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  1. Hi and welcome @Lalayla557
  2. Wow @pop-a-squat that is amazing I would love to hear how it carried on.
  3. Hi @Madelyn and welcome
  4. Really? Sounds interesting, please tell us more. On the topic in point, I would have thought a trough at crotch height rather than on the floor would be more hygienic
  5. @pop-a-squat I just love reading your stories, so erotic. Thank you
  6. That is so horny. I remember a friend of mine telling me that she got a taxi home one night, she needed to pee but the taxi driver refused to stop so she squatted in the back and pissed on the floor. I wish I had been there.
  7. Wonderful @Bacardi so glad you enjoyed your discreet wee
  8. I have organised a couple of watersports parties some years ago, @harry_jones_1975 attended. They were hard work as people kept dropping out but were good fun in the end.
  9. I would love a pee friend, I had one but was some years ago sadly
  10. Great story and picture. I can see the heart. I am pretty sure if I ride it, it would have been nothing like that. Thank you for sharing.
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