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    You know you are a pee fan when you see girls doing stuff like this........ ......and instead of thinking, "Dirty cows! Ought to be arrested and fined".....you think, "Wow, sexy as fuck! I want them to do that in my living room/on my bed/all over me." Lol
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    You know you are a pee fan when.. Sephora provides a snapshot of herself (wink!)
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    Phillip had a rare chance of being away from home over a weekend and took advantage of going out into the city for a late-night walk to enjoy seeing the young ladies walking around in sexy and sometimes quite revealing outfits. He was also hoping that his secret craving to see ladies peeing in public might also be satisfied as it had on some previous occasions. It was always an unpredictable activity and relied very much on being in the right place at the right time. Some evenings would reveal an abundance of revellers who were willing to pee anywhere to relieve the pressure on their aching bladders while other evenings would be completely dry and provide no sightings whatsoever. Tonight was proving to be a slow night but there had been a couple of highlights. The first had been outside a nightclub around 11:00pm. There was a queue of people waiting to get in and Phillip was sitting on a bench nearby. Movement in the queue triggered his Peedar and he looked up to see a girl in her early twenties, blonde hair, small frame and perky breasts with short blue skirt and tight white top leave the queue and walk quickly towards the back of the queue. Just beyond the queue, she darted into a shop door way, hiked up her skirt and pushed her knickers down. Phillip got up from the bench and walked along the pavement on the opposite side of the road, observing a stream of pee splashing down between the girl’s legs. She was looking down at the pee stream and concentrating on keeping it away from her shoes, so she was oblivious to people walking by. Phillip crossed the road on a diagonal walking directly towards the girl, gaining a great view of her neatly trimmed pussy with a powerful stream erupting forth onto the floor of the shop doorway and running out onto the pavement. A couple of drunk blokes walked past and made a comment which Phillip didn’t hear. The girl raised a middle finger to them, but carried on peeing her flood. By this time, Phillip was on the same side of the road as the peeing girl. He walked right past the shop doorway, deliberately standing in her flow as he continued along the road. He crossed over again and leant against the wall from where he could see the girl finishing up, giving a little wiggle before pulling her knickers back into place and yanking her skirt back down over her bum. She left the scene of the crime to re-join her friends in the queue, leaving the evidence to snake its way down the slope of the shop doorway into the increasing pool on the pavement. The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful until people started to leave the clubs at around 3am. Some revellers headed into a kebab shop near one of the clubs. One girl wearing tight black leggings, which hugged her ample backside was getting agitated with the person serving. She was bouncing and holding her crotch, which caused Phillip’s Peedar to trigger again. From what he could make out from outside the shop, the girl was desperate to pee and the server was saying that they didn’t have any toilets. The girl eventually stormed out and turned left out of the door and headed down the street, with her legs clamped together, moving as best as she could, but being slowed by her bladder. Phillip walked quickly down the opposite side of the road and saw an alleyway, which he guessed would be her destination. He headed down the alley and slipped quietly behind a large bin from where he could see the alley and some other bins that were nearer to the alley entrance. He banked on the fact that she was desperate and would be more worried about finding quick relief than searching further back in the alley for a better hiding place. His presumptions were correct and almost as soon as he had taken up his hiding place the girl hobbled into the alley, moved past the first bin so that she was hidden from the street but in perfect view for Phillip. A security light came on, but it was too late for the girl to think about other options. She immediately yanked down her leggings as she took up a high squat, keeping her head above the level of the bin and looking over her right shoulder over the bin towards the road to keep an eye out for anyone coming into the alley. Her pee erupted from behind her as soon as her leggings were clear and caused a waterfall onto the road behind her, splashing up as it contacted the hard road surface and glistening in the harsh security light. Her shoes and ankles were getting a good soaking and Phillip reckoned her leggings must have taken a bit of damage before she even got started. She was seriously desperate and peed hard for about 40 seconds, creating a small lake on the tarmac. Eventually the stream pressure dropped to more of a trickle and finally a few spurts. The relieved girl stood upright and reached into her bag for a packet of tissues. She turned to face the street keeping the bin between her and the street for protection, her curvy backside now being shown directly to Phillip as he continued to enjoy the spectacle from his hidden vantage point. The girl, believing she was alone, took her time to extract a tissue, wipe her pussy and the insides of her legs and discard the tissue into her puddle. She repeated with another tissue, all the time leaving her leggings at her knees and furnishing Phillip with a view he would remember for a long time. Finished wiping, the girl eased up first a black thong and then her black leggings. Finally she took out another tissue and used it to wipe her ankles and shoes before adding it to the puddle where it joined the other two tissues. She left the alley looking far more comfortable and had no idea that Phillip had just enjoyed her fantastic show. Emerging from his hideout, Phillip returned to the area near the kebab shop. He decided that at 3:30am, he was going to call it a night and head back to his hotel as the number of people around was declining and it had been a slow evening, so probably not much more to see, but he would just give it another 10 minutes in case one of the stragglers in the kebab shop needed a wee before heading home. Phillip was sat on a wall nearby when two girls came up to him looking a bit worse for wear. One girl was blonde with dishevelled hair and her short skirt was riding up so far that her skimpy knickers were on show and only just covering her pussy. The other was a dark haired girl with tight jeans and a low cut top that helped to display a pleasing amount of cleavage afforded by her D-cup breasts that seemed to be stuffed in a C-cup bra. “Do you know the way to the Premier Inn at Cross Street?” slurred the darker girl, which caused Phillip to raise his glance from her cleavage to her face and meet her deep green eyes. “Yes, miss.” he replied. “It is down that street to the roundabout, then turn right, go through the underpass below the ring road, right again down River Road and turn left onto Cross Street. The Premier Inn is at the far end.” “Oh, that sounds quite a long way!” retorted the blonde, who slumped herself onto the wall next to Phillip, leaning back and further exposing the pink triangle of her knickers and flashing a bit of bum cheek into the bargain. The brunette asked “Would you walk us back? I don’t think we are going to remember that and I really don’t fancy an underpass on our own.” Phillip considered his options; he could choose not to get involved, he could get them a taxi or he could agree to walk with them – even though it was the opposite direction to the way he was going. He decided that he had nothing else much to do, so he agreed to help – especially as he was worried that the blonde particularly would struggle to make it to the hotel on her own. “You both look a bit worse for wear – do you think you will make it?” “We are”, the brunette giggled. “It’s been a long night! We’ll make it, but it might take a while.” “OK, but you need to have a chance of shifting the alcohol, so let’s get some water and dilute your blood stream a bit. I am Phillip by the way”. “Chantelle” responded the blonde. “Pleased to meet you.” “And Fiona” added the brunette. “Thank you so much”. Phillip went into the kebab shop and purchased 5 bottles of water. He brought them back to the girls and insisted that they each drank one down completely before setting off, which they did. Phillip then got Fiona to put the other three bottles in her handbag for them to drink one each along the way. They set off slowly down the road, with Chantelle stumbling on her high heels. It wasn’t long before Chantelle removed her shoes and carried them in her hand. Fiona had boots on with her jeans and was fairing a bit better. The two girls adopted a position one each side of Phillip; Chantelle on the left. They both put their arms around Phillip for support and Phillip mirrored the stance, putting his arms around each of the girls. He wasn’t sure he had made the right choice in escorting them, but he was committed now. As they walked/stumbled/staggered along, progress was slow and they chatted about the evening that the girls had been enjoying. They were in town just for the weekend and had taken advantage of pubs and clubs, enjoying more than their fair share of alcohol. Phillip was enjoying being in the company of the two girls and allowed his hands to fall slightly and rest on the top of the girls’ bottoms. He hooked his right thumb into Fiona’s belt on her jeans and allowed his fingers to contact the denim tightly covering her pert derriere. His left hand faired even better with his thumb tucked into the waistband of Chantelle’s skirt, his fingers felt the smooth and flimsy material covering her rounded bottom. After 5 minutes, Phillip suggested that they all take some more water. Fiona agreed, but Chantelle resisted. “I already need a wee! I can’t take any more onboard!” Phillip calmly pointed out that “It is better to keep taking in the water to dilute the alcohol. If you need a wee then you can find somewhere to go. It is 4am and hardly anyone around and there are plenty of places to go in a city”. “I’m not sure about that, but I don’t think I’m going to make it anyway, so I might as well have some water”. “Good call. You are wearing a skirt, so you can be quite discrete if you need to pee”. Another five minutes and Chantelle was visibly struggling, pulling the front of her skirt up even more than it already was and holding her hand on her crotch through her knickers. “I really need a wee!” she exclaimed. This had not gone unobserved by Phillip, who was getting quite turned on by the discussion and the way she had started to walk and hold herself. Ever the gentleman, he offered “OK, you are not going to make it to the hotel, so you need to relieve yourself somewhere near here. There is no point in staying uncomfortable and prolonging it as you are not going to make it.” “Sod it, just find me somewhere to go! Now!!” Phillip steered the girls to a conveniently placed bench. “Here, sit on this bench and perch towards the front. You can pull your knickers down and pee straight onto the pavement. Nobody is around, you’ll be fine.” Chantelle sat on the bench and slumped back against the backrest. She eased down her knickers just past the bench slats. Phillip was expecting her to shuffle forward and pee off the front of the bench, but just then he heard a hissing and then a splattering as Chantelle released her bladder directly onto the bench. “Sorry, it just felt like I was sitting on the toilet, so seemed the easiest thing to do!” The splashing continued and a puddle grew underneath the bench. Phillip looked on, enjoying the sight of three separate streams falling from the bench slats. He moved round in front of her and as Chantelle’s skirt was still riding up, he could just see Chantelle’s pee emerging from her pussy and spreading over the bench slat before falling off the front and back of the slat, so causing the multiple streams beneath. Once she had finished, Chantelle remained there for a couple of minutes as the drips subsided. Then she stood up and lifted her skirt up round her waist, fully exposing herself in order to pull up her bright pink knickers, then returning the skirt into place. Fiona had remained fairly quiet during this and Phillip asked her if she was OK. “I’m fine, but I need a pee too and it isn’t as easy with jeans.” “That’s OK, if you need to go, then go, but we’ll find you somewhere a bit more secluded.” “Thanks – I really need to pee, but I am not exposing myself out here!” “We’ll be at the underpass in a minute. We could station Chantelle at one end and I’ll watch the other so you can go in the middle with no risk of being spotted. Will that work?” “I can’t think of a better plan, so it will have to do.” After another 3 minutes of walking, they reached the underpass. Fiona was starting to struggle now. As they descended the ramp into depths, Fiona said “Hurry up, I can’t hold it much longer” Chantelle took up station at the bottom of the first ramp and Phillip and Fiona continued through the underpass. Fiona stopped in the middle and Phillip continued to the far end – about a further 10m. Phillip checked the coast was clear and both Phillip and Chantelle gave Fiona the thumbs up. Without further hesitation, Fiona undid her belt and button and pulled her jeans to her knees, revealing black lacy underwear that she then proceeded to pull down. Fiona dropped to the floor in a low squat, back against the wall and feet apart. Almost immediately a jet worthy of a fire hose emitted between her legs and fell to the floor of the underpass about a foot in front of her. Phillip alternated between keeping a vague lookout and watching the spectacle in front of him. Fiona sighed in relief and continued peeing for ages, adding more and more to the significant puddle forming in front of her. As her stream waned, she looked much happier and with the final few drips she shook her bottom and stood up. Chantelle called out laughingly “You dirty bitch!” Fiona turned towards her to reply, “You can talk!” and in turning, gave Phillip a lovely view of her pert backside. They both turned to walk towards Phillip and join him to walk up the ramp out of the underpass. “That is soooo much better.” Said Fiona. “Don’t you need to go as well?” “Well, I haven’t drunk as much as you and I peed just before I met you, but I could still do with a leak, but I didn’t want to embarrass you.” “What! After what you’ve just see us do? You’re joking right?” They had now got to the top of the ramp and were walking alongside the ramp but at the higher road level. Chantelle piped in “Well you’ve seen our show – how about you pee off here through the railings to the underpass ramp below?” Phillip consented and turned towards the railings. He was indeed needing to pee now, although not desperate. He unzipped his fly and pulled out his