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    Wore a purple dress with spaghetti straps, had an intensely full bladder , stuff on table fell on the floor
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    Just had a genuine accident on the way home!
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    I took a shower with the hubby and peed in the shower and it was hitting his foot he decided since we were in the shower to pee on my leg 😢 men with penises think they can aim so much better 😭
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    Peeing into mouth
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    Hubby used to watch Buffy back in the day, and Angel, so we watched the first time (4 me) I was jacking him everytime Buffy made the scene then I saw Darla in her skimpy school girl suit omg i have similar and I jacked him off till he came omg lol my poor hand lol i was poking fun at him for being turned on hehe I’m bad and I changed into the school girl costume and cuddled , we watched a few more episodes then we played and I bit his neck and told him he can stick his stake in me 😍
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    I sat in my hubby’s lap as he gamed and I was almost naughty, but I didn’t want to get the chair wet -
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    Omg my hubby wanted to do a private film of what we just did omg , it was incredibly hot and wet, he picked out what he wanted me to wear , omg thinking about what just happened is turning me on but I don’t wanna pee myself again I showered and put a load in the wash and dressed for church, think clean thoughts >.<
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    just an mature grandpa whom loves peeing women