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    Part I Part II Part III Part IV Liliana sighed with joy as she entered the steaming bath in her royal quarters. She had just returned from a visit to Lady Tavena's estate in the countryside, and the journey home had been utterly miserable. A heavy summer squall fell upon the travelling party several miles before they reached the capital city, leaving everyone sodden, shivering, and miserable. Even spending the bulk of the journey inside a richly-appointed carriage had not spared Liliana from the indignities of the storm. Her damp garments made her feel chilled and rubbed uncomfortably against her skin. She could scarcely wait to be out of them. As soon as carriage came to stop inside the walls of Imperial Palace, the empress found herself at the center of a vortex of activity. The captain of guard saluted and provided a summary of the duty rotation, and the chief steward arrived with assistants to take stock of the inventory brought to the palace from the Tavena vineyards. Lord Markish wanted to meet so he could apprise her of developments in the city and at court, but she insisted that anything but the most urgent business be postponed until the next morning. Markish huffed with annoyance, but he could not defy the Empress's wishes. Liliana exchanged subtle subtle hand signals with the palace staff, after which a phalanx of attendants formed and whisked the Empress away from the hubbub to her private quarters. She noted with some relief that a bath had been drawn in anticipation of her arrival. The giant tub sunken into the stone floor of her private quarters was filled with pleasantly warm, crystal clear water. She smiled as she slipped off her dress, freeing herself from the cold embrace of waterlogged silk. An ingenious system piped heated air beneath the floor and through channels hidden behind the walls, ensuring the bathroom, and the rest of the quarters, stayed warm, even on the coldest days. Liliana appreciated the forethought and engineering that had gone into it. Indeed, the whole machinery of the palace had been designed to serve the whims of the T'urian ruler. Believing that a pitcher of wine would be quite enjoyable with her bath, Liliana needed only to pull on a lever discreetly concealed in the walls of her quarters. This sent a signal to another part of the palace that she required an attendant, and within minutes, a young man wearing the livery of a palace servant appeared, ready to do her bidding. The youth blushed upon seeing the naked form of the empress, her golden skin glistening with moisture. She was tall, with long, athletic legs, toned thighs, and wide hips. As she walked toward him, he was captivated by the bounce of her large breasts, with their dark pink areola. His eyes darted between her chest and the subtle mound topped with an immaculately groomed strip of black hairs between her thighs. He stood silent, breathing raggedly, for a moment longer than he should have. A second later he snapped to attention, remembering his place and his duty "My lady, how may I serve you this evening?" "What is your name, boy?" the Empress asked haughtily. The young servant flinched upon being addressed. Liliana could scarcely believe the way she sounded. As a young woman and noble of only minor significance, she had been shy around others and unfailingly polite Before her coronation, she never imagined she could project such a commanding tone. Yet, after several months ruling the Empire, command was almost second nature. "I am called Tol, you highness." Tol averted his eyes, trying not to look directly at the naked woman standing a few feet in front of him. "Bring me a pitcher of wine from the kitchen, Tol. Something from the Tevana vineyards." "At once, your highness!" Just as the servant started to run off, Liliana called him back. "Wait! I have one other task for you now." She pointed to a very fine porcelain bowl resting on a shelf. The young man nodded, retrieved the bowl and assumed a kneeling position. With his arms held up and out, the he appeared to be making an offering to the gods. With Tol holding the bowl just below her hips, Liliana relaxed her bladder, sending a narrow column of golden liquid from her body into the waiting vessel. Unlike more experienced servants, who held the empress's receptacles from below, Tol had cradled it between his palms, wrapping his fingers over the rim. As Liliana's stream washed over his hands he shuddered in shock. He had heard others talking of this bold new Empress who had returned to the old ways, and imagined the shame and humiliation of being treated as her personal toilet. He found instead, the golden fluid bathing his hands to be a warm, gentle, playful caress. He looked up and beheld the magnificent figure of Empress Liliana, naked in front of him, pissing indifferently into the bowl he held. He could not help breaking into a broad smile, and the Empress smiled joyfully in return. After a time that felt both impossibly long and achingly short, the powerful stream flowing from the Empress into the bowl began to wane, and eventually stopped. A few drops of amber liquid clung to the outer lips of her pussy before falling lazily into the collected pool of her offering. "My lady," Tol stammered. "I-- I am honored." Liliana sighed with satisfaction, nodded, and gestured for the servant to be on with his business. "Hurry with the wine, Tol." The young servant raced out of the room, careful not to spill any of the contents of the bowl he still carried. Liliana entered the hot bath, exalting in the feeling as the chill from her travels fled her bones. After a short time, Tol returned with a pitcher of wine and something unexpected. Lady Debora accompanied the young servant. The historian and scholar assigned by Lord Markish to guide an unlikely heir to the crown on the nuances of ruling T'ur had become Liliana's closest friend and confidante. Still, it was unusual for her to come to the Empress's quarters unbidden at such a late hour. "My lady, she insisted on coming. I told her you were exhausted and any business could wait, but she--" "It is fine, boy. I am certain Lady Debora would not intrude on my bath if it were not important." She raised an eyebrow and asked "Isn't that right?" "Indeed it is," Lady Debora replied urgently. "Now, leave us, boy." Tol looked at Liliana for confirmation that he should leave. She nodded and he exited. "Empress. What I have to tell you is of the utmost importance and extremely sensitive." She glanced around the room. "There are no other servants skulking about, are there? " "You may speak with confidence, my dear Debora. We are alone." "Good. I came straight here as soon as I heard you had returned from your travels." Debora grimaced and pressed against her crotch. "By the gods, I really stopped for nothing and I really need to piss. Do you mind?" "You are a like sister to me. Were you my blood sister, by tradition, the same rights I have would be yours. Piss wherever you like." Lady Debora grinned broadly as she lifted the hem of her skirt and squat at the edge of Liliana's bath. A few drops of pee fell lightly from her pussy into the bathwater before her lips split, and a hard, wide deluge of piss sprayed out. The sound of Debora's piss stream assaulting the bathwater thundered through the imperial quarters. Although Liliana had made the offer, she was slightly surprised by Debora's choice. She watched with amusement as the pale gold piss polluted the crystal clear water she was soaking in. To pee into the empress's bath was bold enough, but to do it while the Empress herself was in it? The woman's enthusiasm for transgressive urination exceeded her own, Liliana thought. Lady Debora concluded her relief by sending two sharp, fierce jets of pee into the bath. She remained squatting, her pussy prominently, proudly displayed. She reached her fingers into her into her vagina and produced a small, narrow, silver capsule from within. "What? What is the meaning of this!" Liliana exclaimed. Debora unscrewed one end of the capsule and removed a tightly rolled paper from the canister. "This message was intercepted from a courier trying to sneak across the border into Skenos. You will want to read it." "But why this?" Liliana asked, pointing to the capsule, still slick with Debora's juices. "Read it and you will see. No one must know we have this. This seemed the best way to avoid it being detected by anyone I might encounter on my way to you." After emerging from the bath and toweling herself dry, a task that might normally have been performed by an attendant, Liliana took hold of the letter Debora had smuggled inside herelf. Lord Ratakish, We must strike soon. The girl has proven more competent than expected, and she consolidates power rapidly. I can scarcely believe it. The T'urians have always been a strange people when it comes to certain bodily functions, but I am shocked by the degree to which they have embraced this vulgar savage. She pisses in their cups, and the fools lap it up. This is no exaggeration. I attended a feast where I saw her stand on the table, lift her dress, and piss into wine bowl. Some were horrified but many more laughed and applauded. She takes us back to the old ways, they are saying. Later that night, she damaged a centuries-old tapestry hanging in the feast hall while brazenly urinating against the wall and fouled the cistern with her effluvia. The idiots call her a breath of fresh air. The more the people indulge this madness, the more legitimate her claim to the throne grows. This crude whore threatens to destroy all of our careful work! I will work to precipitate a crisis of some sort or another, but I must implore you for more resources. Your friend in service "So you see," Debora started. "Yes." Liliana felt a white-hot anger building inside her. Ratakish was the spymaster for King Vaden of Skenos. Some said he was the true power in that accursed country. It was he who sent the assassins who murdered the previous empress and most of her extended family. Liliana's family. Thinking on the events described in the letter, there was only one conclusion to be drawn. "A traitor sits on the Noble Council." The feast described in the letter had taken place at Lord and Lady Macrie's manor a few weeks after Liliana's coronation. The entire Noble Council attended, representing the most powerful families in the Empire. All the noble men and women of the council had seemed jovial, welcoming, and supportive, but learning that some harbored resentments against her was no surprise. Navigating the rapids of T'urian politics required some skill at deception. This letter confirmed what Liliana had long suspected. A conspiracy existed between one or more of the Noble Council and Skenos. Someone had hoped to take advantage of the power vacuum for some endgame that was not yet clear. But they had not counted on Liliana to be an effective ruler. They thought they could install a naive girl who preferred living on her estate in the country, studying history and communing with nature over life at court. Debora grimaced. "What are you going to do now?" Liliana re-read the letter as she considered the future. "Do you remember the tale of Helena and General Klote?" According to the T'urian histories, after Helena returned from the siege of Koint, she was widely acclaimed for her role in T'ur's victory. The tale of how she extinguished