penis, pointing it between two of the railings and unleashed a downpour on the waiting concrete about 5 metres below. Chantelle giggled as she saw it and then asked, “Can I hold it?” Phillip was a bit taken aback, but quickly recovered and agreed. Chantelle came up behind him and reached around him with her right hand, taking hold of Phillip’s dick, which was still in full flow. She waved it around a little and laughed as she saw the stream’s movement amplify where it hit the concrete below. Fiona looked on, enjoying the sight. Soon, Phillip had finished and Chantelle gave it a little shake before letting go for Phillip to put his dick back in his trousers. Phillip then encouraged everyone to drink more water, which they had no problem doing now that their bladders were all close to empty. The three of them continued their slow walk, with arms around each other’s waists and hands straying regularly onto each other’s backsides. Fiona commented that she hadn’t peed outside in ages but that it had been quite liberating. She also mentioned that she felt a bit damp below and that maybe she should have had some tissue. Chantelle said that her knickers had got quite wet, but she was keeping the front of her skirt up to allow them to dry. That got everyone laughing. Another 15 minutes had passed by the time they got to Cross Street and the hotel was visible at the end of the road. The water was going through them and Fiona said “First stop when I get there is going to be the toilet – I need to piss again”. “Too right! I’m busting again too.” Replied Chantelle. “You could always go outside again if you are desperate,” stated Phillip, “No point in being uncomfortable and it is still at least 5 minutes’ walk, plus you have to get up to your rooms”. “Anyone would think you wanted to watch us pee again” laughed Chantelle. “Well, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the view” “Ah, so that’s the way it is, is it?” With that, Chantelle stopped on the pavement, turned to face Phillip, hitched her skirt up, spread her legs and started peeing straight through her pink knickers. They turned noticeably darker and the flood fell to the floor between her feet. Phillip looked on, slightly gobsmacked, but seriously enjoying the view as the knickers got wetter and adopted the shape of Chantelle’s lady parts where the wet fabric turned clingy. “They were wet anyway”, commented Chantelle, “so no big deal, but you can close your mouth now” she laughed. Phillip read this brazen show as a bit of an invitation and reached forward, placing his hand in her stream and then raising it up to the source, where he cupped Chantelle and felt her pee forcing through the fabric and warming his hand. Chantelle didn’t move away, so he continued and caressed her as she peed. As the pee slowed, the last bits dripped through his hand, but the knickers were seriously soaked. Phillip continued to stroke Chantelle through her knickers and then raised his fingers to his mouth and tasted her wetness. Sweet and light, the sign of someone who had drunk a lot of volume and with a slight hint of larger. They continued on their way, Chantelle still keeping her skirt raised to “dry” her knickers – not that they had any chance of drying now. Fiona declined to pee outside again, saying that she could hold it until the hotel. On arrival at the hotel, the girls asked Phillip to see them up to their room. They all got into the lift and Fiona pressed the button for the 10th floor. The lift whirred into action with a jolt and Fiona clamped her legs together, obviously a little more desperate than she admitted earlier. On the 10th floor, the doors slipped open and the three almost tumbled out into the corridor. Fiona led them to Room 828 and fished in her bag for the room key card. She extracted it and placed it in the reader. The red light remained lit. “Shit!” she exclaimed as she bobbed down, crossing her legs. She tried again but received the same display of red barring her entry and access to the toilet which was now just a couple of metres away, but so inaccessible. “Oh, crap, I know what I’ve done! I had the card next to my phone and it’s wiped my card!” “We’ll have to go back to reception” said Phillip helpfully “they will reconfigure the card.” “You’re joking! I’m not going to last that long.” “I don’t see that you have a lot of choice, I’m sorry.” “There is one option,” put in Chantelle, “remember Lanzarote?” “Lanzarote? What’s that got to do with……? Oh I see. I can’t do that!” Phillip was puzzled and asked for an explanation. Chantelle quickly filled him in. “We were on holiday in Lanzarote and we managed to lock ourselves out of our room. We’d had rather too many to drink and left our keys down by the pool. We had gone back to the room to get some supplies, but we couldn’t get in. We both needed to pee and being somewhat drunk we looked to improvise. We were only wearing bikinis and robes. Fiona saw a large artificial plant pot at the end of the corridor and went and perched on the pot, peeing through her bikini into the pot. I went in a corner near the ice machine and peed through my bikini onto the carpet – Well it was a bit wet from the ice spillages anyway.” “But how’s that going the help here?” asked Fiona. “I can’t see any ice machines or pot plants and I’m not even wearing a bikini.” “Well it’s nearly 5am now, there is nobody about, so all you need is to find a discrete spot and be quick. Just don’t do it right in front of the room door as that might be a bit obvious!” “OK, needs must. But where? And it needs to be quick! I’m getting very desperate.” “How about the stairwell? Not many people use the stairs up to the 10th floor – they all use the lifts and even if someone discovers the puddle before it dries, nobody is going to know it was you.” “OK. You win. It is either going to be the stairwell or I pee my pants here, so stairwell will have to do.” Phillip couldn’t believe what he was hearing or that he might possibly be about to witness. Of course, he volunteered to come as a lookout. They went into the stairwell, which was carpeted. Chantelle stood just inside the door on the 10th floor, Fiona went down to the half landing between 10th and 9th floor and Phillip went down further to guard the 9th floor door and the approach from below. Fiona positioned herself in the corner of the landing and pulled down her jeans and thong and dropped into a low squat the same as she had done in the underpass. She looked around one more time and having received the thumbs up from both Phillip and Chantelle, she released a torrent into the carpet in front of her. Her pee puddled on top of the carpet, spreading over a good sized area before starting to soak into the fibres. Fiona wasn’t joking, she really did need to pee again and her entire bladder contents dispensed onto the carpet with a hiss that echoed round the stairwell and a splashing into the carpet. As soon as she finished, she yanked up her jeans and fled the scene back to the 10th floor. Phillip climbed the stairs and passed the puddle. Chantelle and Fiona had now left the stairwell, so Phillip couldn’t resist putting his hand in the puddle and taking a taste. It was not quite as sweet as Chantelle’s, but just as tasty. He suspected that she may have been drinking a different type of beer. Back outside the room, Fiona was saying that they now needed to go down to reception. But Chantelle reached into her back and produced a card “I forgot – we both had a key!” “You *****! You mean I could have used the toilet after all!” “Yes, but you can’t tell me you didn’t enjoy that……”
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    So last night my internet wasn't working rightand no videos would load. Idk about anyone else but my favorite thing to do to get ready for bed is to get off. The only thing that helps me cum is piss. I love piss so much. And i got a naughty idea that i have a blanket in my closet i need to wash any ways what a little pee going to hurt. But as a female i love the challenege of standing and aiming and the sound piss makes hitting the wall makes me so fucking horny. So i got myself out of bed already naked, picked a wall in my closet and moved the blanket over. I spread my legs and opened my lips and took aim and nailed the wall with a huge burst of piss. I was so horny i decided to rub my clit and take turns squirting on the wall and rubbing my clit. I dud this till i covered the wall in front of me, soaked the blanket and the floor and legs were shaking in pure pleasure. Im tempted to just use my wall all weekend.
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    This site IS NOT a kind of "pee-dating" site.We have several female members,but they are on here for their own reasons,which dont usually involve anything like "snapchat".We are welcoming community,and by definition we dont really judge you.Please respect all the other members,and by all means try to get to know everybody as much as you can.You never know what may happen,but its nice to spend time getting to know people.
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    Three Naughty Pee Hotties Rachel invited her friends Natalie, Dianne and Christina over for their weekly book club meeting. As the ladies gather in the family room, her nineteen year-old son, Jason, a community college student, was out mowing their lawn as well as old Mrs. Jenkins' yard next door. Settling in and sipping coffee, the ladies began a discussion about their current favorite book over coffee. Upon finishing the lawns an hour and a half later, Jason came in and headed upstairs to take a shower, only then becoming aware of his mothers' friends being there. At this point, Rachel went to the store for cigarettes, leaving her friends to continue conversing until she would return. Natalie, 37 years old with platinum blonde hair, had on leggings, a tank top and flip flops. 39 year-old Christina had long burgundy dyed hair, a white button-down sleeveless top, denim shorts barely long enough to cover her ass, and sandals. Dianne, 42, had golden blonde hair, dressed in a black mini-skirt, red blouse and 3 inch black high heels. Dianne holds a special place in Jason's memories. During a backyard picnic a few years ago, he caught a clear view of her pussy after reaching under the table to retrieve his cup that he dropped. With a short skirt and no underwear on, her hairy mound and tantalizing labia were completely exposed, accentuated by her long sexy legs. His eyes widened with an instant gut-wrenching arousal. Now relaxing in the air-conditioned room, the ladies said hello, as he walked by breathing heavily, exhausted from the yard work. At this point, They were feeling the need to pee, as the coffee had run its course, with Christina feeling the strongest urge. Engrossed in conversation, she had ignored the pressure building inside of her bladder thus far. Crossing her legs to hold herself while Jason was in the shower, she continued waiting. After 20 minutes, unable to stand the pressure any longer, she stood up and headed to the bathroom, expecting that Jason would be done. Natalie and Dianne carried on with the discussion, still awaiting Rachel's return from the store. After exiting the family room, Christina grabbed her crotch tightly and hurried up the stairs. Approaching the closed bathroom door, the audible sound of water running inside was infuriating, after giving Jason what she thought was ample time to finish showering. No longer able to hold her aching bladder, she made the difficult decision to open the door and rush in. Hey it's just me, Sorry but I gotta piss really bad! I'll be gone in a minute. Don't worry, I won't flush. Jason, shocked at her barging in like that, became excited when he heard the toilet lid smack against the tank as she opened it. An instant later was the loud rumbling sound of her powerful stream striking the toilet water, audible even over the sound of the shower spraying. Barely able to believe his ears, he nervously peeked out from the curtain and was met with the sight of her bare ass cheeks just a few feet away. She was hovering on the side of the toilet instead of directly in front of it, unable to see that she was being watched as her back was turned to him. The ceiling light above perfectly highlighted the beautiful contours of her shapely ass, with just enough illumination to also see her pussy releasing a tidal wave into the toilet. As her swollen bladder continued pulsating and aching, she pushed harder, making her anus protrude outward, partially opening and nearly doubling in size. The thick yellow stream was now rushing out with astounding pressure, hitting the water hard enough that it could've been heard down the hallway. Jason was in awe that a woman was capable of such capacity and extremely aroused by it. After a lengthy gush, her stream eventually died down to a trickle, leaking slowly for several more seconds. Christina's pink anus continued poking in and out throughout her final pushes. Now finished and still in a rush to leave, she squatted closer to the toilet and quickly shook her ass up and down a few times instead of wiping, her cheeks rippling beautifully and unintentionally slapping against the seat. Jason continued observing from the shower as she pulled her tiny white thong back up, running her thumb along the back of it to wedge it deeper into her ass. She then lifted her tight shorts up, struggling to fit her delicious backside into them, having to jump slightly to get them all the way up. Jason quickly hid back inside the shower as she walked toward the door, still zipping up her shorts. (In a semi-joking voice) Okay I'm leaving. Don't tell your mom about this. It never happened! Alone again in the bathroom, Jason now had the biggest erection of his life. After finishing his shower, he stepped out and took a look at what Christina left behind. The large volume of her strong smelling piss had noticeably filled the bowl, along with a thin layer of bubbles at the surface. Still having a solid erection, the decision to take care of himself was an easy one, standing directly over her hot liquid for visual aid. He now had two major sightings of Christina's pussy in his lifetime, the most enjoyable part for him being that she was unaware of them both. Back down in the family room, Dianne announced that the coffee had also run through her and she now needed to pee as well. Christina was torn as to whether she should still stay quiet or speak up about the bathroom not exactly being available. She decided to stick to her original decision and remain quiet, ready to make up a story if need be. Dianne heads up to the bathroom and like Christina, was met with a closed door, this time locked by Jason. Turning to go back downstairs and wait, she noticed the door to his room further down the hall and suddenly had a devious idea. Never having much liked Jason since he accidentally ran his bike into her BMW when he was fourteen and causing her to spend four-hundred dollars to fix the dent, she suddenly was intrigued at the opportunity for a little revenge. Entering his room and closing the door behind her, Dianne scanned his room for a spot to relieve herself. She quickly walked around to the far side of the bed and slid his college books away from