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  1. I think ISIS has destroyed itself, rofl
  2. Recent bad weather has polluted a lot of our city beaches, high e-coli counts, high fecal matter counts, high "bad things in the water" counts ........ We have a beach close to us that is not bad, you just need to share with jelly-fish and sharks, although usually not at the same time. There is no body down this part of the coast, no chance of pee sightings at all, if we do go to the beach, it is all ours.
  3. Realistically, would this work? My ladies have indicated that they would not think of doing something like this, no matter how strong the fetish was. Any other ladies want to add something?
  4. I used to be in Melbourne, took a major tree change, now 200 odd km out.
  5. My wife and our mutual GF. I think my sister has some suspicion, but she holds her tongue. People on here of course, but that's it.
  6. It's summer in the Southern Hemisphere, do you want to see my back yard?
  7. Local Constabulary has cracked down on this lately, maybe a prelude to summer, but people are being busted $500 per offense. If you arc up and get in their faces over it, you are then charged with a public nuisance offense instead. What are the charges like in the rest of the world?
  8. This is another one the gov'ment tried to do here. They wanted mobile phone data too. When it was mentioned that you needed a data centre the size of Google or Facebook, and a billion dollars, the gov'ment backed away slowly. Telco's also made noise that everyone would have $50 added to their monthly bills, and given the high price of data and phone calls, it died a quiet death. It still maybe in the background, I have no idea, nothing has been mentioned since the public outrage, but our gov'ment is like yours, they could just as easily back door something in. George Orwell would be howling with laughter over this.
  9. Gawd, I read that thing and it gave me a headache. If the site has age verification in place, does that mean it's allowed? Given the nature of the Internet, I can't see how this would be enforced. If the data came through a major telco, for example, and the whole domain was blocked, wouldn't this affect hundreds of other people not looking at porn? Has this 'age verification regulator' been set up yet? ISP's are supposed to block content here, was a prime candidate for blocking. It has not happened, torrent sites have not been blocked (friendly ISP's will send you a letter telling you not to do it again) but that's as far as it gets. Really, short of taking an axe to the main internet cable into the country, how would it work? This will not stop underage people from looking at porn either, every kid on the planet over the age of 12 has a mobile phone, what's to stop them making their own? There have been some juicy scandals over this on our news, even the armed forces had a go, lots of outrage, but nothing was done to stop it.
  10. I use a Multiple Exit VPN when I need to, it just doesn't play well with Microsoft Azure. Wouldn't Cloudflare be directed to kill access? This makes me want to build an onion site (Tor Network) for this kind of thing. First the movie companies in the USA tried to own the Internet, this didn't work. Then governments cripple credit card companies to limit access to porn, and now this. The only thing I could find was this Independant thing, came up empty anywhere else, is this a valid report? Is it a slow news day and they had nothing better to print? Let's hope so ....
  11. I don't think of it as being dominated, we all like to think that's it's something wonderful to be shared. We, too, have lots of pee fun that doesn't involve sex, but sometimes it just happens, and it is more intense because of it. There is just something about laying in hot pee with an equally hot girl on top of you, lost in her enjoyment, that makes me lose it quite easily. Add another girl into this, and you get an idea on what I do to myself, lol. I get skin off in strange places, but it's so much fun being in hog heaven.
  12. Go to the toilet, do not pass go, do not collect $200, rofl. Sorry, girls and I got a giggle out of that, couldn't let it go by.
  13. Go for it, rofl. I doubt if will do anything for the excruciating pain though. Jellyfish are bad, even the Sharks leave the beach when these things swarm.
  14. I think it was mostly ineffective, no medical grounds, or if you had some infection, it could react with toxins and make things worse. Most people I know think it's just old wives tale, never heard of it being done to anyone.
  15. Not too sure on this, lol. Us Australians have been told not to pee on jellyfish stings, and there are lots of jellyfish here. We all wear a full wetsuit in the ocean when surfing, but still leave the water when an infestation occurs, like to be safe, not sorry. Recommended treatment is sea water or vinegar, we have a 2 litre bottle of vinegar in with our surfing gear, never had to use it yet. As for acne, never had it so I can't comment on that either.