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  4. Sorry if this isn’t well written or particuarly interesting. I just wanted to share the incredible pee I had. It started as a mostly normal day. I woke up at about 10am, a little later than usual after going to bed late welcoming in the new year. I knew what I was going to do that day but nothing really changed. I started by having a shower, letting the hot water wash over me before letting go my morning pee, smiling to myself as I began to feel the relief. It seemed to go on forever, I went to bed with a full bladder but I never expected to pee so much. After my shower I got dressed, wearing really tight skinny jeans and a tight top that showed off my boobs. Then I went downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast I spent a few hours lounging around with my daughter, watching a bit of TV and drinking plenty of fluids. I was drinking water constantly, enjoying the feeling of my bladder quickly filling. It seems to take a while for my body to realise how full I am so if I drink a lot quickly I don’t feel desperate for a while, but then it hits me hard. My husband was loving the sight of me getting fuller, and my body language changing. What started out as a little foot tapping, maybe biting my lip soon turned into me being unable to sit still and looking visibly uncomfortable. I decided I was getting close to it being too uncomfortable so I put on my shoes and went for a walk, something I often do on New Years day. I filled up my water bottle, kissed my husband and left the house with the intention of not returning without an empty bottle. I found the walking helped take my mind off my bladder and found myself sipping from the bottle out of habit. It was only a small bottle but it was still difficult to drink when so desperate. Walking past the toilets certainly didn’t help things, my body was screaming for me to go inside. There was a lovely toilet waiting for me, and it would feel amazing to just sit down and let go. I had been walking for about 30 minutes and eventually emptied the bottle of its contents, now it was time to find somewhere to empty my bladder. Unfortunately I was right in the middle of the city so while there was plenty of toilets I could use, there wasn’t really anywhere private I could hide away at for a minute. I continued walking, trying my hardest not to leak into my knickers and soon began to get worried, worried I wouldn’t find somewhere in time. I took a slight detour and found myself in some narrow streets, still very busy though. I wonder if it was obvious how desperate I was becoming. After another 15 minutes I finally found somewhere I could go, it wasn’t ideal but i was running out of options, and time. It almost had a glow around it, a huge sign above it saying “Sophie, pee here!” I just knew this would be my best chance. I had a quick peek to make sure nobody was coming and stood in the corner, frantically unbuttoning my skinny jeans, feeling more desperate than ever. Why does that happen? Why do I always need to go the most when my relief is only moments away. I managed to wriggle out of my jeans just enough to go and pulled down my thong as I crouched, feeling my body relaxing already. Immediately I started a strong stream that landed between my feet with a loud hiss, it bouncing off the floor and spraying my shoes but I didn’t care at this point. It took only seconds for a puddle to form, it snaking away from me. The relief was incredible, and I remembered why I enjoy doing this so much. I couldn’t help but smile as I saw steam rising from where I was going, something I don’t really get to see. I went for a good thirty seconds, sighing multiple times throughout and once the drips mostly stopped I stood up, pulled up my thong and started squeezing my butt back into the jeans, the empty bottle held between my teeth. I was struggling to button them up when I heard footsteps, the sound of heels and then talking, I was about to be caught! Figuring the button could wait I made a quick dash out of there and around the corner, trying to act normal and like i had come from a different direction. Seconds later I heard a loud “Eww! Gross” as they found my very large puddle. I looked over my shoulder after a few seconds and saw two women coming out of the narrow street, they looked to be in their early twenties and were both wearing heels, it was definitely them. I walked back to the main part of town and used the toilets there to tidy myself up and fasten my jeans button, listening to a very strong stream from one of the stalls behind me. Once i looked presentable again I walked home, proudly showing my husband the empty bottle as I walked through the door before telling him all about it.