where she wanted to leave the wet surprise. Lifting her skirt and squatting down, she grabbed her panties and moved them to the side, letting her puffy labia hang freely. After bracing herself with a few deep breaths to tame the excitement of her vile act, she pushed hard and a powerful gush of clear-colored piss came out straight onto the dark-red carpet, while making a sweet squirting sound. The tremendous volume quickly created a sizable puddle that soaked the carpet, making the wet area sink and flatten. With a full twenty seconds elapsed, Dianne was still releasing so much piss that she was starting to become concerned about the size of the large puddle, still growing as her urethra continued it's relentless assault. Thrilled by such danger, she grabbed hold of her labia and boldly directed the flow around from side to side to make a bigger mess. As her stream flowed, she lifted the blanket hanging down from the bed. Laying on the floor were Jason's six-hundred dollar professional quality headphones that he recently purchased for his music production hobby. Dianne didn't know anything about headphones but assumed they were worth a decent amount of money based on their high-quality craftsmanship and size. With no hesitation, she positioned her body to now aim right at them and violated them with the full force of her torrent, soaking the ear pads, which were made of a fine leather and velour material. A cheerful smile came over her face, fully enjoying the damage being caused, and imagining her piss getting on his ears the next time he would put them on. Then, as luck would have it, her enjoyment was instantly cut short when she heard a knock on the door and it began opening. With no time to react, Dianne remained in the squatting position, frozen in the fear of being caught while in the middle of her lewd behavior. While motionless and holding her breath, with her piss still flowing, Natalie entered, and the two women momentarily stared at each other in shock. She quickly closed the door behind her. “Are you... peeing on the floor?” Uhh...well...I...just, no... “Hurry up, that looks like a good spot to go. The damn bathrooms locked. I'm about to fuckin piss myself.” In disbelief and relieved that Natalie had the same devious intentions, she relaxed and let her pee continue spraying for a few more moments. Having flooded the headphones, she pushes the final drips out. Upon finishing, Dianne moved her panties back in place, getting some pee on her fingers in the process and wiping them on the blanket. She then moved Jason's books back to where they were, directly on top of the huge soaking area. Satisfied with relief, she hurried out of the way. Natalie rushed over and kicked the books to the side, pulled her leggings down, and squatted right over Dianne's puddle, immediately releasing a strong cascade onto the same spot. The pressure caused her stream to splash and sprinkle pee onto her feet. She added so much to the puddle that the carpet could no longer absorb the liquid, causing it to run across the surface, onto the wooden floor. Both ladies laughed as Natalie lewdly sighed in relief. Standing by the door, Dianne was able to see the yellow trail emerging on the other side of the bed, as it ran along the floor behind it. Jason's room now had a noticeable stench of piss. Dianne dared Nat to pee on the headphones as she had just done. Giggling, she accepted the challenge and aimed her stream right at them, dousing them yet again. After finishing, Natalie reached up to grab a handful of the blanket on the bed and wiped it tightly against her wet pussy and anus. Standing back up, she carelessly kicked Jason's books back into place over the now very large puddle. Natalie and Dianne, still laughing, hurried back down to the family room to join Christina and the returning Rachel, while Jason was still in the bathroom. Later that night, he entered his room and noticed a musky smell but just assumed it was his dirty work uniform laying on the floor. Laying in his bed, he reached down to grab his headphones, which were now dry. Upon plugging them into his laptop, he was horrified to hear only broken cracked sound coming out of one side, the other side completely dead. After fidgeting with the cable for a moment, failing to make them work, he threw them on the floor in anger, clueless that the cause was the gushing urethras of his mothers friends. Jason never did notice the damp puddle on the carpet that night, or the trail of piss along the floor behind the bed, which had now dried into a sticky film in the searing summer heat. The next day, all three women met for lunch and had a laugh about what they had done. (Christina blushing) I can't believe I'm telling you girls this, don't say anything to Rachel. I...took a leak while Jason was in the shower! (Dianne laughing) “Oh that's nothing, me and Nat pissed in his room!” What?! You're kidding! Really?! (Natalie) “Hey, the bathroom was locked, he must've been jerking off or somethin. Sooo... we took a huge piss in his room right on the carpet. I wiped my fuckin' pussy on his blanket too.” (Dianne) “And when we were going, we aimed right at some big ass pair of headphones under the bed too, fucking soaked them, hahaaa!!” Oh you two are so horrible! (Natalie smiling) “I'm not gonna lie, it was kinda getting me hot, especially with Dianne in the room watching me!
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    For exceptionally high quality contributions to the forums, and earning high reputations with extremely positive like:post ratios, the following members will also receive VIP status (in no particular order): @nopjans, @wetwulf, @likesToLick, @glad1, @daemoniak, @Alfresco, @will64, @kewet, @Sephora, @puddyls Whilst no longer an active member of the pee community, VIP status will also be awarded to @MissPiss who was here from beginning of the site and has provided us all with great content over many years.
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    Part 3: Origin Story Amanda woke at precisely 8:00 a.m. without her alarm even though it was the weekend. She stretched and yawned, relaxing as she began her first thoughts of the day. Saturday meant no work and no plans, other than the planned tea time with Jill, who was supposed to come over later at around 9:00 a.m. Amanda smiled with internal joy and peace as she laid with her hands behind her head laying in bed thinking about the day while her exposed tits pointed at the ceiling. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and sat up, feeling the smallest bladder twinge signaling her morning pee, which brought back the newly made memories of that night. Amanda got up and strode over to the window overlooking her new neighbor's yard and peered in. "Nothing yet" she thought. She then grabbed her robe to cover up for when Jill came over, but still opted for no garments besides that, and headed downstairs to prepare some tea for when her guest arrived. As Amanda put the kettle on and put the toast in, she thought in depth about what had happened yesterday again. She restored her freedom and now she can enjoy it without any pressure. That thought however was slightly prohibited by Jill, her best friend of a neighbor, who seemed so reserved and mannered. What if she found out? She would most definitely be shunned! Amanda's head raced with these thoughts and then she finally concluded, "The truth will set me free." And so she formulated in her head how she would tell Jill about her new lifestyle as she set the outside table up for a nice morning tea while guzzling her 4L quickly and refilling repeatedly, ignoring the minuscule twinges of her morning bladder. __________________________________ Jill was a very reserved woman. Being single and successful was the perfect lifestyle for her; after dating the same stupid guy for 10 years and never marrying with a nonsensical relationship and no goals, she definitely upgraded her way of living. She had moved into the neighborhood about 5 years back and remodeled the dated property into an elegant and stylish modern home. She owned a flourishing spa business, which she co-founded with a friend back in her 20's. Now that she was well settled she had been pursuing her dream of becoming a relator and earned her degree at the local university just recently using the money she gets from her business. She now after a year had been working for a reality group that sold homes all over the area and in the city. Jill's mornings were very routine and she kept a tight schedule. She would awake, use the restroom, do her morning exercises, eat breakfast, then shower and freshen up all before 9am. She would then go check on the spa, then she would go to her career in house sales. Jill cherished the weekends immensely; they were the times where she would loosen up and relax on her routine, especially when she would go to tea with her new best friend and neighbor Amanda. Present day, Jill woke up at the late time of 8:30. Jill had a fit body, perfect when described by her friends. She had brown straight hair, rather tan skin, and brown eyes, but her boobs were her best feature. Not quite D's but on the edge of CC's, all her friends envied her breasts. She sat up and yawned while stretching in her cozy PJs. Then she went downstairs to throw on her robe and grabbed her phone and a book and headed over to Amanda's for a nice morning tea. Amanda was in the foyer opening some junk mail when the doorbell rang. She was wearing her bathrobe, slippers, but other than that nothing else. She was going to reveal her newfound lifestyle to Jill. She hurried over to the door and opened it up with a huge welcoming smile, which Jill also reflected. They embraced each other and began catching up immediately as they headed towards the kitchen. While Amanda fixed the toast and pastries, Jill sat at the breakfast bar and told her about her long week on the job. "And so I on Tuesday I go into the spa and I headed to the my back office, open the door and what do I find? A naked little girl peeing in my trash bin! The shock was real and pure I almost lost my balance! But I quickly recovered and actually thought it was pretty funny. Turned out she had gotten turned around when her mom sent her to the restroom, which is left of my room so it was a simple mistake and I told the mother and we shared a good laugh! A funny situation as ever am I right?" "Yeah I bet that little girl really had to go!" Amanda replied. "I know, I know it was crazy!" They moved the pastries and toast rack outside and sat down in the cool morning air. Amanda's bladder started to twinge from the topic of conversation and from the cool air as they continued with yet another story from Jill. "So I guess my week has been pee-filled because the next day after that I was at the spa again and I was again headed to my office. I walked past the big glass window that looked in at the big heated therapy bath, where I spotted two middle aged women fully naked and holding their crotches, obviously needing to pee! I was put off and slowed my pace to see what they were up to. They walked over to the stairs that went into the water and stepped in slowly, seeming to tighten on their clutches. As they both submerged their lower bodies under the hot water, they both suddenly let go of their holds and I knew immediately what that meant!" "They peed in your pool!" Amanda said with her bladder pressure slightly increasing. "They sure did! But i mean what was I to do? Kick them out? No way! In fact I bet half the women that come to my spa pee in that bath on a regular basis. I do say though the water is vigorously cleaned thanks to our systems. We drain it every week as well so its not like it's ever an issue." "True true, it seems convenient too." "That's what I'm saying! Heck I might just have to try that!" As Jill finished her sentence, Amanda's mind raced with excitement. This was a perfect chance to break the harder ice. "Hey, all this pee talk is making me have to go, do you mind?" Amanda decided to shock her friend and see her reaction. "Yeah sure! In fact I'll join you too I forgot to go at home and I am bursting after all I've seen this week!" 'Even better' Amanda thought to herself. Amanda stood up and Jill took a second to take a couple sips from her tea. Amanda then grabbed her crotch and gave into her bladder, positioning her explosion and then holding back at the last second before it erupted from her peehole. Her hand was now the last barrier. Jill stood up and walked over to Amanda and Amanda then began to move not towards the house, but to her small garden area. Jill, puzzled followed as they approached the long patch of soil. Amanda then strode over to the empty area where she had planned to plant cucumbers, but not today. She straddled herself over the dirt and stood legs spread apart as she untied her robe with one hand, the other still gripping her pussy tightly. Her robe opened exposing her naked body to the now wide-eyed Jill, who stood there also holding her crotch. "What are you doing!" "Peeing!" And with that simple explanation, Amanda with one quick move took her hand out of the way and out came a fire hose of piss as she sighed with huge relief. Her clear piss spattered and gurgled as it immediately turned into a puddle in the thirsty soil. She stood with her hands on her hips and leaned back slightly, splashing some of her plants. "Amanda! What....why...how!" Jill was shocked at her friend's actions, but not discouraged. Just very confused. Amanda then decided to show Jill just how serious she was and held back her torrent for a moment, still dripping, she ran over to the middle of her patio and spread her legs again, immediately unleashing her continuing splurge. Jill then strode over to her new pissing spot and continued to watch her friend piss freely. As she watched though, her bladder began to snap at her after watching this act of brazenness. Amanda's bladder began to empty finally and she pushed out her last splashes into the now large puddle in the middle of her backyard. "Ahhhhhh better! Okay now don't you have to pee?" Amanda was slightly scared of what Jill's reaction might be, yet she was not one bit embarrassed though for peeing in her own backyard. "Yes I do need to pee. But why not the toilet? Is it broke?" "It's a long story; my parents were very caring and had strong values, but as their only child it wasn't hard to manage me. So also, being the only child came with some 'unique' ways of handling issues and discipline. One problem my parents had was potty training. I drank so much at the age of 3 that I would fill my bladder to the max and pee every 30 minutes or sooner. They were happy I stayed hydrated, but I was not yet potty trained. Our toilet was an outhouse, which I also found scary so again my parents were faced with a unique problem. The problem was solved however when I was running around in the sprinklers naked one day; our small farm was well secluded and was surrounded by a forest so privacy was a given. Those were fun summer days; even my mom would get naked with me and get wet. While I did it though of course, I would need to pee. So, I simply stopped out of nowhere and squatted and peed on the grass. Then my mom suddenly had the brilliant idea that