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    The weather has been good here recently so I decided to finally fulfil the request posted at the very start of my thread. To pee standing up under my skirt somewhere outdoors. I had been looking forward to doing it for a while but just didn’t have the opportunity... until now. This happened after work on Friday so I was wearing my usual work clothes. A black pencil skirt, white blouse and black heels, no tights. Underneath I had a white bra and a white thong. The skirt was long enough I could have spent the day without any underwear but I didn’t like the risk, at least not when working at a school. I usually go to the toilet during my lunch break, about 1:30 in the afternoon and that’s enough to keep me going until home time, but I did things a little different. I skipped my early afternoon wee so I would be desperate by the time I was heading home, having only been about 9am when I got to work. Just before I left work I headed to the ladies and took off my knickers, folding them up neatly and putting them in my handbag. I clocked out with a full bladder and jumped into my car, really wishing I hadn’t drank so much coffee over the afternoon. It was a quiet day so I had plenty of opportunity to drink instead of letting it go cold and wasting it. I had already planned where I was going, so with a feeling of excitement, I put on my seatbelt and headed to the supermarket. I always do my weekly food shop on a Friday so I was killing two birds with one stone really, but it’s not very often I do it while desperate for a wee. It was so much fun! I walked past the toilets there with a smile and continued my shop as normal which usually takes 45-60 minutes. I was getting more and more desperate with every aisle I went down, jiggling as I stopped with my trolley to look at the shelves. I knew I wasn’t allowed to leak because it would run straight down my legs instead of being absorbed by my knickers. I eventually made it through the aisles and to the checkout, having to cross my legs while waiting in the queue and unloading my trolley. There was no hiding how badly I needed to pee! I couldn’t stand still at all. I hoped I would get through this quickly because I was really concerned about leaving a puddle on the floor. I managed to pack everything into bags at the other end of the checkout without too much issue and all I had left to do was pay. As I was getting my purse from my handbag I let out a spurt of pee and immediately doubled over with my hand jammed between my legs. I could feel a drip running down my left leg but I was okay, I was still holding on. However, the cashier, Laura, definitely noticed my problem. She leaned over and quietly whispered “Um, I don’t mean to be rude but there are some customer toilets near the entrance. You look like you really need to go.” She wasn’t wrong! I told her thank you and handed her the money for my shopping, taking the receipt myself instead of waiting for her, every second counts! I thanked her again and left the supermarket, heading to my car as quickly as I could in heels. I managed to walk to my car without any further leaking and opened the boot ready to place the bags inside, three in total. I had chosen a fairly secluded spot far away from the supermarket, with the car parked in front of me as cover because this is where I was planning to pee, and boy was I looking forward to it. I was still jiggling about and crossing my legs as I lifted the first bag which was very light into my car, no drama there. The second bag was much heavier, containing four 2L bottles of water amongst other things, and as I lifted it out of the trolley I let out another spurt, it running down my legs. I didn't fight it, instead just letting things happen as they wanted to. As expected the dam burst only seconds later as I completely let go. I froze as a torrent of wee flowed down both of my legs, unable to hold back a sigh of pure relief. I bit my lip and looked down, smiling at the puddle rapidly growing around my feet and running under the car, knowing full well it would be visible very soon. I didn't care, it felt so naughty! I stood up straight and parted my legs a little, smiling even more as my stream started falling neatly between them, splashing as it hit the tarmac below. It felt really free, just letting go in the car park of a supermarket, and nobody suspected a thing! I watched my stream the whole time, enjoying the thrill of going outdoors in public, combined with the sheer relief. I went for at least a minute and as my stream started to slow I squeezed my legs together again, enjoying the sensation of my wee running over my thighs, and down over my calves. When my wee finally concluded I quickly placed the last bag into my car, shut the boot and took my trolley to the little collection areas they have for them. Looking back I could see a little river running from underneath my car, it looked like I had a leak! I got such a naughty thrill from it. The picture would tell a very different story once I pulled away and people could see the full puddle. As I sat down in my car the first thing I noticed was the back of my skirt was wet. I'm guessing it was from when I first let go, bent over slightly as my pee forcefully jetted out of my pussy. It must have gone backwards a little before running down my legs. I started the car and drove home as quickly as I legally could, smiling as I saw my puddle in the rear view mirror.