the Eternal Flame in the Temple of Maset, which broke the spirit of Koint's leaders and ended the siege, spread far and wide. In the weeks following her return, stories circulated among the people that Helena's urine could ward off evil spirits. She found such superstitious talk ridiculous, but would indulge anyone who asked by pissing in their doorway. She soon found it quite enjoyable and took to also peeing inside the dwellings and marking the belongings of the occupants. Another city official of high standing, General Klote, found these acts distasteful. At a meeting of city leaders, he fulminated against Helena's disgraceful, vulgar, disgusting acts. He demanded she stop such behaviors at once, or be arrested or exiled. The council was reluctant to act against Helena. She was popular with the people, and most of the council held her in high regard for one reason or another. She was one of the greatest warriors who ever lived, a brilliant tactician, ruthless in single combat. If those qualities were not enough, she was a great beauty. Tall, raven-haired, powerful, yet curvy and feminine. Helena explained that many viewed her piss as a gift, and she would continue urinating wherever she pleased. She challenged anyone who wanted to stop her to make her stop. General Klote knew that he could not defeat her in single combat but could not believe the other T'urians were not as offended as he was. He scoffed that she couldn't find 10 citizens who saw her peeing on their property as a gift. She responded that if she found 30, her right to pee anywhere without reprisal would be formalized into law. Klote accepted the terms, not realizing what he had unleashed. Over the next few days, Helena put on a fearsome display of pissing prowess in the public markets. Everywhere she went, she would reveal her pussy and unleash mighty streams of piss over the walls and wares of T'ur's merchants. When Klote saw that items stained by Helena's piss sold for more than similar, unsullied items, he knew he had lost the wager. He angrily cursed her and the council, and swore that he would oppose her at every turn. The day after the city leaders ratified Helena's right to urinate anywhere, she appeared on General Klote's property with a contingent of soldiers. The council had also ruled that General Klote was to be exiled and his lands seized. They belonged to Helena now. She told him to follow her, and led him to the cemetery on the hill overlooking the main estate. She told the general that she had won fairly, that he should have accepted defeat gracefully. Because he had not, this land was hers now, and she would claim it as she claimed all things, by pissing on it. She lifted her skirt, and stood for a moment with her pussy gloriously exposed. Then she smiled wickedly as a thick stream of gold sprang forth from between her legs and spattered against a monument stone. The stream ceased suddenly as Helena walked to another stone, and started pissing again. She laughed as she walked from grave to grave, leaving the resting places of the general's ancestors marked with dark rivulets of dripping piss. The general screamed and moved to strike Helena. In his warrior prime, perhaps he could have challenged her, but he was a good 20 years past that. She kicked him in the midsection, knocking the wind from his lungs. While he gasped and coughed helplessly on the ground, she stood over him and effortlessly directed a short burst of piss into his open mouth, leading to fresh round of sputtering and choking. "Yes, I recall the story," Debora replied as the scenes replayed in her imagination. "How does it apply here?" "Consider the letter. We know at least one of the Noble Council members is in league with Skenos. We know they find my exercising of the privilege Helena won barbaric. But we also know that many of them do not. Like Helena, I'm going to piss over everything those nobles hold dear. Those who stand with me will be grow closer to me. Those that stand against me will become enraged. And it will make them sloppy. They wiil make mistakes and reveal themselves to us." She drank the remaining wine and felt a warmth growing in her stomach and started pissing noisily on the stone floor. As she looked at the puddle growing on the floor, she received a vision of Skenos inundated by a massive golden wave, frothing with white foam, surging with power. The palace walls were left crumbled by the storm, the king and his spymaster broken and drowned, the legendary Ivory Hall washed away by the deluge. "And rest assured," Liliana said . "Once we root out the traitors in our midst, we will bring the flood to Skenos."
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    Part one is here http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/8297-the-holiday-pt-1-on-the-beach/ ________________________________________ I was limping. The four of us were walking to Maddie's house from the hidden cove where my brother David and I had met Maddie and her boyfriend Adam. It was only a half hour's walk, but at one point we'd been forced to push through a patch of weeds, and I'd been badly stung by a bunch of nettles. Now I felt like my legs were on fire, and the walking wasn't helping. “We ought to keep an eye out for dock leaves,” said David, eyeing the red patches on my bare legs. “I have been,” I said. “But I haven't seen any for ten minutes at least.” “How bad is the pain?” asked Maddie. “Not too bad,” I said, with a grimace that betrayed the true answer. Maddie looked concerned. “When we reach my place I can put some salve on for you,” she said. “That'd be great,” I said, “I just wish we were a bit closer.” “You know what's good for stings?” said Adam, looking over his shoulder at us. “Shush, you,” said Maddie. “What's that?” I asked. “Adam was going to suggest peeing on the stings,” Maddie said. “I know how his mind works.” “Gross!” said David. “I thought that was only jelly fish stings,” I said. “It's any sting,” Adam said. “Pee acts as an antiseptic, don't you know.” “I'm not convinced that's true,” I said. “Well, it was just a suggestion,” Adam said. “If you'd rather keep hobbling, that's up to you.” He walked on, and we followed him. “To be honest, I'd be happy to try almost anything right now,” I muttered to Maddie. “Are you sure?” said Maddie. I shrugged. “If it works.” “You can let me do it if you prefer,” Maddie said. “If you're any more comfortable with it.” “Do you have any wee left in you?” I asked. She had done rather a large one before we left. “Beer goes through me quickly,” Maddie said. We looked around for somewhere private. We were walking along the edge of a narrow country road; it was quiet, but the occasional car had been going past. There was a gate nearby, between us and a grassy field. Maddie and I jumped over the gate and walked along a few metres behind the hedgerow so that the others couldn't see us. A few lambs looked curiously at us, but other than that we had complete privacy. “We could do with a log or something for you to sit on,” Maddie said. “But if you just stand here and roll up your skirt, I'll do my best.” I rolled my skirt up until it was around my waist, as she suggested, and I took off my shoes and socks. Maddie was already stripped down to her bikini bottoms, having only bothered putting a shirt back on for the walk home. She came to stand close to me, her legs on either side of mine. She was taller than me, so her crotch came up to about me hip height. “Just relax,” she said. She pulled aside the front of her bikini and crouched slightly, so that her vagina was hovering just above my bare leg. When her pee started flowing, it somehow took me by surprise. I'd peed down my own legs already today, but this was completely different. For some reason, I hadn't expected Maddie's pee to be so warm. It streamed down my leg, pouring over all my stings. The pain seemed to vanish immediately. “Other leg,” I gasped. Maddie nodded and shifted position. The stream of pee came again. This time, there was no surprise, but the warmth felt good, like a hot shower. For some reason, uncontrollable shivers ran up my body. “That's all I have,” said Maddie, as her stream petered out. “Did that help?” “Oh yes,” I breathed. “Thanks.” Maddie handed me her towel. “Seems unfair to make you use your own,” she said. I towelled off my legs and put my shoes back on. We climbed back over the gate, to where the two boys were waiting for us. David looked slightly disgusted, while Adam was smirking. “Walk on,” Maddie said, putting her arm around Adam as she passed. “Nothing to see here, love.” Adam obediently walked with her, but he peered over his shoulder at me. “You've got a damp patch on the hem of your skirt, Sarah,” he said. Which indeed I did – apparently I hadn't towelled myself off very well. It was worth it, though, for the cessation of the pain. After walking another ten minutes or so, we arrived on the edge of the town that Maddie lived in. The streets were wide and suburban, the houses big, the gardens pretty. At one point we cut through an alleyway between two privet hedges, completely screening us from the houses on either side, and with a bridge over a trickling stream. It seemed like the kind of place you might see foxes or muntjacks at night. “Here we are,” Maddie said, turning into one of the gardens we were passing. It was a big but slightly shabby house; the paint was peeling on the front door, and the grass was overgrown. The inside too felt spacious and cosily run-down. The furniture was old and the paint on the walls was discoloured in places. The floor was laminated wood throughout, and the walls were a sky-blue that gave the place an airy feeling. “Make yourselves at home,” said Maddie, holding the door for us. “My parents are away this week, so we have it to ourselves. If either of you want showers, help yourselves. I guess we should let Sarah go first,” she added, “given what just happened.” I smiled gratefully. My legs were still damp with Maddie's urine. “We were going to cook dinner,” Adam said. “You're welcome to join us.” “Absolutely,” said Maddie, kicking her flip-flops off to join a pile of shoes by the door. “Dinner and a movie. Oh, there's something else you should know,” she said, straightening up to face us. “This is a pee-friendly house.” “It's what?” said David. “Pee-friendly. As in, if you want to pee, you can pee. Wherever you like, as long as it can be cleaned up.” “Seriously?” I asked. “It's a long story,” said Maddie. “I'm the youngest of seven – the others have all moved out – and the house only has the one bathroom, so it used to get a bit busy sometimes. We used to get inventive. Like, if someone was in the bathroom we'd piss in the sink, or find a hidden spot in the garden. At night me and my sister used to pee in the laundry basket in our room. Well, one morning we were all getting ready for school, and there was someone in the bathroom so I went to use the laundry basket like normal, only dad had taken it away to do the laundry, so I just sort of went screw it and I peed on the floor in the corner. I think I thought nobody would notice the puddle – I was pretty young at the time. Anyway, my dad walked in on me, and I got all upset because I thought he'd tell me off, but he just said, you know, if we needed to pee and there was nowhere else we could go then doing it on the floor wasn't too bad, and it could be mopped up pretty easily. “So I started doing