his head, and she squealed as she squirted a little in his mouth, followed by a longer squirt of her wee. He slurped both up hungrily as she shook. “Stop,” she commanded and pushed his head away from her crotch. “It’s my turn.” They switched places and she knelt reverently at his feet. His length was hard again and twitching over her upturned face. Even though he now had the superior position, they both knew who was in control here. “I’m thirsty,” she pouted. “Do you have anything for me to drink?” He moaned and the tip of his cock began to dribble over her forehead, she quickly leaned back so his flow fell across her tongue instead. Each time her mouth filled up with piss she swallowed, and each gulp meant he was spraying over her chin, down her neck and over her breasts before splashing on her thighs where her hands rubbed his golden nectar all over her body. Once he’d finished, Tamsin was a glistening vision below him. Moreover, when her warm, pissy mouth slowly inhaled his wet cock it only took her a few hard sucks before he gave her something else to drink. With a drip of pineapple flavoured cum sliding down her chin she rose to her feet and, closing the distance so their wet naked bodies were touching she gently kissed him, feeding back some of his issue before swallowing again. Then she turned the shower on for them both and he rinsed his trunks before she threw him out of the cubicle. As he left to get dressed himself, he asked tentatively if he could see her again sometime. To which she replied, “I expect you to be here tomorrow at noon. My wife and I will be hungry for a pineapple lunch.”
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    This story is a continuation of the stories I wrote in the thread, Pee Vandalism with Katie! First off, I would like to thank everyone who encouraged me after having written fiction for the first time. I was honored to have input provided by writing legends who I admired long before registering on this site. Thank you very much for being so welcoming and friendly. Secondly, I apologize for having taken so long to write another installment -- I wanted to expand on my writing by introducing additional characters and it took me some time to figure out how to properly write for it (along with having to deal with schoolwork of course!) I do hope that this is to your enjoyment and I look forward to hopefully providing you with more! This story contains content that may be objectionable to some, namely themes of vandalism, theft, and malicious intent. All characters and events are works of fiction. Thank you! Nina Joins in the Vandalism ------------------ "Oh hurry up and make up your mind already!" Katie sighs as she glances over her shoulder. By now, the sun had set and the dimly lit streets were calm amidst the warm summer night. Katie walked at a steady pace, somewhat annoyed at the timid girl that followed a few steps behind. For the first time tonight, Katie was bringing a friend to one of her "jobs". Nina, a sharp-looking girl with a jet black bob haircut and modest glasses, was a young electrician that Katie met a few months back who she immediately identified as a promising addition to her nighttime exploits. Although at first glance Nina carried a somewhat intimidating air to others, Katie was amused to discover that Nina had a prominent meek side to her, which was on full display right now. "I don't want anyobody to see..." Nina whimpers as she bounces around in urgency. Although she was excited to accompany Katie, the poor girl had been a little too enthusiastic and wasn't going to reach their destination with the contents of her bladder intact. "Just go over there!" Katie gestures with her head towards a small parking lot. "Goodness knows we've fucking pissed in parking lots before. Hell, half the time we piss on the cars themselves!" It was true, Nina enjoyed the thrill of reducing a person's property to nothing more than her own personal toilet and nodded at Katie's suggestion. She was right, after all. The two of them peed in public places all the time, so why was she so nervous now? Nina led the way as she meandered between the cars in the lot, hesitantly glancing from side to side. "There's no one here, girl!" Katie laughs, no longer annoyed but amused at her friend's behavior. "Just pick a spot and mark it!" Nina resigned herself and walked over to a space between two large vans to squat down before she noticed something. Giving a slight smile, she stood back up and walked over to a small white vehicle. "Hey! It's one of those stupid little 'smart' cars!" Katie remarks as she walks up to Nina. "Good choice! It deserves to be pissed on!" Nina couldn't help but chuckle a little bit at Katie's enthusiasm but still found herself a little bit apprehensive about comitting the act. Meanwhile, as Katie anticipated the scene that was soon to unfold in front of her, she nuzzles Nina from behind and presses up against her. Katie knew from experience that Nina was a good girl, but she also knew that Nina became a naughty bitch when horny -- she just needed some encouragement. Nina began to relax at Katie's touch. Just for Katie's enjoyment, she lifted up her comfortable violet T-shirt above her breasts before harshly kicking her boot against the tiny vehicle's frame. "Yowch!" Katie laughs as she examines the unsightly dent that her friend had just inflicted upon the car. Nina had a concentrated expression as she lifted her pleated raven skirt and aimed her neatly shaven pussy directly at the driver's window. "That's what I like to see!" Peering up at Katie and flashing a smirk, Nina unapologetically let forth a stream of pee against the car. She purposefully didn't put much force into it -- instead, her urine splattered all over the white bodywork of the vehicle to spread across the windows without being deflected off. Lowering her leg off the car, Nina stepped back to move her hips from side to side, ensuring that her piss would cover every inch of the siding ... which was not hard to do. As she felt her supply begin to dwindle, Nina allowed her pee to patter over the door handle on the driver's side. Leaning her pussy inches from the handle to ensure that every last drop would be spent in defiling the car, Nina let out a sigh of relief. "That felt good!" Nina grinned at Katie who was staring at the aftermath. A large puddle had formed at the car's tire's and in the air hung an unmistakable scent of piss. There was a slight tint of yellow that was now drying against the hapless