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  1. I've heard of it, for mostly the wrong reasons, it can be a bad place to go, but if you're careful, a good night can be had. Check this out. Koh Phangan I'm too old for this kind of thing, way too many kids there, lol.
  2. Yeah, 50km north of Port Campbell, and because the weather is so mild, we're out most days.
  3. Winter, 3c overnight, 15c during the day. Thick fog every morning, clearing to a fine sunny day with high cloud.
  4. Do you want this account deleted?
  5. All of these points are valid, I know what interests me, and mostly what interests the ladies. I love to watch a petty girl walk across the street, so do my ladies, even to the point of honking the car horn at her, or wolf whistling from an open car window. But watching is all I do, I'm not going to rugby tackle her in the street, If I know some girl is going up a lane way to sneak a pee, I'm not going to follow her even though watching someone pee is one of the sexiest things I can imagine. Is it a fetish? I don't think so, I think it's some male thing that's been there since the caveman days, we just don't knock them out and drag them away by the hair anymore. The girls think the same way, all through history there must have girls who liked girls, and guys who liked guys. All aspects of something "immoral" were smacked out at an early age, and this covers the harmless things that we call "sexy fun". Was it our parents? Where did they get it from? Who told them it was bad? Most things can be attributed to the church until the 50's, but lately it seems every politician has also taken on the job as morality police. Who told them what is good for the population? Who decided what we can or can't watch? And the most damaging of all, who told all of the credit card companies to refuse transactions on things we like to see? This underhanded attack is aimed solely at cencoring what the population can access, regardless of who you are, where you live or how old you are.
  6. Has this been rectified? The only problem I have is waiting for the home page to load, but it's only about 10 - 15 seconds, once I'm in, everything works fine.
  7. Maybe this is a one off, or just us, I don't know, lol. That's why I'm posting this. Do your partners tease you in public? Say things to you that get you going? As an example: The three of us were at a restaurant on the weekend (Queens Birthday Weekend here) and while we waiting for food, Mary leaned in close to Maigh and whispered in her sweet voice "I want you to eat me" causing Maigh to spray her drink all over the table. It took a minute of gasping and coughing until she was under control again, Mary just watching with a smug smile on her face. Both of them have said similar things to me, "I want to feel you in me" and "I want to suck you, taste your pee" at the most strange times, almost always in public. These last two gems were in a crowded cinema on Sunday night while watching The Mummy. I got one in each ear, lol. Sunday night was the last night away, someone has a job making that bed, lol. Do you do this to your partner? Do they do it to you?
  8. Nice, some of the profiles are pretty impressive.
  9. In our case it's not a preference, is the sexy fun of it. Neither Mary or I like to drink lots, don't mind filling mouth, but mostly let it run out again. Maigh has a good try of chugging it down, but she can't keep up either, maybe a quarter will foam and froth back out. If there was a choice, I think the potty would win most times, we don't have a dominating type of relationship, but when we are 'in a mood' anything can happen, and usually does.
  10. I've moved to a small country town in Southwest Victoria, with a population of 2000, very quiet, very peaceful.
  11. We were shopping yesterday, didn't go well, couldn't find what the ladies were looking for. Walking around the shopping complex, miserable and raining, girls were not happy, we decided to call it quits and head home. We were still 20 min from home when they said they need to go potty, well, one of them did, the other followed, lol. I told them to hold it, but they were getting a little uncomfortable, telling me to drive around the bumps in the road. We get home eventually, and both girls run to the door, squirming now, cursing me now as I unlock the doors slowly, then clatter inside with indelicate haste heading for the bathroom. When I heard the shower door close, I had to check them out. Both of them were peeing in the shower, still clothed, sighing dramatically as their jeans slowly turned black, looking down at themselves, watching. When they were done, they turned the shower on, and had a shower, clothes and all, so I left them to it, and put the car away. When I came back in, the washing machine was grinding away and they were sitting in the lounge as if nothing had happened. Love the randomness they continue to surprise me with, love everything they do.
  12. What was your previous user name?
  13. Wow, um, an interesting thread. Although I've looked at scat online, people doing all kinds of bad things with it, it's not something I could ever contemplate. My ladies know about me looking, they kinda sniffed and walked away, went and had some fun on their own, but I was told in no uncertain terms "not to get any ideas, laddie" and it was left at that. Really, even an occasional skid mark in undies calls for rubber gloves and tongs, I wouldn't be surprised if they were disposed of without being washed at all, lol. I can look at it, preferably from half a world away, but I couldn't do it, the people who do play with it are braver then me.
  14. Yeah, don't get her smashed, tipsy and giggly is ok, don't go too far though. Patience, lots of patience, let her control the experience, don't get frustrated or angry at her if she can't do what you want. Accept it and move on, wait for her to try again. Make it fun and enjoyable to both of you, and she will be more acceptable to trying again. We have been here before, it can be done, you will love it.
  15. Lol, all the time ..... Whenever we all go out for a hike, at some point one of us will stop, while we keep watch, err watch. They have lustful thoughts when watching, but don't do anything, public places, getting into the car to go home, and just being uncomfortable in smelly wet clothes.