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  1. I have organised a couple of private pee parties some years ago using hotel rooms and a kids paddling pool. Another member on here was one of the attendees. The biggest problem I found was how time consuming the organisation was, followed by the number of last minute drop outs. Nevertheless they were fun. There is a kink club in London who host "pissior" every few months, latest is tonight but according to their website is sold out. I haven't been but seen reports about it. There is also a club in Leeds who mention one of rooms is suitable for watersports but have never seen them adv
  2. Are you kidding, that is no way "phat" is wonderful
  3. So naughty, thank you for sharing with us. Great to see another lady letting go somewhere she shouldn't.
  4. You should let him know that peeing arouses you and see how far he wants to take it. And following on from gldenwetgoose's suggestions I would suggest that when you are out somewhere, you tell him you are getting desperate and see if he suggests somewhere, maybe a quiet corner in a carpark, stairwell and so on.
  5. You are not on your own in enjoying indoor peeing, there are a number of members who are into it, many of whom share their pics. I like the idea but not the cleaning up afterwards. I have peed indoors a number of times, mainly in derelict buildings like @PullbackSoaker mentioned but a naughty one that springs to mind was with a girl I was seeing many years ago. She was moving out of her house and didn't like her landlord. We were both into peeing so our last act before she moved out was to both pee all over the living room carpet. I have let a little out onto hotel room carpets,
  6. Looked great to me, you certainly needed to go. I love pissing on towels such a rude thing to do. In my opinion, post in whichever section you feel most comfortable in.
  7. I have to confess I have done before. I occasionally visit dogging sites and let people watch me masturbate.
  8. @pop-a-squat he must get so hard watching you piss in places you shouldn't and then him doing the same
  9. Hi Kiria and welcome. Would be interested in how you were introduced to peeing for others. This is a very friendly community and well moderated so enjoy yourself.
  10. Great pics, thank you, and pleased you got fucked as a result
  11. JesseP


    I did wonder that, thank you for responding, just looks so uncomfortable
  12. JesseP


    Question for the ladies on here, that looks so uncomfortable, does it feel that way? I know when I get my bits in a tangle I have to sort them out but I do wonder about the ladies.
  13. I so want to do this but not plucked up the courage so far, carpet would be better for me
  14. You kept knickers on as well, so naughty, love it, makes me hard every post, thank you
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