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  2. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    The Spam flows powerful through her
  3. Famous Babes

    Andie Adams - Lingerie - Instagram, December 2017
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  5. Mine would be the sexy Anna Kendrick!
  6. Webcam sites with peeing?

    My Pissing-Tube - http://pissrip.tk
  7. Famous Babes

    Barbara Palvin - Pole Dancing - Gif x2 Total Duration - 39 Seconds
  8. Slits...

    A girl band with an appropriate name i suppose?
  9. peeindetail.com

    Hello. I can not find anywhere in the free access videos from the site PeeInDetail.com, so I decided to buy a paid subscription from them on the site and download all the material (for my site pissrip.tk). The fact is that I can not make payment by credit card, the CCBill system through which payment is made does not accept cards of Russia. Who from another country can pay a paid subscription $20? I'll transfer the money to you. Write to me in PM, Skype universal_admin or telegram +79832433140, thanks.
  10. Trouble uploading pics

    Me too.It will download to the site easy enough but not to the clubs page takes ages if at all.
  11. Famous Babes

    Chantal Monaghan - red thong bikini at the beach in Miami 12/16/17
  12. On here there are many quite odd seeming names.Like "Zevashea","Ozabot","zzyzx52"even "fannywatcher".. Mine was like the first thing i thought of when signing up.To watch a girl pee-you watch her fanny."Fanny" being the UK word for the lady bits,of course,not the US "bum". I dont really like my name,and id change it if i could,but im stuck with it. Can you explain your moniker?Or your avatar?Mine is the robot "Bender"from the TV show "Futurama".One of my favourite characters.
  13. woman's bare Bottoms

    Girls from 50s and 60s - part 3
  14. woman's bare Bottoms

    Girls from 50s and 60s - part 2
  15. Famous Babes

    Candice Swanepoel - Bikini on the beach in Fernando de Noronha 12/15/17
  16. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    Just checking how this thread's going... Apparently, Sophie managed to get us all to feed a thread in a very efficient way !
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  18. Famous Babes

    Alexandra Rodriguez Busty in Bikini at Miami Beach 12/15/17
  19. Famous Babes

    Emma Watson - Braless Cleavage on Stage - Gif Duration - 15 Seconds
  20. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    One night a little girl walks in on her parents having sex. The mother is going up and down on the father and when she sees her daughter looking at them she immediately stops. “What are you doing, Mommy?” The mother too embarassed to tell her little girl about sex so she makes up an answer. “Well, sweetie, sometimes daddy’s tummy gets too big so I have to jump up and down on it to flatten it out.” The little girl replies, “Well, mommy you really shouldn’t bother with that.” The mother has a confused look on her face, “Why do you say that sweetheart?” The little girl replies, “Because mommy, everytime you leave in the morning, the lady next door comes over and blows it back up.”
  21. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    I doubt she will win her own contest LOL
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