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  1. bpb

    Where would you see me pee?

    I am aware that your form of witchcraft us NOT Wiccan. I have some feel for the Wiccan world because of the aforementioned mentioned discussion. I have been having trouble catching on to just what your form of Witchcraft is. There doesn't seem to be anything of this form that I am curious about enough to pursue the subject. I was clueless as to how to move my original post to the place where you wanted it. I put it on report and asked the powers that be to please move it to where it was wanted. It seems to have done the job. Sorry to cluttered the the space that you wanted to remain clean. I do love your pictures that you have posted on this section.
  2. bpb

    Where would you see me pee?

    I had almost a 2 year conversation with a young lady on this forum who was a Wiccan. She told me many things about their advancement, and celebrations, and beliefs. We compared notes about some of her beliefs and mine as a christian. She mused at one point that here we were discussing religion on a porn site. She sent me pictures of their celebrations at those points where they celebrated them. Beautiful pictures. She told me about the secret book that she kept of her thoughts. Some of the ritual that they performed. I loved that conversation.
  3. I loved Sathuta's video posts. They usually ran quickly and one didn't have to wade thru many minutes of not much happening. His post of the cute little girl peeing thru her panties was certainly one of the best that I have seen and rated it HOT. I went back to view yet once again, and found it GONE. Oh, dear.
  4. bpb


    I am not sure that I comprehend all that you said above, but I tried. I had almost a two year conversation with a young Lady who was a Wiccan, and therefore would claim to be a witch. We had some discussion on religion and she mused that here we were on a porn site discussing religion. Over time learned quite a bit about the Wiccan ways. As she had had contact with the Christian religion and and played organ for their services, and I claim to be a Progressive Christian, we had a bit of religious content to our conversation. Our conversation went all over the map. Maybe a quarter of it had sexual content of various kinds. Some on music as she was an organist and just general life situations. I try to mark the places that I go on this forum. Picture that I see I certainly mark, but rarely have anything to say. I am not great on reading material, but if I bother to read I try to mark it. Gee when you come back I would be delighted to hold a conversation with you.
  5. bpb

    Back from south

    Some where between two and three years ago this little Swedish girl named Vikka came onto the scene. She is at this time something like 22 years of age. She lives in a little village just outside Stockholm. She suffers from a Bi-poler disorder which she explained quite well in her old profile, but that has disappeared with the changes in the software. When she was up she told some of the most titillating personal accounts of her Pee interaction with her friends, really HOT. She is a Lesbian so her accounts are always with other girls. Many time she suffers depression and is not around because of it. Boy, is she could just come back and tell of some of her personal accounts since she has been absent, they would really be HOT!
  6. bpb

    Question for the Girls.Wetting.

    Vikka, the personal accounts that your put up when your were active were really titillating. I am looking forward with great anticipation of seeing more of what has happen to you since you wrote those original accounts.
  7. bpb

    Wow!  Vikka.   It has been such a long time since we have heard from you.

    I am so glad to see you back.  Longer than  shorter I hope.

    I hope that there has been an improvement in your condition.  I guess that it has or you would not be making an appearance now.  I will be following you closely.  Looking for the next goody.

    1. Vikka


      Oh, thankyou, bpb!

      Me too hope it'll be longer. I feel well ! Hope you do too :)!

      The layout and other things are different from what it was before so I've to get familiar with all news!



    2. bpb


      Yes, there have been lots of changes in PeeFans since you were on.

      I don't remember where you were in the changes, but the original admin who started WatchGirlsPee had run out of time to service the forum, so he sold it off to a second person who then became admin.  This second admin changed the name to PeeFans and changed the software that ran the program.  There came a point in which the lawyer of the 2nd admin told him that the forum could get him in legal trouble and he should delete the entire Forum.  The original admin manage to get wind of this effort and managed to acquire the forum back before very much stuff had been destroyed.  I can tell that the original admin still does not have the time that he did originally to put on the forum, but I think that he is doing a nice job of working with the forum.  He tried to get enough people to put their personal money into the forum to be able to run it independently without advertisements.  Well, that didn't happen entirely and I am seeing a small amount of advertisement to help pay for the forum.  If he had been able to collect enough money from the users of the forum it could really have been independent of any requirements of any other controlling group.

      Hugs anytime from Vikka - bpb

  8. bpb

    looking for someone

    I have tried to respond. I saw you on Personal Messenger and hoped that you were responding to my PM, but it did seem to happen. I do hope to see you at some point.
  9. bpb

    Members We Miss

    Gee, if your dancing Avatar could just once wet her jeans, what a Post it would be!!
  10. bpb


    When and how did you come to recognize that you were Bi-sexual?
  11. bpb

    Nude in public

    And one non-nude scene