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  8. After reading WetWulf awesome "The Camping Trip" series I saw this thread and remembered I had more parts (but not all of) of the Leaky_one Family Affair series on a old USB drive. A Leaky_One story A Family Affair - Continued Maeby starred at her mother’s nudity taking in the detail of her mum’s small perfect breasts, the smooth skin running down her belly to where her triangular pubic mass lay. The image of her mother’s squirting pee shower coming from the base of her vagina was still strong in her mind. “I’ll tell you what,” Lindsay said propping herself upwards with her arms. “You pass me that bottle of mineral water and I’ll tell you all about it. After all it’s about time we spent some quality time together.” Sitting up further Lindsay turned and moved to the end of the bed so her back was supported against the bed head. Parting her legs wide she made no effort to hide her womanhood from her daughter’s gaze. “Sure mum. I can’t wait to hear this,” Maeby giggled and passed over the mineral bottle which Lindsay took and uncapped before taking several long deep swills from inside. Passing the bottle to her daughter she said “Well make yourself comfortable and I’ll begin. Maeby adopted a similar position at her end of the bed with her legs overlapping her mothers. If her mum had no qualms about showing off her tits and pussy then why should she? “Ok. Here we go” said Lindsay with a deep sigh “When I transferred school in the third grade I got a bit of a shock one day after gym class. I was getting in the showers when I noticed two of the girls squatting down at the far end where a large drainage hole lay in the floor. I couldn’t believe it when I realised that there were both having a pee. I could clearly see their golden streams pattering over the floor. Then I realised that some of the other girls were also peeing in the showers and that they were actually doing it standing up. At first I was terrified to have a go myself but as everybody else seemed to think it was OK so I thought I’d try. Anyway it took a minute to overcome my nerves and then suddenly I was doing it; actually peeing in the shower surrounded by a load of other naked girls having a wash. Nobody even looked my way! Anyway it all started to feel really good! A way of simply just letting go on my inhibitions and I realised that I was really enjoying my ability to go ‘pee pee’ in the showers. After that I started to really look forward to gym class if only for the chance to have a naughty piss in the showers afterwards. Well one thing lead to another and one day at home I was stood in my bathroom dying for the toilet and decided I would relieve myself without using the loo. So I go into the shower cubicle and start to wee over the floor just like at school. Somehow it didn’t seem enough of a thrill. So I moved up to the glass screen and had a quick pee over it but even that seemed a little tame. Before I knew it I was clambering up onto the bathroom sink and putting my bum in the basin, getting ready to pee over the sink wall. That was far more fun and I remember just how dirty I felt as I did my first piss into my bathroom sink. Soon I was peeing in my sink every chance I got and soon I was looking for new places to try having a piss in. I peed in the laundry basket and then over the floor leaving a massive puddle which took ages to clean up with just toilet paper. In my room I started to pee over the carpet in one corner nicking naming it my ‘puddle place’. I had an old rug which fitted nicely over the spot where I would pee, so I was always safe from discovery”. Suddenly Lindsay realized just how rapt her daughter’s attention was. Knowing she might have made a mistake in revealing too much she tried to back peddle. “Well it soon got boring and I stopped and that was that. You, young lady, don’t even get to try. If I find so much as a hint of wee in your bathroom sink or find anymore damp spots on the carpet then you are in serious trouble.” “But mum….” Maeby stared whine. “You’ve told me all your secrets about your naughty pissing habits when you were young. Don’t you think I should get some fun as well? Nobody pees in the showers at my school and everybody is boring, boring, boring!” With that, she slammed her fists into the mattress. Seeing how upset her pretty young daughter was getting Lindsay made a big decision. If nothing else her daughter looked so attractive with her naked pussy on display between her legs. “OK, I tell you what” Lindsay said. “You get the rest of today to be as naughty as you want, but then you must promise that after today that is that!” “Wow mum you’re the greatest!” Maeby beamed. She paused for a second with a look of deep thought on her freckled face. “Are you going to join in as well?” Lindsay smiled back. “Are you sure you want your mum around whilst you are being naughty?” “Oh please mum, it’ll be so much fun if there are two of us. Plus you can tell me if I’m being too naughty when I decid to pee.” “Well….” Lindsay started “We do have the house to ourselves for the rest of today and I’m not got anything else really important to do…” “Thanks mum you’re the best!” Maeby smiled. “Quick pass me the bottle of water, I need to fill up. Do you think I could start with a wee in my bathroom sink?” “If you like, honey. For my part I might just have a little wee here just to get