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  2. Very British Problems...

    But we like offending our old foes.Which really inclides just about every European country we have battled,and won,many times over the years..Spain,France,Italy,Germany-obviously.Why not enjoy a bit of triumphalism?
  3. Very British Problems...

    I hate the way in which certain TV shows become like the kind of "bread and circuses" of the masses,like all the soaps,strictly come dancing,in which characters from the show,somehow get into some of the papers.Even on BBC news programmes.Soaps now seem to be the litmus paper of culture.They now promote "social issues" instead of being everyday tales of life,each episode now seems to promote gay rights,refugee problems.Things that most people in working life dont really think about.
  4. Peeing on the carpet in the pub, and all your friends are too polite to notice...
  5. Today
  6. Sexy babes

    Assorted Amateur BDSM
  7. Famous Babes

    Victoria Justice - Boobs in White Bra - Gif
  8. Famous Babes

    Claudia Romani - white thong and green top on the beach in Miami, 3/17/18
  9. No bits rule.

    Id like a rule that says you cant use pictures of a sexual nature for your avatar.Meaning you cant basically have naked penis/vagina featured.Wetting pictures are fine,but please no dangly bits etc.Theres enough of that on the site.Use your imaginations..
  10. Women you just would..

    Im sure we all see women who you might not want to watch pee or anything,but stir your pants in odd ways when you see them. This is journalist Julia Hartley Brewer,she causes my pants to twitch whenever i see her on TV.I feel id just like to take her very quickly and roughly,leave her with my love running down her stockings..
  11. Why dont new members stay?

    I agree with you.Too many people use this as an opportunity to post pictures of their bits for us to see whether we want to or not.Pages are available for this i dont like the penis avatar i wish people would use more imagination.
  12. I want a pisstress

    wish I had a female friend who can own me on this website . Anything involving your piss will be obeyed. Just send me a message and I will answer promptly
  13. Famous Babes

    Vida Guerra - Shakes Her Ass in Thong, 3/17/18
  14. You know I love this stuff, steve25805 Love reading your stories!
  15. Famous Babes

    Demi Lovato - Nipple Slip in Bed - gif
  16. mmm sandi you can pee in my mouth anytime
  17. Famous Babes

    Breana Manziel - sexy butt in a green bikini on the beach in Miami, 2/28/18
  18. Evacuation

    We are home again, just soooo tired. All ok, just smells of smoke now. Still on watch and act, will be watching it.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Wet Auto Shop Visit

    That was a great story. I hope your gonna make part 2
  21. Classical Music

    I frequently keep classical on as background music; my favourite piece is Waldstein Sonata Movement One. I play several instruments, so am quite involved with playing it, too.
  22. Why dont new members stay?

    As someone who turned up for a few months, drifted off for about half a year, and has decided to check in once more today- I joined because I liked the lack of intrusive adverts (pop-ups, excessively explicit, etc), which are so (understandably) ubiquitous on other naughty sites. When I signed up there were none, but now there’s just one banner at the top of my screen, and it’s minimally invasive. I’ve always been more of a fan of the “pee questions and discussion” than the actual pornographic content on here, since erotica is more my thing (indeed, i drifted off to a site with a heavier focus on that). The site is easy to navigate, too. Most of all, I find that people on this site are very respectful of other users, and long-term users really do seem dedicated to it. Few threads go ignored and there’s a high level of engagement, and decent activity levels, too. Basically, I found it the best of the pee fetish sites, until I discovered omorashi.org. I prefer the more softcore environment, it’s just a personal preference. (I don’t like encountering male content, which one can’t help on this site).
  23. The look on the BBC weather forecaster’s face when it snows.
  24. Famous Babes

    Maitland Ward - Nude, BDSM Party, 03/16/18
  25. Felt the need for a piss so used a saucepan.
  26. Famous Babes

    Ariel Winter - Sexy Ass in Tight Pants in L.A., 3/16/18
  27. Wheres Puddyls?

    I've missed her. too. But, I thought it was just my aim off.
  28. Famous Babes

    Maitland Ward - Nude, BDSM Party - Gif 3/16/18 Duration - 20 Seconds (1 Image, no split)
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