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    Hello everyone, this is the original forum founder speaking, not the admin who has been running the site in recent times. I sold this site (originally called WatchGirlsPeeing) for personal reasons a few years back. However, whilst the previous admin seemed to have kept things running relatively smoothly, he suddenly had to shut down the site due to advice from his lawyer regarding changes to laws in his state. When I heard the whole site - including all posts and uploads - was going to be deleted, I decided something had to be done to save this community, which is why I have now returned. However, I plan to run this more as a hobby than a business, and unless sufficient funding can be raised, the video gallery may not return. Everything else will remain unchanged, but this is the biggest drain on resources and the factor that causes potential legal issues. Whilst I haven't ruled out its return, there are so many free places to access videos that I am hoping it is not integral to the site's success, and that people would rather at least keep the forum side, rather than lose everything. Apologies for the recent downtime, a lot has been going on over the last week or so to try and get everything back up and running smoothly. We are now on a new server, and the only problem should be that pictures aren't loading - this will be resolved in the next 48 hours. Feel free to continue posting in the meantime. Please let me know below should any other issues arise, as there may be some teething problems from the switch. I'm hoping this site can become better than ever with the help from you guys. I'll keep this brief for now, but stay tuned for new developments shortly. Thank you very much to everyone for your patience and understanding, and thanks also to those who have pledged to contribute to help keep the forum running (please drop me a message if you're still willing to help). Also, a thanks to PeeSearch staff for allowing developments to be discussed whilst this site was down. Finally, a huge thanks to the past admin - without him, none of this would have been possible. Anyway, please spread the word that PeeFans is back! I'm looking forward to chatting with you all again!
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    A group of four of us decided to spend the weekend hiking in the mountains. There were two male friends, a female friend and me being the other female, this made for quite a good balance of male and female. We decided to go camping way up in the mountains and had to hike for about 2 hours to get to a place secluded and peaceful enough to sleep at for a few nights. We set up camp and got a fire going. Once we got settled we broke out a bottle of vodka we brought with us. We made a few mixed drinks and made sure to stay hydrated with water as well. I knew we were all going to have to keep using the bathroom outside all weekend, but I didn't know the protocol for how far away to go from your friends. I decided I would wait for someone else to have to pee first. One of my male friends, Joe, a tall, handsome, bearded, scruffy 22 year old stood up abruptly and announced he needed to take a piss. He walked over to a tree not too far from our campsite, maybe 25 feet away and unzips his pants, and pulls out his cock and just starts taking a piss. As he starts to pee, our other male friend Thomas stands up and walks over to the same tree and starts to unzip his pants. He pulls out his cock and pisses right beside Joe. They start laughing and making a joke that it must be the pissing tree. They come back and sit down when they are finished. I keep thinking about how it is harder for girls to pee than guys. Since I had a few drinks, I decided to be brave and just ask my friends if they had a problem with me peeing near the campsite. The sun had set and I didn't want to wander off alone at night to relieve myself. My guy friends made a joke that it was fine as long as the tent wasn't dripping. My shy female friend Sam started to blush and announced she was wondering the same thing although she tends to get pee shy. We all agreed as long as it wasn't too close to the tent it was okay. My guy friends even made a joke that they wouldn't have a problem watching or keeping lookout. I went with this and asked Joe to come with me while I peed. I said I was scared to go alone and didn't want to do it in front of the others. Joe agreed, and we walked a little bit down a trail and I made a joke about this being awkward. He laughed nervously. Joe confessed to me that girls peeing doesn't gross him out and it does quite the opposite. I asked him what he meant.... here he confessed to me that he gets a thrill from the idea of watching a girl spread her legs and piss in naughty places. This turned me on, I have always wanted to be watched.... Deciding to just go for it, I start to pull down my shorts and panties, I get in a squatting position and shine a flashlight onto my pussy. Then I start to let it flow, it comes out slowly at first since I am so nervous, but once it starts to come I am making a puddle on the dirt underneath me because it cannot take all of the piss coming out at once. I shake my pussy up and down a few times once it stops. I look up at joe and smile. I quietly pulled my pants up and started walking back to camp. By the time we got back, our friends had cracked open some beers as well as the vodka. I decided to have a beer myself. Eventually Sam mentioned she needed to pee and that she was shy about it. We kept encouraging her that there was nothing to be shy about. I told her I wouldn't care if she peed right in front of my face, hoping it would lighten the mood. I glanced over at Joe and he added in "yeah doesn't bother me". Then Thomas gets up and turns his back away from the fire, towards all of us talking, and walks to the side of all of us, pulls out his cock and starts pissing right next to everyone. He shouts "see, nothing to be shy about....". This makes all of us laugh. Sam gets up and says she is going to go pee now, she walks a few feet away, finds this tree stump, pulls down her jean shorts, sits on the tree stump, spreads her legs and uses the edge of the tree as a toilet. She lets her piss flow down the stump of the tree, pooling near her feet. You can almost see her pussy except for it being a tad too dark. She continues like this for quite some time, once she gets up there is a long dark shadow on the tree stump where she relieved herself. After Sam comes back from watering the trees, I realized I have to piss again for the second time. I decide to be brave and go right in front of everyone. I am sitting on the ground near the fire, and just scoot my shorts off of myself and spread my legs open, as I am already sitting on the ground. All of my friends are staring at me in disbelief. I make a joke about them looking, but then I tell them I really don't mind and kind of like the attention. I start to piss right there in front of everyone with my legs spread open. A puddle forms between my legs. As the last bits trickle out, I start to stand up and pull my shorts back up. I then sit down next to my puddle on dry ground and continue talking like nothing happened. My friends all start laughing. Both of the guys have noticeable chubs at this point..... To be continued....
