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    I'm just an average looking male, who happened to find not one, but two pee girls. I've married one of them and the other one lives with us both. We are all very happy together.

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    Golden Showers, the sheer sexiness of it.
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    The day I met my wife, lol. She showed me everything and we have never stopped since.

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  1. Scot_Lover

    Ladies please answer

    Yeah, but the bosses wanted the entire country to be like Alexey, and when it didn't work, people were persecuted remorselessly.
  2. Scot_Lover

    Ladies please answer

    Working like Stachanov, I love it, rofl
  3. Scot_Lover

    16/04/2018 - Video Gallery

    Woe is me, I've tried everything, wrote a script to clear all cache from the server, added all of google's and several other free dns Adresses into the FreeBSD router, nothing improves the speed. Even Skype is struggling, St Petersburg can see me fine in HD, but her feed is stuttering and buffering, it's almost unusable. It seem like the line is ok, but where the data is coming from is not. Does Telstra / NBN do load balancing or something?
  4. Scot_Lover

    16/04/2018 - Video Gallery

    Can this software do webm?
  5. Scot_Lover

    16/04/2018 - Video Gallery

    Yes, I'm on NBN - FTTN. I've checked my speeds, 13 mb/s down, 13 mb/s up. Telstra is looking into it, but knowing NBN issues it will take a while. At least this time they queried the modem and agreed something wierd is going on. Last time they said 'it's working, you're fine'
  6. Scot_Lover

    Why don't the Like and Page controls work for me?

    Yeah, I know. I've managed to reduce a lot of traffic from it, my internal network is in a DMZ, seperate from modem and the rest of my network. DuckDuckGo is my preferred search engine inside the network, PC and server (this is also a mail server for all accounts) in the garage can use anything, they are both running FreeBSD. I also have a Tor network in place, to add to the tracking merriment, if I can't beat them, I'll confuse the crap out of them. I know I cannot stop all forms of tracking, it's the nature of the Internet. I more concerned on what the phones can do than I am about stuff at home.
  7. Congratulations, I'm glad you stayed to make this milestone (kilometre post just doesn't have the same ring to it), lol. Thank You for being you.
  8. Scot_Lover


    I have a couple of things the bother me, not exactly phobias as such. Drowning: This is my main one, can't swim a stroke, but it doesn't stop me, I still go out on boats, jet skis, surfboard (full floatation wetsuit), every now and then I think about it, but not much. Lightning: Only because I've seen the damage it can cause, when something so powerful can shred a tree, it's to be respected. Spiders: These get caught and relocated, we don't kill them for what they are. Snakes: These too, are relocated, or we just move aside and let them do what they need to do. If you don't mess with them, they won't mess with you. There are lots of them here, lol, you get used to them.
  9. Scot_Lover

    Why don't the Like and Page controls work for me?

    Lol, and Dillo. XEmacs was also mangled to be a web browser, but how many people use them anymore? Takes so more time to pull formatting out than it does to make something 'fit'
  10. Scot_Lover

    Why don't the Like and Page controls work for me?

    I don't see any Google or Microsoft phoning home, everything is locked out and handled by a $50 PC using a UNIX firewall. This does cause some problems with web pages that refuse to function without a response, but this site is not one of them. Have you looked at Opera? It has some impressive anti phishing tech built in, it is also used here. (I know, I have every browser you can think of, lol. Web programming needs to be tested on everything)
  11. Am I in now? (I may not have pushed the shiny red button, lol)
  12. Scot_Lover

    16/04/2018 - Video Gallery

    I know, it's the initial time that's killing me. I tried it again and it was a little better, but it still buffers unmercifully.
  13. Scot_Lover

    16/04/2018 - Video Gallery

    I can't get anywhere with this, it is so slow. The car one is 28 seconds long, it took me 7 minutes to see it all. I think it's my location, network speed is fine, above 25mbps, I'm just so far away.
  14. I voted for the first one too, everything else is fine. The Pee Movie list needs a new home, and I can't think of a better place than this one. I can't comment on either of the 2 video options, it would be a valuable option for other members, just not workable for me due to my location.
  15. Scot_Lover

    De Praestigiis Angelorum

    Mmmm, kind a light 'Darkness' to it. Very nice, thank you.