smart car. "Hell yeah!" Katie exclaims as she kicks out a taillight on the unfortunate vehicle in malicious enthusiasm. "That's how we do it! Come on, let's get going ... I can't fucking WAIT for tonight!" Nina was now impishly keying the car as Katie mused at the vandalism, theft, and debauchery that the two girls would engage in that evening. Energized by the damage before them, the two girls hurried off to their original destination -- a small office that just so happened to have a plumber's and an electrician's visit scheduled the same night. The girls stood in front of the modest single-story building that housed the small graphic design start-up that had called them. Since the power was out, Katie checked under the welcome mat for the key that had been left for them and manually opened the electric lock securing the front door. Although it was pitch black inside, the dim moonlight filtering in through the windows showed a typical office layout with decorations that seemed to be trying to create a "quirky" feel -- one corner of the room even held a small basketball hoop and various baseball accessories. Still, Katie was disappointed. "Fuck! Is this all they have?" Katie exclaims. Indeed, the office was oddly barren of anything of value. "Ugh, let's look around, Nina. Think you can get the power on?" Nina could already be seen poking out her pantiless tush as she bent down on her knees to rummage through a tangle of wires in a small closet. In moments, the lights flickered on as the raven-haired girl stood back up. "Fuse was blown," Nina shrugs as she holds up the burnt fuse. Katie's fears are confirmed however as the lighting unveiled nothing of interest in the barren office building. Just as she was about to resign herself to a boring evening, she noticed a door to a storage room. Hopeful, the young blonde darts up to the door but finds it locked by an electrical mechanism. "Ugh, Nina do you think cutting the power will let me in?" Katie complains as she points out the lock. Nina walked up to the door and shook her head. "It has a battery backup," Nina replies calmly before walking away. Just as Katie was about to vent her frustrations, Nina returned with her electrical bag and, with the skill of someone who had clearly done this before, promptly short circuited the locking mechanism. They were in. Katie stared in awe as the door opened. In front of them was a pile of production-grade graphic design equipment -- Apple computers, tablets, cameras, and even smart phones had been stashed in the storage in a clear attempt to protect them from thieves. Nina too stood wide eyed as Katie victoriously exclaimed, "jackpot!" "Alright so..." Nina began. "Yup!" Katie replies. "Feel free to take anything you want!" Even after stealing a number of high-value items, the girls were still astounded at the number of electronics in the storage. "What's that you got over there, Nina?" Katie asked. "Ohh, that's a Mac Pro, huh? You should take it! I've heard they're really expensive!" Nina stood holding the powerful computer in her hands and shook her head. "I'm not taking this," she replied. Before Katie could even say anything, Nina continued, "I mean... you must be bursting to go by now, right?" Katie immediately connected the dots and flashed a wide smile. "Wellll, now that you mention it..." she winked at her friend. Nina was right, in all the excitement, Katie hadn't even noticed that she had involuntarily begun to squirm around at her bladder's pleas for relief. "But let's be good girls and put all this equipment where it belongs, first." Nina nodded and carried the Mac Pro to a desk. She then scurried to the storage room and brought back a large high definition 5K monitor to hook up to the Mac. Quickly feeling hot from the physical activity as she continued to carry equipment out of the storage, Nina pulled off her T-shirt to work topless, enjoying the sensation of the air on her exposed breasts. "Oh you got hot, huh?" Katie remarked as she set down a pile of iPads on the floor. Katie didn't have that problem -- she had opted to dress in a dangerously short tank top that just stopped short of fully covering her areolas with thin white fabric that hopelessly tried to obscure the pink flesh beneath. Being familiar with the routine, she knew that nobody ever ran into her at this time of the night. By now, the Nina had hooked up and powered on the Mac Pro, its display showcasing vibrant colors. At first glance, the desk that she had set it on looked completely normal, but then one would notice the piles upon piles of electrical equipment that the girls had placed below the desk, many of which were plugged in. Nina stepped away and is pleased to see her friend's excitement. Longingly, Katie stood in front of the desk and tugged off the tight black running shorts that she had been wearing. Having purposely avoided wearing underwear, there was a clear line of sight between her smoothly shaven pussy and the thousands of dollars worth of equipment in front of her. Her mesmerization was broken by Nina. "You ready to fuck things up?" Nina smirks as she stands beside Katie in only her skirt, now wielding a baseball bat that she had picked up from the opposite end of the room. As if to set the mood, Nina mercilessly smashed the bat against a couple of cameras at the foot of the desk. Then, cooing with adoration, she dropped to her knees and ran her hands over Katie's exposed posterior. Planting a teasingly soft kiss on Katie's right ass cheek, Nina moved away and cravingly whispered, "pee." Her heart racing, Katie is alarmed to find the floodgates within her begin to open up. Using the last of her willpower, Katie scrambled onto the desk, sending various papers fluttering to the floor and provocatively gets down on her hands and knees to position herself like a dog before a fire hydrant. Lifting a leg into the air to aim directly at the Mac Pro, Katie relaxed her muscles to send a jet of piss at the expensive device. Immediately, the office was filled with the sound of pattering as Katie's urine sprayed all over the computer. Though at first it appeared to resist the torrent of urine being aimed at it, the Mac Pro quickly began to emit a small buzzing sound and, with a pop, fizzled out completely. Satisfied with having destroyed her fire hydrant, Katie then pivoted around on the desk to aim her stream at the various electronic devices below. Nina watched as her friend pissed all over the array of equipment beneath her -- on many devices, her golden