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    I made video for my husband who is getting into the pee fetish more and more so I thought I'd share some of the screen shots from it! It was my first pee of the day so nice and bright in colour in the bath :)
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    I've seen thousands of pee videos over the years with people peeing in every way possible but I must admit I've never seen a girl do this for a guy before
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    Trying something different. Hope you enjoy. If so, I'll work on the next chapter. When Sara awoke, for a moment she forgot where she was. Her first instinct was in response to the pressure in her bladder, a common feeling for the morning. She sat up and was about to hop out of bed and make the long walk out to the bathroom. Then as she felt the cool dampness under her, she remembered. She was in her bunk at the all-girls camp her parents had signed her up for, not knowing what they were getting their daughter into. At 21, she was still living at home after having dropped out of college in protest to the financial trap of post-secondary education loans and expenses. Smiling, Sara lay back down in her bed and relaxed. As she did, she heard movement in the bunk above her as her roommate stirred. Then, and unmistakable sigh and faint hissing sound as her roommate clearly began wetting her bed. Sara’s smile widened as she closed her eyes and relaxed even more, releasing the hold on her bladder. The relief and warmth was immediate as a steady stream of pee dribbled from between her legs and soaked her sheets and mattress. She licked her lips and enjoyed the soothing warm flow of her pee as it pooled at her crotch and seeped slowly into the mattress. As she relaxed, she reflected on how this all began. The camp was intended to encourage her to find a passion, a direction, a purpose in life. Sara wasn’t sure what those things were yet, but the camp had certainly opened her eyes to some other opportunities. It took Sara some time to realize her parents must have thought she was flunking college because she was a whore (she had enjoyed a few sexual partners while at university and not hidden that fact from anyone), and maybe sending her to an all-girls camp might curb her promiscuity and sexual desires. Wow, were they ever wrong. For starters, there were a lot of open conversations about sex. Sara wasn’t sure if it was because the school was all-girls, but so far some of the camp counselors had discussed the healthy benefits of masturbation, how to responsibly handle polyamorous relationships, the best sexual positions, and ironically the benefits and purposes of celibacy. But it was the first night at camp that awakened something either dormant or well-hidden inside of Sara. The new girls were gathering in the conference room to hear the usual opening-day lecture from the camp’s director, Mrs. Emily Summers. A long table at the center of the room held a vegetable tray and an assortment of fruit. Mrs. Summers stepped up on the small stage and smiled, quieting the group of about forty new girls. “Okay ladies,” she said. “First of all, welcome! We are really excited to have such a lively group of young ladies join us this year.” There was some light applause and she continued. “Let’s get some things out of the way. At our camp, you are free to be express yourself in any way you want, so long as it doesn’t cause any harm to anyone else at camp. But we exclusively focus on helping ladies express themselves sexually.” Sara nearly choked on her snack. Did she hear that right? “That’s right, ladies. Here, we encourage our members to explore whatever sexual pleasure they wish to explore, so long as it is within reasonable limits, like nothing dangerous or outrageously expensive. Even though this is an all-girls camp, for the specific purposes of allowing you to explore your sexuality, men can be allowed access to the camp facilities, but only if selected and supervised by camp staff. In other words, no inviting your boyfriends to camp. If you’re in a committed relationship and you wish not to indulge, you can either resign now or choose to remain faithful and celibate throughout the duration of your stay, or otherwise explore your own body and the unique pleasures of masturbation.” This lecture went on to say that there were basically no limits, other than expected rules such as no drug use, no severely harmful acts, etc. Protection would be provided but not required, although extensive discussions about STDs (complete with images) would be commonplace from the camp staff, and all men invited by staff would receive STD and HIV/AIDS screening. Sara’s jaw opened several times as if she wanted to ask something, but she didn’t speak. The girls were escorted to their cabins and rooms in which they were partnered with a girl who had been to camp before and knew the facilities as well as the rules and procedures. As soon as Sara entered her new home for the next three months, a peppy plus-sized brunette greeted her. “Hello! I’m Faith!” she said, holding out her hand. Sara could detect a somewhat familiar smell in the room, not unpleasant but noticeable. “Sara,” she said as she shook Faith’s hand. “Welcome. I hope you don’t mind, but I took the top bunk. I got bottom bunk last year, so…” “It’s fine,” Sara said. “Great!” Faith said. “So…what do you think so far?” “It’s a nice place,” Sara said. “I wasn’t much for camping growing up, so I don’t really know what to compare it to…?” “You…will love it here,” Faith said. “There are the usual things…a lake, trails, even a barn with some horses. But…it’s not your usual camp.” “Yeah,” Sara said. “I gathered that from the lecture this morning.” “So what’s your thing?” Faith asked. “My thing?” “You know? Your thing? The thing that gets you hot? What turns you on?” “Umm… I don’t know, really. I just kind of…have normal sex with guys, I guess?” Faith sighed. “Booooooring,” she said. “What?” “That’s boring…well, I mean…sex isn’t boring, but