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    These photographs are of my friend Tina, taken after a long walk along the River Avon in Warwickshire she suddenly announced that she needed to pee, and so she gave me permission to photograph her going in a secluded park area off the river. Do hope that you will enjoy and comment.
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    When I was in grad school in Madison, Wisconsin, the Outdoor Club decided to take a canoe trip up the Wisconsin river, camping on sandbars along the way. The group consisted mostly of physics and astronomy PhD candidates (and myself - a Race and Ethnic studies person!). Out of the dozen or so participants, there were only three women. One was a petite blonde Physics PhD candidate - she hailed from Minnesota and had the fragile porcelain doll-like qualities common to her Scandinavian heritage. Never were looks so misleading! Over the next week - our delicate rosebud of a travelling companion proved herself to be the best canoe-ist of us all, one of the heartiest drinkers and... most wonderfully... an expert at peeing standing up. As was our habit after pitching the tents each night, we would gather for drinking and star-gazing (lead by the astronomers) and stories of the origins of the universe (thank you to the physicist. We would start the evening sitting up but soon everyone would be a little too sloshed and we'd end up on our backs listening to each other's stories. The inevitable need to pee would rouse us and a drunken stagger to the trees would ensue. After a couple of rounds of this, a show of skills was called for and the guys were happy to oblige by writing out mathematical equations (no points if you didn't finish the equation) or lining up for distance shots. We women watched on- critically - giving points for style, mathematical prowess and boldness. Suddenly our porcelain doll stood up and burst into the line of distance pee-ers. Hoisting up her skirt, she jutted her hips out and splayed her labia. And shot a stream of pee that put the guys' streams to shame. While the mens' streams dwindled to trickles, hers shot out long and proud....and did I say LONG?? Finally she was done. Shocked silence reigned until one of the men started clapping. Bottles were passed to celebrate the queen of distance peeing and more creative peeing was expressed. Our porcelain doll even acquiesced to write her name in the sand. "Bonnie". She went back and dotted the "i" which involved completely stopping the stream and aiming with great precision to get the dot in the right place. I don't know that I've ever been more proud of my gender! https://permies.com/t/240/3965/women-peeing-outdoors
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    Anyone out there like the idea of playing 'cross-streams'. It was something that I have a strong memory of when 'messing' about with a group of friends as I was growing up. The idea is to find a partner, (male or female), willing to pee along with you, but the stream should cross. It's nicer to play the game outside, although I've tried it in an empty bath, or of course a toilet. The first time I did it was with a boy in a public toilet in a park near to where I used to live.
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    Thank you all for your comments, will pass them on to Tina...but how about a little of me?
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    When I was in mexico last I saw a pretty amazing pool pee. I was in the quiet pool area around 11 am. I had been practicing my snorkeling and I was near the pool side adjusting my mask. Near me there was a young couple, either boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife, probably in their early 30's lieing out reading. The girl was brunette, athletic looking, very fit with medium sized but perky breasts. She was wearing a tiny sundress, relatively see through with a stylish bright purple bikini under neath. She was very attractive which was what originally peaked my interest. As I was slient in the pool I happened to overhear her say to her partner that she was going in for a quick dip and would be back in a couple moments. He acknowledged her with a nod and remained focused on his book. The beautiful girl headed for the stairs and as I watched her walk along the pool deck I noticed that she was walking as though she was alittle uncomfortable. This intrigued me as I wondered if her bladder could be causing this discomfort. She made her way down the stairs and into the water which happened to deep enough to reach her chest. She had a drink in her hand so she didn't swim but rather walked in the water along the pool wall. She followed the wall for about 20 from the stairs before stopping and setting her drink on the edge of the pool. At that point I had expected her to leave her drink and go for a swim but she didn't. Instead she folded her arms and placed them on the edge of the pool than she rested her head on her arms almost like she was just about to have a nap. She looked very relaxed. I decided to put my mask and snorkel on and snorkel around a bit in the water as near her as I could. The visibility in the water was good as the pool was clean and the sun was shining brightly. As I passed by her at a distance of probably 20 under water and I could see her beautiful round butt accentuated by her bright purple bikini and that her legs were spread apart and slightly back causing her butt to arch up slightly. Than I noticed something else. There were some air tiny bubbles making there way out of her bikini. When I have seen other girls peeing in the water I had noticed that the first sign is usually some air bubbles, which I suppose is caused by air trapped in the vagina which is pushed out as the urine releases. Seeing the small bubbles almost assured me that was already or was about to pee into the pool water. I decided to get a better look so I took a deep breath through my snorkel and dove down fully under water. Once underwater I swam more towards her and I was greeted with a beautiful sight. There was a noticeable haze forming around her crotch which was expanding and darkening in colour. The haze continued to grow and spread out around her beautiful round butt and down her thighs. At her crotch the haze had become a beautiful yellow cloud with was quite dark at its source but was lightening in colour as it spread through the water. I began to feel the need for a breath so I swam back up to the surface where I was able to breath through my snorkel again while still keeping an eye on the beautiful peeing beauty. From my further vantage point, the light yellow cloud was now visible around her but you had to be looking for it. If your wern't looking for it you would probably miss it. I caught my breath and dove back into the water again swimming again towards her under water. She looked so beautiful and perfect with her slender legs parted, her butt stuck out behind her and her back slight arched while adding to her beautiful yellow cloud. It was clear that she was a bit dehydrated an it was probably only her second pee of the day. Her beautiful yellow haze now extended from her knees to the small of her back with her butt completely surrounded by hazy water. Between her legs there was still a very noticeable yellow stream that was winding and waving its way through the water as it mixed in and dispersed with the rest of the pool water. Unfortunately as all good things must come to an end, after another few seconds of peeing her steam began to diminish but the yellow haze continued to spread as it diluted in the water surrounding her. At that time I decided to rise back up to the surface for another breath of air. This time I took my mask off and treaded water as I watched her. She lifted her head from her arms, grabbed her drink which was sitting beside her and began walk away without even glancing into the water she had just urinated in to see if there was any tell tale signs. I was surprised that she didn't even give the water a quick swish with her hands to hide her mark but instead she just headed to the stairs where she exited to pool without showing a care for what she had done. From the time she entered to pool to the time she was headed back out it was probably less than 3 minutes. She wasn't lieing when she said she would be quick! As she went up the stairs I put my mask back on and looked back at her pee spot. The water was still a little hazy but no where as noticeable as it were. I decided to swim to the spot where she had relieved her self and I found it noticeably warmer. I took my mask and snorkel off and set them on the side of the pool where she had been and as I did so I glanced up and happened to make eye contact with her as she walked back to her chair. She flashed me a very confident yet naughty grin as she clearly realized and enjoyed the fact that I was in the exact spot where she had just emptied her self and probably thought I was non the wiser to it all. As she headed back to her sun lounger by the pool I slowly swam along in the pool to a point where I was in ear shot of her and her husband. As she was getting ready to like back down I heard her husband ask how the water was. She said that it very nice. He asked if it was a little warmer now and she replied that it was with a grin. She settled back into her chair, grabbed her book and began reading and her husband did the same. I couldn't help but notice their relaxed attitude towards peeing in the pool. It left me wondering if they had a naughty peeing fetish but than I decided that if this were the case that her husband probably would have joined her in the water to enjoy her pee. I came to the conclusion that then couple weren't into naughty peeing but rather just found it to be a normal thing to pee in the pool when needed. Regardless, it was the sexiest and most elegant pool pee I had ever seen.
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