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    My mind is filled with music trivia from the 60s and 70s. Live with a bad tempered ancient cat in a picturesque small town. I am better at making friends on line than real life

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    Watching a guy I know pee (almost desperate is best), peeing somewhere we can watch each other, peeing outdoors, helping a guy aim or just holding it

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  1. Most of them just stayed home. There was also a rustic parking area with two port a pots at a trail head used most for x country skiing during the season. Nature called and she would hop in their car and drive over there.
  2. Not something most people participate in - but there are no toilets when you are in the field hunting. Plus it is usually cooler weather and early morning starts call for coffee. My late husband and I both grew up in a hunting environment (upper midwest USA) and continued after we were married. Usually after a 45 minute drive while consuming coffee we were ready for a pee when we hopped out of the truck. We stayed out for as long as I was comfortable (warm enough). Husband never said anything openly but he would just step to the side (not turn away) to pee and suggested I squat to pe
  3. Rock and Roll "Foo Zep" live from Wembley Taylor, vocals Dave, drums Jimmy having fun with his guitar JPJ ? looking kind of vague
  4. I think about once more experiencing a pee friendship like I had once many many years ago. We enjoyed in a not really sexual way sharing how desperate we were becoming - squirming and rubbing ourselves. When we couldn't hold it any longer we would either pee outdoors where we could watch each other (sometimes I would help him aim) or if indoors share the basement drain or something. We did a lot of regular activities together also. Really no sexual connection just playing out as many pee games as possible.
  5. While we lived in town my sister and I played on the park like high school grounds across from our house. There were a lot of hiding places for a quick pee. I learned from a couple older girls how to arrange myself and my clothes - and showed my sister when we were alone. Peeing outdoors was much more practical than going home!
  6. Just dropped the needle on On The Way Home - beginning of CSNY Four Way Street
  7. A little confused about question 1. What is meant by "pee myself"? I am not into full uncontrolled wetting very much, a couple squirts when I let myself get TOO desperate is hot. I enjoy my own personal activities or sharing peeing together or "helping" a willing partner. Yikes! Enough with the overthinking.
  8. Good grief! Back when the lake was lower and there was a beach I marked a lot of it between Carptown and south of Skunk Hollow. (TR and Manty) plus some other areas.
  9. A few more! (See what happens when the chat is music) Ravel's Bolero Neil Young Harvest Moon (laugh if you want - the love in it is VERY sexy) Black Oak Arkansas with Ruby Starr - Jim Dandy (Time to go behave? in my corner)
  10. I was there - and it was so good it just stuck with me😁
  11. Well...I was in my late 20s when "Pong" came out. 😁
  12. I am apparently of a different generation or maybe mindset. Getting warmed up songs: Paradise by the Dashboard Light (go ahead - laugh) or Tonight's the Night (Rod Stewart) Inna Gadda Davida (you know what I mean) can also get things warmed up.
  13. A couple weeks ago - slightly chilly but not cold day my sister and I were having a couple beers and checking out the sort of dilapated barn at the end of their property. Halfway through my second beer I really needed to pee and doubted I would make it back to the house dry. I explained my predicament and asked if it would be ok if I took a quick pee in the gravelly loose dirt in the corner - she told me that she needed to join me so just like old times we dropped our pants, squatted and had a much needed pee next to each other. I think she was a little shy and started really slow. I really h
  14. Corned Beef on Rye (The Deli Song) Dean Friedman
  15. Judas Priest acoustic Diamonds & Rust
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