the same old thing every time?” “Well, not exactly the same. I’ve done it in different positions.” Sara paused for a moment, wondering why she was saying all of this to a complete stranger. “What’s your favorite?” Faith asked. “Umm…I really like to be on top.” “Really? Why’s that?” Sara laughed. “I don’t know. It’s kind of…deeper that way?” “Uh huh,” Faith said, smiling. “Go on.” “And if I want, I can touch myself at the same time while I ride him.” “Have you ever pissed on a guy while you ride him?” Sara’s eyes widened. “What? No!” She paused and looked at Faith, who was smiling wickedly. “Have you?” Sara asked. “Several times. It makes everything wetter, warmer, and I cum so hard it all comes out at once.” “Wow…umm…I don’t know if I want to talk about this,” Sara said. “I’m sorry,” Faith said. “I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. But peeing is my thing, you see.” “Ohh…” “So…I guess that means you need to be aware of some things if we’re going to be roomies. I piss myself, my bed, and occasionally on the floor.” “Wait, what? Doesn’t that make a mess?” “Yes, it does. But the camp provides a cleaning service every day. Our blankets, sheets, and mattresses are switched out daily. The carpet is cleaned daily. And the rooms are fully deodorized daily. I mean think of the mess that happens when you open a camp that encourages sexual liberty.” “Good point. So…when you have to pee…” “I just do,” Faith said. “If that’s going to be a problem, I won’t be offended if you want to ask about changing roommates.” “I mean…I guess not. But hey, since we’re talking about pee, where are the bathrooms?” “They’re down on the other end of the hall to the left. But…you don’t have to go all the way down there if you don’t want.” Sara’s face reddened. Was Faith suggesting what she thought she was suggesting? “Are you saying…?” “Yes, silly. I just told you I soak myself in this room all the time. Why shouldn’t you?” “But I’ve never…I mean, maybe when I was a kid…” “Oh, come on. Haven’t you ever had to pee and then thought ‘I really wish I didn’t have to walk all the way to the bathroom’?” “Well…” “So now’s your chance. Plus, this will give you a dose of the kind of freedom you have here. If you need to pee, just pee. If it helps, I won’t watch.” Sara stood still, feeling the slight pressure in her bladder but still not sure she wanted to just pee right here in front of a girl she just met. “How about this? I’ll prove it to you.” Faith stepped to the center of the room and stood with her legs slightly apart. She was wearing a tight pair of purple leggings and a matching low-cut light purple shirt. Sara was expecting her to pull the tights down and maybe squat and pee, but Faith just stood there for a moment and closed her eyes. “Oh, here it comes,” she said. Right away the crotch of her purple tights darkened and Faith gasped. “Ohhh, that’s nice.” She finally reached for the waistband of her tights and panties and pulled them down, but just below her vagina, and she was still peeing! A steady and messy flow sprayed from between her legs and splashed against her panties, her tights, and the carpet. Sara watched entranced as Faith began to rub herself while her pee continued to flow. Her breath quickened and then she squealed as she had a brief but very obvious orgasm. Sara felt the warmth of her own face as she blushed when Faith finally came down from her climax, still dribbling a bit of pee into the crotch of her pants and panties. “So…,” Faith said, “what do you think?” Sara could feel the pressure building in her bladder, but she still wasn’t sure how she felt about all of this. “Do you need to go?” Faith asked. “Yes,” Sara said. “I can turn around if you want.” Sara thought and looked down at the floor. She stared for a moment at the puddle at Faith’s feet and then felt the pressure grow. “I think it’s too late to care anyway,” Sara said. In a moment that was either true desperation or something more sensual, she closed her eyes and just let go. Immediately, the crotch of her panties and jeans filled with her warm urine. She felt the delicious warmth as it swirled around in her crotch and started to run down her legs. “Oh my….” Sara shuddered as her flow increased and continued to soak her jeans. “Does that feel good?” Faith asked. Sara just nodded. “You can touch yourself if you want.” Now caught in the moment, Sara unsnapped her jeans and reached her hand down into her panties. She felt her hot pee soak her fingers but did not care as she plunged two fingers into her slit and rubbed her clitoris. Her pee continued to dribble out and fill the gusset of her panties. “That’s it,” Faith said, “enjoy it.” Sara had experienced plenty of orgasms, both from masturbation and intercourse, but this was unlike anything she had ever felt. It started to build as her pee was slowing to a comforting trickle that continued to pass down her slit and to her panties and down her legs. She rubbed harder, making sure to make contact with her clit every time. Then, as if from out of nowhere she exploded with intense pleasure as she climaxed and started to scream. She put a hand to her mouth. “No, it’s okay,” Faith said. “Don’t hold it back.” Sara took her hand away and allowed herself to completely give in to her climax as she rubbed more furiously, feeling the gentle splashes of her warm pee as it slowed almost to a halt. She dropped to her knees as her orgasm ended. Another short burst of pee filled the gusset of her panties again and she relished it as a final burst of pleasure. “Oh my god,” Sara said. “I’ve never cum like that before.” “I told you,” Faith said, smiling. “And this is just the first day.” Sara laughed as she unzipped her jeans and pulled her soaked pants and panties off. For a second she hesitated, surprised that she was half-naked in front of a stranger, but Faith wasn’t really a stranger anymore, was she? As if reading her mind, Faith also removed her tights and panties. “Now we’re even,” she said, smiling again. The rest of the night continued in a very similar fashion. Faith