urine had begun to pool and seep into the delicate circuitry within them. She sat mesmerized as one by one, hundreds of thousands of dollars of professional grade equipment fizzled out for her friend's amusement. Katie wasn't just pissing on objects -- she was pissing on the hard work of every employee in the office. At last, Katie's stream began to slow to a dribble, dripping her last drops of urine directly onto the desk that she had so defiled. Satisfied at the damage that she had caused with her pee, Katie lowered the leg that she had kept raised throughout her escapade and kicked the 5K monitor sitting on the desk to the ground. "How was that?" The majority of the electronics lay damaged beyond repair. Each and every one of them was covered in Katie's pee that had further dripped down to cause a prominent dark patch on the office's carpet. Nina was overwhelmed with horniness and sat amidst the pee covered floor rubbing her pussy. "I don't think I can top that!" she smiles as she offers her friend a tissue, "but I'm going to try because I'm going to have to pee real soon too!" Katie dried her pussy off with the tissue before flicking it into the mess with a smirk. Excitedly, she set out at once to find a worthy place for her friend to make her toilet as Nina occupied herself with smashing any surviving equipment with her baseball bat. "Hey Nina, get in here!" Katie called out to her friend as something piqued her interest in the storage room. The girls hadn't noticed it before, but the wire-mesh shelf in the back of the storage room held a stack of papers -- a *lot* of papers, in fact. Nina picks up some of the papers. "These are concept drawings... like, what the artists use before doing their work digitally." Her eyes light up as she looks up at Katie. "They're pretty important... and pretty soakable!" She announces with a grin. "My thoughts exactly!" Laughs Katie as she watched Nina drop her skirt to stand in the nude. Nina began to reach for the papers on the shelf before Katie stopped her. "Hold on, do you think you can get up there?" Katie asks, pointing to the top of the shelf. Nina nods in understanding, effortlessly climbing on top of the shelf to flash an impish smile. "Good idea!" she replies as she perches herself atop the meshwork of metal wire. There was nothing to protect the papers below Nina if she were to, say, unleash a torrent of urine over them. She had been drinking water during their entire time at the office and she knew this was going to be big. Below her, Katie worked to toss anything else that she could find under the shelving; she ripped posters from the wall, swiped photographs from office desks, and even placed a few loose dollar bills that she had managed to find onto the shelves in hopes that Nina would urinate over it. But last but not least, Katie herself got down on her knees and leaned back at the base of the shelf. Her posture allowed her nipples to poke out from under her tank top, exposing to Nina how hard they were. This was the moment. Nina was about to make this room, and everything in it, her personal toilet. Perching like a majestic eagle to give Katie full view of her pussy, Nina leaned forward to aim herself towards the important documents below her and took a deep breath... and immediately her pee was pattering over the papers below her. Emboldened by her naughtiness, Nina applied more force so that her stream was now hissing and forcefully drenching the papers with piss. The papers didn't stand a chance as they instantly became soaked beyond recognition. Within moments, Nina's piss splashed across a soggy mess, rather than a neat pile of papers and began to spray across the various other items that Katie had placed. Showing no signs of stopping, Nina peed all over the dollar bills below her, putting her own perverted relief above the monetary value of the currency. She pissed on the photographs beneath her, showing zero regard for the memories they hoped to capture. Everything in the room was little more than something to piss on, including Katie who was now moaning underneath the shower of urine spraying from Nina's pussy. Eager to cause as much damage as possible, Nina leaned back and aimed her stream directly in front of her rather than below her. The force of Nina's peeing amazed even Katie, who was impressed by the girl's capacity despite being soaked in urine herself. Nina's pee shot across the room, clear of the entryway to splatter over the carpet outside. In a rush of naughtiness, she swayed her hips from side to side, covering the walls of the storage room with tell-tale amber liquid. She continued to do this as her piss pattered closer and closer to her before finally stopping, leaving a guilty dark patch across the carpet that stretched from the entryway to the shelf. Using her hand, Nina patted her pussy to shake off any clinging drops of pee before climbing down from the shelf. She looked around to admire the damage she caused -- not a single paper in the room was legible and those that were still intact were insultingly stained with yellow piss. The walls had beads of urine dripping down them that pooled onto the carpet, which was itself soaked by Nina's pee as it shot across the room. Nothing in the room held any more value. Nothing in the office was salvageable. The girls had seen to that. Nina smirked, satisfied with her thorough disrespect. Playfully walking over to Katie, who was lying in a daze over the wet carpet, Nina climbed on top of her to give her a deep kiss. "Let's go," she whispers. The girls got dressed and gathered their belongings (some of which were newly acquired). Feeling horny, Katie opted not to dry herself or her piss-stained tank top for the walk home. "You smell like pee!" Nina playfully giggles to Katie. "It's your piss, after all!" Katie laughs. "This entire place smells like it now!" The two friends laughed as they took one last look at the ruined office. Not a single drop of urine had fallen into a toilet -- it had fallen everyplace else. Locking the door, the two girls gleefully took a selfie in front of the building while flipping obscene gestures at the camera -- they showing no remorse for their actions. Nina in particular couldn't wait until their next "job." "What did they call you for anyways?" Nina asked Katie as the two walked along the deserted street. "I dunno," Katie shrugged as she wrung out her hair, "I wasn't paying attention. Some leak or something." Nina laughed. "Well, we sure showed them a 'leak,' didn't we?!"