it more often, and when they realised I wasn't getting told off for it my sisters and brothers started doing the same. At first it was just when the bathroom was busy, and then gradually it just became that we'd do it whenever we wanted, like if we were downstairs and didn't want to have to go up to the toilet. All our friends who'd come over sort of learned it was okay too, like Adam here. Eventually even my parents gave in and started to just piss on the floor with us. Now it's just the way it is, a pee-friendly house. Obviously if you guys aren't comfortable with that, there's still the toilet upstairs -- normally we only use it for solids these days, but plenty of guests have used it too.” I shrugged. “I don't mind. It's your house, I'll live how you do. It's not doing any harm, does it?” David hesitated, but also assented. “Thank god for that,” Adam said. “I've been hopping for a piss since we left.” He turned to face the wall in the narrow hallway, leant against it with one hand while he pulled his cock out of his jeans with the other. His pee spurted out forcefully, clear as water. I watched as it ran down the wall, darkening the faded paint, and collected in a puddle around his shoes. “Too much beer, mate,” Maddie said, patting him on the back as she walked past him down the hallway. She didn't seem to notice the puddle under her bare feet. “Like Maddie said,” said Adam, shaking himself off and zipping back up. “Make yourselves at home here.” Taking Maddie's advice, I went up for a shower while she and Adam started to cook dinner. Their bathroom had a shower head over the bathtub, with a clear plastic screen instead of a curtain. A full-length mirror faced the shower. I found my eyes drawn to the mirror. I can never resist checking myself out when I'm naked in front of a mirror. I watched the water run down my thin arms and legs, my small boobs, the triangle of pubic hair above my slit. I noticed the tan-lines that were starting to form where my costume had been. Perhaps next time we went to the beach I should go topless, like Maddie. The bathroom door opened. I gasped, clapping my arms over my boobs and vag, but relaxed when I saw that it was just my brother. He'd seen me naked plenty of times, we had nothing to hide from each other. “What's up?” I asked, turning the shower off. “Adam says he's going to run some stuff through the washing machine,” David said. “He wondered if you wanted your beach stuff washing?” “Sure,” I said, stepping out of the shower and reaching for my towel. “I'll take it down in a minute.” “Great,” David said. “I'll jump in there if you're done.” He stripped off and climbed up into the shower as I towelled myself down. “Can you believe this place?” he asked, turning on the water. “The way they just pee wherever?” I shrugged. “If it works for them,” I said. “I can see that it's convenient.” And more than that, I thought, remembering standing with Adam and Maddie, all three of us pissing where we stood without a care. “And Maddie just walking around topless,” David went on. “I've never met anyone like them.” “You didn't seem to mind that,” I said. I felt a twinge in my bladder, warning that the cans of beer and pop I'd drunk on the beach were making their way through my system. Thoughtfully, I wrapped my towel around my shoulders, adjusted my stance slightly, and concentrated. “Oh I liked it, sure,” said David, not paying any attention to me. “I'm just surprised that -- are you peeing?” My piss fell in a slow stream onto the bathroom mat, making a pattering sound that was audible even over the sound of the shower. I held the towel up out of the way, and kept my legs far enough apart that the urine fell straight down. The mat quickly soaked through. It felt such a thrill, standing right next to the toilet and deliberately not using it. “It's what they do here,” I said to David, as my stream petered out. “You should try it.” “I'm okay thanks,” he said. “There's an actual toilet just there.” I shrugged, wiping my crotch on my towel. Despite his disapproving expression, David's cock had hardened back up to a semi. “Are you sure you want to try aiming in that condition?” I said, trying not to smirk. “If you pee now, there's no problem.” David didn't reply. I got dressed, pulling on my skirt and top -- I decided to go commando rather than put my damp swimming costume back on. I was about to leave when I noticed David start to piss. At first I wasn't sure if it was genuine or just water running off his cock, but as he grew more confident and pushed harder it was unmistakeable. He had a decent amount of pressure. It sprayed up against the perspex screen between us before running down, collecting in little puddles on the edge of the bathtub. He smiled sheepishly at me as the stream ebbed. We had broken him.
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    Hey Again Everyone! It is Margo Astra back with more good stuff to share. These just happpened today and I am typing this on my phone in the hotel on WiFi, so if there is grammar or spelling issue... please understand. ON. MY. PHONE. :1_grinning So, as I said these were both today and I wanted to make sure I got you all the details while they were still fresh in my mind. I was hanging out with the naughty pee girls Lauren and her sister Laura at the hotel for another trade show. I was off hours so to speak, as I was hired only part time for the booth I was working. Now on to what you want to hear, actually context first right? Lauren had a video she found online of an elevator trick. Im sure you have seen them, the button codes that are supposed to put it in express mode? Well her video actually showed both normal operation and override scenarios. We made sure to test it, we dropped Laura on a floor and ran all the way to the lobby. Lauren entered the code and texted Laura to call the elevator from her floor. So heres the thing, it WORKS! The only difference was that the elevator stopped on Laura's floor but the doors would not open. We tried the door open button and Laura actually knocked on the doors from outside and then the elevator went on and delivered us to our chosen floor. So now you can kinda guess what we had in mind. A private carpeted elevator that we knew would not open (YES, we were going to pee in it). We would only have 1 attempt and we were going to try and cover every inch of carpet. The cabin had fully cover floor and up to the railing with carpet. Now as I have said previously, this whole peeing where you are not supposed to is not really a thing for me, but I was on-board here for he the challenge. Besides, the carpet in hotel elevators is made to handle the wet from pool patrons. Our first try was thwarted though. We got in at the lobby, put in the code, and just as the doors closed a couple stopped them closing and joined us. They got off at their floor and the elevator run us to the top. This was actually beneficial, because we timed it for an approximation. We figured out the full ride would be just about 2:30 (two minutes: thirty seconds), so we knew we were all good. None of us pee more than 40 seconds, even (long-distance) Lauren. When we hit the top floor, we had already started prepping. Pants unbuttoned, thumbs in hemlines, you get the idea. Lauren hit the door close and entered the code for lockout and then the lobby. Laura and I were already half naked before the cabin started moving. I squatted in the middle and did surprisingly well in cover the corner (just about 1/4 of the floor). Since we were going for coverage we did not want puddles, which meant I had to work on controlling my flow. It was difficult, but I think I am going to continue working on it. If I get good enough I could pee anywhere and stop then leave or change places quickly. Laura was in a opposite corner and I was shocked to see she had covered half the floor and half way up one wall in the same time it took me to do my (tiny by comparison) area. Lauren was the real showoff, she stood and literally sidestepped along each wall, swaying her hips and drenching everything from the railing to the floor. When that was totally covered, she stopped in my corner and finished the floor off from across the area. That girl can go and she even had enough left to spot check areas. By floor three we were all dressed again and stand in the middle of very squelchy floor. We hit the lobby and dashed for hallway to conference area and disappeared in the crowd. However there's one more story to tell. The site that Lauren had used to watch the video had a code calculator for card keys. It seems that an employee for the security company that produced the keys leaked the way they are encoded and that the keys will almost always work for at least two rooms at the same time in the same building. Someone else took that info and created a web plugin that allowed you to enter your room number and output the other room you could enter. There were several comments saying the plugin was not perfect, it was often off by rounding errors and might be the room next to or across from the number it gave. We tested that too with their card and the comments were right, but we got in a room. Before the door even closed Lauren had kicked off her shoes in the bathroom and was shedding her jeans, Laura was pulling the desk chair down the hall and sitting in front of the now closed door, before getting out of her jeans too. I looked around the room to make sure no one was actually staying there and it was all clear. Real quick though, this was an average room. When you step in the bathroom was first on the left, then the closet, and the room proper from there, desk by the TV and this was a queen single. Now, the girls had wanted to show me a trick they had been working on and you sort of have the set-up already. Lauren was sitting with legs spread on the toilet with the seat down, one foot on the bath and the other on the counter. Laura had her naked butt planted on the desk chair with her heels on the edge of the seat. They were talking about coordination for a few seconds, basically making sure Laura was ready to go. I stood by the desk and looked down at Laura. Lauren started her release and from the toilet was dowsing the wall of the room. So all the way across the distance of the bathroom AND hall and still with a enough force to splash back higher than the desk. Laura started and her stream shot forward and climbed in height passing through her sister's until it hit max distance. SO, here is what you have... one stream blasting through the open door and impacting the wall, while a second stream makes a graceful arch OVER the first and soaking into the carpet on the opposite side. One girl peeing over another. ONE. OVER. THE. OTHER!!! It was the most impressive skill display I had ever seen. It didnt last very long, but it was super cool. I wanted in the fun, but I was empty, so I told them we would have to do it again sometime when I could join. They agreed of course, I would love to figure out how to get a picture (or video) of that though, because it will be THREE streams vertically next time. Not sure when I will get to write again. Trade shows have been pretty slim this year and I am getting some more modeling work but not enough really. I am taking some classes for school again and my time is not as free as it used to be... Anyway, that is enough depressing stuff for now. Hopefully I'll be back with another incident real soon.
