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    My mind is filled with music trivia from the 60s and 70s. Live with a bad tempered ancient cat in a picturesque small town. I am better at making friends on line than real life

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    Watching a guy I know pee (almost desperate is best), peeing somewhere we can watch each other, peeing outdoors, helping a guy aim or just holding it

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  1. The Locomotion Grand Funk Railroad with special guests Wet Willie Mel was always my favorite!
  2. Tea both hot and iced apparently does not like me because it tries to get away from me as quickly as possible😀
  3. Sometimes needing to pee can be very sexual for me. Other times it is a fascinating urge on its own. It can also just be "I have to pee". I also get turned on sexually without thinking about pee.
  4. Sounds a lot like the local volunteer fire departments fundraiser picnics. They are rural with rural grounds - the picnics generally consist of some raffles, food, bingo, a couple local bands and of course the beer tent. Very limited toilet facilities but the grounds are generally surrounded by cornfields ( with no waiting)
  5. 2:00 AM in the yard pee My sleep pattern is very broken. I was wide awake just before two this morning. I sort of got dressed (flowy gauze skirt, tee shirt, flip flops and nothing else/giggle). Walked across yard to bin to take some trash out. Very nice out - hint of breeze and neighborhood was quiet and dark. Perfect night to sit on patio for a bit while sipping ice water with a lime wedge. After a short time the water started moving through me and I reached the delightful point of needing to pee but not desperate. Perfect time to reach under my skirt for a few touches.
  6. My earliest online pee exploration was in "adult" Yahoo chat rooms. Noticed then that the group members from the UK were much more open or matter of fact about peeing. I found some people I was comfortable with and got the confidence to pee on cam. (Aside - I am MUCH too old for that foolishness anymore so please don't ask) After a couple years my life changed and the internet changed. Only the need to pee has stayed the same😁
  7. I am a little surprised no one mentioned using a pee rag. I usually have one in the mudroom to grab if I am planning to pee in the yard or heading out to the marsh or somewhere I will pee in nature. I also try to keep one in my pee spot in the corner of the garage. Before Covid I picked up random pieces of 100% cotton fabric at yard sales that I could bleach and would dry in the air after use. I also find "used tissue litter" gross - sorry.
  8. I am not a man - going to answer anyway. House is on opposite corner of large lot from garage which is at the top of the driveway where I usually park. I am frequently desperate for a pee when I get home from random errands or whatevers because I generally drink a lot of water to stay alert when driving. I am much more comfortable peeing in the corner of the garage (cement floor is broken there and there is gravel instead) than trying to get to the house, fumbling with door, stepping on cat all while holding my legs together. I like desperation but also want to be in control of it. Peein
  9. Thanks for the heads up! I ordered it last night. Now I wish I had splurged on expedited shipping.
  10. Jamey Johnson's H O T countrified (slightly) cover of the Meatloaf classic Two out Of Three Ain't Bad I really do listen to sort of country and a LOT of covers!
  11. I feel your pain. I have a large yard with many pee opportunities but my new neighbors have a dog that always has a couple barks when I am in my yard. They know I am there so I feel the need to behave.
  12. I don't seem to cross paths with many men who are even curious in giving this a try. I approach it as something sexy and fun - let's see how it works! and get turned down.
  13. Yes! Her vids seem so natural not something posed.
  14. I get bored very quickly with "desperate" women wearing exotic underwear and huge platform sandals taking a "desperate" pee outdoors. Lacks the gritty realism I want to see in a desperate female per. Can't think of her name - Nerdy something? on Pornhub has the styling part down perfectly.
  15. Back in the infancy of the "interwebs" when I was newly exploring my pee fetish - what I enjoyed and what my limitations are - I came across some people on line who were fascinated with peeing in various non-toilet containers. Vases, jars, cans, tubs etc. Throughout the years I have played around with the idea both different containers and how I manipulate them. Do any of you have experiences with this and do you care to share them?
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