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    My mind is filled with music trivia from the 60s and 70s. Live with a bad tempered ancient cat in a picturesque small town. I am better at making friends on line than real life

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    Watching a guy I know pee (almost desperate is best), peeing somewhere we can watch each other, peeing outdoors, helping a guy aim or just holding it

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  1. I love peeing outdoors. I have a large yard with enough trees (evergreens with low branches) and other greenery for a good amount of privacy. Neighbors also have garages, sheds and woodpiles adding to everyone's privacy. I do keep my activities to after dark.
  2. As open and free as I am about my peeing activities I do not like the feeling of being sneakily watched or considered a "sighting". I don't leave tissues behind for examination, either. I prefer to keep my activity private unless sharing with someone I am comfortable with.
  3. I have a cat - has to be A 😼
  4. This is very interesting. I need to think a little before responding.
  5. While I don't mind a bout of desperation for the feeling I really like the build up/holding time that precedes being truely desperate. Starts with I need to think about peeing sooner rather than later and after a reasonable (unless I am drinking coffee!) time it becomes touching myself and holding my legs together PEE NOW! Every so often I plan for this. Sometimes getting to the point of not quite making it and enjoying a planned bladder overflow usually outdoors somewhere private. (I have enjoyed this occasionally with like minded buddies also)
  6. I have a small collection of containers as I have discovered that pissing in something is a turn on. My most recent favorite is an old "tupperware"/plastic container with a formed handle. Was probably used for juice or something? I have old knees and hips so a classic squat is kind of uncomfortable. I tend toward a standing squat or peeing over the edge of a formed chair.
  7. Laundry area is in basement, tends to be chilly and I prefer to wait for machine to fill - all that running water! I keep a couple random containers in the area for a pee. I found if I have to pee even slightly the coolness and the running water makes me nearly desperate and thinking about relieving myself (have a fun piss?) before heading back up the old narrow staircase. I am the only person in the house and could go down there as close to naked as I want.
  8. When I was young we always lived in uncrowded places - across from a school with a huge campus and athletic fields and a LAKE on the far side. Then we lived in a rural area with old barns and fields and wooded areas. Parents never directly said anything but we did not go home to pee. Also we never came home desperate. Older kids showed my sister and I how to pee outdoors and some fun places to pee. As a teen several of the boys I was friends with were pleasantly surprised at my willingness to pee whenever/wherever and not insist on a proper toilet. Truth be told peeing when and where I h
  9. I am substantially older than most of you and "plus size". I seldom wear a bra at home unless I am in a mood and choose a sexy fun bra but always wear one out and about. Don't mind them doing their thing when it is only me at home but not something I want to randomly share.
  10. @Girllikespee I have a rather frequently used pee bucket in my basement also. Old house with steep staircase into basement. It is much easier and interesting to pee in the bucket or one of the weird drains than try to get back upstairs (including cat hazard!) if I get the urge while the machine is filling with water.
  11. Uh oh the cat has been giving me the evil eye because I have been depriving her of her beauty sleep. My soundtrack for tonight has been loaded with Popa Chubby (Ted Horowitz) - started with Little Wing - then Six Days on the Road - now If the Diesel don't Get you the Jet Fuel Will
  12. @glad1 Sitting on the edge of a chair or step or anything like that and peeing over the edge is still a thrill (too many!) years later
  13. When I was in the 5 - 7 age group I played with the neighborhood girls who were 3 - 5 years older. As long as I was with them I could roam the multi acr e high school campus on the shore of a Great Lake as well as the playground next to it. They showed me how a girl could have fun peeing without a toilet! We sat on the edge of steps, hid in shrubbery, compared puddles in the back parking lot.
  14. Even when I only vaguely have to pee that "cold wind on my bare bottom" dramatically increases my desperation. Very exciting!
  15. I tend to wear sweatpants around the house in the cold months and don't always like the fleece lining against my bare girly parts. Other bottoms it depends on my mood. Warmer weather a bare bottom under wide legged shorts is all kinds of fun.
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