started.” “What on my bed, you wouldn’t dare.” This was definitely the wrong thing to say as with a big smile of her face, Lindsay suddenly let a quirk squirt of hot piss escape from her pussy hole. Her little golden shower played over the top bed sheet creating a small damp stain on the fabric. “Mum, that’s my bed you’ve just peed over!” Maeby shouted in disgust. Another quick squirt of piss shot from Lindsay’s pussy in response. This caused the damp stain to grow slightly bigger. “Oh sorry honey, I thought we were going to play at being naughty girls today?” “In that case mum I’m going to take a big piss all over your bed”. Maeby scrambled off the bed and Lindsay watched as her daughter’s bare bum cheeks vanished through the bedroom door. With a light sigh Lindsay pulled herself off her comfortable perch and followed in her wake. Sure enough Maeby was doing what she had said she would do and when Lindsay arrived at her bedroom she found her daughter in a squatting position over the bed. A thin stream of clear coloured pee was squirting out from Maeby’s pussy lips and playing over the duvet. Beneath Maeby’s bare buttocks a large damp stain was slowly growing as more and more pee rained down over the fabric. Lindsay didn’t say a word. Instead she clambered up onto the bed and adopted a mirror position to her daughter. With her own pussy hovering over the bed and her nude bum cheeks only inches off the bed covers, Lindsay started a piss of her own. Her resulting pee stream was a thicker more golden affair than Maeby’s and her own damp spot soon grew to outpace her daughters. “That’s not fair!” Maeby stopped her piss over the bed and stared at the golden shower leaving her mum’s vagina and spraying downwards over the bed sheets. “I’ve had more practice, sweetie!” her mum replied giving her daughter a large smile as she looked up from watching the golden stream squirt out of her blond haired muff. “Well in that case mum, don’t you think it’s about time you showed me how to pee in a sink bowl” “OK if that is what you want, then so be it.” Lindsay stopped her squirting piss fountain over the bed sheets. For a moment the two of them stayed motionless. Both were completely naked with their bare round bum cheeks hang suspended over the piss stained sheets they had just peed all over. Suddenly both of them burst out in uncontrollable giggles. Clambering off her bed Lindsay offered Maeby a helping hand. Her daughter took it and stepped down onto the carpet. For a wicked moment she was tempted to have a new wee and send a fountain of piss down to the floor by her mum’s feet. All the water she had drunk in her bedroom was now nicely ready for pissing out. Already she could feel the desperate need in her bladder getting stronger by the second. “OK, you get to wee in my bathroom sink today but you must promise that you will not make a habit of this?” “I will mum. I mean I won’t. I don’t know what I mean but I do really need to pee again. Can we go?” Lindsay led her naked daughter into her large on-suite bathroom. Lindsay approached the large sink basin which was situated against the far wall. She was tall enough so that her pussy lips cleared the rim. Gazing down at her muff suspended over the basin edge she simply couldn’t resist and immediately sent a quick squirting piss shower into the bowl. “Mum!” Maeby whined “I want to pee in the sink, not you” “Of course dear, I was just reliving old times. Here, let me help you up.” Within seconds Maeby’s round buttocks were hovering inside the bowl, her brown haired pussy only inches away from the bright white ceramic surface. Lindsay took a step back to better appreciate the view of her young daughter getting ready to have a wee in her bathroom sink. One second and Maeby’s lower lips were sealed and the next her pee hole was open and a thick stream of gushing hot piss shot out. Her spray of wee squirted from her pussy lips and immediately began to wash over the basin wall. The room became filled with the soft hiss of Maeby’s peeing as her golden piss flowed into the sink and ran down the wall. As her wee flowed over the once clean ceramic surface it then disappeared down the drain located directly under her bum hole. The two of them stayed silent whilst Maeby enjoyed her wee. Between her creamy legs, her golden stream continued to flow out of her pussy before decorating the white sink wall with a running stream of female piss. Maeby was entranced by the sight of seeing herself actually having a pee into a sink bowl. It was a tremendous turn on to use the sink for her wee rather than the toilet. This was possibly even better than relieving herself all over her bedroom floor. Slowly the stream of piss squirting out of Maeby’s vagina began to wane and droop as she finished her toilet. With one last little squirt of hot pee over the sink wall, Maeby was done. With her mother’s help she clambered down from her toilet perch. “Now where shall I finish my pee?” Lindsay asked out loud. “How about in the shower mum.” Maeby suggested. “What a good idea I think I will” and with that Lindsay headed for the shower cubicle. Maeby watched her mum’s buttocks vanish into the cubicle. She then moved around to one side to get a good view through the glass at what her mother was doing. She gasped in surprise and delight as she saw her mother stood up to the glass, her tits and pussy on clear display though the transparent