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  1. Autumn Peach it is so great to see you back on PeeFans.  The original Founder Admin is back running the forum.

    1. AutumnPeach


      That's great! I tried to access the site a few weeks ago when it was down. I'm glad I checked again yesterday!

    2. bpb


      The second admin's lawyer had advised him that there were things about the PeeFans forum that could get him into legal difficulties, so with that he began to dump the forum material.  Fortunately the Founder Admin manage to get hold of the material before very much was lost.  It took him a week and a day or so to bring the forum back to life.  Boy, I would have really missed it.

  2. I think that we are going to enjoy hearing what you have to say about your Peeing activities. Do you find them erotic?
  3. I have tried a number of different actions to try to find what has happened to CrissyP. All of them turned out to be a dead end. I knew that she was going on a cruise with two of her friends, one female and one male. The cruise scheduled to leave Oct 2nd and return Oct 13th. She sent me a message from Fort Lauderdale that she would be out of touch during the cruise. However, I did not hear a whisper from her in any form after the return date. The emails that I sent out to my friends as a morning post started bouncing from Crissy on December 1st. Well, she wasn't paying her IP provider. This sounded very ominous, it just felt like she had passed away. It was just too much of her life to vacated the whole scene including her apartment. A very nice one that she had been renting even before she had finished college. I knew her address and had sent mail to it and had received nothing. Well, this past week I and an inspiration. I sent another letter to that address with her name in the first line and the second line Read: Or executor of her affairs. I got a letter back from her female friend that went on the cruise with her. The letter read: "Christine, last name formerly G*****, is now happily married and living in Myrtle Beach, SC. She no longer wants to be involved in the internet chat sites she formerly communicated in. She regrets that her departure was so sudden and without advance warning, but she felt that was the best way to go." I personally can't express how delighted I am to know that she is alive and well. Of course I am most saddened that I will not hear from her again. The letter was addressed and signed such that I could tell that it was Crissy's friend, but I can not backtrack on the lack for a return address and no last name for her friend.
  4. Welcome to PeeFans, you should enjoy the forums.

    1. Natapee


      Thank you. Sure I will. 😊

  5. Happy Birthday again this year

  6. Happy Birthday

  7. Happy Birthday again this year

  8. Happy Birthday again this year

  9. Happy Birthday

  10. Happy Birthday again this year.

  11. Happy Birthday

  12. Happy Birthday

  13. Happy Birthday

  14. I enjoy this site enough to contribute. How does one go about it. I have used others in the past and would have to learn how to do that at this time. What kind of yearly goal is needed?