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  1. Sounds amazing, and him passing in front of you in response is hot
  2. @peecurious94 another amazing story, please keep us updated. I particularly enjoyed the bit about both peeing into a towel as I love to do that but never into one someone else has already used, that would probably send me over the edge
  3. Fuck that is one of the hottest stories I have ever read. I was on the edge of cumming without touching myself! Wow
  4. I visit a swinger club occasionally. The usual dres for guys is a towel but nearly everyone of both sexes goes naked in the sauna. I usually pee onto the floor between the slats in the sauna. Ihave never done it with anyone else there as I don't wanttooffend anyone but would love to watch and be watched.
  5. Hi @Pontepee and welcome. Another Yorkie here. Enjoy the forum.
  6. I think I would pee in the doorway to the gents, in part as a protest to the gents being closed but in reality I hate public toilets so the next choice would be bushes.
  7. Nice find, the traffic driving past whilst he was peeing on a naked girl was very daring.
  8. So descriptive, thank you for sharing with us
  9. I have to admit this is something I would love to do. Not sure I would be able to pluck up the courage but the concept is amazing.
  10. I wish I was her husband, she could piss outside as often as she likes for me
  11. Puppy pads aren't that absorbent on their own, they would just stop the pee reaching the seat. Whilst towels are you can't guarantee the pee wouldn't still get through to the seat. I would suggest towels with a puppy pad underneath so all risks are covered. Would be fun to be there at the time 😀
  12. JesseP

    Pee sites

    Here without doubt
  13. @Kupar thanks for sharing, she certainly needed to go judging by the stream and puddle.
  14. Wonderful, is one of my dreams to have a lady squat over me and piss through her knickers.
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