screen. From the base of her blond muff was now squirting a strong golden stream of hot urine which pattered over the glass with a loud noise. Giggling Maeby sank to her knees and brought her small but perfectly formed tits up to the glass where on the other side, her mum’s pee stream was currently landing. Immediately she could feel the warmth of her mum’s piss shower radiating through the glass screen. This felt lovely and wonderful against her bare breasts. Inside the shower Lindsay was having quite an erotic turn on by this event. From her point of view, it looked like her golden piss fountain was falling directly over her daughter’s naked chest. Unfortunately Lindsay’s wee didn’t last long as she had squirted most of her piss over the bed sheets only minutes earlier. Exiting the shower she gave her daughter a naked and conspiratorial squeeze of affection. The two of them retreated back to Maeby’s room where they quickly drank the remainder of the spring water from the bottle. Once empty, Maeby filled it from her own sink. All the while she was eyeing up her own bathroom basin and wondering what it would be like if she dared take a wee in it. Even if it was against her mother’s wishes it would still be a wonderful thrill. Returning to the room she passed the bottle to her mum and they took it in turns to drink deeply before lapsing into idle girl chatter. It was twenty minutes later when Lindsay decided it was time for some more of their naughty peeing around the house and set off for the landing. Maeby followed, butterflies dancing in her stomach as she admired her mother’s naked form as she moved on ahead of her. They had just reached the stairs when Maeby stopped. “What’s wrong honey?” her mother asked stopping and turning around. “Here. I want to pee here.” Maeby replied her gaze fixed on the wide opening in the landing wall that hung over the sitting room. “What, pee off the railing?” her mother inquired a large smile forming on her pretty face. “No mum! I mean yes, but I want to stand and pee like a boy into the front room. Just think what a rush that will be with me standing up and my piss spray showering down below. You said we could pee anywhere in the house so this is where I am going to go “Ok Ok!” her mum acknowledged. “Thanks mum, you’re the best!” Maeby beamed and immediately moved up to the metal railing that guarded the fall into the main room. Lindsay watched on with a growing fascination as Maeby tried to start her pee from a standing position. She had parted her legs and had placed her young hairy muff up to a gap in the metal bars with her pussy lips posed a meter above the living room bar that was situated below. The strain on her pretty face showed the effort it was taking with her attempt to squirt her pee without instinctively adopting a squatting position. Coming up to stand behind her naked daughter, Lindsay placed her hands on Maeby’s warm buttocks and pushed gently forwards. This obviously helped for suddenly a loud pattering noise came from the bar area directly below. Grinning like a Cheshire cat Lindsay peaked over Maeby’s shoulder and stared with glee at the sight of the cascading fountain of piss squirting from out of the gap in the railings. Her daughter’s hot pee shower was falling in a fast flowing stream to rain down in the bar area below. The majority of Maeby’s squirting piss shower was landing on the bar top hence the now loud sound of pee coming from below. Some of her wee was also making it down to cover the bar floor with splashes of spent piss. Lindsay was fascinated by the sight of her daughter taking a piss like this. Maeby’s lightly coloured golden shower shot into the space in front of her pussy before being caught by gravity and pulled downwards to desecrate the living room area below with a shower of hot school girl pee. Lindsay desperately wished she had thought of this first and wondered if she to she too should have a wee off the balcony by peeing through the protective rail. Maeby’s piss fountain was beginning to dwindle as she neared the end of her toilet on the landing. “That was awesome!” Maeby laughed as the golden flow from her pussy vanished from sight. She hung over the railing to survey the extent of the mess she had just made with her latest wee. “My turn” giggled Lindsay. Pushing her daughter out of the way she turned and pulled herself up onto the railing so that her wide womanly buttocks hung over the edge. Within seconds a new pattering stream was rising upwards from the front room. A fast flowing stream of hot pussy piss was now raining down into the bar area as Lindsay peed strongly from her perch. Maeby watched on in wonder at the sight of the golden pee stream squirting from her mum’s pussy and falling earthwards. Already the bar top and surrounding area was covering in a wash of cooling pee. Lindsay continued peeing for another couple of seconds before closing her pee hole. “I best save some for later” she smiled at Maeby and started to clamber off the railing.
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  10. I enjoying how it flows out of me I hope you feel any pleasure in seeing me again enjoying.
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  22. So my decides to place me at the reception. I have a feeling he has something against me because i had asked for time off and he refused. So i decided to get creative and took it out on the floor.