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    One Saturday afternoon my best friend Jen and I decided to hang out at this nude beach a couple of miles away. We put on dresses with nothing underneath so it would be easier to take it off at the beach. We packed our towels, lots of water, some snacks and a few beers. We get to the beach and it is pretty packed! We lay down our towels next to a couple, a man and a woman in their early 30s. The man is slender but tall. He is completely naked laying on a towel next to a beautiful brunette who looks a few inches shorter than him, has a lot of curves and beautiful D cup breasts. Jen and I lay down our towels, and slowly remove our dresses reluctantly. We lay down side by side and crack open a beer each. We intermittently sip on water to stay hydrated in the hot sun. After awhile I notice a gentle tinge in my bladder letting me know I have to pee soon. I scan the beach looking for a restroom. I see one all the way on the other side of the beach, with what appears to be a long line out of the ladies room. I mention to Jen "I've really gotta use the ladies room, but I don't know if I can make it through that line!". Jen laughs at me a little bit and said last time she was at this beach the same thing happened and she peed on the sand. This gave me a naughty idea, I scooched to the edge of my towel, dug a hole in the sand at the end of my towel, I sat straight up with my knees bent and spread open, and just let go into the hole. I was filling the hole fast! I quickly stood up, clenching my pee hole shut, moved over a few feet and squatted a little bit and continued to piss on the sand. At this point I was getting a lot of attention... nobody seemed upset about this. When I was finished I sat back down next to Jen. A few minutes later, Jen exclaimed that she now needed to relieve her bursting bladder. She made no hesitation about standing up, walking away from our towels, and squatting down with her legs spread as wide as they could go, and suddenly letting out a torrent of piss. She smiled over at me, and we looked over at the couple who was intently watching her. They smiled and the brunette suddenly edged to her towel, parted her legs and started to pee too! It looked like she had the same idea all along. Jen and the mystery woman finished at about the same time. I couldn't help but notice the man with her had quite a hard on. He was definitely well endowed and was stroking himself. I had to tighten my legs together and wiggle my thighs together to get a little relief on my aching clit. I didn't want to draw anymore attention to myself! After awhile the man stopped stroking himself, but I realized after two more beers it was my time to piss again. I decided to be a little braver and stood up, walked away from my towel and just stood there with my legs apart and spread my lips with my fingertips, and let out my forceful stream of pee. It arched down onto the sand creating a puddle all around. At this point I had quite a lot of stares. To my surprise, a woman in her early 20s halfway down the beach was now peeing exactly the same way as I! It seemed like I started some sort of pee revolution!
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    The second girl to wet herself was with her boyfriend. She must have told him that she was too desperate to be able to wait in the queue so he took her to a bin by the fence. She looked unhappy to have to pee in such a public place, but he persuaded her to squat down and she got as low as she could. She kept looking around, and it seemed that she felt as if everyone was staring at her. She put her hands under her skirt, as if to pull her knickers down, but she just could not bare herself in public. Then her eyes widened, and her face looked shocked as she just lost control and flooded her knickers. She leaned forward so now she was kneeling on the grass, with her feet apart and her bum almost touching her own puddle on the ground. She reached behind to make sure she was not sitting on the hem of her denim skirt. She looked up to her boyfriend and told him she was wetting herself. He reassured her that nobody was bothered. After a while she told him she was finished. He suggested that if she had any more to pee, she might as well carry on until she was completely empty. She nodded, and the expression on her face showed her concentrating on starting to piss in her underwear again. At last she had finished. He helped her stand up. She brushed her skirt down - there was a small damp patch at the back where her hem had soaked up a bit of her pee. She looked down at the dampness on the ground, then they walked off, hand in hand.
