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    Pansexual male who enjoys watching anyone pee, nonchalant pee, public pee, pee inside of someone, and other! Feel free to PM me!

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    I love watching Someone pee where they are not suppose to, especially public places
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    Watching my ex stand up to pee out in the middle of the woods

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  1. That’s sounds like a hot fun weekend, holy crap. Depending on how kinky she is, you could pee inside of her, or maybe have her pee on you while you are inside of her. or maybe if you two are lounging around and you suddenly have to pee, just aim your cock at her from your chair and try to splash it all over her. She could even use your lap as a latrine too!
  2. I really enjoyed this story, and just how touching it was. Bens acceptance on a first date like that was a turn on in itself for me lol
  3. Absolutely! Thanks for clarifying that @gldenwetgoose. Sometimes my brain doesn’t think in complete thoughts lol.
  4. I mean, I’m cool with peeing face to face with another guy. Any takers? 😂
  5. Hot damn that was erotic! How naughty of you to bounce up and down to shake off your excess pee. I bet the guy in question though you were going to use the stall and not the urinal. I know if I saw you enter the men’s room and use a urinal like a guy it would be something I would never forget! I love how he high-fived you at the end, like he was impressed.
  6. Pictures and videos are more than welcome here! It’s not only allowed, but encouraged 😉!
  7. Dude that’s an amazing pee!nice stream and cock! I’m jealous you get to walk into the woods in nothing but your birthday suit and pee wherever you want. Did You walk out of the house like that?
  8. Welcome to our friendly forum! We look forward to hearing from you!
  9. These photos are super cool and sexy! although this shot is one of my favorites. Your pussy is gorgeous!
  10. House Party is planing on an update that will let you be either male or female with the ability to pee. Not much else is known about it yet, but I’ve already bought and played it. It’s not a bad sex game.
  11. That’s me. I’m the extrovert (while drinking) who will strike up a conversation while peeing. If I’m drunk I’ll pee anywhere with anyone.
  12. It stand for MyFreeCams. They were really good back in the day. Now I enjoy cam4 a lot more.
  13. Did your friend cover for you, or did he watch? Or both?
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