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  1. Because they also like to pee on bath mats haha....
  2. Welcome to the site. How much do you want to share with us on here haha?
  3. I just keep pushing the limits of my bladder capacity, and I have found that works better and better!
  4. My morning pees are usually anywhere from 1300 ml to 1800 ml because I always measure them, and the most I have measured is 2100 ml from a single pee. I almost always pee well over 1 liter each time I pee, and I barely even feel anything in my bladder with just 1 liter of pee in it. I drink lots of water during the day and I have repeatedly held my pee as long as I could, so I guess my bladder has just stretched and gotten used to holding large amounts of pee.
  5. Wow haha! How much pee can a pad hold?
  6. I must be honest, I have peed in others' pools almost every time I have gone into one....
  7. Do you ever intentionally pee in public pools though?
  8. I mean what about peeing in the woods if you go hiking? How many guys do you think would want to go hiking with you?
  9. For real haha? What about peeing in an alleyway?
  10. Ever peed outdoors on your college campus?
  11. I have always been fascinated by girls and women going to the bathroom together....If I see 2 female best friends, what is the likelihood that they have peed in front of each other before? Also, for the women on here, are you comfortable peeing in front of another woman?
  12. Ever peed on a plant and then ate its fruit?
  13. Welcome to this site. What inspired you to join and share your experiences with us?

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