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    *** Part One can be found >>here<< *** We all made our way out onto the court for the game. Our tight black volleyball shorts and matching t-shirt didn't really leave much to the imagination. It was a hot day so we had been drinking plenty of fluids, and what goes in must come out. At the time we didn't really think about it, we was too concentrated on the game. Sadly we lost the game 3-2 but it was a brilliant experience. After the game we all shook hands and congratulated the other team. Things were pretty normal, the usual well done, good game etc. Except one girl really stood out. Her name was Gemma, a really tall brunette with a very athletic figure, gorgeous from head to toe. “Hey, there's a party at the hall in Barrington, you and your team are more than welcome to join us. You put up quite a fight!” “Thanks” I smiled, rather shocked “Thanks a lot, we'll be there.” We left the court and headed to the bathrooms to rid ourselves of the large quantity of water we had consumed. I pushed the door but it didn't budge. Confused, I pushed again, it was locked. Almost like clockwork a member of staff came around the corner. “Sorry girls, somebody has vandalised the bathroom and we've closed them to public” “So where can we go?” Michelle asked. “You'll have to wait until you get home, or find some other means of relieving yourself” “But...but...” “I'm sorry.” she said and left. With that we all walked off to the coach, trying to come up with an idea of where we could go. “For fuck sake Sophie, you just had to take it too far didn't you!” Michelle shouted “Chloe didn't use the toilet either but at least she didn't leave a huge circle that everyone could see!” “Whoa hang on just a minute. You encouraged me to do that, I could have just used the toilet like the rest of you. In fact, you called me boring for even considering that! Get off your high horse, we're all in this together” Not another word was said until we were well into our journey home. About twenty minutes into the journey I was struggling to sit still, the fluids inside me were urgently wanting a release. I looked across at the girls and noticed they were in a similar predicament. Sarah had her hand jammed between her legs, Renee was leaning forward with her eyes closed, quietly whispering to herself that it would be okay, that she would make it. Even Karen and Michelle were squirming. “God I need to go so fucking bad!” Chloe groaned. I could see her quickly crossing and uncrossing her legs, and it wasn't helping me at all. “I can't wait any longer” Sarah sighed “I'm going to see if he'll stop for us” Sarah made her way to the front of the bus and leant forward to talk to the driver, one hand resting against the passenger seat, the other holding herself between her legs. "Erm, excuse me?" Sarah whispered "I'm sorry and don't mean to interrupt but is there anywhere you could pull over? I'm bursting for a wee-wee; In fact we all are." "Can't you wait? The next toilet stop isn't for another hour" "I very much doubt it. If you don't stop soon I'm afraid we might go where we are sitting. Please!” Sarah leaned forward a little more, wriggling from foot to foot. “It will only take a minute” "I'll see what I can do" The bus stopped at the side of the road and we all climbed out, lining up along the side. We all pulled down our shorts and underwear, squatting. Our relief was only moments away. Almost immediately a series of hisses could be heard as Chloe, Sarah and Karen released the hold on their bladders. I wasn't far behind and soon found my relief. Within seconds of leaving the bus we were all peeing fiercely against the hot tarmac. A chorus of sighs leaving our lips. A river of pee was running down the road and I can only imagine what any passing motorists would be thinking. The bus hid us from view but our puddle was very visible. Maybe they thought the bus had a water leak and that was the reason for it stopping. Renee urinated for 45 seconds before it stopped, quickly followed by Chloe and then Michelle. Me, Karen and Sarah however were still going strong. I estimate we went for maybe a minute and a quarter, creating such a large puddle. I would have loved to collected it all and seen how much we produced together. Once we were all empty we pulled up our underwear and shorts, not wiping and climbed back on the bus, all with a beaming smile on our faces. We wasn't in the clear yet though, there was still another two hours to go.
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    steve25805 wrote: "It is not easy to pin down why this interests me so much. I find it easier to explain how this interest developed,- and have done so several times- than to describe what exactly it is about it that works for me." "I think certainly, the act of peeing accentuates the anatomical differences between the genders, and did so for me at an age when I was too young to understand the sexual differences. So girls peeing accentuated their femininity, and thus eroticised the peeing for me at an age when other forms of eroticism were unknown to me. And my sexual interest stayed with me and blossomed." I think this sums part of it up quite well for me, also. In addition, there are the intimacy and beauty aspects mentioned by fannywatcher and whiz kid. For me, the variety of individual female anatomies is a huge factor in my interest. There is the size, shape, location, and natural exit angle of the urethra, and the size, shape, and separation of the lips, interacting with the stream. All of these affect the size, shape, strength, and trajectory of the stream, gush, or spray. These characteristics strongly affect women's selection of individual peeing styles for practical reasons, like keeping clothing, toilet seats, and legs from getting wet, along with concerns about intimacy and privacy. The natural exit angle of the stream from the urethra is a good example. This is the angle that the stream makes with the woman's spine, as it leaves her body, while she is sitting on a toilet. Zero degrees means that it goes straight down, into the toilet. Normal, upright seated peeing styles work well for these women. Ninety degrees means that it goes straight forward, horizontally, potentially wetting her legs, her panties, the toilet seat, and the floor in front of the toilet. The usual adjustment for women with this natural exit angle is to lean forward at the hips to reduce the actual exit angle to within manageable limits, so the stream enters the toilet, without getting them wet.. Alternatives are squatting or standing, which often work well for these women. Natural angles between 0 and 60 or 70 degrees mean that her stream arcs into the bowl with little interaction with her body, clothing, or her surroundings, so adjustments may depend on other factors, like clothing preferences or modesty. Natural angles greater than 90 degrees are uncommon, but not unknown, meaning that her stream might spray the fronts or tops of her thighs, while she is sitting down. They obviously require major adjustments in peeing style, just to get through daily life, in the Western world. These women are usually the ones who can pee standing up straight, "like a guy." The size, shape, and separation of the lips can have additional influences upon the stream, and its control, as well as whether it sprays, sprinkles, or hisses. With all of these individual variations, just watching and listening to women pee is absolutely fascinating to me. I try to guess the anatomies and peeing styles of women I meet in person, as well as celebrities and personalities on TV, by watching their normal sitting styles and body language. News anchors are among my favorites, because they can be observed sitting, for long periods of time. In some cases, they may even inadvertently display their desperate need to pee, while they are on camera. Seeing a woman pee gives me a very intimate, intense connection with her, which I enjoy immensely. It also tells me a lot about her anatomy, and how it may have helped shape her personality and sexual attitudes. My own observations and experiences indicate that correlations between preferred peeing styles and attitudes toward sex exist. Dr. P.
