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  1. Gee, it is great to see another round of "Nude of Public". Many Thanks!
  2. If you post the same picture twice then I will enjoy it twice. That is if I remember seeing it the first time.
  3. So glad to see you back with more of your public nude pictures. Bpb
  4. I have really enjoyed Sosha Belle's videos on Yanks.com. I was very surprised to find her here.
  5. Now this is different?
  6. Hey, you are looking very nice in your birthday suit!
  7. WOW! neat pictures, they even look like your avatar!
  8. If a person is active, I can get to their Profile by clicking on their Icon. However, if they have not been on, how do I find their Profile. I will take for example Vikka, she has not been on for an age and is not likely to put in an appearance. What do I have to do to get to her Profile?
  9. No apologies are heeded. I will happily look at duplicates and "Like" them again.
  10. This is what Steve told me: I lifted them directly off the internet, without reference to the few I had stored. Basically, I went to google, limited the search to "images" and used search terms like "nude in public", "nude in bars", "naked waitresses" and so on. A wealth of pics became available. Clicking each one led to half a dozen more, and with each an option existed to visit the site the photo was stored on to find numerous other pics. All this led to me rapidly finding 300 or so by which time it was finally getting harder to find new pics via google. I then switched to tumblr and have quickly found more there. So no I didn't have them stored, but the above is how I very quickly and easily found them.
  11. I have thoroughly enjoyed this line of pictures. I think that I am the only one who has consistently marked most of the pictures "Liked". I PM'ed Steve to ask how he came across so many suddenly. He told me that he had done several google searches and some other types and had run into a treasure trove. Having been given the search parameters I was invited to go look on my own. I declined as it has taken me a lot of time just to go thru these.
  12. CrissyP you have mentioned a link to instruction to women as to how to Pee standing up. Why don't you post that link here?
  13. Only the first picture seems to be missing, and I don't care about it. I am finding the rest of the pictures. I am amazed that the page numbers remain the same even with the pictures added.
  14. Welcome aboard. I am from Upstate New York, and thinking of the midwest as my origins.
  15. I have a lot of pictures so it is going to take me a while to go thru 238 pages finding these strings.