and Sara changed into their nightclothes, a flowery gown for Sara and a form-fitting camisole and pajama shorts for Faith. They sat around the dorm room, talking about their lives back home, their education, boyfriends, family, favorite movies and TV shows, and within less than an hour they were really connecting. At one point, Faith was sitting in the soft chair next to the desk and she squirmed. Sara watched as Faith continued talking but reached between her legs and pulled the gusset of her shorts aside and sprayed a strong stream of pee into the cushion of the chair. It was a messy spray that still dampened the crotch of her shorts. “Ah, screw it,” she said and took her hand away. She sighed and her shorts darkened as she smiled. “I’m probably going to soak them tonight anyway.” Sara sat up and scooted to the edge of her bed. She pulled her nightgown up and then pulled her panties aside. A steady warm stream hissed out of her and splashed to the carpet. She giggled at the sound as it pattered to the floor and created a puddle in the soft carpet. “Have you ever wet your bed?” Faith asked as her flow waned and her crotch glistened one last time. “Maybe as a toddler or something, but not that I remember.” “Ohh, you’re in for a treat. Let’s go out to the lounge and get some drinks.” Sara was reluctant, but she finished her pee, slid her panties back into place, and followed Faith out into the hallway. They walked to the left and the end of the hall opened up to a small lounge with a couch, loveseat, recliner, a mounted big-screen TV, a few tables, and a refrigerator with a clear-glass door which contained sodas, water bottles, iced coffees, vitamin waters, and even milk. There were two girls sitting on the couch. Well, not sitting. One girl, a thin strawberry-blonde, was reclined against the far left arm of the couch and the other girl, a brunette, was almost on top of her, kissing her deeply. As Sara and Faith stepped closer, Sara could see that the girl on top had her hand buried in the strawberry-blonde girl’s pants. Faith smiled at Sara and shook her head. “That’s Cindy on top. The girl under her must be new like you. So…that didn’t take long.” Faith opened the refrigerator and grabbed a few bottles of water and handed them to Sara then grabbed a few more. Sara heard a cry from behind her and looked back at the two girls on the couch. Cindy was sitting up, but her hand was still stroking the new girl’s vagina. But Sara could see that the new girl had reached her own hand up under Cindy’s skirt and was also rubbing. Sara continued to watch as Cindy held up a finger as if to say Wait. She reached down next to the couch and Sara could see that she was holding a dildo, one of those two-sided ones that she had only seen in porn and behind the counter at the sex shop her friends talked her into going into on her 18th birthday. Without even being asked, the new girl started removing her jeans and panties as Cindy adjusted herself so that their legs were facing each other and their now bare vaginas were close. “Watch this,” Faith said. Sara watched as Cindy scooted closer to the new girl’s crotch and then sighed as a stream of pee sprayed from her and splashed against the new girl’s pussy. The new girl gasped in surprise and then laughed. “I taught her that,” Faith said, smiling. They continued to watch as Cindy’s flow waned and she brought the double-dildo between them and slowly slipped it into her very eager vagina. The new girl scooted closer until she had worked the other side into her pussy, as well. They started to buck their hips together and moan shamelessly. “C’mon, let’s let them finish in peace.” Faith said. On their way back to the dorm room, they passed a room in which they could hear more cries of pleasure. The door was slightly ajar, and as they passed they could see a fair-skinned young man, completely naked, not large but well-toned, and he was behind a blonde girl, also naked, who was just a bit more plus-sized than Faith, chubby with bigger breasts. Her hands were pressed against the wall of her dorm and he was grabbing her round ass and thrusting vigorously as she moaned. Just behind her on one of the beds they could see the backside of another young man, dark-haired and thinner than the other, on his knees, and two elegant legs sticking out at his sides. He was also humping and a second moan could be heard. “Oh my god, I’m gonna cum,” the blonde cried as the young man thrust a little harder. The blonde screamed as she climaxed. In the background, the other young man stood up and Sara could see a stunning brunette with perfectly formed breasts as she sat up and grabbed the young man by the shoulders to direct him to lay down on the bed. “That’s Sophia,” Faith said. She seemed to beam when she said the name and Sara wondered if Faith was thinking the same thing she was. Sophia was incredibly attractive. They watched her crawl on top of the young man and reach down to guide his penis inside of her. The blonde continued to scream and the fair-skinned young man groaned as he obviously ejaculated. Sophia was riding the dark-haired young man expertly, wriggling her hips. He sat up, put his hands on her back, and kissed her perfect breasts. “I wish I had breasts like that,” Sara said. Faith giggled. “Yours aren’t so bad.” They watched as Sophia’s movements quickened until soon she was also crying out and seconds later the dark-haired young man groaned and cried out, as well. “Oh, and by the way if you want a man while you’re here, just let me know.” When they got back to the dorm, Faith smiled at Sara. “Okay, bottoms up.” She twisted the cap off of one of the water bottles and started to swig it. Sara obeyed and opened one and started drinking. Faith finished the first bottle and set it down. “Drink both of them. This will guarantee you’ll have to pee tonight.” Faith opened the second bottle and continued to drink. Sara had a little trouble finishing the first, but she finally got it down. After a few seconds, she opened the second bottle and started