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  2. spywareonya

    A fresh start

    polite, profile with many infos and not neglected, and presenting yourself right from the start I fucking like you already the Staff here is kind to a level you cannot even imagine, and senior members are more than willing to mentor newcomers send me a PM for anything, I can give you suggestions about how to feel at home, little silly but useful trickes, and anyway, welcome here boy! We need people like you
  3. Curvy_Luscious

    Do girls sniff MENS undies?

    In my experience with two husbands, I never had to sniff them to get an unwanted whiff.
  4. Curvy_Luscious

    pissing on the carpet

    Lovely, guys! Carpet peeing is the ultimate naughty hotness. Nice dicks too.
  5. Today
  6. Rewdna

    A fresh start

    As I posted before,I have decided to start a new account,and this is it! My old one still exists but I will no longer use it.I do enjoy this forum as it helps me explore this side of my life.I hope this fresh start will also help me interact with as many like minded people as I can.That's it for now.Looking forward to what lies ahead.
  7. Theman23144

    pissing on the carpet

    Looks a bit like my dick
  8. sathuta

    Pissing as a foreplay

    great... full of pleasure....
  9. sathuta

    Ladies please answer

    We love to see the contest...
  10. Andrew S

    No longer in use

    I have decided to start a new account from scratch.Therefore this will be my last post under this account name.Thanks to all who have viewed,interacted or simply ignored me.My new account is up and running.
  11. glad1

    Ladies please answer

    I'm rather proud of my abilities. I've never lost a contest yet. If I did, I hope I would be a gracious loser.
  12. Sophie

    Ladies please answer

    Do a handstand!!
  13. Scot_Lover

    What hobbies do you have?

    It is excellent, I've had Playstations from day one, love the variety of games, and the ladies here have their own games they play. You will need PlayStation Plus for multiplayer / online play, be warned. If you get one, find something you like and try to show some interest in what he plays. Don't let it seperate you.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Blackinksoul30

    Anyone like to cook?

    I love to make home made mac and cheese. chicken noodle soup. hot pockets (not the frozen ones) but using croissant dough and filling it with cheese and pepperoni.
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