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    and I don't think dick avatars is going to do that.
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    I just like to do it while he pleases me. He uses his tongue while I lay down... Relaxed. Fingers added. A leak becomes a hot stream.
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    Last night, I went to have supper with my friend in this new resto bar type place which is semi classy. While I was waiting for my friend to come back from the toilets, a woman sat down with her husband and said something about her not liking the toilets because it's giving the idea to pee in someones mouth. I was confused because I didn't understand the rest since she was not talking loud about it. Not long after, my friend comes back and says on a normal tone, that I really need to try the toilet/urinals in the washroom saying you are peeing in a mouth with big red lips. So I laughed so hard that I knocked my wine glass all over and it's a good thing it was empty. I should have taken a picture, however, i found one on the internet except there is a small stall in between them all. There is also 1 normal toilet with stall and door. Is it possible that some places are starting to install these all over because a few places seem to have them from what a work colleague said. The only thing, the one I tried seemed lower and out more.
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    Dear Wet Carpet. I'm a 38 year old female school teacher, known for my high morals and excellent work ethic. People would be astonished if they knew about my interest in this magazine and the things your readers get up to. In the privacy of my own home I sometimes get a kick out of pissing on the bathroom floor on purpose, totally ignoring the toilet which is right there. Or even peeing in the kitchen, lol. But your superb magazine has been having a bad influence upon me. A couple of weeks ago - my inhibitions lessened by several glasses of wine - I walked right past the bathroom and into my bedroom. And I squatted down right there beside my bed. And peed on the carpet, lol. I still can't believe I did that. I am after all not a kid anymore but a respectable 38 year old woman! I do sometimes question whether a grown woman should be behaving in this way, yet I seriously envy some of the shameless and outrageous women who write into your magazine. I mean, pissing all over the place in hotel rooms, or inviting groups of friends to pee all over the carpets and furniture in their own homes? One or two of them have even been actively encouraged by their own mothers, it seems. Just totally wow! If my mum had ever caught me peeing on the carpet she'd have totally freaked out. It would not have been good, lol. Anyway, what I really wanted to tell you about is the - for me - outrageous thing that I did in school last week. I was staying behind, alone in the classroom marking homework when I needed to pee. And I had the naughtiest idea. I went out into the girls' toilets to pee. But not in any of the cubicles. Instead I squatted in the middle of the room just in front of the sinks, and peed all over the floor! Made a massive puddle as well. And just left it there. The inquest that occurred over the following few days was most amusing, with the headmaster speaking in ominous tones about the consequences for the young lady who thought it amusing to urinate on the floor in the girls' toilets. Naturally, everybody assumed it was one of the female pupils. Anyone with information was asked to come forward. Once or twice I had to struggle to suppress a grin. And of course, the real culprit - yours truly, a respectable 38 year old teacher no less - was never uncovered. Well, tomorrow they're going to have something to think about, haha. Because I stayed on again this evening to mark some papers. and again decided to have some fun peeing. So I left my classroom again. But I chose not to do it in the girls' toilets this time. Instead I walked into another classroom a little along the corridor, squatted down in the corner near the back, and peed right there on the classroom floor. Another massive, yellow-tinged, puddle was the end result. And again I walked off and just left it there. The shit is going to hit the fan in school tomorrow, lol. Should be entertaining. Monica
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    Thank you for asking these questions. I wanted encouragement to give more details on this fun experience. So a week after I was dumped I wanted sex. I went onto a website of sex workers and called a sex worker asked if me and her could meet up at a hotel have sex and do naughty peeing together. She said yes. I booked a room at a cheap hotel. I got in there, when I got in the first thing I did was pee on the couch, then pee on the floor a lot. The sex worker got there after I had been there for an hour. I paid her $200 for the hour, we sat down we talked, I told her about my naughty peeing fetish, she said, "there's nothing wrong with peeing where your not supposed to, it doesn't hurt anyone, go for it if you enjoy it." We both took off all our clothes, and she watched me pee for almost a minute on the hotel carpet. I told her I wanted her to pee on the floor as well. She said she's happy to do so, but doesn't have any in her bladder yet. I gave her lots of ice water while drinking myself as well. She let me put my fingers in her vagina, going in and out, which felt nice, then I peed on the floor again on the hotel carpet. We continued with me fingering her vagina. Then she needed to pee, we both sat in hotel chairs and peed together on the floor enlarging the puddles on the carpet. Then we laid on the bed and had sex, which was nice. Then we were almost to the end of our time, she felt the need to pee again as I did as well, and we sat in the hotel room chairs and this was the funnest part of all because this time we were both peeing on the carpet at the same time. She made a huge puddle on the hotel room carpet, while I danced around the room sprinkling my pee everywhere. She left after the hour was up, and I stayed there peeing on the blankets, peeing on the wall, peeing in the corner, peeing on the table, and then I masterbated, and orgasmed on the floor while going to sleep to the smell of pee me and this sex worker added to the room.