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  24. made a short stop at the store to pick up some champagne on my way to a new year's eve shindig. i kinda didn't realize how bad i had to go, nor did i plan on for finding the potty. so, yeah, not really a pee, per se, but my pair of desperate spurts was a bit too much for my panties to handle i guess. i ended up with quite the dribbles down my legs, socks, boots while making the rounds through the aisles. 😊
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  40. I'm into the voyeur thing and my favorite view is from behind when she hovers. It's awesome when you get to see the girl walk up to the toilet and start unfastening her belt. Then you see her naked butt as the jeans and panties get lowered. She bends over putting her butt above the bowl and you get the first awesome view of her tight asshole and cute pussy. Then she starts to urinate and we get to see the yellow stream parting her lips as she fills the toilet with her urine.
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  43. not so sexy but a lovely summer day.
  44. Hey all.... New story from me. :-) I hope you like it. Here it goes: “Hey there, welcome to the Jolly Rancher. My name is Alicia and I will be your server. What would you like to order today?,” I cheerily said to the group of 5 guys sitting at the corner booth of the restaurant. One-by-one they started rattling their orders. I took out my order pad from my apron, put it on the table, and lean down to write down the orders. By doing so, I am giving them ample view of my prominent breasts encased in a form fitting denim tube dress and framed by a checkered shirt tied on my small waist. From experience, I know that guys will order more from a sexy girl. Therefore, I completed my ensemble with a pair of knee length high heeled boots that really enhances my ass. Oh well…. Not every guy is a breasts lover. Gotta give something to the ass guys out there. As I continued taking orders, the guys started making lewd comments to me. Working in a diner that is trying to be a breastaurant, I am used to such comments and just laugh it off with them. As I left the table, one of the guy smacked my ass. I yelped and hurriedly left the table, hoping that it would be just a one time thing. Multiple rounds of beer later, my guests became drunker and even rowdier. They grabbed my exposed thighs and slightly pinched them. One guy went so far as to trying to snake his hand under my miniskirt. I sternly slapped his hand away. However, instead of realizing his mistake, he laughed louder and high-fived his friends. Steaming with anger, I hurriedly walked to the walk-in fridge at the far corner of the kitchen. As I went there, I grabbed a relatively clean looking 60 ounces pitcher from the sink. Ensuring that nobody paid any attention to me, I slipped into the walk-in fridge and leaned on the closed door. The chilliness of the fridge sent a signal to my bladder. All of a sudden, I felt the need to urinate. I placed the pitcher on the floor, started pulling down my black thong to my knees, and wiggled my tight dress up my wide hip. The cool air that rushed to my exposed, hot pussy created a very interesting sensation. I assumed a squat atop the opening of the pitcher and aligned my opening with the pitcher's opening. My lower lips parted slightly exposing the pinkish folds inside and drops of urine began to fill the pitcher. My liquid honey had strong smell and dark yellow color as I have not been able to pee since the start of my shift. My stream grew stronger and the hissing crescendoed as it struck the bottom of the pitcher. Due to the strong power of the streams, small droplets flew out of the pitcher. After filling up about a half of the pitcher with my foamy yellow piss, I was pretty much spent. I pulled out a piece of napkin, dabbed it on my wet hairless slit, wadded the leftover, and tucked it inside a box full of fresh produce. Hey..., don’t judge, nobody wants to carry damp tissues around. I quickly redressed and left the walk-in fridge. Now comes the fun part. I scooped some ice into the pitcher, added a generous pour of cheap vodka, and topped it all off with some coke. I brought my “special” cocktail to the rowdy table. “Drink up boys…. It’s on the house,” I said as I filled up their glasses. “If ya’ll can finish it, I’ll give ya’ll something special,” I said with my fake southern twang as I winked at them. Quickly they gulped the content of their glasses. Their faces winced a bit. I guessed even though they are very drunk, they can still taste the weird flavor of the cocktail. Not long after, they all finished their special drink. I went behind the guy who marginally won the drinking race. He happened to be the guy who tried to feel up my skirt. I leaned close to him, rubbed my breasts against his back, and whispered, “Liked your cocktail? That was my piss that you were drinking, douchebag”. He retched and looked as if he was about to throw up. His friends looked puzzled and started questioning him. They finally understood what has happened and appeared to also be disgusted. Meanwhile, I quickly and happily left the table, rejoicing on a successful revenge.
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  46. after going out drinking, i had to pee soooo bad. so of course, i went in my panties. they were still pretty wet even after i got home.
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