solved my potty training. When we were getting dressed, mom put my shirt and shoes on but nothing else and said go play. And I did just that. I went outside and played with the animals as usual, but whenever I needed to pee, I would go wherever I was: on the barn floor, on the lawn, in the woods, on the road, even on the house floor sometimes which angered my mother. As I grew however, I of course was toilet trained properly and started using the facilities whenever I was out and about and when we had company over. But whenever I was home I was naked again. It had grown on me like a tradition. I grew and started elementary school and kept the tradition all the way through. I would come home everyday and immediately rush in side and strip down my pants and panties and rush outside under the tree to my favorite pee spot. Then I would pee a record amount everyday, amazing my mom everytime. Those days were amazing for me and it bonded me to my homeland. But again I grew and in middle school I eventually stopped stripping down everyday. Instead I only did it on some weekends, which turned into once a month, and finally when high school hit I stopped all together. I graduated and went off to college. Whenever I visited home I would use the outhouse and stay fully clothed. My mom would sometimes try to pry and get me to do it for fun, but I was completely fixed. My amount of reserved attitude kept me from doing anything like that, as I found it immature and outlandish and uncomfortable. And then I got a job and moved here to a new life far from home. I still forego nudity whenever I go visit. And so recently I had a revelation and I guess I awakened that freedom again. So, last night I peed out here twice and from now on I'm taking a new approach to peeing; no more using the toilet at home!" Jill's shock was great, but so was the pressure of her bladder. She desperately held on after hearing Amanda's story and felt a damp patch in her grip on her pussy. Jill shuddered with pee pressure, "So," she shakily said as she used every muscle she could, "I can just pee anywhere?" "Yes, if you want to though....you can go use the toilet." Amanda said sadly. "Oh great thanks!" and with that she began to rush for the door; as soon as she took a step up the small stairs however, a gush of pee squirted quickly into her silk bottoms. "AH" she yelped as she took another step which gave the same result as the patch grew on her panties with every step she took. "She reached the door and had peed just enough into her PJs that she could now hold it long enough to reach the toilet inside but as she stepped through the doorway, she heard Amanda sobbing. She stopped and looked back outside at her friendly neighbor naked and sobbing in her backyard while she was pee dancing in the kitchen. In a moment of self realization she felt both pity and unexpectedly some jealousy of her friend's position. Jill had little time to think and didn't want her pj bottoms to get ruined fully so she slowly stepped back outside, this time with compassion, humility, and fewer leaks. She managed to scoot her way over to her friend and put her head on her shoulder, as both her hands were at use holding back her waves of desperation. Amanda turned and hugged Jill and Jill also began to sob from the contagious sobbing of her friend. Standing back up Jill giggled through her happy tears and said "Could ya give me an extra hand here and take my bottoms off so I can pee finally?" Amanda laughed and sniffled with a nod and unzipped her friends pants. Carefully and with on hand at a time, Jill reached into her pants and reattached her hands on her crotch. Then Amanda pulled them down to her ankles quickly and discovered Jill wasn't wearing underwear. Jill then scooted around the table and into the middle of the yard where she stumbled and almost lost her balance, but definitely lost her grip, unleashing her thick stream of hot morning piss onto the dry patch of grass below her. She let her head back and sighed in immense relief and increased her power, making her stream go several feet in front of her as she leaned back peeing in the patchy yard. Amanda sat in awe watching her neighbor peeing brazenly in her backyard standing up half nude! Jill's piss kept unloading and the puddle formed a small lake in the dirt. Amanda was amazed at her capacity and watched on as Jill's strong pee kept rushing out of her smooth muff. Amanda was stunned as Jill's pee came to a waning end after a whole minute and a half! "How can some one as slim as you fit all that pee?"Amanda wondered to Jill "Well I drank about a gallon of water last night alone after a workout; I also admit I stay hydrated constantly. In excess." They both laughed with relief and happiness. Jill suggested they head back inside to talk due to the wind picking up. Once back inside, Jill removed her robe and top, "So I'm also guessing the nudity is part of the new lifestyle?" She hung up her robe and shirt and strode over to the couch naked. Amanda replied with a smiling nod and hung up her robe as well. Then she took Jill's bottoms tp the laundry room and stated the wash, then headed back to the living room and joined her new naked buddy on the couch. "So let's just make today a girls day in and let's talk all about this cause I want in too!" Jill was sold after feeling so naughty and relived in a new way. "Sure thing! Rule number one though; stay hydrated!" with that Amanda got up and grabbed two water gallons out of the fridge. And so the fun day began for the two newly free women.
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    Jade was woken up by the sound of Leena and Emmy cackling loudly. She yawned while stretching her arms and shifted her gaze around the room. The girls must've carried her back to their suite. "Hey did you sleep well sweetie?" Leena chirped as she walked to the bed and kissed Jade on the forehead. Jade blushed and nodded. "What time is it?" She asked while pulling herself up into a seated position on the bed. "7:30 Pooh. We should go out tonight. We still need to find a way to get back at that cunt from the bar. Leena and I have already showered. Go get ready!" Emmy said with an excited smile. Jade pulled herself out of bed and wrapped her hair into a messy ponytail before entering the bathroom. She sat down on the side of the tub and turned the water on. Once the water was hot enough, she stepped inside the shower and closed the curtain. She poured some soap into her hand and started humming a tune as she washed herself. While doing so, a thought popped into her head. Jade wondered if Leena had a place to stay. They had just met but she knew both her and Emmy developed a little crush. Jade and Emmy already had a thing going on but Leena could be a great addition. She finally rinsed the soap off and grabbed a towel off the rack. After drying off, she took out some lotion and applied it to her smooth, tan skin. She took out her makeup bag and went to work on her face. She decided to go with a shimmery-gold eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and dark burgundy lipstick. She opened her suitcase and pulled out her favorite party outfit. She slipped on the black lace crop top that exposed her belly button piercing and paired it with a tight black skirt that came down to her mid thigh. She slipped on her black 6 inch boots and walked out of the bathroom. Emmy turned her head when she heard the bathroom door open and immediately went wide-eyed. Jade had always been a beautiful girl but Emmy just loved when she showed off piercings. "You look hot!" Emmy and Leena said in unison. The trio broke out in laughter and Jade sat down between the 2 girls. "I um...I want to ask you ladies something. Emmy I've loved you since our first night in the dorm together. Leena, we just met but I feel like there's a special place in my heart for you too." Jade paused and grabbed both Emmy and Leena's hands. "Would you both be my girlfriends?" Jade said while focusing her gaze in her lap. Both girls nodded and opened their arms for a group hug. Jade leaned over and kissed both girls before standing up from the bed. "Let's go celebrate bitches!" Jade screamed and the trio excitedly rushed out of the suite. Once they got down to the parking lot, Emmy spotted the human trash that called himself a bartender standing by his car "Ladies look what we have here. I think I figured out where we're pissing next. Let's go back inside and get something to drink." Emmy said before turning around swiftly and heading back to the hotel. "Hey wait! I thought we were going out." Leena responded with a pout. Jade leaned over and kissed her cheek. "It's alright maybe we can just go to the diner after. The bar has some good music." Jade said and grabbed Leena's hand. The trio entered the loud bar. Each girl sat their purse on a table and took to the dance floor. The young ladies swayed their hips together to the familiar song blasting through the speakers. "I bet I could drink both you bitches under a the table." Leena yelled out over noise. "Oh bullshit you're going down." Jade challenged with a fake scowl. Her and Emmy exchanged glances before racing to the bar. Each girl grabbed a shot glass and quickly swallowed the liquid inside. After a few rounds, the three young girls were feeling buzzed. "Girls I need to piss now." Jade said as she slipped of her heels and grabbed her purse. Emmy winked at Leena and followed after Jade. They reached the parking lot and found the shiny red sports car. Jade smiled evilly and pulled out a key. She dug the tip of it through the seamless paint job on the hood. After a few minutes of carving, she stepped back from her masterpiece. "Hmm I think this car could use a little washing." Jade said with a wink and the other girls stepped forward. Leena stumbled and grabbed the door handle for leverage. When she pulled down, she realized the car was left unlocked. "Holy shit it opened!" She squealed with joy. Emmy opened the door on the driver's side and sat down. "I hope he enjoys the smell of piss!" Emmy giggled and spread her legs. A strong stream erupted from Emmy's pussy and landed on the steering wheel and upholstery below. The other two girls watched on and giggled at Emmy's eagerness. Emmy adjusted her stream a little and was now spraying hot piss all over the dash bored until she was empty. "Damn that felt good. You're up next Leena." Emmy said while pulling her dress back down. Leena moved to the back of the car and opened up the trunk. Leena scowled at the sight below her. It was a wedding dress. "Guys come look at this. The fucker is engaged!" Leena exclaimed and the other girls rushed to the back of the car. "Ew that fucking pig!" Jade shouted with a grimace. "I don't know if I should piss on this. I mean its not her fault her guy is a lying man whore." Leena said with a frown. Emmy rolled her eyes and went on to speak. "Babe once she finds out what kind of guy he is, she's not gonna want to wear that dress." Leena thought about Emmy's words for a brief moment. "Alright then. Stand back ladies. You're kind of in the splash zone." Leena said joking while removing her panties. She lowered herself into a squat and began pissing all over the beautiful gown. Slowly each part of the dress turned a bright yellow color as Leena spread her stream around. Leena finished her stream on the long tulle skirt of the dress and hopped out of the trunk. "Top that Jade." Emmy said while jokingly pushing the smaller girl. Jade rolled her eyes and returned to the front of the car. "Ya know he should thank us for the free carwash." Jade said sassily and climbed on to the hood of the car. Jade spread her legs and her golden piss stream started to rain down on the hood and windshield of the car. Her stream seemed to go on forever and she even managed to spray some piss on the car directly beside her. She wiped her pussy with her hand and stepped down. "Let's go I'm starving." Jade said after a quiet hiccup. The girls all headed to Emmy's car and got inside. Emmy only had a few drinks so she was in the best condition to drive. Jade and Leena sat in the back while Emmy started the engine and drove out of the parking lot. Leena placed her hand on Jade's thigh but the girl payed no attention and continued to text on her phone. Suddenly, Leena moved her hand a bit higher under Jade's short skirt. Jade turned to Leena and gave her a sultry look before pulling her into an intense kiss. Both girls pulled away, breathing heavily. Jade pushed her hand down Leena shorts which resulted in her letting out a quiet whimper. Emmy peaked through the rear view mirror and smiled when she saw the two girls fooling around. "Knock it off. I'm trying to focus on the road." Emmy said with a giggle and the two girls pulled apart. After a few more moments of silence, the girls pulled into the parking lot of the diner. When they walked in, the place was completely empty. "Hello?" Jade called out and a small, elderly woman walked out from the kitchen. "Hi girls! Go on and take a seat. Can I get y'all something to drink?" She asked with a kind smile. "Um 3 cokes please." Jade spoke up as the girls took their seats. "Okay right away dear!" The old woman said before returning to the kitchen. The girls talked quietly and the waitress returned with their drinks. "Hmm the burgers look good. Can I get that and a milkshake?" Jade asked politely. Leena and Emmy both ordered the steak and eggs special. The waitress once again entered the hot kitchen. "Do you think she still does the dirty?" She asked, referring to the waitress. Jade face-palmed and Leena burst out into laughter. "I sure as hell hope not. She's gonna break her pelvis!" Jade replied and booped Emmy on the nose. After a few more minutes of talking, the trio received their meals and began chowing down. Once the ladies were full, Emmy handed her money to the kind waitress. They all pitched in on the huge tip. Emmy turned and started walking towards the restroom. "Where you going?" Leena asked and Emmy turned back around. "I'm bursting!" Emmy responded with a giggle. "I hope you don't plan on pissing in the toilet. Don't get all boring on me." Jade piped up with her arms crossed over her chest. Emmy dropped her purse and walked back to the table. "You just love watching me piss don't you?" She questioned Jade with a smirk on her face. Jade blushed as she nodded. Emmy laughed and hoisted herself up onto the table. She lifted her dress for the second time that day and spread her pussy lips. A pale, yellow stream sprang forward and landed on the table and left over dishes. Jade couldn't resist her urges and slid under Emmy's fountain. Emmy bit her lip as she pissed into Jade's waiting mouth. In took everything to hold in her moans. She was unbelievably turned on by Jade's piss drinking. She squirted the last few bits on her face. Both girls got off the table and headed out of the diner with Leena. This trip opened a whole new world of experiences for they girls. They pissed where they wanted, when they wanted. Three months later, Leena had finally moved in with Jade and Emmy. Everything was perfect and the three young ladies were as happy as ever. The end
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    a picture like this turns you on.