drinking. By the time they were finished, she could already feel pressure in her stomach that she knew would eventually pass to her bladder. “Well, bedtime,” Faith said, giggling. “I don’t know if I can do this,” Sara said. “Sure you can. With all that water you just drank, you’ll definitely have to pee at some point tonight, and so will I.” “Of course, but…I don’t know if I can wet my bed.” Faith sighed. “Tell you what, if you wake up and you have to pee but you don’t feel comfortable wetting your bed, then just do it somewhere in the room. But don’t go to the bathroom. That’s cheating.” Sara agreed as she snuggled into the bottom bunk. Faith flipped the lights off in the room and then climbed up to the top bunk. “Good night,” she said. “Good night.” At first, Sara thought she was going to have trouble getting to sleep because she could not get the evening’s events out of her head. As each image passed through her mind, she could feel herself getting more and more moist. What would happen next? Could she have sex openly on a couch like the two girls? Could she have sex with a strange guy right in front of her roommate? She had already peed and masturbated in front of her, so…maybe? Sara lay still and listened. The top bunk above her squeaked as Faith moved around in her bed. She could just barely hear more moans coming from one of the rooms next to them. She thought she heard a slap and then another cry of pleasure, in addition to a buzzing sound that was probably a vibrator. A sigh from the top bunk caught her attention and she lay still and listened even more closely. The mattress above here creaked repeatedly and Sara knew what was happening. She couldn’t resist any longer as she pulled her panties aside and started to rub herself. Faith was soon moaning and then crying out. This set Sara over the top as she climaxed quietly but powerfully, biting her lip to keep from screaming. But then her bladder burst unexpectedly as she came, soaking her panties and the sheets under her. Sara gasped, but she couldn’t stop it even if she tried. She just relaxed and let it happen, feeling her warm flow as it burbled out of her and pooled between her legs before slowly seeping into the sheets and mattress. “Oh my god I’m soaking the bed,” she said. “Ohh…it feels…good doesn’t it?” Faith said. As her flow of pee eased to a trickle, Sara could hear the unmistakable splashing of Faith’s gush as she also soaked her bed. Faith cried out again and seemed to have a second orgasm. “Ohhhh wow that feels so much better.” She sighed and the splashing sound dwindled to a dribbling. “I’ll sleep like a baby now,” she said. “And since your bed is already wet, you shouldn’t have any troubles tonight, right?” Sara laughed. “Right,” she said. She closed her eyes and was soon drifting off to sleep. As expected, sometime in the night she felt an unbelievable amount of pressure in her bladder. Without even moving Sara sighed and just let go, feeling her warm pee soak her panties, gown, and bed, somehow both arousing and soothing. Wanting to try something different, though, she cut off the flow as best she could. Her bladder screamed for more release, but she held on as she sat up and removed her nightgown and panties. Now completely naked, she lay back down, feeling the warm dampness of her sheets and mattress on her bare skin. Sara lay on her right side and scooted her bottom all the way back until her bare cheeks touched the wall. She knew there was a space between the bed and the wall, so she scooted even closer until she could feel the coldness of the wall against her labia. Then she sighed and let loose. She could feel warm splashes of her pee against her lips and inner thighs as it struck the wall with a hiss and dribbled down to the floor behind the bed. She licked her lips and continued to pee this way until she was finished. Then, without bothering to get dressed, she drifted back to sleep to the feel of her damp sheets on her naked body. She was going to love it here.
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    You most likely have not heard of the small island nation of Lavatria, some how hidden in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Malta. It has remained fully self sufficient and independent from its first settlement by its Roman ancestors all those millennia ago. English is some how the native language, adopted from from long forgotten, but brief, British occupation. The Lavatrians benefit greatly from the warm climate of the Mediterranean, enjoying its able bounty of fish and rich volcanic soil. A wonderful thing has happened due to its independence, a more open culture has developed, very open. Nudity isn't only allowed but often the norm, some families even encourage it. Sex isn't bound by puritan sensibilities and is freely enjoyed by all citizens (of legal age and consent), relationships aren't strictly monogamous and are usually open. Laws are lax and public sex isn't not uncommon to see. It might not surprise you to hear that urination is just as lax and celebrated. Due to the warm climate puddles evaporate fairly quickly and are often washed away by warm Mediterranean rain. In my daily route to college it wouldn't be strange to see men pulling out their penises and urinating freely on the street, or woman in a deep squat spraying the pavement below her. Sometimes after the act is done they'll start openly masturbating right there on the street, stroking themselves until they ejaculate, usually in their puddle or moaning with fingers deep inside their pussy as people pass by them. More often than not a bystander will offer a hand, mouth, penis, pussy, or ass in assistance. Despite the lax views on clothing some citizens don't even bother removing their lower garments before relaxing their bladders, preferring to let their pee wash over their legs and thirstly absorbed by their pants or skirts, due to the warm climate their clothes dry quickly. Sometimes in the heat having wet pants can be beneficial once they start to cool. There is more about my country I could