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    Still holding 🤓 but im extremely tempted to be extremely naughty, so naughty I could actually get in trouble 0.0
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    Need to pee, wanna be tied up and made to beg to be let go, only to pee myself
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    Nothing is more relaxing then after a shower, then in fresh hot sheets , against my naked body, zzz
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    Everything was so busy this Christmas weekend that having the right to pee normally was a luxury it feels , but I’m engaged finally lol 😀
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    37-ish days and counting 😮
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    What started to be two ppl playing outside (music), add a rock and role crazed neighbor who plays pretty well, next min u know they are hooking up speakers and there’s a concert :0 it was most epic and fun, small area at least and no complaints, which is good I don’t need my cuz and bf In hot water tho my cuz works with the police dept anyways 0.0
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    I need a mouth around my per hole , someone to drink me in ... waking up full always makes me so horny.
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    so full... trying to hold till I have no control
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    Looking for the right guy for sexy pee chat with...
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    Just wanted to outdoors today, when went looking locally, yes with a walking stick, sad reality of life. Was already getting desperate to pee, had sort of engineered that. Love to feel desperate, well hate and love it if you see what I mean. Caught 2 buses (short journeys, but one deliciously late). Walked with increasing need to pee over a sort of area of rough grass land. Was wearing chords, but no pants. Dog walkers seemed to be everywhere. I felt myself leak a bit of pee, but managed to sort of "throttle back". Still a nice warm pee feel round my cock. Eventually I found a bit of good woodland cover and peed happily, playfully, with a smile. Ours is not the easiest fetish, but it is the best IMO !