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    My newest. Might become a series, I don't know. Depends on if you guys like it or not. I have to tell you about something that happened recently after my good friend Tara invited me to her house for some drinks. Her husband was out of town, and both of her kids were staying with friends, so she suggested a girls’ night in. We both worked full time and had families, so other than online or on the phone we don’t get much time to talk. I convinced my husband to watch the kids for the night and since we would be drinking I planned to stay at Tara’s overnight. When I arrived, Tara answered with a squeal of excitement. We hugged and she led me into her front room. “Oh my gosh, I missed you so much. We have so much to talk about,” she said as she pointed to her couch. “Please, sit,” she said and took her own seat across from me in the recliner. “So tell me, how are the kids?” I won’t bore you with all the details of our conversation, because it was about what you’d expect. But after a few minutes, there was a knock at the door. “Oh, it’s about time,” Tara said as she popped up out of her seat. I was confused, especially after she opened the door and squealed in a way similar to how she had greeted me. I turned to see her hugging a curvy brunette in denim capris and a black low-cut blouse. “Come in, come in!” Tara directed our new guest into the front room as I watched, still confused. “Cassie, this is Jennifer, Jennifer this is Cassie.” “Cassie,” the new guest said, “I’ve heard a lot about you.” I resisted the urge to say something snarky like Wish I could say the same about you but I just shook her hand and smiled. “I’m sorry, Jennifer,” Tara said, “I should have told you I was also inviting Jennifer. We work together, and after inviting you I decided to ask her, as well. So now I have my two closest friends to hang out with tonight.” She squealed again, and all jealousy and confusion slipped away from my mind as I laughed. “Let’s go downstairs and get some drinks!” Tara led us down to her basement, which I knew from previous visits was fixed up like a cross between a cocktail bar and a library, with a full-sized bar in the center of the wall, two couches, a glass table, and shelves of books built into the other walls. “Holy shit, this is gorgeous,” Jennifer said. “Thanks. This is all mine. Dan has his man cave above the garage, and I have this. He never comes in here, says it’s too womanly for him. All our mixed drinks, wines, and wine coolers are here. Dan keeps the harder liquor and the beer in his man cave, so if you want any of that I can make a trip up there.” Tara took her place behind the bar and was soon mixing us some drinks. Jennifer and I sat on the couch to the left, and after she brought us our drinks Tara sat on the other couch. We started talking again, Jennifer sharing a bit about what she does for the company where Tara works, and about her family. I shared, as well, and we exchanged a smile. Tara told a brief but really funny story about Jennifer and a coworker. We laughed, but Jennifer’s laugh stopped suddenly as she gasped. “What’s wrong?” Tara asked. “Umm,” Jennifer said. She looked at Jennifer but was darting glances at me out of the corners of her eyes. “Oh,” Tara said. I was confused again, but I didn’t say anything. “Do you need to…” “I don’t think so. I think I’m okay.” “Okay, I am so confused,” I said. “I might as well tell you,” Tara said. “I just had a baby recently, and my bladder is not what it used to be. By that I mean I’ve been having a lot of accidents lately.” “Oh, is that all?” I said. “That’s not a big deal, really.” “I know it’s not, but I don’t really want to have an accident in Tara’s basement bar.” “I wouldn’t mind,” Tara said as she took a sip of her drink. We laughed. “Yeah, okay,” Jennifer said, “I need to get to the bathroom.” “No you don’t,” Tara said. “What the hell are you talking about?” Jennifer asked. “I just told you it’s okay. The closest bathroom is upstairs. Could you make it up there?” “If we keep talking, probably not.” Jennifer stood up and was holding a hand to her crotch. “Seriously, though, nobody comes down here but me, Jennifer. If you want, you can pee down here. I do sometimes.” Now my mouth dropped open. “Are you serious?” I asked. “I am,” she said. “See the carpet shampooer in the corner over there?” She nudged her head toward the outside hallway, and sure enough we saw it standing in the corner. “Sometimes when I’m down here enjoying time to myself, I don’t want to bother going all the way upstairs. So if I have to pee, I just pee down here somewhere, usually in one of the corners or…” She stood up from the couch and walked behind the bar. Then, she closed her eyes and a few seconds later we could hear an unmistakable hissing and a soft pattering sound. “No fucking way,” Jennifer said. She seemed to be grabbing her crotch a little harder as if watching and hearing Tara wet herself behind the bar was almost enough to make her lose hold of her own bladder. “Mmm hmm,” was all Tara said as she looked down and then back up at us, biting her lip. “And it feels so good,” she said, “to just…let go whenever you need to. Ahhh…” The hissing and pattering grew louder as she obviously emptied her bladder all over her legs and the floor behind the bar. “Okay, I can’t hold it,” Jennifer said. I watched, again shocked, as she took her hand away and soon a dark spot appeared and grew as her pee glistened against the fabric of her capris. “Ohh, holy shit,” she said. She unfastened her pants and pulled them and her panties down just below her crotch as her stream continued, spraying messily and loudly against her pants and panties and trickling to the carpet at her feet. I felt like I was in a dream as my best friend and her coworker both stood in front of me with looks of ecstasy as they continued to wet themselves, smiling and clearly enjoying themselves. I felt pressure in my own bladder, as well, and as Tara’s pee came to an end she leaned over the bar and smiled at me. “Do you have to go?” she asked. “I do,” I said “Go ahead,” she said. “But I don’t know if I can,” I said. “You’ve never peed yourself before?” Tara asked. “Yeah, when I was like 5, or maybe as an accident, but not on purpose like this.” “Tell you what,” Tara said, “just do it on the couch.” My eyes widened, and I stared at her. “Seriously, just sit there and just imagine you’re sitting on a toilet.” “You sound like you’ve done that before,” Jennifer said. She was sliding off her soaked jeans and panties and I tried not to stare as she stood right next to me completely naked from the waist down. “Maybe,” Tara said, smiling. I laughed and felt another wave of pressure. “Okay, what the hell,” I said, and I slid my panties out from under my skirt and pulled my skirt up out of the way as I sat down, feeling the material of the cushion on my bare bottom. I closed my eyes and relaxed. I was surprised when it didn’t take long for my pee to start. I immediately felt a warmth between my legs that stayed as my pee dribbled out of me, soaking my inner thighs and creating a puddle under me that was both soothing and arousing. “Ohhhh, wow,” I said as I gasped and the dribble became a full flow, soaking into the cushion with a soft hiss. I barely noticed movement beside me as Jennifer sat back down next to me because I was too busy looking down at my steady flow being absorbed by Tara’s couch cushion. I heard Jennifer moan, though, followed by another hissing and I looked over to see her sitting with her knees bent and she was peeing again directly into the cushion. “Oh my god, girls, I can’t believe this is happening right now,” Tara said. I looked at her, and she seemed to be reaching for something behind the bar. She closed her eyes and bit her lip and I realized she was touching herself. “Ohhh, this feels…so good,” Jennifer said. My pee was finally dwindling, and without even thinking about it I reached under my skirt and slipped my fingers between my soaking slit and started rubbing myself, as well. I looked over at Jennifer who made eye contact with me and was soon slipping her fingers between her pussy lips, as well. Tara was the first to start crying out as she climaxed, and we could hear more hissing and splashing behind the bar as she screamed in pleasure. Jennifer was next, biting her lip hard at first but then opening her mouth wide to cry out. “Oh! Oh my god I’m coming, ohhhhhhhh!” I felt my own climax approaching as I watched her buck her hips and saw shiny droplets of pee around her bottom, thighs, and vagina. I finally gasped and cried out almost in unison with her and then sank comfortably back in the couch. A soft dribble of pee escaped, and I just let it happen, smiling blissfully. “That was amazing,” I said. “And the night is just getting started,” Tara said.
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    In town there is a street with various bars and restaurants where a lot of college aged people go to hangout. One night a group of my friends and I went out drinking. There were 4 of us, 3 girls and 1 guy. We bar hopped from 3 different places, having beer after beer. I could feel the urge to pee slowly building and building. We all decided to walk home which was about 1.5 miles away. Immediately upon our walk home I realize I am getting desperate to pee. I whisper to one of the girls that I need to pee. She giggles and says she also has to pee... she blurts out to the group that she is desperate to take a piss. Our guy friend laughs too and says he knows of a place. He walks ahead of us nearing one of the bars. There is a very small alley where there are 3 walls of neighboring buildings and a dumpster. He tells us this is where he always goes for a pee on a night out. The only problem is that it is a reasonably wide alley and a street light is right in front. I decide I am drunk enough that I don't care... my friend follows my lead. I stand right against the wall looking ahead to the street light. I hike up my dress, pull my panties to my knees and let go with my back against the wall. You can hear the hiss of my stream as it hits the pavement. My friend pulled down her jeans and went for a low squat. As her first drops of pee fell out, two other girls run into the alley and look embarrassed as they blurt out that they had the same idea. The two new girls go towards the wall facing the dumpster, both have on jeans and pull them to their ankles, then squat down. I can't help but notice how they look at each others pussies as each begins to go. As soon as I stand up, our 3rd female friend shyly runs to the same wall I leaned on and follows my previous actions. She has on a short dress, but surprisingly no panties... she leans against the wall and spreads her legs and lets go. I stand watching the two random girls and my other friend forcefully pissing onto the ground. All of us soak the ground. Our guy friend watched all of this and had quite the erection. We all made ourselves decent and continued on our journey. The 2 girls got dropped off at their houses while my guy friend and I decided to sit on his porch and talk. He confessed to me he has a thing for watching girls pee. I tell him I really enjoyed being watched... this is where he mentions how he has always wanted a girl to piss down his porch steps. We are sitting on the 4th step, right below the porch. I do have to pee again.... I tell him it's only fair if I can watch him too. I tell him I want him to unzip his jeans, pull out his cock, and lean forward to piss while sitting. He agrees... he unbuttons his pants, pulls out his cock and at the same time I spread my legs and pull my panties to the side. I start first and let out a steady strong stream that continues for at least 20 seconds. He is now pissing down his stairs while looking at my pussy. We are watching each other not even paying attention to if anyone is watching us or not. It felt so good to let go and to watch him do the same. When we finished he put his now chubby cock back into his jeans, and I took my hand off my panties. This prompted him to reach over and put his hand against my panties. I took his hand and slid it into my panties and he started slowly circling my moist clit. This continued until I came against his fingertips on his porch where our puddles sat below us.