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    Today I was a naughty naughty girl, I decided to go out to the karaoke bar and I pissed my yoga pants more then once and I even made made myself cum all without anyone noticing. It was the evening of April the 21st, 17, I wore solid black yoga pants that has a shine look when you wear them, and a black tank top, my hair was down, I had cleavage and a sexy black Lacey thong teddy, I was out to have some fun with my girlfriends from work. We arrived at the bar close to 7pm, I started with a rum and coke, one drink wasn't gonna kill me, a few of the girls I went with got tipsy and things got fun fast. I sipped on diet cherry coke for a few hours, I was mostly talking to one of my friends I invited out. I must of had 4 cans of coke, I don't typically drink soda but I'm more of the designated driver and i sat up by the bar talking to the bar keep. I itched, I needed to pee, I glanced at my phone, it's 9:38pm, I looked around and slowly began to pee in my yoga pants. I could feel the pee running down my pant legs as I sat there, acting normal. I kept a steady stream until it came gushing out with a huge amount of force! I gasped, as a giant puddle formed by the legs of the stool. The bar keep turned and asked me what was wrong, I lied and said I thought I saw someone fall but they caught themselves =) I was itching for pleasure, but my friend came by and sat with me. She was very buzzed, flushed, and very hot (I'm bi btw) , if she was the same way I'd proprosition her ;) she's fun tipsy, but went back out . I stood up, And let the rest of the pee run between my legs. Omg so horny! It was 10:30pm and damn soda or small bladder, I was up against the wall and I had one of feet resting on it and my knee bent. I pissed myself once again, but stopped and went to a empty booth and continued to relieve myself, I found myself touching myself so I looked around and kept going until I came , it was really good considering =) 11:45 came around and I pissed once more but outside as I talked to a few ppl I knew and then i took my friend home and showered.
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    Yesterday was a beautiful day and me and my man to be decided to go jogging to the old port. Our usual pit stop place for the public washrooms were closed for renovations which many seemed annoyed. As i got there, two joggers and others around were complaining to a policeman that gave two fines and told them to complain at the city. Anyways, we did not stick around because i really need to go badly so we jogged an extra 5 minutes away in the back of a factory, and this is the result for you fans.
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    Hello there. I'm wee wee girl. I love holding and wetting myself. I like to drink a lot and wee a lot. I like to do long and messy wees. Good to meet you.
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    I am super into peeing in places like the side of the road, parking lots, and in the woods. Nothing turns me on more than waiting until I have to pee really badly and going on a long walk through the park, and waiting until I have no choice but to squat down next to the nearest tree. Tonight I had a long drive ahead of me, so I drank a lot of water beforehand and took the back roads with no gas stations/public restrooms. I was on a back country road when the desperate urge kicked in, I pulled over and put my hazard lights on, opened my door and squatted beside it and pulled my leggings and panties down and pissed right next to the road. I made sure my legs were spread nice and wide so I didn't get any pee on myself. I kept going for about 25 seconds, then I bounced my bum and pussy up and down a few times. I pulled my leggings up slowly and got back in my car and drove away. Anyone have any stories like this? Any favorite places to piss outdoors that you regularly do?
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    I'm just typing whatever comes into my head, so I apologise if this makes little sense, or if i repeat myself. First of all, I would like to say welcome back! It's great having an owner who shares the same interest as us and understands us. I feel to run a site like this you need to be interested in the subject. My biggest issue with the site before recent events was the owner not having a pee fetish. You may have a lot of experience in running multiple adult sites but I feel the site lost its community touch. It wasn't a community anymore, a place where fellow fans could meet and discuss topics as friends, it was a business. We were just members. a statistic. To me, the site felt too commercial. Having to pay to access the video gallery, even to upload files, and the introduction of the pee cams which didn't go well, further cemented this. However, I would also like to say thank you to the previous admin. Thank you for keeping peefans alive, for evolving it to a different forum software. And thank you for letting the founder retake the site. On the topic of the video gallery. I feel it wouldn't be too much of a hit if it was removed. I personally think the forums are much more important, and true to the roots of this community. I never visited the gallery because of having to pay, and I declined an offer from a fellow member when they offered to pay for me. In recent months forum participation has been low. Very low. and the chatbox has been a ghosttown. I feel with more focus on the forum we could get activity up, restore the community feeling, make us feel like a family again. It would be amazing if the site was a place where I could visit multiple times a day and always have things to talk about. As mentioned before, there are plenty of websites to go to for videos, and we can always keep the video link section to share these. With regards to the forum software, I think we should stick to what we have. I understand it is more expensive than XenForo, but I feel it is worth it. There are a few things I don't like, but as a whole I prefer it. The site feels more modern. It also performs better in my experience, having very little issues with pages loading, chat crashing etc. I also feel switching the software again could detrimental. We are just starting to get used to this, and by changing the software you have to learn everything again if you're not familiar, and of course there is any downtime the move may cause.
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    Just had a pee? Want to talk about it? Don't think it's worth a thread? Post about it here! I'll start. I had a lovely wee about 20 minutes ago after holding it through the Formula One race and then my dinner. Nothing particularly exciting but it made a loud splash as it fell perfectly into the water below.
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    I just love when pee and food is coming together. I dont have a lot my self, but I hope you can bring something delicious to the party! 😋
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