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    I'm just an average looking male, who happened to find not one, but two pee girls. I've married one of them and the other one lives with us both. We are all very happy together.

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    Golden Showers, the sheer sexiness of it.
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    The day I met my wife, lol. She showed me everything and we have never stopped since.

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  1. Works as intended here, with default settings.
  2. Flu, again

    Geez, had flu that turned into viral pneumonia, put me in hospital for 10 days. 2 weeks later, I'm down with it again, and this time one of the girls has it too. Is it just me, or does this years flu seem to be more virulent? Damn this sux .........
  3. It's about time this was bought up, thanks fannywatcher, you were the first to make a stand. I was close to warning people when the first post was a 'snapchat' or 'kik' request, but just let them slide. My ladies still do not have much inclination to sign up, they tell me they are quite happy with our way of life, they don't need the outside world to get along. I have educated them into the way people can get inside your head, how to check an email source using the header, what to say and what to hide. Now they are more active online, but still don't want the endless requests for pics, phone numbers, snapchat and kik. When FB is started it takes 5 minutes to delete all the dodgy friend requests, just random people who look at profiles and ask to be added, it just makes them more wary. This all came about from a stalker, he got way too much info from Maigh, and was in our front yard, following her at the supermarket, being in the waiting room at Dr's surgery. She was so affected by this, we sold up and moved. It all came back to haunt her when he was released from prison, but so far, community services have been wonderful. Asking for snapchat or kik pics may seem harmless, but it can have an affect on people, get to know them first.
  4. What happened?

    Scat content will always get unwanted attention, probably safer to have none. As Admin has stated, this is a pee site, there are lots of other places to find scat content.
  5. Keeping PeeFans.com Alive

    I've put some in too, maybe some more this week, then I'll look at once a month. Will this work for you?
  6. Pee in Victorian Erotica - Part One

    My girls went into gales of laughter at "farted like a cow after beans". I think I have read this at one time, along with Marquis de Sade, Justine, 120 Days Sodom, you know, the usual fun light reading. Are there any other notable tomes that fit in with our pleasure?
  7. Feelings on Circumcision

    Disagree, this barbaric custom no longer has a place in this world. I'm not cut, and it's never been an issue, it really is a no brainer to keep clean, and my ladies love it, lol.
  8. Who Knows? Who do you tell?

    My estranged sister knows, she turned up unexpectedly one morning, and it just so happened that she arrived on the morning after of an intense pee session. I mean there were pee soaked clothes strewn all over the bathroom floor, smell was unmistakeable. She was grossed out but was more outraged that both Mary and Maigh were in my bed. Seems like wallowing in pee was acceptable, but a 3some was not. The whole situation was sorted out eventually, but she says nothing about it, and she is still a little distant toward Maigh and Mary, it's like she can get used to one thing but not the other. No one else knows, no one else needs to know, lol.
  9. Keeping PeeFans.com Alive

    Could you advise on your payment processor please and I'll drop some more in the kitty.
  10. What does this site need most?

    Do you have the videos archived somewhere? They were saved with the site, right? The lack of the video library, while it was nice to have, didn't concern us very much, distance made it slow to up and download. We have lots stored here on a big old dinosaur of a server in the garage. If we ever get off this pitiful ADSL service, it will be connected to the Internet once again. I can't think of anything else to add to the site, recent changes made it more readable, with a more friendlier look.
  11. Awesome pics

    Grampians National Park, about an hour from where we live.
  12. Awesome pics

    Saturn, between the rings and the planet.
  13. Display Your Gender

    Updated mine too. Does anyone else use the 'Cover Pic' function? New layout looks good too, nice work.
  14. Thailand Full Moon Party?

    I've heard of it, for mostly the wrong reasons, it can be a bad place to go, but if you're careful, a good night can be had. Check this out. Koh Phangan I'm too old for this kind of thing, way too many kids there, lol.
  15. What's your weather?

    Yeah, 50km north of Port Campbell, and because the weather is so mild, we're out most days.