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  1. Well done for being brave enough to act out your fantasy. And thanks for sharing the puddle, looks like you needed to go.
  2. Wonderful erotic experience, I hope you managed to repeat it a few times.
  3. I did spend the weekend pissing into the trees outside my caravan, sadly on my own but ever hopeful someone will take an interest
  4. Wonderful that she chose to pee there rather than use the toilet
  5. That's funny, it wasn't four years ago but I saw a girl on Division Street in a take away, she came out went down the side, pulled her knickers down (short skirt) peed on the pavement and went back inside. I only had a side view but any view counts in my opinion 🙂 I have walked around Devonshire Green umpteen times and never seen a thing despite it being a perfect area. The best sighting I had was next to the underpass on Furnival Gate. I was walking towards the underpass, noticed two girls squatting in a shop doorway so walked down the underpass and got a full on pissing pussy view, they both saw me and made no attempt to cover up. I also managed a few sightings near to the Gatecrasher club before it burnt down.
  6. @Alfresco Some wonderful sightings, thank you for sharing. I used to see loads in my local area, Sheffield, but not been out since lockdown. Also, pubs overlapping clubs timings seems to have reduced the outdoor sightings sadly.
  7. Wonderful story, well done on getting her relaxed enough to let go, and maybe she enjoyed it enough to do it again. Did you tell her you were peeing as well?
  8. JesseP


    I don't visit this thread often enough. Loads of fabulous pictures of lady's intimate parts, I never get bored of looking. And they are all slightly different. Wonderful.
  9. Interesting you enjoy watching this, something I also enjoy. Rare but hot when it happens
  10. Back in my younger days I had the same problem, usually if there was a queue and I felt under pressure to pee and leave so the next guy could go. I would often stand there and nothing would come out. Eventually I got to the stage where I was able to block the situation and concentrate on the job in hand and was able to pee freely, and am OK with doing the same ever since. It wasn't being watched which bothered me, it was the fact there was a queue behind me.
  11. Very erotic story. What happened when he next needed to pee as I assume he did whilst at yours?
  12. Nice diary. I always pee in the shower so nice to see others do as well.
  13. I do get turned on pissing outdoors but I think if I had a happy ending every time I would end up a quivering wreck. Nevertheless nice video, thanks for sharing.

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