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    watching a pussy pee, and if over me even better
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    pissing over a ladies tits followed by her pissing on my cock

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  1. I have squatted loads of times, I like to pee in my garden when I can and the only way I can manage it without neighbours seeing me is to squat. Plus I quite enjoy it, especially when bursting.
  2. I have to admit, that is one of the things I do, sit on washing, especially towels, and just let go. I love the sensation but must be even better for a woman.
  3. Very often, if I am preparing for some naughty pee, the first one is a bit of a disappointment, but once the flow starts the next ones have more volume, are more enjoyable. I keep drinking to make sure I manage a few more.
  4. I would love to see a girl sit on the mattress, legs slightly apart so her lady bits are on view, and then watch her pee and let it soak in.
  5. Wow that is a horny story, both being encouraged to pee on the mat and then her doing the same. Is that pic you or your mum? Amazing either way
  6. Love it, I don't like to use the office toilet as it is shared to I have taken to pissing in the kitchen sink and then just rinse it down afterwards. I never thought about pissing in a plant pot, maybe will try it next time I am in.
  7. Your wife is such a tease, she should allow you to watch her once in a while. Loving the pics
  8. Your profile won't accept messages
  9. Hi and welcome, a great introduction. Have fun this is a great community
  10. Yes well done guys and ladies, would I want to be a mod? No but thank you for giving up your time and patience to keep an eye on things
  11. No arguments from me, I always look forward to her pics and posts 👍 Love the leakage
  12. JesseP


    I keep forgetting to visit the non peeing part of the forum, just been enjoying some amazing upskirt pics, thank you to all the contributors and a special mention to @puddyls for her personal contributions.
  13. ukpeegirl86 would love to chat, East Mids here as well

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