tell you , about the various intricacies of my culture but I will do so by telling you about my life. My name is Leon and I am in my second year at Lavatria University. Yes, our small island has a university. Due to our lifestyle most citizens don't leave the country. I live alone in a student's flat, right on the beach. This morning I was running late and missed my neighbor, Danae leaving. We usually walk to class together, sharing an 11:00 lecture. When out on the beach I tend to go naked, letting my penis freely hang from between my legs. I enjoy the freedom and usually pee whenever I have to, just letting it go which ever way my cock is hanging. However while at university we are forced to have some levels of modesty while in the classroom. Part of the program is to prepare us for the rest of the world where our sex positivity is not quite as accepted. Though the students find loop holes and no one really wears underwear so skirts and in my case, short shorts, are the usual attire. Peeing in class is up to the professor and each on has their own class rules. However on the general campus the usual openness is observed. When out on the quad I usually slip my dick out the left leg and pee where ever I like. “Hey Leon! You're late too?” called Christine, another student in my building. A transfer student from America, a bit of an oddity here. Christine was gorgeous, curly brown hair and great tits, which she freely bared when ever she had the chance, part of why she transferred here. “I guess you missed Danae too, I missed my alarm. I didn't even have time to wet the bed.” Another reason why she was here. “Crap, thinking of bed makes me need to go, don't think I can make it till class,” giving me a wink. Stopping, I started to here a familiar hiss, a sigh and soon the patter of the brunette's missed morning pee splashing the sidewalk. I instantly turned around, my eyes automatically drawn to Christine's crotch. Today she was wearing a light yellow sundress, later when I moved my eyes upwards I'd be treated to how poor of a job the dress did to cover her ample bosom, nipples standing proudly through the thin fabric. Catching my gaze Christine lifted up the hem of her dress showing off her white panties darkening as her yellow pee flowed through them, treating me to a deliciously wet outline of her lips. “You're probably gonna wait until class huh,” she said, teasing me. My own desperation started to nag at my thoughts. “Yeah, I need to meet up with Dany,” I said, “I wonder why she didn't pound on my door to wake me up.” Finally Christine's stream died down, and we started walking, trickles still lazily rolling down the insides of her legs. She always left her wet panties on and they, and her dress, would stay wet throughout the day. “God that felt good, I was so desperate, maybe I should skip the bed more often. Glad I ran into you.” She leaned into me and reached her hand down to feel my cock through my shorts, “Seems you're glad too. God I wish we had time for a quick fuck.” She was right, I was glad for this chance meeting, my dick was already half hard watching her piss herself and quickly getting harder with her grip. “Maybe later,” giving me a kiss on the cheek. By now we reached the campus and went to our separate classes, Christin unfairly leaving my cock hard and prominently displayed through my thin shorts. My first class was a Chemistry lecture. This professor was a little more intolerant about peeing in class but allowed it, only if you used a container. Students would usually bring a bottle with them while on campus. The rule was typical for science and lab based classes, probably to keep experiment contamination down. I had mine of course but decided I could wait out the hour. I took my seat in the theater style lecture room and looked around while waiting for the professor to arrive. I was late but not that late. Glancing down the aisle, a female classmate was scooting forward in her chair. Rummaging through her bag she produced a coke bottle and pulled her skirt up, exposing her tanned thighs, signaling to everyone around her that she didn't wear panties. Placing the mouth of the coke bottle up between her legs, right up to her pee hole, she started to pee in short bursts, loudly splashing the bottom of the bottle. To my dismay not a drop made it outside of the bottle, which she only filled half-way with pale yellow pee. She certainly wasn't late today and probably had her morning wee in a more traditional place, like her bed , bedroom carpet or at the kitchen table. When she was finished the student in the row behind tapped her shoulder. He asked if she was done with the bottle, mentioning he forgot his this morning. The girl smiled and passed the bottle over to the student who eagerly grabbed the bottle. I smiled, imagining how warm the bottle would be from the girl's internal heat. The student quickly stood up and pulled down his shorts and placed his penis tip to the mouth of the bottle. Instantly a dark yellow stream shot into the bottle, another late starter, mixing with the girl's lighter colored pee, mixing together and darkening the clear liquid. He quickly filled the bottle up to the top and with a couple spurts filled it to the top of the neck. “Thanks, I'm only half done but that sure takes the pressure off, I just wish he'd let us pee in the seats,” he said. “Anytime, and if you still need to go when class is over let me know,” she replied, eyeing his cock. The professor then entered the room and the student pulled his pants up and sat down. The lecture goes the same way I'd assume they do in other countries, power point slides, equations and note taking. Except you occasionally hear a distant hiss and a pattering followed by a muffled gurgling. A little more than halfway through the lecture I was getting desperate. Skipping my morning pee was starting to take its toll. Fidgeting in my seat the girl from before noticed my need but could only give me a knowing shrug, pointing to the amber filled bottle at her feet. To make matters worse the