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    I'm posting here, but this place seems a little dead... not sure any 1 still visits here anymore: Well anyway, I wanted to tell you about a situation that occurred. We (there are 4 of us) are the Girls Math Competition team, Enid, Dokiko, Cara, and I (Bree). We all love peeing as there is a lot of math involved when you do it right. We keep track of Capacity, Distance, Height, Arc Angles, Flow Rate, DPS (Drops Per Second), etcetera (Bunch more, but you get the idea). We actually attend the same school as Aggy, but we do not associate with her much (She is a bit of a loner and a little TOO obsessed with pee). There was a competition out of town recently, 27.635 miles from us and across borders. It was an overnight trip since the tournament was early in the morning. We got a hotel room and the 4 of us stayed in the same room. Our Chaperone and Coach (2 separate people) let us take care of our own dinners that night and said we could stay out as long as we were in our room by no later than 22:30. We did a bit of shopping and made sure to fill up on water the whole night. So here are our escapades: As I said we were all downing water constantly, our intake was about 1/3 litre an hour per girl and we each process at a different rate. Dokiko is like a sieve, water goes right through her, so she usually has the most places but very little each time. Enid is like a sponge, she is a bit chubbier (Rubenesque), curvy and very sexy. Her nerves make her a bit of wild card when peeing, she may get shy or she may unleash a torrent, when she starts though, she does not stop and that can sometimes mean you are left standing in a small lake (LOL). It is not uncommon for her to go for 32 hours or more without a release, we joke that her big breasts are 1/2 extra brain and 1/2 water balloon. She is the physics genius and is actually working on a gaming engine for "Body Physics." (Really she just likes to make girls with super huge busts and animate them properly with motion and collision detection.) Cara is just Cara, she pees regularly with normal volume and speed, but she can do a few tricks. She has the ability to do a forced push and get a single burst to fly an impressive distance (her record is 6 metres with accuracy within 4 centimetres). Lastly, I am just plain Jane... but I am an idea girl and very observant. Our 1st pee was at a pet shop with Dokiko. We were looking at the puppies and they had a few out to play in an area. Dokiko went in and squatted down (skirt, no panties; so she can pee at a moment’s notice, which sometimes is all she gives us) and got a puppy to come to her. She held it close to her stomach and peed on the floor (about 1/4 a cup and some of it got on the dog), she stood up and told the attendant the dog had done it and we left. From there we went to dinner. We went to a restaurant (I do not remember the name) where we were sharing a booth. Cara was on the outside and after our waitress took our order and left, it was her turn to pee. (I want to note here that our waitress was a 10 and a 1/2, and was in a super short skirt that showed her thong panties in the back and she bent so far over the table that she fell out of her top... her nipples were touching the table and she was good 1 foot above it when they dropped.) Cara turned into the aisle and just shifted her panties to 1 side. She then proceeded to put 2 burst shots under each of the 3 tables across from us. When she was done she went across the aisle and did 2 more burst shots under the booths in front and behind us (1 each). Finally still in the other booth, she slid to the middle of the seat and emptied her remaining pee on the opposite seat (under the table across the booth). You could see her stream hitting the seat back and dripping into the cushions. Dokiko peed 2 times under our booth, 1 she announced, the 2nd 1 was only known because she splashed my leg. (We got the waitress to flash us her pussy too; we were joking that we got to see the top and wanted a complete picture. She flipped her skirt and pulled her thong down to her mid-thigh. It was petite and pretty and shaved clean. She got a really good tip. LOL) We headed to do some clothes shopping at a goth / punk shop from there. We all went into the same changing room and Enid tried for about 5 minutes to pee on anything in there with no results. So again, Dokiko filled in for her and got a decent amount on the seat. Her puddle measured 5 centimetres and was mostly round since the seat had been indented from use. I drenched the corner carpet from peeing on the mirror. At this point we were kind of bored and tired, so we went back to the hotel. We changed into suits and went down to the pool area which was empty. We piled into the hot tub and turned it on and up. We were all still downing water and then I had to pee again. I convinced Enid to pop out her big boobs and I got the chance to stand and pee on them which made us all giggle and was really fun. Cara crawled out and peed in the pool... from the edge of the hot tub. (LOL) We told Dokiko that every time she had to pee, she had to stand in the middle and count down from 1000 by 12. (She made it to 412, roughly 7 times and the average length after we timed them was 7 seconds). After 2 hour we were bored again (that was after we timed how long it took for Cara to masturbate herself to full orgasm, 17 minutes 48.872 seconds), we dried off and decided to take a look at the stairwell by the pool. It was about 21:45 by then anyway and we needed to get back to the room soon. We went all the way to the top floor (12 floors) because the stairs had a sign that said "Roof Access." Once we climbed all that way we were exhausted, but past the last landing the stairs continued around another corner to a final spot with a ladder and a locked access door. The carpet up there was all new, we could still smell the glue, but Enid felt bad that she had not contributed to the fun and said it was her turn. She took off her bikini bottoms and squatted on the step before the platform, and then we waited. It took 10 minutes before she was comfortable and then she just started peeing. She managed to cover the entire top landing from corner to corner (1 yard and 1/2 squared), the step she was squatting on, the 1 below it (2 times 8 inches by the previous 1 1/2 yards), and the rise between each (6 inches vertically by the 1 1/2 yards times 2, again). This astonishing feat took no less than 4 minutes and 18.664 seconds of uninterrupted stream. In fact Dokiko peed on the ladder 3 times and Cara did a burst wave down the stairs while Enid was going. We quickly got back to our room on floor 5 and inside. We let Enid have the shower 1st and while she was in there we surprised her. We all stripped down and attacked her, I took her left breast, Cara on her right, and Dokiko with her dexterous Asian fingers worked her clit and slit. We were going to switch and keep going, but Enid gets really sleepy after an intense orgasm. So since I had to pee again, she let me pee on her boobs 1 more time and she actually surprised me by moving and letting my flow fill her mouth. She took 1 good swallow before Dokiko pushed in front and took 1 good swallow, and then Cara locked her whole mouth over my vagina and swallowed until I was empty. We all slept really well that night. The competition was close, but we won. (YAY!!) We were all piled on the bus and on our way home when the Coach had to pee but there were no Rest Stops. So after some convincing, we goaded him into standing in the aisle and peeing into the cup on the trophy. Then to make the whole trip even better... our Chaperone got up and did the same thing. There was no warning or anything, just completely natural. She stood up, walked to the trophy (still had the Coach's pee in it), kicked off her flip-flops, unbuttoned her pants, removed them from 1 leg, straddled the cup, and let loose. She hissed and the pee swirled around and bubbled with her heavy force flow. (We secretly timed it, at 0:20431 seconds, so we could do some other calculations later.) Then she put everything back on and sat back down. Best School Trip EVER.
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    Emmy and Jade made their way into the crowded bar a found two seats near the back. Again, this is Emmy.... And this is Jade.... Jade got up from her seat to purchase a drink for both her and her friend. "Hey 2 beers please." She said to the handsome bartender. He gave her a wink and grabbed her hand before speaking. "Sure babe it's on the house." He replied as Jade snatched her hand back from his grasp. He turned around and handed her two glasses filled to the top with beer. "You're not gonna tell me your name sexy?" He asked with a smug look on his face. Jade rolled her eyes and started making her way back to the table. "Hey by the way you have a nice ass!" The bartender shouted across the room. Jade slowly turned around and stormed back up to the counter. She threw both drinks is his face. "I'm not your babe asshole!" She screamed before grabbing Emmy's hand and rushing out of the bar. "Damn! Your confidence back there was kinda sexy." Emmy said as she gently patted her friend on the butt. Jade blushed and kept quiet as they entered the elevator. "We can always get him back." Jade said with a smirk as they reached their hotel room. Emmy giggled and nodded her head. "Looks like we now have 2 people at the top of our piss hit-list." She replied while shrugging her shoulders. "I think we should get back at that dick wad that called us carpet munchers first." Jade said while pulling a bottle of Vodka from her suitcase. She passed the Vodka to Emmy and watched her take a huge swig before setting it on the table. "Yeah but how are we gonna get in babe?" Jade thought for a few moments before a light bulb went off in her head. "We'll pretend to be house keeping." Emmy smirked and agreed to go along with Jade's plan. They took the elevator down to the bottom floor and snuck into the supply room. They grabbed a vacuum, two feather dusters, two surgical masks and a bottle of disinfectant spray. Before they could enter the elevator a staff member stopped them. "Hey are you ladies new? I haven't seen you before." Emmy nodded before rushing into the elevator and pushing the button to close the doors. As soon as the elevator doors closed, Emmy pushed Jade against the wall and slammed their lips together. Jade was shocked but melted into the kiss. Emmy pulled back only by an inch before smiling. "Sorry for the sudden kiss. I'm just so turned on by the thought of watching you piss again. I'm turning you into such a naughty slut." She whispered before lifting up Jade's skirt and pressing her palm gently against her pussy. Jade blushed but continued to let Emmy fondle her until the elevator doors once again opened. She gathered her composure before following her friend into the hallway. They finally reached room 313. Jade instructed Emmy to put on the surgical mask before knocking. There's no way he would recognize them with these on. They knocked on the door 3 times before the tall, blond businessman opened the door. "Oh good morning ladies. Sorry there's a bit of a mess...oh wait actually I'm not. Its your fucking job to clean up after upperclass citizens like me. But hey if you show me your tits, I'll leave you a little tip." He stated in an abrupt tone. Both girls simply pushed passed him with no fuss. He definitely deserved what was coming to him. After standing there awkwardly, he exited the suite with a loud slam of the door. "For Fucks Sake!" Emmy shouted in anger. She was now ready to empty her bladder on his precious belongings. Maybe after this he'll learn a bit of respect Emmy completely stripped off her dress and removed her bra before pacing the room. She looked through the suitcase and realized they're were a bunch of women's clothing as well as heels, make up, a curling iron, and nail polish. "Holy fuck! This ass wipe is a crossdresser!" Emmy shouted between loud cackling. Jade simply rolled her eyes before stripping herself nude. "'Maybe he came with a wife. Rich pricks like him always have some weak willed woman running behind him." Jade replied logically. Emmy realized she was probably right and continued searching the room. All together they found a laptop, IPhone, 3 suits, and a file of important documents. Both girls climbed onto the bed and readied themselves to unleash their piss streams onto the expensive material below. All of a sudden sudden, they heard the door swing open and in stepped a young woman with long, blonde hair with a bag in one hand, and a card key in the other. This is her..... She was wearing that white bikini which showed off her lovely shape and sun-kissed skin. All 3 girls stared at each other blankly before the new woman spoke up. "Um what's going on here?" she asked with a frightened look on her face. Emmy and Jade both stepped down from the bed and walked towards the girl. "Basically your husband is a cunt. He deeply offended my friend and me." She said while nodding towards Jade. A look of relief flashed across the half-naked blonde's face. "Trust me I know. I was planning on leaving him this weekend. I brought the divorce papers and everything. My name is Leena by the way." Emmy and Jade looked at each other for a short moment before sounding off in laughter. Soon, Leena also joined in on the giggle session. "So what were you ladies planning to do? Break his laptop and rip up his suits?" Leena asked curiously. Emmy shook her head at her innocence. "No sweetie. We planned on pissing all over his belongings." Emmy explained. Leena smirked and started removing her bikini. "I want in. I've been with this bastard since high school. I'm done with his shit." Leena stated while stomping towards the bed. Emmy winked at Jade and soon all 3 girls were standing side by side on the bed. Emmy giggled and removed the file of papers from the pile. "I think we should avoid pissing on these." Leena said with a giggle. "Okay ladies on the count of 3. Ready? 