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  1. Sexually speaking, I’m only attracted to males, but I’d like to answer anyways lol. I used to say I was pretty 50/50 on my likeness of being peed on and peeing on someone, but I’ve recently realized I do lean towards liking to pee on someone else more. It’s still hot as hell to be peed on don’t get me wrong, but being the one that was holding it in and finally being able to release it, and release on someone that also finds it erotic makes me throb at the thought of it. It’s an amazing feeling.
  2. Luckily my yard is super private so my neighbors would never see. But I will pee out there maybe once a week, sometimes more. Always such a turn on
  3. I also came across it sort of on accident, and sort of just curiosity. I had started watching some squirting compilations, they fascinated me because I didn’t know squirting was a thing. Then on the recommendations of one of the squirting videos I saw a couple of different Pee related videos. I ignored them for a while but then finally watched a few. Didn’t like it at first but then eventually I started seeking them out and getting more and more turned on. Now it’s about all I watch for porn and I just wish there was more of it haha. I can be quite picky about it.
  4. Haha I’m definitely curious as a Las Vegas local myself now 😂
  5. I could use such a service in my shower 👀 haha
  6. A hotel like this absolutely needs to become a thing!
  7. In that case, we’d have to take that car and park it somewhere else to continue the fun 😝
  8. you can practice your pee writing on me any day 😝
  9. Had another nice dream last night. Guess I was on some sort of road trip with a guy and we stopped to get food at a little restaurant in the mountains. After we were done he went to get the car and I waited out front of the building. I had sort of squatted down/sat on a small ledge against the windows and realized I had to pee, looked around and noticed a security camera aimed towards my right side. At this point the guy was back in the car and got out to help me up and I told him “wait, I want to be naughty” and pointed at the camera. So he sat next to me on the left, leaving the camera view
  10. Haha I’m sure no one would mind. I know when I first went on someone it took forever for it to trickle out but it was worth the wait as the desperation made it even hotter. But I’d be happy just watching someone go sneakily in the corner too!
  11. If it were real I’d be in absolute heaven 🤤 I’ll be sure to invite you if I ever come across such a party though 😘
  12. I’ve apparently been watching too much pee porn as well as just thinking of my pee fantasies a lot lately, because I keep having dreams now of being in giant pee parties, going in public/naughty places, having a partner to indulge in it with. Very hot dreams, though I worry I’ll wake up actually peeing one of these times and I don’t want to cause any damage to this bed 🤣. But the dream I had last night was one of the big pee parties (both men and women) and everyone had giant water jugs and we would all just take turns going on each other over and over as the night went on, and wherever we wer
  13. I guess now I can officially say, I wish I was that canoe 😝
  14. Wish I had been there knelt down in the grass in front of you!
  15. I just found this site and joined the other day! I’m FTM trans as well, but I’m still very early on. I’ve been on T for about a month and dreaming of top surgery haha. Feel free to message whenever if you’d like!
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