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    To be honest,its really about the female genitalia with me,the pee is like a bonus.There really is something so aesthetic about the female privates..
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    I'm like you where I prefer the natural act of urination in a non-posed way. There's the thrill of seeing her most private body parts closeup; the round buttocks, the delicate vaginal lips, and even the tight anus. And then the ultimate thrill of seeing pee exit her body how the urine stream interacts with the pussy at very stages of the pee session.
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    If you told me to pee in your mouth , I'd be a good girl and obey. Hopefully, I'd be rewarded with an orgasm while being cleaned up.
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    I believe she is taking it too far. People have become too soft. It is not any businesses duty to appeal to her sensitive feelings. If she does not like it, she is free to leave and never eat there again, same as everyone else. That's the beauty of a free market; there is always another option. If the owner wants an edgier feel to the place, that is his/her right. I take issue with those who whine about the world not appealing to their preferences when no harm is being caused. I would bet money that this woman has no problem with someone's mouth being on her during oral sex, so how is that not also sending a negative message? Would she argue that it's suddenly different because sexual pleasure is intended? Intentions don't change the end result. She needs to grow some skin and quit being a tight ass. As I mentioned earlier, my concern is about children seeing grown women exposed at urinals. Is it not telling that such an issue never crossed this woman's mind? Her inability to think beyond herself, and her unnecessary loud outburst, as opposed to calmly requesting to speak to a manager about her concerns, points to her immaturity and childish desire for attention, in my opinion.
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    Not really closely related to this but: "Me and my arrow, straight up and narrow, I'd still like to fuck Mia Farrow!! (picture emoticons dodging bricks, tomatoes, etc. and giggling till the tears shoot out over it's cheeks) ;)
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    The third one was on her own. She walked past the stand of toilets towards the fence. I thought that she was going to pee in the grass there but she must have decided it was too public. She turned round and came back. She then sat down on the ground at the side of the beer tent, legs straight in front of her, and pissed. There were some signs that showed that she was wetting herself. The expression on her face was a bit of a give away. She kept very still, as if she dared not move her legs. I'm sure she was hoping her skirt would hide what she was doing. She moved her handbag to put it beside her, to hide the puddle in the grass, but keeping her bag dry. She also kept looking down. It's a bit of a giveaway, and something I like to see when a woman is peeing in public, and trying not to be seen, she will look at her own crotch. Then she changed position, started to get up. Clear liquid, her own pee she had released, poured from the bottom of her skirt and splashed around her feet. I'm not quite sure what had happened. Perhaps before, when I thought she'd been peeing, she might only have been leaking, and she had only just got to the point where she had lost control. If so, she had decided to try to squat, perhaps to limit the damage to her skirt. Or, and I think this is more likely, she had only just won back bodily control and managed to stop pissing in her knickers. She had started to get up but hadn't realised how much pee had pooled in her skirt until it all poured out. She stayed there, squatting very low, for quite some time. She may well have still been wetting herself, for all I know. Her bum was too close to the ground, and the light too dim, for me to be able to see how much more pee was dripping from her bum. I like to think that she had decided that she had stopped too soon, still needed the toilet, and had decided to wee through her skirt until she was empty. She was there for some time, squatting low, as if she was still having a piss, fully clothed. Then she got a couple of tissues from her bag and mopped her thighs dry. She must have wanted to to make sure she wouldn't drop another pooled puddle from her skirt when she stood up, as she took her time. When she did stand, she felt the back of her skirt, and looked behind herself, to try to see how wet it looked. She was lucky. There was not much light, and her short denim skirt was dark enough that it didn't show where it was wet. When she walked away, I'd have liked to have looked at the puddle in the grass, but I didn't want to draw attention. It was quite a public place where she had wet herself. I saw many other women peeing that day. All the others managed not to wet their knickers.