1..2..3!" Leena shouted in excitement and each girl started releasing their piss onto the pile below. Emmy made sure she completely drowned the laptop in her golden stream while Leena focused her stream on a light grey suit. Jade aimed over the other two suits, coating them both evenly in her warm, yellow piss. "Quick ladies! Focus your stream on the phone!" Emmy shouted out. Both Jade and Leena adjusted their aim to soak the small device under them. Jade first ran out of piss but Emmy and Leena were still going strong. Jade climbed off the bed and sat down on the couch, directly in front of the bed. "Jadey pooh I still have some piss left. Do you want a taste?" Emmy purred seductively. Jade quickly nodded her head and Emmy immediately jumped down and walked over to her friend. "Hey Leena? Could you piss on me too?" Jade asked shyly. Leena gave her a warm smile and hopped of the bed. "Of course I can babe! No need to ask." Leena responded cheerily. Both her and Emmy pulled Jade onto the floor and stood above her. "Jadey pooh I want you to rub yourself while we piss on you. You're gonna be our little human toilet." Emmy said as she positioned her pussy over Jade's face. Leena stood over Jade's and watched her play with her wet cunt. Emmy was the first to start pissing and directed her stream right down Jade's throat. Immediately Jade started to swallow Emmy's salty piss. Leena watched the sight before her and also started pissing on the beautiful dark haired girl below her. She directed her golden piss onto Jade's pussy. She felt some of it splash back onto herself and smiled with glee. "Mmm I bet you like swallowing my piss Jadey pooh. Don't you dare cum yet." Emmy commanded while Jade held back her orgasm. Emmy now aimed her stream into Jade's long, black hair. Jade was so turned on by the sight of two beautiful women pissing on her, she started to orgasm even without Emmy's permission. "Naughty girl! Since you got to cum, you should pleasure me and Leena until we cum." Emmy suggested as she finished pissing. Jade nodded and lowered her face to Leena's pussy and started to lick. While doing this, she shoved 2 fingers into Emmy. Both girls bit their lips in pleasure. Leena grabbed one of Emmy's perky tits and started to lick her nipple. Emmy moaned out as she rode Jade's hand. "God damn you ladies make a great team." Emmy moaned as she laced her fingers through Leena's blonde hair. "Jade's tongue is fucking magical. I'm cumming!" Leena screamed out as she threw her head back in pleasure. Jade smiled a pulled away and focused her attention on Emmy. Leena petted Jade's wet locks as she started to eat Emmy's pussy. Emmy leaned in for a kiss and Leena filled the gap between them and connected their lips. After a few moments of making out with Leena, Emmy finally reached her peak. All three ladies laid on the floor together in silence for a few moments. "Hey Leena. We've got another pissing spree planned tonight. You coming with us?" Leena smiled and nodded. All three ladies fell asleep together on the floor in each others arms.
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    Emmy and Jade had their whole weekend planned out. This is Emmy.... And this is Jade....... Every year during spring break, they would go to a hotel for the entire week. They'd been doing it since their freshman year of college and now they were juniors. They couldn't think of a better way to spend their vacation than with each other. "Jadey pooh! Don't forget your inhaler. You almost died on me last time." Jade rolled her eyes at her friends silly remark and zipped up her suitcase. "Hey I wasn't the one smoking cigarettes all day dummy!" She shot back as she stuck out her tongue. "Whatever just get your ass in the car." Emmy said as she brushed past Jade to collect the rest of her hair products from the bathroom. Jade ran down to the car and threw her pink suitcase into the trunk along with a few other bags and supplies. A few moments later, Emmy also arrived to the car with her things and proceed to the driver's seat. "Buckle up Bitch!" Emmy screamed in an excited tone. "Oh trust me I will. I know you can't drive for shit." Jade replied as she rolled her eyes once again and connected her phone to the car radio. After 3 hours of driving, both girls began to feel hungry and stopped at a drive through. After the two young ladies grabbed their meals, they drove away and continued their road trip to Wisconsin. "Maybe we'll meet some nice guys this weekend Em." Jade spoke quietly while she listened to her friend hum along to the radio. "Sure babe but I'd much rather fool around with you like always." Jade blushed and turned her head to the window and soon fell asleep while Emmy occasionally peeped down at her phone to read the map. By the time they had arrived to the hotel, both girls were in serious need of a bathroom. Jade shook back and fourth while Emmy was talking to the receptionist and collecting their room key. They soon headed over to the elevators and stepped inside. "Hmm Jadey pooh I don't think I can hold it much longer. Buying 3 large sodas probably wasn't smart." Emmy and Jade both looked at each other and giggled. All of the sudden, a naughty thought popped into Emmy's head. She put down her bags and started to lift up her dress. "What are you doing?" Jade asked in a hushed tone. Surely Emmy couldn't pee in the elevator. Right? "Just kicking off the weekend fun." She replied with a smirk. Just then, Emmy started to piss all over the elevator floor. Jade covered her mouth in shock but couldn't take her eyes of Emmy's stream. "If you get my bag wet, you will be buying me knew luggage!" Jade screamed with a nervous laugh. Emmy rolled her eyes and aimed her stream higher and bit her lip as she soaked the buttons on the wall. Just in time, Emmy pulled her dress back down before the elevator doors opened. Both girls rushed off from the scene of the crime before any one saw them. As they entered their hotel room, each girl was in a fit of laughter. "Damn Em! You always do the craziest shit." Jade shouted with glee as she flopped back on the soft mattress. "I am quite wild. Its your turn now Jadey pooh." Emmy said with a devious look on her face. Jade began to blush again for the billionth time that day. "Em I can't. I'm too nervous!" Emmy let out a frustrated sigh and grabbed Jade's hand. "Please? Do it for me. I'll give you something in return." Emmy whispered and pulled Jade in for a short kiss. Jade rolled her eyes and let the taller blonde lead her out the door. Both girls searched the hotel floor until they found a suite with the door left wide open. Jade looked around the hallway to make sure no one was watching before she entered the room and quietly shut the door. "Hmm where are you thinkin' about pissing Jadey pooh?" Emmy asked in a seductive tone. The thought of getting a chance to watch Jade pee was already getting her wet. "Umm I-I'm not sure. Can you pick for me?" The innocent girl stuttered out. Emmy gave her a long, lustful stare and finally spoke. "How about on the bed? Those sheets look freshly washed which means they're ready to be dirty again." Emmy said as she lifted her dress up again and started to rub herself. Jade gave her an amused smile before lifting her skirt as well. During the second semester of sophomore year, Emmy talked Jade into never wearing panties again. She insisted they always got in the way. "Does stuff like this turn you on?" She asked while she continued to watch Emmy rub her pussy. Emmy simply nodded back and watched Jade closely, waiting for her stream to start. After a few moments of silence, Jade's piss began to trickle out but stopped shortly after. Emmy took this as her cue to give her friend some encouragement. "Mmm piss for me Jade. I want to see you squirt your warm piss all over that bed." Emmy moaned out while rubbing her pussy even faster now. Jade smirked as her hot streamed jumped from between her pussy lips onto the bed. She adjusted her stream and swished her hips in attempt to douse the whole blanket. Emmy continued to watch the sight in front of her as she felt herself getting closer to orgasm. "Jadey pooh come piss in my mouth. I'm about about to come." Emmy practically screamed. Jade quickly hoped of the bed and positioned herself over her best friend's open mouth and started pissing right down Emmy's throat. A loud gulping noise could be heard throughout the room as Emmy took down every Jade had in her. Emmy started to convulse with orgasm as she swallowed the last of Jade's piss. Before Jade could get up, she felt Emmy's warm tongue against her clit and her soft hands grasping her hips to hold her in place. Jade whimpered in pleasure while Emmy's tongue continued to explore her wetness. Jade then began rocking her hips gently while gasping for air. "Fuck Emmy make me come please." She shouted out as her friend continued to flick her tongue furiously against her clit. A few seconds later, Jade's loud moans ripped from her throat as she came on Emmy's face and mouth. Both girls once again broke out into a fit of giggles. "That was fun. Too bad I didn't get a taste of yours." Jade said while standing up from the floor. Emmy gave her another mischievous smile. "Oh you will Pooh but first I need a drink." Jade rolled her eyes but jumped back in shock when she heard a loud knock at the door. Emmy also stood up and proceeded to answer the door. "Can we help you?" Emmy said in a bitchy tone while staring up at the tall guy in a suit on the other side of the door. "As a matter of fact you can help me by shutting the fuck up. No one wants to hear your carpet munching session. Pipe down you fucking dykes!" He yelled right in Emmy's face right before storming back to room 313. "Well Jadey Pooh looks like our bladders have found another victim." Emmy said with a wink before dragging Jade down to the bar for some cocktails. Part 2 coming sooooon!!!!
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    My friend Kate and I went for a walk along the beach in the middle of summer. Beforehand we had brunch, since I wasn't driving I had a few mimosas. We were both wearing our bikinis with clothes tucked into our backpacks. The beach was mostly empty with another couple and a lonely girl on opposite sides of the beach. My friend and I picked a spot in the middle and rolled out our towels. We laid under the sun for about an hour casually sipping water as it was so hot. Eventually I realized I really had to take a piss. I mentioned to Kate that I had to go. She laughed and said she kind of needed to as well. She suggested we just move our panties to the side and piss on the sand. I scooched to the edge of my towel, made a hole in the sand, bent my knees up, moved my bikini crotch over a bit and let my pent up energy flow through me and out my body. I let my piss flow into the hole, and it kept going for about a minute. At this point I noticed Kate was sitting next to me doing the same thing. She had her pussy out with pee coming out I watched her as she saw the last few dribbles coming out of my crotch. We both covered the sand in nice puddles of piss. I don't think anyone saw us, but I don't think they cared.
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    One evening i was out to visit a friend,who happens to live on the 18th floor in a block of flats.So i entered the building and went for the lift,it was about 11.30pm,people were about,coming home from a night out etc.I pressed the button,the lift was on its way.Just as it arrived on the ground floor,and i was getting in,a rather nice young lady,about 25 ran in the door,"hold the lift for me!"she exclaimed.So i put my arm to make the door open again,just in time,as she sprinted in. "Thank you!" she said,and i asked her floor."20" she said,"im 18,so its on the way". There was an awkward silence for a few seconds,then she said,slurring her words a little,"im a bit tipsy lovey,ill stand over here,so you dont get my beer breath","its ok,dont worry,i dont mind",i said.Being a little wary of an off her head stranger of course,maybe she could be a nutter etc. At that she says"oh my God,you know what,i peed my knickers earlier on i had to THROW them away!".I was somewhat embarrassed yet now slightly aroused..."Beer can do that",i cheerily replied.Then she shuffled up to me and said"here feel this",she took my hand and pushed it under her skirt,i could indeed feel her warm wetness."So you have i see". Then she said"i need a piss NOW,you dont mind,look away if it bothers you,or take a picture,it will last longer,you bloody pervert!"and thus raising her skirt...... I took her advice,a picture DOES last longer...
