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  1. Oh goody, more of them!
  2. Jaylah, I look at people who have a Pee Fetish as being normal people who have had some experiences that bring on their interest in Pee items. It amazes me how many time a sexual element becomes involved to give an erotic fell to go along with Peeing.
  3. This is a delightful account where Vikka gets caught by her mom. For your enjoyment.
  4. Another delicious story by Vikka brought forward
  5. Another note from Vikka brought forward.
  6. Here is some information from Vikka for newer people to enjoy.
  7. It is quite an annoyance to me that after spending quite a bit of time on PM writing a note that when I click on "Submit Reply" that the system comes back and tells me that I have to be signed on to do this action. Apparently the system is totally unaware of any activity involved in writing to a conversation, so it times out. Would it be possible to have the system be aware of the activity on Conversations so that it doesn't dismiss the member from an active sign-on.
  8. CrissyP, are you to be found among the dead?

    Your disappearance is so unlike you.

  9. I am happy to hear this. I will give it a try.
  10. One item that I miss is the Birthday panel. I use to pick on users that had been on the forum somewhat recently and send them a Birthday greeting on their Profile. Speaking of Profiles - there are several things about the new program that make it difficult to operate as of old. The old system would allow one to make a public note to the user's profile and they in turn could respond to it, and it was readable for anyone. I am finding that it is not possible to write to a users Profile on the new system. I find it difficult to find the Profile of a user who has not been on for a long time. Take for examples Vikka and CrissyP. There was a panel in the old system where one could start to spell the name of a user and when there were enough letters the system would display the all names that that would match the letters and one could continue to spell or pick one of the displayed name and get sent to the Profile. Now unless one can find the avatar of the user one can't get to the profile. I am having problems when in Conversation mode, the systems seems to loose track of my activity and when enough time has elapsed I can not enter the note that I have written or select a new page without being told that I have to be signed in to take that action. Another grip that I have is that when I select a topic from Unread items I get taken to the very first entry for the thread. I would like to be taken to the first unread item in that thread. It is a bit of a pain to skip to the last page and then find my way to the first new entry which may be on the previous page or more likely down the page somewhere.
  11. Oh, goody. More pictures, many Thanks.
  12. hi

    Well, best of luck.