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    I guess that I am lucky in that I have friends who while not as uninhibited as I am are very accepting of me. I don't get to discuss peeing with them much because they are just completely accepting that I wet myself when we go out, and know that I will just pee down my legs, on the carpet, through my skirt and on the seat. It is nice to be able discuss things in a non-judgemental way.
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    I went to a music festival last summer where I saw three women pee in their knickers in the space of an hour. The queues for the port-a-loos were lengthy and getting longer. I actually timed them at fifteen minutes at one point. When women had been leaving it until they were almost bursting before they even joined the queues, it's not surprising some just could not wait. Near the queues there was a couple of trees near a fence that gave a little cover. As it got dark, women would just squat by the fence and hope that they weren't being watched by too many. Earlier in the evening, a few brave women peed in the grass behind the trees. I saw one in a skirt who kneeled on the ground and pulled her knickers down. Another came over and squatted beside her. The first left, and another women, in a long dress took her place. She just stood, feet apart, back to the fence, closed her eyes and gave up trying to contain her pee. She just let it pour out into her knickers and splatter into the grass between her feet.
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    I can't say I ever paid any attention to the guys peeing section but anyway, I frequent a local junkyard and sometimes you have to pee out there. So I thought it'd be cool to find a nice large vehicle to piss in. I did have to piss as I was browsing the yard I came across this 1986 or 1989 Dodge Caravan. Those vans were so ugly. This van was a cream color with the wood panels. Was in good shape inside and out. It had beight cloth interior, carpet was nice, no spills, burns, nothing. The side sliding door was stuck so I entered through the passenger door. I crawled between the two front seats to the first row of seats. From a kneeling position, I unfastened my belt, unhooked my Dickies pants, pulled the zipper down, pull my penis up above my boxer waist band and began pissing on the carpet near the stuck sliding door. It felt good. I was turned on afterwards thinking I need to bring a girl here. I used that van another time afterwards, the other time I pissed coffee on the first bench seat. There was another larger van I pissed in about twice too. An 84' GMC conversion van. Interior was nice. I pissed on the back seat that folds to a bed and on a couch type pillow on the floor. I had brought my girlfriend there numberous times. I was getting a part off of an old Maxima while she sat in the backseat of the car. On the way out she sees the bathroom and said she's going to go pee. Meanwhile I'm thinking she could've peed in a car. She comes back out talking about it smells like piss and no paper so she'll just wait. We get to the car to leave, apparently she really had to go so she said she's about to piss here, by the car. She said she wished we had my Mazda which was four doors. We were in my Mustang instead. I told her she could've pissed in a car. She said she would've had no tissue. I reply I have a mouth for that.
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    But really to me,its all about the beauty,..and how do they pee out of it?I guess a sense of awe.
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    Well I am one of those seriously into naughty peeing so location for me is probably even more of a focus than source. But I like to see the girl too and not just the pee splashing down. If the girl herself is not in view, 95% of the eroticism would be absent. It is not easy to pin down why this interests me so much. I find it easier to explain how this interest developed - and have done so several times - than to describe what exactly it is about it that works for me. I think certainly, the act of peeing accentuates the anatomical differences between the genders and did so for me at an age when I was too young to understand the sexual differences. So girls peeing accentuated their femininity, and thus eroticised the peeing for me at an age when other forms of eroticism were unknown to me. And my sexual interest in it stayed with me and blossomed. Then there is a combination of both naughtiness and taboo. Because for me, taboo naughtiness can itself be sexy. The more outrageous the location a girl pees in, the more taboo and naughty - and thus erotic - it is. I think it is therefore for me the sheer taboo naughtiness in combination with femininity and a hint of wildness and not giving a fuck, which makes it erotic for me. And girls laughing as they pee somewhere outrageous.....doing it for amusement and a laugh....works a lot for me because it kind of evokes an attitude of not giving a fuck whilst being aware that they aren't supposed to be peeing there, hence the amusement. It is very hard to pin down more succinctly than that. I guess the combination of deliberate naughtiness with femininity is at the heart of it for me.
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    Well if no one paid for it, very little of it would be made cos in the beginning it is mostly made to make money. Most of the free stuff is old material that was pay site stuff years ago but now readily available all over the place. And do you not find on your searches that the same videos you've seen countless times already keep coming up? The advantage of paying for it - quite aside from the fact that it creates a market for it resulting in much more being made - is that you often get to see something you haven't seen a hundred times before, something new. And if you pay someone to film themselves doing something for you, you can get a video taylor made to act out one of your fantasies. These are things that many of us consider to be worth paying for from time to time. Most of the very best vids in my collection can never be posted on free sites for copyright reasons. If I try they get removed and I get a warning. This is usually because the artiste doing the on-screen pissing is still very much in business and enforcing copyright law to protect her wares. Trust me - if you never pay for pee porn you are missing all the best stuff.
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    I had a long wee wee this morning at work. I held on for hours. I waited until there was a queue for the ladies and stood in line squeezing my lips together. I felt little trickles dripping into my panties. I felt horny and my pussy was wet. When I got to it I had a long glorious wee. I spread myself wide open to feel it splattering. It was a loud wee. I loved it!