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    Dear Wet Carpet Four of us girls - all young office workers in our 20s working for local government - have just returned from two weeks in Spain. And out there we had lots to drink and got pretty wild. And ok, in line with the apparent recent trend, here are pics of us...... This is me, Rochelle..... And these were my three companions. Melissa, Hayleigh, and Chantelle....... We arrived back in our hotel after our first night out, rather drunk, and got lost, unable to find our rooms. Unfortunately for us - but fortunately for your readers, lol - we were growing ever more desperate to pee, and eventually decided that we couldn't wait. Mel suggested that we should do it right there on the carpet in the corridor. It was late and almost no one was around. And so in our drunkenness we all decided that it would be a laugh to do it. And so, all four of us were soon squatting in the corridor and pissing right there on the carpet on purpose, pissing loads as well. Was a good laugh but I think we all tacitly agreed that we got a buzz out of it. It was kind of a thrill to drop the respectable façade, and just pee all over the place like that. We did eventually find our rooms of course, and had no problems of getting lost on subsequent nights. But this didn't stop us from peeing all over the carpet in this or that corridor anyway, just for fun. It became our "thing", something we ended our nights out with, our trademark speciality, lol. And drinking holidays for young people in sunny Spain being what they are, we often had guys coming back with us. But we peed on the corridor carpets anyway right in front of them. And not one objected - they pretty much all just enjoyed the show, lol. And some of them joined in. It was fun watching some guy get his dick out and piss on the carpet or against the wall. Towards the end of our stay, leaflets were left in guests' hotel rooms. I brought one home as a personal souvenir, lol. This is what it says...... "It has come to our attention that some guests are urinating on the carpets in the corridors. This is not only expensive to clean up, but unpleasant for other guests. Would those responsible please cease. Anyone caught will be charged full costs of damage repair and clean up. Thank you." We chuckled guiltily at this, being sober when we first read it. We'd never behave that way at home. Unlike some of your readers, we don't piss on our own or each other's carpets and furniture. Well, having said that, there was this one guy I was seeing who got me to piss on his bedroom carpet a few times....but that's another story, lol. I love reading about those daring girls here who really do piss everywhere without giving a fuck, though. Anyway, once drunk our guilt kind of vanished and we just laughed about it. When we got back to our hotel that night - no guys with us this time - we laughingly joked about how we were not allowed to pee on the carpet anymore, whereupon Hayleigh laughed, "Well, we'll just have to piss against the wall then!" And within moments she was stood facing that corridor wall, legs slightly parted, front of her short skirt lifted, knickers pulled aside, and peeing against the wall like a fucking guy! It was funny as fuck! And of course, we all joined in too, four girls stood facing the wall in the hotel corridor, and pissing against it. Of course, most of it ended up on the carpet anyway....hahaha. And we never did get caught! Rochelle
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    I had been working at Lusty's for 2 years now. This is me...... Mommy and Daddy are long gone. I'm the only person responsible for food and rent. Tuition isn't cheap either. I plan on being a nurse. I'm halfway through school and there's no way I'm quitting now. Everyone at school pretty much knows what I do for a living. It doesn't bother me. I'm a grown ass woman. I came here to learn, not to make friends. It amuses me how many of these chicks stick their noses up at me, but beg for a private dance down at the club. I had one broad offer me 300 just to grab my tits. I may be a bunch of things but I'm not a hooker. Terri had called me in early today. She said she had some kind of job offer for me. I knocked gently on her office door before entering. "Hey Kitty! How's my favorite girl doing today?" She asked with a bright smile. "Aww I can't complain sugar. What's this deal you have for me?" I asked in a more serious tone. "Well uh....one of the girls from the backroom quit. I think you'd be perfect for the job." She replied in a nonchalant tone. "I love you sugar but you know I don't turn tricks." I said with a soft smile. She bit her lip nervously and looked down at the floor. "Please Kit? You'd be paid double plus tips! You don't even have to touch them. Most of the girls that go back there are just looking for someone to hit and humiliate them. You've got the bitchy attitude. They'd go wild, trust me." I pondered my options for a second. I always had a thing for humiliating little sluts. I might as well get paid for it. "Alright fine I'll do it. You're lucky I love you so much." Terri giggled and I left the office and headed towards my dressing room. Since I brought in so many customers, Terri agreed to let me have my own room. I walked to the rack of outfits and thought on what I should wear tonight. I picked out a sexy leather one piece and a pair of fishnets with my favorite black heels. I stripped myself bare and sat down on the red couch in the middle of the room. I spread my legs slightly and let my hand trail down to my pussy. I began rubbing my clit in slow circles while using my other hand to play with my tits. Touching myself before a show was kind of like a football player warming up for the big game. It helped me perform better. Before I could bring myself to orgasm, I heard a soft knock at the door. "Lolli you're first client is ready?" Tess spoke from the other side of the door. I got dressed quickly and touched up my makeup before opening the door. "Thanks honey. How's Tina? Does she still have the flu?" I asked sympathetically. Tess and I were like sisters. We did everything together and I even planned her baby shower and bachelorette party. I guess I kind of connected with her because we were in similar situations. She was just trying to pay of her college debt and I was working on paying my tuition so I would be scott free by graduation. "She's doing better. That chicken soup you made kicked the flu in the balls!" She squealed and I cracked up in laughter. "Good glad to hear it." I said before kissing her on the cheek and heading for the backroom. Before I could make it there, one of my regulars stopped me. "Damn Lolli! Leather is a good look on you." I smiled and thanked her for the compliment. "Will you be dancing for us tonight?" She asked hopefully. "No babe I'm afraid not. Terri switched me to the backroom. I'd gladly give you a dance back there after my client." I replied with a soft smile. "I don't have that kind of cash now but trust me I'll be back." She said with a wink before walking away. I finally made it to the backroom. Once I entered, I locked the door behind me. My first client was a pretty little thing. This is her..... On this occasion she had her black hair pulled into a tight ponytail with a little bow at the top. Her crop top showed off her toned stomach and her shorts complemented her as perfectly. To top it all off, she wore thick, black glasses. "And what might your name be?" I questioned sassily. She blushed and looked down to the floor. "It's Bambi, Miss." she responded in a quiet, high-pitched voice. I flashed her a smile and circled around her. "Mmm that's cute just like you." Her blush deepened and she continued to look at the floor. "Thank you Miss." she replied shakily. I laced my fingers under her chin and forced her to meet my gaze. "It's Mistress Lolli and Please look at me when you are speaking." I commanded softly. "Yes Mistress Lolli," she said, this time making direct contact. I stepped back with a satisfied smirk. "Good girl. Strip for me now." I commanded again and the small girl quickly removed her all clothing. I looked her up and as if I were a wolf eyeing its prey. "Very nice Kitten. Now let's go over the rules. You do not touch me without permission or speak unless I'm talking to you. If this all becomes too much, just say "spider" and I will stop. I will be calling you things such as slut, whore, or cunt. I can promise you it won't get any worse than that. Understood?" Bambi simply nodded while breaking her gaze from me. "Speak up little girl. This is the second time I've had to remind you about eye contact." I spoke at a medium volume. She immediately looked back up to me. "Yes Mistress Lolli, I understand." She stated and I walked over and kissed her lips softly. "Very Good. Bend over that couch for me." Bambi scrambled over to the couch and bent over just like I requested. "You have a lovely ass slut. Although, it does look a little pale." With that, a brung my palm down hard against her butt. She whimpered and thanked me politely. "Mmm very good kitten. It's nice to see a whore with manners." I whispered into her ear as I spanked her again. After a few more slaps, I could see that she was a bit squirmy. "Too much sweetie?" I cooed in a soft voice. She nodded her head and I focused my attention on the other cheek. I rubbed the area lightly before smacking her ass a few times. Once her squirming continued, I decided to lay off. "You're doing a great job slut but let's switch gears for now. Kneel for me." Bambi slowly rose from the arm of the couch and kneeled where I was pointing to. "It's time for you to pleasure me now." I said while removing my outfit. I sat down on the couch and spread my legs. "Lick." I ordered loudly. Soon I felt a warm, wet tongue brush up against my pussy. I moaned out and continued to enjoy her tongue. Bambi lapped at my clit hungrily as I laced my fingers through her dark hair. She was driving me closer and closer orgasm. Before I could reach my high, she pulled back. "I'm sorry Mistress Lolly. I just really need to pee." She spoke out with a slight twinge of fear in her voice. Angrily, I yanked her hair back. "Fine then whore. I was about to reward you for being so good. So you have to piss so bad, do it right here!" I seethed out in a venomous tone. "B-but Mistress I can't." She stuttered out nervously. "You have two choices. Either you piss here or you leave this club and never come back. Which one is it?" I prompted. Bambi closed her eyes tightly. After 3 seconds of silence, Bambi started to piss on the carpet. A small puddle was quickly forming under her. "Look at me!" I commanded loudly and she quickly lifted her eyes to me. I continued to watch her eyes until she ran out of piss. "Good, now that that's taken care of, come finish pleasuring me slut." I ordered and she crawled back in between my legs. Once again, I rocked my hips gently against her face. I grabbed her hair once more and ordered her not to stop licking. Finally, my climax ripped through my body and screamed out in pleasure. "Good girl Bambi. However due to your little stunt earlier, you don't get to cum." I said sternly. She nodded but didn't move to put her clothes back on. "I understand Mistress Lolly but can I request one more thing?" She asked shyly. I nodded my head and waited to hear her request. "Piss on me please? I'd love to have a taste of it Mistress Lolly!" She begged. I smirked and stood up from the couch. "My sweet Bambi. I knew you were a dirty slut all along." I replied and stood over her. My piss started to rain down on her naked body and she reached her hand down to rub herself. I directed my stream onto her beautiful as she continues to moan at the pleasure. "Open your mouth kitten." I commanded in a soft tone. Immediately, her lips parted and she swallowed the remainder of my piss. I held my hand out and helped her off the floor. She grabbed a few napkins and dried herself before dressing herself. "Thank you so much Mistress Lolly." I smiled and kissed her once more. I took my cell phone out and handed it to her. "Give me your number woman. Maybe we can meet outside of here, free of charge." I said with a wink and she nodded and smiled. She took out her wallet and gave me the money for her session. I started to count it and realized there was an extra $200. "Babe you only owe me 400." I said. It must've been a mistake. "Yea I know. You deserve a tip. No one has ever said yes to the pee thing before." She replied sheepishly. I smiled and gave her a hug before ushering her out of the room. I think I've found a new source of income.
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    I think it's so hot when guys just whip out their dick and piss wherever they want to. I'd love a guy who just dropped his fly and pissed all over our home for me to clean up.