professor, as if on cue, grabbed the large, long necked Erlenmeyer flask from the counter and pulled out his cock, inserting the entire length of his shaft down the neck. Without pause he started to pee and a fainting tinkling could be heard as his pale urine filled the flask. Against better judgment I wondered what it'd be like to pee like that, totally encased in glass and if I hadn't been squeezing my penis I might have let out a spurt in my shorts. Luckily through will power and a lot of kegel control I kept my piss inside. Not that I didn't want to wet myself, give in and let my bladder take control and soak the seat, maybe open the legs of my shorts and spray on to the floor in front of me. If I did, I'd be kicked out of the lecture, not that it mattered, I was barely keeping focused. Finally after a grueling 15 minutes the lecture ended. Another wave of desperation came over me and I stayed in my seat as it passed. On the way out of the room I passed the two students from before in the hallway. This time the guy had his pants down and the girl was holding his cock, having fun directing his dark pee all over the wall, staining the white stucco. Not wanting my bladder to get any wrong ideas I hurried passed them to my next class. Thankfully Danae was waiting for me outside the classroom. If I had anyone that would be close to a girlfriend it'd be Dany. We've seeing each other since first year and take a lot of the same classes, but we, as do most other couples, fuck other people, and we both enjoy the freedom of our own modest flat. Dany waved to me as I approached, long dark hair waving back and forth as she hopped from one foot to the next, brown breasts bouncing up and down in a thin, white, open blouse which gave whom ever wanted to look more than a peak. “Sorry I had to leave early this morning for a presentation. I didn't have time to wake you, but I'm glad to see you,” she said as she greeted me with a kiss before kneeling down and pulling a leg of my shorts to the side, freeing my cock. “I'm glad to see you too. I nearly peed in the middle of chemistry. You look like you're bursting too. How was your presentation?” “It went well,” she replied as she grasped my cock and rolled back my foreskin, “You concentrate better with a full bladder,” opening her mouth when she finished the sentence. This was my cue and gave the release my aching bladder wanted. A thick jet of piss erupted from the tip of my penis and with expert aim it fell in the waiting mouth of Lydia, who let it fill up with the hot, dark, tawny liquid. I couldn't stop as she swallowed, plush lips pressed together as the product of last night's drink flowed down them. Glistening lips open again my piss bubbled in her mouth and each time she swallowed, my stream rewet her chin and started to make its way down her chest, wetting her blouse, making her breasts increasingly visible. I loved looking down at her like this, almost every morning, when we didn't take a page out of Christine's book. Finally my volume got the better of Dany and she couldn't swallow any more and opted to let my piss overflow from her mouth and down her chest. It even made it's way down to her skirt. As my stream dwindled she swallowed and took my cock into her mouth, savoring the last couple spurts directly. As I finished she started sucking and my dick instantly grew hard, it didn't take long for me to cum directly in her mouth. When she let go of my cock, we switched places and I knelt before her, staring up at her transparent shirt, dark brown nipples on display, waiting for her to pull up her skirt. When she did, I had to act fast, she must have been more desperate than she let on because before I could get my mouth on her pussy, pee was already rolling down her legs, caught in the folds of her lips before she could fully let go. With my hands I opened up her beautiful, bald, pink pussy, pushing her dark lips to the side, exposing her to the quad. With an open mouth I accepted her stream, letting the familiar acrid, salty taste fill my senses. This is part of why we're together. Pee drinking isn't the norm in most of the country but not frowned upon and varies from village to village. My own being in the minority of villages that practice it, it is a more ancient tradition and starts in the family. It's not always a sexual thing as it was for us and parents and siblings alike shared their effluence. As per tradition children drank from their mothers, who at breakfast would fill them a glass, and eventually children would learn to drink their own, either from a glass or more inventive and flexible positions. In a society as open as this would it surprise you that curious siblings would wonder what the other's tasted like and experimented with each other. Especially if they would often find dad peeing directly in mom's mouth or mom squatting over dad's face as he lay on the floor. This is how it was in my family. My older sister and I still drink from each other to this day, strengthening our familial bond. On visits to home we still find ourselves sneaking into the other's room in the morning and giving each other the first drink of the day, kneeling before each other and directing our stream into their thirsty mouth. In my village if you were thirsty all you had to do was ask a stranger (but really who's a stranger in a country as small as mine) and be happily obliged with a warm, salty draft straight from the tap. I digress, back to my own flowing tap, inches from my face. I loved catching the first spurt, it's always a shock to the senses, hot stream hitting the softness of my throat before falling on my tongue. I let my mouth fill up before swallowing, letting the heady scent fill my nose. When I swallow the continuous stream of piss washes over my face, splashing down my chest, a wondering warming sensation. I swallow as much as I can before she finishes, teasing her erect and prominent clit as she goes to the bathroom in my mouth. As she finished I inched closer and let my tongue do the work, bringing her to a quick orgasm.