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    Dear Wet Carpet, Road trips can be boring sometimes, but I need to tell you about one that was anything but boring. Last spring, two of my friends, Susanna and Dharla, and I decided to drive to the mountains for a day trip. We knew the trip would take us through some windy back roads. We did not, however, expect it to be so far in the middle of nowhere that we would struggle to find places to stop for the bathroom. As you’ll see, this didn’t turn out to be such a bad thing. I won’t bore you with all the trip preparation details, but we first ran into a problem about two hours into our trip when we were getting deep into the mountains and there was literally nothing around except trees, rocks, and the road. Susanna, who was sitting up front with me, was the first to speak up. “Hey, are we near a bathroom? I’m gonna need to go soon.” “Um, I really don’t know,” I said. “This is my first time on this road. I’m just following the map.” Out of the corner of my eye I could see her moving around in her seat, shifting her legs and putting her hands in her lap. “How bad is it?” I asked. “I could use a break, too,” Dharla said. “I mean, I’m not about to explode or anything, but it’s definitely a need,” Susanna said. I sat up a little in my seat, aware of my own growing need. I also wasn’t feeling desperate, but it was definitely noticeable. “Well, I’m about to go,” Dharla said. “I was trying to hold out hoping we’d find something soon, but there’s nothing.” “Nope,” I said. Susanna sighed as we stopped at an intersection and I turned left, still seeing nothing, not even houses. Just road, guardrail, signs, and the woods. “Yeah, we’d better find something soon,” Dharla said. “Well, I can’t really pull over because there’s pretty much no curb. The guardrail is so close to the road because I guess they’re worried someone might drive over the mountain. “Oh my god, girls, I’m about to bust,” Dharla said. I could see her in my rearview mirror rocking back and forth in her seat, holding her crotch. I thought for a moment as I looked around and still did not see anywhere to pull off. I finally thought, Screw it, and glanced back at Dharla in the mirror. “Do whatever you have to do, Dharla,” I said. “Are you serious?” she asked. “Yes,” I said. “There’s literally nowhere to pull off safely, and you’re about to wet yourself anyway. It’s okay.” “Thank you,” she said, and I could see in the mirror that she didn’t waste any time unbuttoning her jeans and tugging them and her flowery panties down her fit mocha colored legs. I tried to keep my eyes focused on the road, but Susanna turned back and watched. “I’m sorry, Kristen,” she said as she scooted forward. Within seconds, I could hear a soft hissing followed by an unmistakable splattering sound as her pee fell to the floor of my car. I could her it splashing against the stuff in my floor, which I was pretty sure was just trash anyway. “It’s okay,” I said. “I need to get it detailed anyway, and you couldn’t help it.” Dharla was still peeing full-force as she moaned to show her relief. “Ohhh, that’s so much better. I can’t believe I’m pissing in the back of your car, but I really had to go.” She laughed. “And I think I see a cup in your floor. I could’ve used that.” We all laughed then. “Too late now,” I said. “I need to go, too,” Susanna said. “Do you want the cup?” Dharla asked. The sounds of her pee were dwindling. Susanna glanced at me as if she wanted my permission for something. I smiled, knowingly. “No,” Susanna said. “I’m in the front seat anyway and it would be too obvious if we passed anybody and they looked in the window.” She winked at me and I laughed again. I kept trying to focus on the road but could not help but watch as Susanna unbuttoned her jeans and then slid them just enough that they exposed her pale but round bottom and her vagina to the cushioned seat under her. “Are you sure?” she mouthed to me. I just nodded. “What are you doing?” Dharla asked. I could see in the rearview that she was pulling her jeans back up and then she leaned forward in her seat. “Oh my god, are you going to…?” “I am,” Susanna said. She sat back in her seat and closed her eyes. A few seconds later we could all hear the soft hissing of her pee as it sprayed out of her and soaked into the passenger seat of my car. She opened her mouth and gasped as the sound got louder and her flow increased. “Oh, god that feels good,” she said. “But your jeans are going to get soaked when you put them back on and sit on that seat,” Dharla said. “Mmm,” Susanna said, “don’t care…worth it. Ohhh, god, Kristen, I hope this isn’t the last time you let me do this. Ohhhh, god.” She gasped again, and to my surprise she pulled her jeans down further and now we could see her warm flow of pee spraying into the seat under her. “Oh, it probably won’t be, because I’m about to join you,” I said. When we planned the trip, I had anticipated that bathroom stops might be a problem, so I had worn a skirt with the thought that I might have to squat by the roadside. Never did I expect my friends and I would be wetting in my car. I sat up enough to move the back of my shirt out of the way. I thought about trying to slip my panties off but changed my mind. I glanced over and Susanna was still peeing a little and very obviously touching herself, as well. She looked at me through half-lidded eyes and smiled. “That is so hot,” Dharla said. She was sitting as close to the edge of the back seat as she could, watching Susanna intently, and her hand was stroking the crotch of her jeans. I tried to focus on the road, and finally I saw a small section of the shoulder open up, so I pulled the car over as far as I could. I put it in park and then sat back comfortably in my seat. “Let it go,” Susanna said, smiling at me. I closed my eyes and soon my warm pee leaked out and warmed the crotch of my panties. I gasped as my flow increased and my hot pee flowed out unabated and sprayed into my panties and the seat between my legs in a loud hiss that echoed in the car. “Oh, wow, that does feel good,” I said. “Yeah, I’m totally going to be soaking my seat again. Mmmm.” I reached down and pulled the gusset of my panties aside and then took my hand away as a messy spray of pee shot forward and soaked the seat and some drops splashed the floor. Most of it, though, pooled between my legs, warming my crotch. Susanna was now rubbing her clitoris furiously, and a quick glance in the mirror let me know that Dharla has slipped her hand into her jeans and was also rubbing herself. I joined them, and it only took a few brief but wet strokes of my clitoris and I was crying out as I climaxed. Dharla and Susanna both screamed almost together as they also orgasmed. “I can’t believe that just happened,” I said. Both girls agreed that it was unbelievable, in a good way. Knowing our trip was still a few more hours long, we all agreed there was no point stopping for any bathroom breaks now. Susanna reached into the small cooler at her feet and took out three water bottles, handing one to Dharla and sliding mine into the cup holder. Once during the trip, Dharla had laid down in the back seat to take a nap and woke up abruptly. “Gotta go,” she said. I glanced in the rearview and could see her pull her jeans and panties down to her ankles while still laying down. She sighed and I could hear the sound of her pee splashing out of her and drumming down onto the back seat as well as her sighs of pleasure. A little later, I felt the need to pee again, so without saying anything I let go and felt the soothing warmth of my pee as it dribbled out and soaked into my panties and seat. I looked over at Susanna who was watching me and smiling. She winked again and pointed between my legs. I just nodded and then glanced down and could see what she was pointing at. There was a small, shiny stain appearing on my skirt in the divot between my legs. I didn’t care, though, as I relaxed and let the last of my warm pee spray out of me. Susanna turned away from me and sat back in her seat. She sighed and even while driving I could see the dark spot begin to form in the crotch of her jeans. “They were wet already,” she said, still smiling but sounding out of breath. “Ohhh, that’s so warm.” I managed a quick glance and watched as the stain grew and her jeans glistened as her pee flowed out of her and soaked her pants and the seat. I heard Dharla laugh. “We’re a mess,” she said. “We’re going to have to get cleaned up before we stop anywhere.” “Who said we’re stopping,” I said. “I still have over half a tank of gas, it’s a beautiful day to just go for a drive.” They both looked at me and I smiled. “Or, we could just turn around and head back home…see what happens next?” “I like that idea,” Susanna said. “Same,” Dharla said. We drank more water and each peed at least two more times, Dharla still seeming to enjoy laying down and spraying the seat and Susanna and I just letting go just as we were sitting. It was a great drive home. And maybe someday I’ll tell you what happened when we got there.
