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  1. I found nothing, lol. Well, nothing that wasnt available to Google. A couple of things though, I used a FreeBSD (UNIX) desktop to run my Tor client, no viruses to worry about, and tried to be anonymous as possible. From Australia, my exit point for the network showed me I was in Amsterdam, but I have seen London, Sophia, St Petersburg and Moscow. Searching is a hit and miss affair too, most search engines list sites that have gone, or have no route to the host. I have discovered vast libraries of text though, so if you want to read, or build nefarious devices, anything is available. Anything is available to buy too, but I wouldn't do this, just because high powered weapons are available, it doesn't mean you can get them. Picking up a package at the airport and getting met by a SWAT team would ruin anyone's day. If you plan to use a Windows PC, check out Tails, a bootable cd that contains all you need, nothing touches your PC, and when you shut it down, no trace of your activity is recorded.
  2. I only use Windows Defender, nothing has gotten onto the PC, have had several warnings that a web page is not safe, and don't go there. I did have Avast, but any AV will disable Defender, it's one or the other. My internet comes though a firewall (FreeBSD again) which has clamAV installed, anything that comes in or goes out is checked on the fly, and this includes phones and iPads on wifi. ClamAV also reports nothing, so I must only go to safe places, lol. The UNIX desktop also does Dark Web, Tor network, no problems there either, guess it all comes down to personal preference and whatever you feel comfortable with. The most dodgy thing that happened was a random phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft, and asked for remote access to "fix" my Windows. She got a little abusive when I offered her a guest account on my BSD system, lol.
  3. Hmmm, I've never had issues with Windows 10, works well on my home built desktop and the Alienware Luggable. One older PC is running FreeBSD, which also works well. I've put a few people onto TrueOS (formerly PC-BSD) and those people are happy with it. If you want a Windows 7 style start menu (with all the settings in normal places) have a look at Classic Shell at, a small simple program that brings back Windows 7 look and feel.
  4. A man was admitted to hospital with 12 plastic horses stuck up his bum. Dr's describe his condition as stable ........
  5. Could you advise when you have a payment option set up? ...... I'd also like to start a monthly donation. I'm guessing the previously used one was strictly temporary? Give us a s$$$ amount and we'll be in.
  6. I'll go along with a monthly contribution of a few dollars, helping out to save the site was a no brainer, being so close to losing everything was scary so I'll do what I can to keep it going now.
  7. I liked it at the top of the page, as soon as you came on site, you could see who was in.
  8. We all just went, funny that when one needs to go, we all have to go. All of us plod into the bathroom, starting a pee dance line, Maigh went first, splattering loudly, gets up, a quick wipe and away to make coffee. Mary brushed me aside and quickly let loose, sighing dramatically, then she was gone. I was left to pee in not so clear water, the flushed the lot away. Its 7.25, Easter Monday, 7c outside with a pea souper of a fog muffling everything. It's so quite here. We're all back in bed, enjoying our coffee, have a great day.
  9. Same here, I paid for it and barely used it, think I uploaded 15 or so videos. My main reason for not using it was the speed of it, it was so slow to upload, and watching online was also slow and cumbersome. I think a couple of us tried to get webm support (way smaller file sizes) but this didn't happen. Videos are are all over the Internet, with a little time and some thinking about it, you can download any of them.
  10. The ones I visit mostly are:,, search for pissing and be aware there is other stuff there. gif/ has some amazing webm's every now and then, but sites like that are not everyone's cup of tea., and get honourable mentions, just not updated all that frequently, again, search for what you're looking for.
  11. Yes, a person can be converted, but it took a while. Mary, who is a bi girl, fell in love with Maigh, my wife. Rather than break a heart, we took her in, she has been with us for 12 years now. Initially, she thought the pee aspect was gross, but with constant exposure, and the fun she could see us having gradually convinced her to give it a try. She is now just as perverted as we are, and although the pee aspect has dropped off, when we do have a session, it is just as intense as ever. We have talked about reposting our story again, will clean it up and give it another go.
  12. G'day all. Glad to have the site back up and running. Good to see everyone still here.
  13. Anyone know who that peeing girl is? Have her in quite a few videos, would like to know her name.
  14. Hmmm, sounds like where I used to be, basically told to leave because ladies were sharing my account. Not using my account here for obvious reasons, but I'm trying to talk them into making one.
  15. I've copped vigorous abuse, but laughed at? No, although struggling to keep up with a twin golden shower can degenerate into gales of laughter. Not many people know about our fetish, so really can't say in all honesty.