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    @fannywatcher asked me in a private message to describe using the ladies because he wanted to know what it was like, and what goes on behind that mysterious closed door. I was more than happy to so I went out and did it. I hope you enjoy it too. It was a nice day today and I wanted to go out for a walk and run an errand or two so it was the perfect opportunity to answer his question. I was wearing a light blue t-shirt and really tight navy skinny jeans. Underneath that I was wearing a black push up bra and black thong, complete with black socks. I had been doing bits and bobs around the house and when I felt a strong need to sit on the toilet I put on my shoes and headed outside. Nothing particularly interesting happened on my walk, I posted a letter, bought a couple of small things and then went to find some toilets to empty my rather full bladder. Luckily it didn't take me long to find some toilets open to the public and as I pushed open the door I saw three women in their early 20's stood at the mirror/sinks chatting to each other while one was tidying herself up in the mirror. The toilets did look rather clean, which is surprising for public loos. The middle of the three stalls was taken by a woman peeing with a faint tinkle so I took the one next to her furthest from the door, but closest to the women. I locked the door behind me, put my handbag on the little hook on the door and unbuttoned my jeans. My neighbours stream slowed to a halt as I wriggled out of them and pulled them down to my knees with my thong before taking a seat. It was a little warm so recently used, by I assume, one of the women at the sink. The woman next to me quickly wiped and flushed before leaving her stall, which was immediately occupied by one of the three women. I saw the shadow moving across the floor and into the stall next to me. She slammed the door shut and there was a rustling of clothes before I heard her sit down. Looking next to me I saw her heels lifted off the ground, like she was on her tip toes. Something I've seen before but not often. We had been sitting in silence for about five seconds when I felt myself relaxing and a loud tinkle filled the room as I started weeing. I loved knowing everyone else could hear me and knew what I was doing, and it felt really nice to empty my bladder. The woman next to me must have been a little pee shy because only moments after I started she joined in with a loud hissing stream. I could hear the other two women talking to each other at the sinks as their friend relieved herself, and she let out a little sigh. She must have been desperate. We both went for about 30 seconds and got some toilet paper to wipe with. I reached between my legs, wiping front to back and dropped it into the toilet before grabbing the waistband of my thong, pulling it up as I stood. She was wearing leggings so got redressed much quicker than me, flushing and leaving her stall as I was pulling up my jeans. I squeezed my butt into them and fastened them before flushing, then put on my handbag, unlocked the door and left the stall to wash my hands. I joined my pee buddy at the sinks, smiling at each other in the mirror. She was really cute! About 5'5 with brunette hair down to her shoulders, small top but big hips. Kinda looked like Meg Turney (I'll post a picture at the bottom). We both washed our hands and I quickly adjusted my hair before making sure I didn't have any clothing sticking out in funny places or showing things I shouldn't. I smiled at her again and left the bathroom to walk home.
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    One of my good female friends and I really enjoy going hiking. We like to get up early and spend much of the day outdoors. Today was a nice sunny day around 65 degrees (Farenheit), and we packed up our backpacks, loaded them full of water and snacks and went out for a hike. My friend is a beautiful tan girl, with curly brown hair that goes just past her shoulders, she is a little on the shorter side, petite with wide hips and small breasts. She is absolutely gorgeous and just so happens to be bisexual like myself. We have never dated, just shared a few kisses every now and then. A few hours into our hike I suggested stopping for a lunch break. After a few sips of water, it was obvious to me that I had already really had to pee and now it was becoming more urgent. I thought I should at least wait til after we have our lunch... so I continued holding it, getting more and more desperate. After what seemed like forever, we were finally finishing up and my friend wanted to head back on the trail. I quickly mentioned I needed to go relieve myself. She giggled at that, and told me she was bursting too. We laughed about it and both walked to the side of the trail, both of us pulling our panties down at the same time. I squatted down and spread my legs. She surprised me and started pulling her shorts completely off. She took them off, put them to the side, stood up and spread her legs, then spread the lips of her pussy and started pissing while aiming it at a nearby tree. I started laughing and asked her where she learned that, she told me she used to hike alone a lot and got sick of splashback and taught herself to pee like that. I quickly took off my shorts instead of squatting, stood up, spread my pussy like hers, and then I started to relieve myself. Both of us stood there completely alone in the woods pissing with our legs spread, giggling like little girls with hot streams shooting out of our bare cunts. After we were done, we stood with our legs apart, bounced up and down, and then put our panties and shorts back on, and continued our hike without a mention of what happened earlier.
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    Hello all, I am sad to be saying these words yet again, but: sorry for the recent downtime. However, the site is back online again now and everything is as it was. Unfortunately, this time was not a simple technical error, or any sort of planned update. The site was attacked. The exact source or reason is unknown, and whilst we don't want to jump to any conspiracy theories, it would seem someone (or some group) has a grudge against the site or strongly disapproves of its content. This is a real shame - yes, our interest is odd to say the least, but it is perfectly harmless and legal. Of course, since we are a member-run community site rather than a business, we can't afford the same security features. That said, some new precautions have been put in place. Perhaps further investment in the site would help prevent this sort of thing, but this would require more member donations. I am reluctant to ask for these when I can provide no guarantee of what will happen to the site, as I do not want people to lose money. Of course, those willing to chip in something to help the fight, please send me a message, as it would be very appreciated. Please do consider the risks involved though, as I'll admit there may come a time where I don't have a solution; I really am trying to do my best for this site and will continue to do so, but bearing that in mind, I strongly recommend the following: Firstly, save anything that's important to you on your own computer - and ideally back that up somewhere too! This could be pictures, stories or even posts/conversations. Whilst the site is running fine, make sure you have everything you need should the worst case scenario ever happen. Secondly, make connections with the members of your choice off site - for example trade emails so you can speak in case of further downtime. On a lighter note, despite all manner of difficulties, PeeFans lives on, stronger than ever before.
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