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    I had a secret that I wasn’t sharing with the ladies. It is true that since my pregnancy, my bladder isn’t what it used to be. It is also true that some of my accidents weren’t accidents, and it is definitely true that I enjoyed each of them, starting with the very first one. I was with my husband, shopping for baby items. I was close to full-term at this point, and so the pressure on my bladder was common. I had managed to mostly avoid accidents, but lately I was cutting it close. As we were walking through the store, I felt it coming as the baby moved. “Babe, I’ve got to pee,” I said. We weren’t close to the bathroom as I said this, and both me and my husband looked around to see how far we would have to walk. “It’s at the front of the store,” he said. “Can you make it?” “I don’t know,” I said. “I mean, I guess I’ll have to try.” He took me by the arm and led me towards the bathrooms while pushing our cart. I was close to telling him to just leave it because it was slowing us down, but it was already filled with stuff. We did our best to get to the front end of the store, but as we got closer I could feel the pressure growing. The baby moved again, and I gasped as a small spurt warmed the gusset of my panties just a little bit. “What?” my husband asked. “What’s wrong?” “I just peed a little,” I said. “We’ve got to hurry, or I’m going to piss all over the floor.” I quickened my steps as he continued to follow me and push the cart. We finally reached the front of the store, and just as I saw the bathroom doors I could also see a bright yellow chain across both bathrooms with signs that read “Closed for cleaning. Please use other restrooms.” I groaned and looked at my husband desperately. “What do we do now?” “Can you make it back to the other bathrooms in the back?” He asked. I started to answer, but another wave of pressure hit and I stood tall, squeezing my legs together. “No,” I said, “there’s no way. What am I going to do? I’m seriously about to move that chain and go in there anyway.” “You can’t do that, sweetie,” he said. “Let’s make our way back to the other bathrooms, and if you can’t make it we’ll figure something out.” “What?” I asked, annoyed. “What will we figure out?” “I don’t know,” he said. “Just try your best to make it, and then we won’t have to figure it out.” I groaned again, but we started towards the back of the store. We didn’t make it very far, though, before I felt another wave of pressure and the baby moved again. I kept back a spurt this time, but it was clear I would not be as successful the next time. “I can’t do this,” I said, feeling close to tears. My husband stopped and looked at me, and then he looked around as if he was trying to find something. He nudged my arm and led me down an aisle through the women’s clothing section, grabbed a few random items off of racks, like a gown and some shirts, and then we stopped at the changing rooms. “Umm…what are we doing?” I asked. “It’s not the bathroom, but it’s the closest I could get,” he whispered. I was about to protest until the baby moved again and I felt another warm spurt. “Look, babe, I know it’s not ideal, but it’s this or you piss yourself out here in front of everybody.” He handed me the clothes, and the concerned but determined look on his face was enough to convince me. I had no other choice. There was no attendant at the counter but the doors were all opened, so I stepped into one of the changing rooms, and I couldn’t help but giggle as I saw that the bench along the back wall of the room was covered with a thick black cushion. My bladder screamed again, and I dropped the clothes onto the floor turned around to place my bottom on the soft seat. I didn’t even bother with my panties as I just sat back and relaxed. Seconds later, a hot flow of pee filled my panties. I could feel it spray through the gusset of my panties and soak into the cushion under me with a warm, tingling comfort that made me sigh. It was also making me quite horny as it gently swirled around my pussy and clitoris and warmed my bottom. I reached down and slid the crotch of my panties aside and squirted the last bit of my pee right into the cushion, licking my lips at the warm spray against my inner thighs and vagina. It was over too soon, though, and I stood up to survey the damage. The cushion was only a slightly darker shade of black around where I was sitting. You would have to be looking for it to notice something. I straightened my skirt and walked out of the changing room, leaving the clothes on the floor. I grinned at my husband and his face reddened a bit as he also smiled. I stepped up to him and touched his arm. “Feel better?” he asked. “I do,” I said. “Thank you. Let’s check out and get out of here.” Then I leaned closer and nibbled his ear before whispering, “My panties are soaked, and I need a good reason to take them off.” Later, after we checked out and took everything to the car, he drove us to the back parking lot where no one was around, and I slid my wet panties off. He watched me, licking his lips eagerly. “Come on,” he said, “let’s get out.” I smiled as we opened our doors. We walked to the back of the car and he took a moment to look out at the view of the mountains behind the store. But he was also leaning against the trunk and unzipping his fly. I walked to him and placed my back against his chest and soon my skirt was up and his hands were touching me beneath it, feeling and caressing my vulva. It didn’t take me long to get wet again as I felt first his finger and then the tip of his penis touch the back of my pussy. I lifted my hips and butt the best I could until he entered me and I moaned. He kissed the back of my neck and reached around to caress my breasts. “Easy,” I said. “They’re sore.” He whispered Okay and we continued to writhe and move together, me rocking my hips gently and he lifting his pelvis. I could feel my climax getting close, but I could also feel the familiar pressure building in my bladder. I wasn’t sure how bad it was until another wave came over me as my husband’s thrusts grew quicker. “Umm, I kind of have to pee again,” I said. “Okay,” he said and stopped thrusting. “No, no, don’t stop,” I said. He laughed. “What do you mean?” he asked. “I mean I really want to fuck you right now, and if we stop I might lose it, so please, don’t stop.” He chuckled again and grabbed me by the hips as we continued. I moaned again as he continued to enter me, each thrust a little deeper than the last. I was getting closer and closer to coming, so I placed my hands behind me onto his thighs and moved quicker and quicker, feeling his penis pulse inside of me with each thrust. He grunted and I knew it wouldn’t be much longer. As my climax built, I felt a wave of pressure and the baby moved again. I cried out and just let go. Immediately, my warm pee flowed out of me, all over my thighs, and down over my husband’s penis. I could feel it flowing under me, soaking his jeans and the back of my skirt, but he didn’t stop thrusting and I didn’t stop moving. He finally groaned and I could feel his penis pulse again and again as he ejaculated inside of me while my warm pee trickled out and soaked our crotches. When we were finished, I leaned back against him and he kissed my neck and shoulders again. “I love you so much,” he said. “I love you, too,” I answered. After this experience, each time I had to pee I would simply find a way to let it out. A few times, I let myself get as desperate as I was in the store, and then find a quiet or secluded place to just let my warm pee trickle down my legs or sit in a cushioned seat somewhere and feel it warm my bottom. My husband and I repeated the wet sex one night when we stepped outside naked onto our back deck and he sat on a chair as I straddled his lap, again facing away from him, and again I had to pee and just let it go when I climaxed. This time, though, when I finished, he said he couldn’t go because he had to pee, as well. So I scooted forward in the seat and said, “Go ahead.” I felt his warm urine against my back, hot and wet, and I turned around and knelt down to let it soak my breasts. “Oh my god, that’s so fucking hot,” he said and continued to spray his hot urine all over my chest. I rubbed it into my nipples and felt it trickle down my tummy to my vagina and slipped a finger inside myself. “Let’s go to the bed,” he said. In spite of my wetness and our nudity, he was able to pick me up and carry me to the bed. I laid down and turned on my side, exposing my ass and very ready pussy to him. He pressed his warm body against my back as we spooned, and he was soon inside of me, thrusting madly this time, panting and groaning. I was surprised when I came again and dribbled more pee all over the bed and us as we cried out together and he again ejaculated inside of me. We fell asleep just like that, wet and messy but comfortable in each other’s arms.
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    Category One : Best forum contributor @Sephora Category Two : Best picture contributor @steve25805 Category Three : Best video contributor @Ozabot Category Four : Best fictional writer @pobox9847 Category Five : Best real story/sighting @Starks2010 Category Six : Best Newcomer @Grizzly Man Category Seven : Wettest member @puddyls
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    so a few weeks ago, i had gone to have a massage and i guess i was way relaxed afterwards. plus it didn't help being kneaded while not having been potty for awhile. 😜 anyways, despite using their bathroom to tidy up a bit, i opted to hold instead of go potty. i was going to walk around the shopping center a bit, and maybe eat, but that pressing feeling was becoming more urgent. it wasn't long before i found a low pillar that offered some privacy from the main parking lot. i slid my pants and undies off, my pee began escaping as i squatted.
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    It looks like it's going to be a wet Christmas this year.
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    Love my wifes slit! Her smell and taste are so arousing to me! Pics are wife approved lol
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    I wet myself today! I came home from work bursting for a pee, kicked off my shoes and headed upstairs to the bathroom. Just as I reached the top of the stairs my husband was leaving and saw I was desperate. He deliberately blocked the door! "Aww, does my sweetheart need to pee?" I said yes. "What if I don't move? If I don't let you go are you going to wet yourself?" I was jiggling about on the spot and really wanted to sit on the toilet I could see just a few feet in front of me. I asked him nicely and he just smiled "Hmm... how about... how about I'll let you go if you give me a kiss?" I knew he would let me go after the kiss but my bladder had other ideas and I was already dribbling uncontrollably into my knickers. So I smiled sweetly, wrapped my arms around him and gave him a big smooch, relaxing completely. I immediately started peeing properly, torrents of pee cascading down my legs and I just kept kissing him, sighing from the wonderful relief. I went for so long too and left quite a mark on the carpet. When I was finished I broke the kiss and cutely looked down at my soaking wet trousers. "Oops!" He helped me undress and we had an extra long shower together
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    A little fun from this weekend.
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    On my way home from work I just peed in an elevator a few hours ago. It was one of those with a metal floor. It was an elevator for a parking garage that has no cameras. I rode it to the bottom level of the garage saw as it was late at night no one was nearby in that level. I waited for the doors to close. I realized no one was on that floor of the garage so it wasn't going to open soon without me pushing the button. It won't open on a different floor with out going up first. I unzipped my pants and let out a wee peeing on the floor of the elevator letting my beautiful yellow pee hit the metal floor and make a noise. I kept on letting it out making a large puddle on the floor, until the last drops. Then I put it back in zipped my pants up, rode the elevator back to street level and headed on to the bus. Now I'm really horny thinking of this fun adventure.