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    Ah the last day of senior year. Finally my time in this 4-year hell hole is finished. I try to act tough but the truth is, I'll actually miss this place. I made amazing friends, got into the college of my dreams, and was even voted prom queen. Still...there was this one bitch that wouldn't give me a break. If this school was hell, then Katie Deadrick was definitely satan. Ever since third grade she's been jealous of me. I mean I don't blame her. I had the curves and sexual appeal of a rock goddess! However, this jealous cunt decided to ruin my prom. Instead of congratulating me, she "accidentally" pushed me into the cake. I still looked sexy in my crown but what kind of Queen B would I be if I didn't punish her? Today was the day Katie was getting what's coming to her. "Good morning Layla. I see you decided to wear another horrendous outfit on the last day as usual." Katie hissed with her devil smirk. I step a few inches closer and whispered "Old habits die hard Deadrick." I purposely bumped her shoulder and made my way to homeroom. Mrs.Towner was clearly as excited as the rest of us and gave a heartfelt speech and then led us on to sign the yearbooks. By 12:15, my backpack was flooded with tiny scraps of paper from boys promising me they'd keep in touch over the summer. I wasn't interested in any of them though. I'm not fully lesbian but the guys here are definitely not my type. I like to be in control and all these shit heads are too prideful to let a woman take the wheel. I check my watch once more. It read 12:25. It was finally time to hatch my evil plan. See I know for a fact Katie takes an extra 20 minutes getting dolled up after gym glass. All the girls should be out of the locker room by now. I snuck in quietly and hid behind a stack of folded towels. By now, Katie was making her way towards the exit until I popped out from my hiding spot. "Holy fucking shit Layla!" She screamed with her hand clenched over her chest. I giggled darkly and shoved her down on the bench. "Let's have a little chat shall we? I know we're going to the same college and I wanna put all this negativity behind us." She smiled back at me softly and nodded in agreement. "Great so maybe you can let me play with you for a bit and we'll call it even." Her eyes went wide and her cheeks turned a bright crimson color. "P-play with me how?" I pushed my hand up her skirt and put my lips up to her ear. "I think you know how Katie." She swallowed hard and continued to let me rub her pussy through her lace panties. After a few soft strokes, I pushed her flat on her back and pulled down her underwear. I started to kiss the outer lips of her pussy and then spread her open and continued licking her clit. "Layla I'm so sorry I was mean to you." She whimpered out while I continued to pleasure her. "Oh not yet you aren't." I said with a smirk as I slipped 2 fingers into her wet hole. She began to rock herself onto my hand, getting closer to orgasm. "Can I cum Layla?" She asked in between pants. "Yes you may slut." And with that Katie was sent over the edge and her moans began to fill the entire room. As she came down from her high, she put back on her lace pink undies. I pushed her back down and let her know I wasn't finished with her yet. "One more thing to seal the truce." I spread my own pussy lips and directed a hot stream of piss all over the front of her blouse. I swayed my hips from side to side to make sure her skirt caught my flow as well. My last shots of piss sprayed over her face and straight blonde hair. "What the hell Layla? How is this a truce?!" I giggled and kissed her lips. "Simple sweetie! You pissed me off so I just pissed on you." I replied with a smile. "Fine. I'll get you back in college Slut!" She winked. "Back at cha Cunt!" I said as I returned the wink. College was definitely gonna be a good time!
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    I agree totally. Part of the attraction to men is that they are so bold and don't give a fuck what others think. I'm sorry that men seem to be loosing this confidence, wimpy guys are really a turnoff to me. I've always encouraged my boys to "be men" and piss where you want, "it's your right," "the world is your urinal, I say. Now that they are in their late teens, I notice many young ladies and even some of my lady friends are quite intrigued and complimentary when the boys take a leak openly. It's common to hear, "I wish my boys, (husband, boyfriend, ect.) had that much confidence, it's so cool that they don't give a fuck!
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    Congratulations to @Abdulapple @zzyzx52 @b2939, @goldstream and @Ozabot for receiving VIP status for their outstanding picture contributions. As some of the highest site posters of all time, and providers of some of the best pee picture collections you'll find online, this is very much deserved. @steve25805 would of course be included in this list too, but as explained above is already in the VIP category for numerous other contributions.
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    Office accident So on my first day of my new office manager job last Monday and I also experienced my first wetting accident. I arrive at the office about 20 minutes early to get situated and aquanted with the building. My boss briefly shows me around the floor I'm going to be working on and introduces me to a few of the other employees I'd be working with before he suddenly gets a call and the day quickly begins. Before I could settle in, or even locate the restrooms, the phones started to ring off the hook. The phones wouldn't stop ringing for even just a second. I have been sitting at my desk for five hours now and haven't been able to get a minute to go pee. I've been drinking coffee and tea all day. I didn't want to ask if I could have a pee break. I was a little bit embarrassed to have to interrupt everyone's work day so someone could leave their office to sit in my office to answer my phone. So I continued to wait. I assumed I would be getting a lunch break sometime soon, so I would go then. Then I saw my boss walking towards me, I figured he was going to send me on a lunch break, I started to feel a little bit excited and relieved that I was finally going to be able to go pee. Just as I felt the excitement of about to get some relief, he bursted that thought. He stepped up to my desk and said..." We are so busy today so I ordered everyone lunch. I was devastated, I was about to burst. I began bouncing on my seat. I was so embarrassed, I was hoping he didn't notice. Ohhhh I had to pee so freaking bad!!! He then asked me if I could receive the order when the delivery guy arrived. I, of course said yes. He handed me a company credit card, said It will be here soon, go ahead and sign my name. As he walked away, I looked at the clock, it was already 4pm. What? Wait... Ordering food now? I thought to myself.... We get done in an hour and we are ordering food!!? I took a deep breath and regathered myself. Ok I thought to myself..." It's one hour, I can make it, I can hold on for another hour and go pee quickly before I have to catch the bus. My bus doesn't come until 5:15 I will have plenty of time. I take a few more calls before they shut the lines down at 4:45. I clean up my desk and area real quick so I can get out right at 5:00. I'm watching the clock tick, it's at two minutes till five... I'm getting anxious, I'm ready to explode. Just the thought of finally peeing is getting me excited. Ok... Yes!!! One minute till... I stand up, start to push my chair in, look up towards the restrooms. NO!!!! The delivery guy!! Omg!! I take the bags, sign the receipt and send him on his way. Now I have to take the order down to my bosses office. Omg!!! He's going to cause me to not be able to make the restrooms before I catch the bus. I hand him the order, I try to get away quickly, but he insists that I take something home with me. He fishes through the bags, grabs me a few things and finally tells me have a good night and sends me on my way. I practically jog down the hall. As I get close to the restrooms, I look at my watch, it's 5:11!! I only have four minutes to get down the elevator and to the bus stop. If I stop to pee, I'm definitely not going to make the bus. I decide that I should catch my bus because it's the only bus that goes to my neighborhood. I hurried to the bus stop, barely made it. I boarded the bus, grabbed a seat near the front so I could get off quick. As the bus started to move, my bladder began to ache. The urgency started to grow quickly and immensely. I was bouncing and wiggling all around my seat. I was struggling to hold on, I was beginning to panic. My body began to rock back and forth uncontrollably. I felt little beads of sweat forming on my forehead, I started feeling little shivers run throughout my body. My pussy began to ache and tremble. I couldn't resist the urge to grab myself. I reached down and pushed on my pussy, pressing as hard as I could. Believe it or not, applying pressure somewhat felt relieving. The harder the pressure, the better. My stop was next.... THANK GOD!! I took the last few minutes before my stop to regain control. I took a deep breath, stiffened up my posture, got ready to stand up. As the bus stopped, I slowly stood up, took another deep breath and started to take my first step. Just as I took my first step, I felt my bladder began to quiver. I got so nervous, I started to panic. I couldn't get the control back. I stood still there. I was frozen right there in the aisle of the jam packed bus. Front and center in everyone's veiw. The bus was filled with both men and women. All I could think of was what if I piss myself... what are all these people going to think? As I stood there in shear panic, gripping onto the hand rails. With my face glowing red with embarrassment, I looked all around taking in all of the people's faces. The bus driver telling me that I had to go if I wanted off here because he had to go. Once again I take a deep breath, and I start to take a step... I knew I was going to burst right there, but I had no choice.... The driver was demanding I get moving. I had to keep walking. I feel my hot liquids begin to leak. The flow started out slow stream on the first step, but by the second step, they were just gushing out and down my legs. With every step, I was leaving a little puddle of warm pee on the bus floor. After about 6 steps, I'm finally off the bus and almost to my appartment. I run up the stairs, get in my front door, strip off my wet clothes. I lay down across my bed, let out a long sigh in relief to finally be home. As I'm laying there, thinking about the whole situation, I realize that it really made me feel turned on and horny. I kept replaying the episode over and over in my head as I pleasured myself into a extreme orgasm. I definitely think I want to try this again sometime
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    I was at a wedding once and basically pissed myself waiting in line for the bathroom. Totally nonchalant and the person I was talking to had no fucking idea. I was pretty hammered, haha. I have a video on my store where I piss in a plant...it's not at a party though. I try not to piss in my potted plants anymore...I like to keep them alive ; )
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    OMG, so less than 2 weeks away for the wedding and my future hubby told me where we are going to spend our honeymoon.. he said it has something in common with me. Niagra Falls LMAO !!!! idiot! lol
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    Yep, I've had the same. I'm working on it, and as far as I know it won't be anything serious. Hopefully all back to normal soon, but in the meantime just reload a few seconds later and it should be back up.
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    New reactions added. :) Will leave things as they are for a bit and see how we get on with these.
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    First of all, all forms of consenting adult pee porn would not only be totally legal, but state financial support would be available to encourage and support it's production. There would be no laws against urinating in public, and ladies would be actively encouraged to do so. Tourism would be encouraged. My country would advertise itself as a "golden paradise" with pee fans from all over the world invited to come and have fun. PeeFans.com would be bought up by my country and nationalised, with massive state funding to allow it to become involved in the production of it's own naughty peeing porn. Admin would become a salaried boss on about £1million a year, with all mods paid £150k each. Female site members would be encouraged to send in their own amateur peeing pics or vids of themselves, and would be financially rewarded with payments of £100 per pic and £300 per vid. Guys would also be paid for any pics or vids requested by ladies. Wet Carpet Magazine would become a reality, with state backing and an editorial board including the dictator himself (me) and a number of other naughty peeing enthusiasts from this forum. Fetish clubs would also receive state financial support, particularly for pee fetishism. It would of course be totally legal for strippers and lap dancers to pee on stage as part of their performance. Indeed, this would be actively encouraged by state financial incentives.Likewise rock bands, performance artists and anything like that. Pissing on stage would be encouraged by cash incentives. And just as many states have laws against race hate speech and suchlike - as mine would have - I would also make it a criminal offence with stiff fines as a penalty for the public criticism of any consenting adult fetish, with criticism of peeing fun being particularly frowned upon. Pee porn on public television would be fully legal and actively encouraged. On a personal level, I would set up a chain of "golden palaces" - basically hotels with no en suite toilets at all, and just one on each floor for the necessary number 2s. And ladies, alone or in groups, or in the company of guys, would be allowed to book in, and pee absolutely anywhere, on carpets, beds, against walls, all over the furniture, with pee enthusiast cleaners paid very well to clean up afterwards. Any who filmed the action and let me have a copy would not be charged for their stay and would be paid handsomely for the video. I would use my financial clout, and my influence as dictator, to encourage a "Golden Big Brother" reality show. Basically a house full of young and attractive mostly females but with a few guys too, on camera around the clock, with one of the house rules being that they never pee in the toilet but can pee wherever they want. Cleaners would thoroughly clean the place every morning. The televised highlights would of course include plenty of footage of the housemates peeing everywhere, on floors, tables, against walls, and so on. Alcohol would be liberally supplied to encourage maximum wildness and plenty of pissing. In fact, I would set up a pee channel on TV that would include this show, plenty of pee porn, interviews with ladies interested in peeing everywhere with actual footage of them doing it, live on stage peeing sex shows, documentaries about pee fetishism and the history of pee porn, etc. And because I am dictator, I could ensure state support for this channel. I'd also offer Sophie £1m for pissing on the plushly carpeted floor of my palace whilst a professional female camerawoman films her doing it, on the strict understanding that this video would remain only in my own private collection and never shared with anyone.
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    #3 - Reactions They're back! Sometimes you want to show your appreciation for a post, but a 'like' doesn't quite do the job. When you hover over the like button (in the bottom right corner of someone's post), you'll now see additional options of 'hot', 'haha', and 'agree'. These are fairly self explanatory, and are often more fitting than a like. Likes can of course be used as normal, but say you find a post funny, or find a picture especially sexy, you can now use these reactions instead. All of these reactions still contribute +1 to a member's reputation, which still displays on their profile and the site leaderboard. This was one of the most requested features, so please let me know how you find this, and whether you feel any other reactions should be added.
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    OMG, Thank you for adding me to the VIP section. I am actually looking forward to the awards and perhaps some games we can play or a quiz type to get the people more involved. I will help as much as I can, for now, with the wedding preps and all, it does not leave me much time. :-)
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    As for the country side of things, my first act would probably be to ban all women from using toilets - the new law would be that they are free to go wherever they are at that moment when the urge strikes. We'll have cleaners all over ready to tidy up afterwards. As for my personal wealth, a twist on the playboy mansion would be nice - a house full of models living together, with the key exception that there are no clothes or toilets allowed, and people should pee wherever else they like. The floors, walls etc are all perfectly good options, and the cleaners will take care of it immediately after to stop any smells or stains. What about you? :)
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