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    Sincerely, I'll just pee on the floor scouting a bit from the edge though remaining seated on the backseat itself. No tissues, I never wipe (unless they are a chance to ask somebody -a stranger or a friend I'd like to fuck- to stay with me while I pee) 'cause I shave it completely and keep it open with my fingers as I pee so I do not need to wipe. And sincerely speaking, I wouldn't do it anyway. Also, very probably I would soak the back of the frontseat too as I spray particularly forward. (All of this is because you asked about backseat pissing. If I should have stopped reading at the first line where you asked how would I use your car for my relief without reaching the part where you wrote about the backseat itself, I would have told you that I largely prefer to piss croughing on the passenger frontseat, with my back almost horizontal and my pussy stretched forward, swinging left and right, spraying everything from the steering wheel to the inside of my-side car door. Driver seat and driver seat occupant included. You said "offer your car", never talked about damage-limit sadly, I never had to opportunity to do something like that. Alex pissed all over the inside of one of his ex's car (her included) without asking permission as a sign of male dominance. She got mad at first but later they fucked hard and made peace. She is the one, among my man's ex girlfriends, I would really like to have a fuck with, the most. She's gorgeous and wild. Back about backseat pissing, I had been about to do that after a marvellous fuck with one of my lesbian lovers (I was a bit tipsy and it still was not afterdark and we were in a parking lot outside a residential complex) but as soon as the first trickle came out she understood what I was gonna do so she laughed loudly and shouted at me not to pee there 'cause it was her mom's car. For a while I thought about keep doing that anyway as some kind of cruel joke/ psychological S/M, but the need was too great so I just opened the car door and simply scouted my muff outside, spraying in out with full force on the concrete below. I also remember I farted loud and she started laughing again. Do not know how did I managed not to be seen by anybody. That place is CROWDED. We stopped there simply because we didn't know about that in first place. Furthermore, when you are horny you don't give a fuck anyway, isn't it? As back as I go with my memory, never took an actual piss into someone's car, only let out small dribbles on the seat after drunk partying while going home (mine or my sex-prey's one). Sometimes done with friends too, and when they asked me explainations about stranges spots I said they were pussy-marks because I never wear panties and the party made me feel hot. They were so embarassed that they quit asking for more!
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    Category One : Best forum contributor Steve25805 Category Two : Best picture contributor Ozabot Category Three : Best video contributor Will64 Category Four : Best fictional writer So many amazing choices, it is hard to say. I'm going to nominate PrincessMermaid, who produced a number of stories I really enjoyed. This is no slight on the other writers I considered. Category Five : Best real story/sighting sillyme Category Six : Best Newcomer Spywareonya
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    Black girls have their lovely slits too..the sexy Beyonce for example..
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    Cleaned up most of the puddle but here’s the aftermath of my wetting today
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    I worked at a bbq restaurant and on fathers day we were always ridiculously busy. Well i go out to our back dock to get another pallet of wood and as im uncovering it one of our cashiers walked right past me in a hurry! I asked what she was doing and she said desperatly that she had to pee so bad and the line was to long. Our bathrooms only had 2 stals so ya the line could get long. I watched her walk to the corner and drop her pants and started to pee all over the back dock! Her face of relief was super arousing and this girl was a looker! She peed for probably 2 minutes and i staryed the whole time. The sound of her peeing made me need to piss. As she finished up i told her i need to go now. She looked at me and said "good now i get to stare at you now." So i went over to her puddle unzipped my pants and started peeing over her spot. She watched and giggled as i went, which was turning me on. I told her i was marking my territory! She laughed and said "thats kind of sexy actually." After i finished i zipped up and grabbed the pallet jack and she went back inside. The rest of the day she would look over at me and blush evert time.
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    The last part of the video is from another vid they did. I cant find it anymore https://spankbang.com/1oaje/video/ex+in+the+dressing+room?utm_source=awn-pb&utm_medium=awn-pb&utm_campaign=awn-pb
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    Words unnecessary.The pleasure these could offer any man(or woman i guess)in many forms,Beautiful.
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    Hi Remi, Always good to hear you A curse? Think I did not get the point ps details are difficult because it is something I do quite often. You have to understand that I pee outside about once per day, every day of my life I pee into apartments blocks foyer almost once per week, or even more than once sometimes. I stay out for work a lot of time and when I have free time, I go see shops (without buying, ihihihi) or have walks, and everytime I do, a take a honey-scented beer with me or drink wine before leaving home, or drink thea while walking. Obviously I Always need to pee and I simply find somewhere to squat, even in full daylight That's how I live, and while I would like to tell you everything you want to know ( I feel at home on this forum) is very hard to describe each case. For example, since Sunday. I already pissed between parked cars four time and a few hours ago, I pissed onto a train carriage floor, but that was done as a normal facet of my life, that's how I live every single day since I was a teenager. It was my stop, no one else was present in the carriage, I squat, relieved, and walked away. Every single time I enter a shop without cctv I spray standing some clothes or flood the fitting room. Every time I take a walk downtown I piss in alleys or spray standing someone's car. I tell as an actual thread only those worthy of your attention, it would somehow be unrespectful to flood the forum with experiences of mine. You are really sweet asking so many questions and I am happee to amuse you all just as much I love to read all your stories, but it is very difficult. If you read more carefully the post you actually quoted, you will notice that its undertone was somehow a forgiveness-asking because I had not the possibilities to details what people asked Anyway, something I can do, and I do About the flight scales, I climb them till the first flight AFTER the first aisle, so to speak when the ramparts go ortogonally toward the previous flight, so that you actually see the foyer entrance if you lean onward, do you get? Under me, at that point, there are the floor spot/angle between flights themselves, where people put their bike or other stuff. The geometrical empty core of the vertical staircase, to be more clear. If you squat on that flight, you can pee down on those things. Since pee fall for many feet, it doesn't spray your feet at all (class is a must). Obviously what is belowe got showered For cars, I am going to write an actual thread ASAP Thanks again,and forgive me
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    Hi Expererg! Elaborate is not that easy, because damaging things with my pee is a stage I am reaching only at the present. You have to know that my kinks are not separated from my personal Path of self development and occult research. Deep in the furthest fringes of the uncionscious, sex, religion, violence, love and terror, are one. That is where I am going, with Alex as my guide, since he already got there and came back "a little" hurted yet infinitely empowered by such a voyage. Mostly of my "stage2" (actual damages) I have performed referred to flower pots, but I am looking for naughtier places, and THAT is what I was referring to when I said that to enact erotic guilt I need something nasty. Anyway, I am not some kind of black magician, I do not have any moral but I have an Ethic, I have emotions and a sensitive and caring personality, so I usually am not that destructive. I am in development. When you perform an actual occult path (no name, no rules, no books, no hierarchies, only seances and personal experiences) you enter in contact with your own power and aggressiveness because the animal in you stirs to be joined with your soul, erasing the Anima/AnimaL dualism. It is important to develop your cruel side but it is also importan to honour the scientifical truth that adfirm that since you are a mammal, cruelty is a tool but not the most holy of your facets (that role belongs to social relationships and love) For now, I have pissed on everything that you can imagine, on the floor of public buildings, on peoples stuff (mostly parked bicycles) peeing don from stair flights, on leftlats, on sofas in restaurants, train stations and forniture stores, onto someone's car and clothes hanging do dry up, but nothing irreversible. Never pissed into someone's fish bowl Killing them, to be more clear. Only pots, for now. I will post on this marvellous forum every new step of my soul. And thanks for asking.
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    Alright, so I am doing this. My sister promised something and expected me to deliver on it again... We likely should not have been here to begin with, if you add our ages together (since we ARE triplets) we might be old enough. ANYWAY, I am supposed to fill in the last part of the trilogy for you so you can stop wondering about it. As my youngest sister told you we all urinated under the bed and in the water mattress. I am supposed to tell you about "Hide and [Take a] Leak" not "'Hide and Go Pee'", she always gets the name wrong. So yes, after things wound down at the reception, our Mother was helping clean-up and suggested we entertain ourselves for a bit longer before we left. The rules are pretty basic, but slightly different that regular Hide and Seek: All players split up and find a spot to release (only one spot per player). Once you finish you return to Home. If you return home first, you can try to catch another player in the act. If you are not first, you must wait for all players to return. Now you as a team head out and look for the wet patches. Once you find one you have to guess who made it, if you are right, that person is out. If you get it wrong, then you are out. There are more advanced rules, but for just three players you get the idea. You can get back in and you can still win if you were out, but I am not explaining all that for now. Since I have better control over my flow, I can start and stop whenever I want, so I let out enough and then always go hunting for my older younger sister with the bigger bladder. Once a round has ended, the loser has to wet themselves. If they cannot, the winner gets to do it for them. So we played a few rounds and when everything was done, I was the only one with dry pants. I should not say this, because I know the two of them will read it, but I have a secret way to win. When we split up, I find a spot that will soak up or not show my puddle. This is usually a drawer with clothes (I like to pee on bras, especially when they are still being worn), or things on hangers. The pocket of a coat holds liquid surprisingly well. Since I win most rounds, I get to pee all over my younger sisters, and that is a great feeling. Standing with my slit exposed and raining pee all over their crotch, it is a good feeling of power and dominance (and I often get licked dry). Well at any rate, that is all you will get from me. I fulfilled my obligation to this ridiculous endeavour. My middle sister might write here again, but I doubt you will see me around. I do hope you enjoyed our escapades though and some of the other folks here have expanded my ideas for future fun, but for now... So Long and Goodbye.
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    I want to thank Nopjans for nominating me as best newcomer. Sincerely, I gave this forum my soul. I took it from a very personal stance and I am feeling at home here, the way I write clearly demonstrate it. Obviously, advices and comments are always welcome! Thank you all in advance!
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    I'm wearing a bubble gum pink thong, very similar to the third photo you shared.
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    Peed myself literally three steps From the toilet! At least it warmed me up!
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    For Nopjans Sincerely, the "Greater Reasons" are the desire and the possibility. I'll explain myself better. Peeing on clothes is something I do LESS that peeing in hallaways or even more between parked cars (the last one is a daily thing to me). If I spray my pee on a cloth is due to che conjoining of these 3 points 1 the angle in the actual shop so to shield me from viewers 2 the actual need to pee (or I'll not think about that at all) 3 the desire to have a kick. The actual item is utterly unimportant and I usually do NOT let out that much. For For Remi I utterly understand your "curse". Since I am a girl, it is more easy for me to pretend my excitation and curiosity to simply be some kind of sorority-like naughtiness, while you boys risk to be perceived as perverts if making too many requests and/or asking too many questions. I would love a world where guys can deploy all of their fetish toward gals and the latter answer with kinky joy as I do! I let guys see me pee as an usual feature when I pee in parking lot during concerts or the like. That's no problem for me, I even spread my pussy with my fingers fully toward them and talk to me while I relieve myself. All is fine as long as they do not try to record me (at that point I walk away at once), I H-A-T-E being recorded (that's also the reason why I would never ever agree with a webcam spectacle or to post videos of myself peeing, unless I'm sure my face is not seen) For Expererg Peeing in shops is something I do not do that often because where I live, every single shop is filled with cctv and though they do not see into fitting room, they see on the immediate sorrounding and every time I client step out, somebody from the staff goes in to so if they left clothes there. I mean immediately, as soon as the client walks out. They would find my pee with no exception. Those who do not possess cctv (VERY few) got the fitting room ten feet away from the staff desk and wait on the outside to understand if something unlawful (mostly shoplifting) is going on. Shops where you can pee in fitting room are almost unexistent in my area but when I found one and I am quite sure I'll not go back there or I'll not be recognized, I simply pee on the floor without putting anything on it or cleaning at all. It is NOT (not always at least) done out of kinkiness, I simply consider the whole world my actual toilet. For what concern Marissa from that forum (Alex was logged there but we do not visit it that much anymore because for months/years nothing new had been posted) she is hot as hell and I would love to do something like that, but I never ever found somebody who left his car unlocked. Peeing between them or spray them standing is a common daily activity for me, I drink a lot of fluids and have to pee quite often and I will not walk in a bar just to have a piss!
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    He loves reading your comments !!
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    Is it wrong that I sometimes exploit this with my husband? Fondling him as he's trying to pee.
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    Cass and Sarah released their hold on Nikki's arms and legs and tried to stand up to head to the toilet. Sarah began taking gentle delicate steps in the direction of the toilets..pure concentration on her face as she tried to hold on. For poor Cass, however, even trying to change position was too much. I should probably tell you what she was wearing. As previously mentioned, she's quite a curvy girl, with big boobs, and a large bottom. She was wearing a black long-sleeved top and a short pink skirt "Oh shit" she gasped. "oH SHIT..OH FUCK..NOT ON MY NEW CARPET I can't..I musn't..oh god I can't stop it". Desperate to protect her pretty pink pleated skirt, she hitched it up, and she pulled her white knickers, already damp from the first few drops leaking in, to the side, and then like a volcano she erupted..over her own new carpet. Maybe I've seen a piss jet burst forth with more power, but I really can't recall it. The pale yellow jet was spraying onto the carpet at incredible pace, as we all watched fascinated. It all seemed to be happening in slo-mo. The piss was landing inches from Nikki who managed to roll out of the way, just in time. It began to pool in the area Cass was standing and , unable to stop the piss pouring out of her, she began to rotate her hips to spray the piss around. She was clearly doing it to try and stop any one area of the carpet getting totally ruined, but it almost gave the impression she was trying to vandalise as much of her own carpet as possible..which was hilarious. Certainly Debbie and Jessica thought so. They were pointing and laughing "Can't believe she's having a wee-wee on her own carpet" giggled Jessica Cass was mumbling a series of 'Oh shit..oh fuck..oh no's but her facial expression told of the sheer physical joy of relief from her total desperation and even she added 'that feels so much better' The carpet was a very light brown colour, or it had been. Now the largest puddle was a very dark brown and across a semi-circular arc there were smaller circles of piss. We were all fascinated, except for Sarah who was still hobbling really slowly across the room, trying to make it to the loo. I looked across and noticed we had all clocked that Cass had a 'brazilian'. Saucy minx..I had no idea. But I wasn't here to stare at her pussy, pretty though it was..I was focused on watching her yellow piss fall onto her own carpet as she yelled "why is there so fucking much?" She certainly had been desperate to piss. By the time her stream slowed to a trickle and finally stopped, and she released her pretty white panties, with the very evident wet spot, back into place, and pulled down her skirt, the carpet looked brilliant..with one really large pool of piss, and several smaller ones. Plus, I found myself thinking, with Cass having soaked her own carpet..some of the other girls might feel it was open season. They might even feel they could pretend to not be able to make it to the loo, even if they could..just for the naughty pleasure of weeing on another girl's carpet. Don't get me wrong..Cass is a good mate. But lets be honest, how many times in your life do you get the opportunity to piss on someone else's new carpet..with no consequences..and besides..Cass started it. I'm not a mind reader so I have no idea whether that was in Nikki's mind..or whether she was remembering Cass had been one of the girls who had held her down while Michelle punished her..or maybe Nikki really couldn't hold it any longer but she stood up. As you'll recall she was already bare from the waist down. Unlike Sarah, she was making no effort to head for the loo. She found a nice clean patch of carpet and stood with her legs apart. Cass quickly realised what was going on "Don't you dare" yelled Cass "Not on my precious carpet, "do it do it do it! chanted Debbie & Jessica "Look Nikki..please don't" begged Cass For seconds that seemed like minutes, nothing happened. No-one was sure whether Nikki was considering Cass's plea, or was just teasing her..or whether she had suddenly got pee shy. Cass was saying " oh thank-you..you don't have to do this..you can be the better person....the toilet's not far at all" but I reckoned Nikki had just got 'nerves'. I called out "“You can do it Nikki, we all know you can. Just imagine you’re on the toilet; just think about the great feeling of relief.” This obviously did the trick as just seconds later we heard that lovely familiar hiss that accompanies the beginning of a wee-wee and she began to piss onto Cass's once pristine carpet which was now clearly being designated the ladies loo! Her powerful yellow jet sprayed out, as she stood nonchalantly, hands on hips, and we all watched mesmerised. I had imagined she might spray loads of different areas, but she had clearly decided she just wanted to really soak one spot and a large piss puddle was appearing. I did feel a bit guilty for Cass..I'm not a nasty person, and in my head I was thinking we could all have a whip round after this was all over and help her buy a new carpet if she wanted..but there was no denying that watching girls peeing somewhere naughty was great fun. "Feck!!!!" she yelled 'Oh the relief..my god I was bursting for a wee and it just needed to come out..and that....that just feels SO bloody good" she said, pointing to her jet of hot piss releasing from her. She was so impassioned I couldn't help but laugh The puddle of pee on the carpet from Nikki's piss was really quite large..at the centre not all the pee had fully soaked in, when, after just under a minute her stream, finally tailed off. Now two different sections of Cass's carpet were piss soaked. Cass berated her 'I can't believe you just did that Nikki' but as Renee pointed out, Cass really had no grounds to complain as she had pissed on her own carpet first. Meanwhile Jessica had actually run and got the loo roll from the toilet and she handed it to Nikki, who took a couple of sheets and wiped like a lady should..before putting the damp paper in the sitting room bin I have to say that now that two girls had pissed over the once beautiful carpet, there seemed no reason for Sarah to kill herself trying to hobble to the loo..what difference would another piss make, and I really wanted to see it happen. But Sarah is a good person, and I think she felt it would be wrong, so she was still trying. to hobble in the direction of the hallway. Her hand was still in her crotch, as she shuffled in tiny baby steps. I had no doubt that she was going to make it to the toilet. But I couldn't possibly let her get away unscathed, could I? I wondered whether I should let her make it, or intervene. Mind you, my own bladder was getting increasingly insistent that it needed release. Still, I was clearly nowhere near as desperate as Sarah..so I had a decision to make.
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    For Naughty Rosie I have to admit that when I take the decision to pee into/on something, I take a seat within my soul, have a little talk with my emotions and morality, and release my bladder only when (or IF...) I decide that I will not care about my deed's consequences It happens very rarely that a piss of mine is little... I do not live up to my fetish, I just live, and do things, and if I feel a simple tingling, usually I do not care. It's when it starts to build up that I simply find a place to relieve myself. It's true that I am not that good at holding, but usually my pee scores between half a liter and a liter, therefore it's hard that particularly small pots survive my shower, and THAT is why I usually take a quarter of a second to decide wether to do it or not. Since I am quite emotional and absolutely care not to make my pee evident, I usually AVOID living things and pee into hallaways or simply between cars. To avoid spalshes, I try to pee down flight of stairs or onto leftlats usually very abundant into blocks' foyers. If plants are in very big pots, usually they are up to survive therefore I care not. But I tend to avoid smaller pots. BUT If I am in my naughty mood (which means that I am so horny that I begin to lose hold on my mistress side) I take a piss into anything that my pussy can reach and actually care NOT about the damages I make. Feeling uncaring is marvellously dark. Feeling guilty, knowing that you will anyway do that again and again and again, is even better. Guilt can be an absurd aphrodisiac. But it's very hard for me to feel guilty, so VERY naughty deeds are necessary!
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