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    I'm just an average looking male, who happened to find not one, but two pee girls. I've married one of them and the other one lives with us both. We are all very happy together.

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    Golden Showers, the sheer sexiness of it.
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    The day I met my wife, lol. She showed me everything and we have never stopped since.

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  1. What does this site need most?

    You do know that this will still be used incorrectly no matter what the choices are. Some males will still pick a female gender, or not pick a gender at all. I've been on a few forums, one even went as far as showing sexual preference. This led to 'gay bashing' wether it was girls or guys, people still got hammered for showing what they were. Gender is shown on the users profile, so it is available, is this what you meant?
  2. Viewpoints on Male to Male Pee Fun ?

    My ladies pretty much asked me this a while back, same kind of thing, I like seeing them pee on each other, and love them peeing on me, but when the male peeing thing came up, I didn't know what to say. They we laughing at me for days over this, and while there is no intention of bringing another male into our lives, we kind of established a 'maybe' lol. Interestingly though, they have no wish to watch two males having sex, the mere mention of it bought on some cute shudders, they couldn't explain their feelings on this apart from no, just no. It's like Steve said, if someone wants to do it, fine, just leave us out of it. Another thing, we are in the middle of a referendum here, the gov'ment sent out a vote form for same sex marriage and we all voted 'yes'. When I asked them about all the gay men we said 'yes' to, I got more cute shudders, but they said it was the right thing to do.
  3. Penis avatars!

    Some nice points there Steve. I don't mind it, although I don't go looking for it them. Each to their own I guess. Just bear in mind, you may think it looks good and attractive, but when my ladies see one and you hear "Oh, for fucks sake" you can bet they move on and don't follow up on the poor guys post. Strangely enough, female body parts are accepted, no comments at all.
  4. In Zaire (Extended) - Johnny Wakelin, while the Local Fabric Cluster Manager does its thing, lol.
  5. Any pee meet up networking and dating sights?

    I've not seen any, and since I've been here, I've kind of stopped looking. I was signed up on Alt.com a while ago, and was told rather abruptly that golden showers didn't meet their community expectations. They were more into whips and chains, pain and torture. I was advised to leave, lol. Good luck with your search, hope you can find what you're after.
  6. The Clitoris

    Both of my ladies have what they call 'innies', which means I have to go looking for it. Maigh describes herself as being on a hair trigger when it comes to hers, the slightest touch will set her off, and it gets so intense, she will push you away when she's had enough. You can easily tell when she loving the attention, her eyes get a far away look and a dreamy expression comes over the rest of her face. Mary is a little different, she needs a little more work, lol. She is not afraid of using her fingers to help herself along, wether I'm in there or when she is with Maigh, doing the girly growl. If she watches Maigh and I (this is something she likes lately) she will happily prop herself up and go to town, we don't know she is there except when we hear her sigh, then she is up and away to the shower. Reaction to large protruding ones? No, just ........ no. Lol
  7. MFC girl

    No, even that option has been taken away. One of the girls we are quite friendly with (teaching her English of all things) sent me the Terms of Service contract, I had to translate it, but it binds them more than MFC.
  8. MFC girl

    The only way I've done this was to get a girl on Skype, she done everything we wanted, just couldn't do it on cam. She didn't even want to mention it while on MFC, they have made them so paranoid. Completely different person when she called us on Skype. It was a fun night, lol.
  9. Dreams that involve pee

    Taylor Swift featured predominately in one of mine. She toured hare, maybe last year now, and in the rather intense dream of her, I was kept backstage, and was used to keep her throat wet (think about it, lol). Apparently it helped her get though a show with out her voice failing. The dream was much more intense , believe me. Girls paid out on me big time, played Taylor Swift songs in the car, cast her videos to the tv, I was ridiculed (in a fun way) for weeks. I loved it, rofl.
  10. What happens to our members?

    I'm still here, lol. Probably look less active because of when I became a moderator, my ladies don't use my account anymore, for obvious reasons. They used to log on, and read, keep up with the latest, post an odd story, all under my account. I have tried to get them to create an account but there is not much interest so far. My internet in this country town is also another reason, but I'm working with a telco to get a cable service connected, but it's a slow process.
  11. Is it contagious?

    If you don't feel well, let him know, he should understand and be ok with it. We were sick all winter, flu and other complications, I even had time in hospital because of it. We are all sympathetic to each other's feelings, if someone is unwell, we just accept it, hugs all round and move on.
  12. Peed on the first time you met ?

    Yes, but I did the peeing, lol. When I met Maigh in Scotland, we had a few drinks then she took me outside, she flooded her jeans first, then knelt down in front of me. This was 12 years ago, and we are still going.
  13. Pee snuff?

    Hmm, this is where I'm different. I don't have such dark thoughts although I did have my share of erotic ones. Unfortunately, we have seen what can happen when someone goes beyond acceptable behaviour and he got 10 years for it, although he did get out in 7. And yes, the paranoia remains, Maigh is still jumpy around people, scared easily, little things can quickly turn into big ugly monsters. Mary is brilliant at settling her down when this happens, a quiet word, a hug or two and she is fine again. The morality issue is something the 3 of us have talked about, but it was a while ago. Mary had her way with me one time Maigh was out shopping, and in the middle of our sweaty workout, she muttered something like "how she was turned on fucking someone's husband". She apologised later on, but it made us think about our relationship with each other. They say that they have sorted it this out, but sometimes I wonder if it has gone away completely. My estranged sister doesn't get on well with my ladies either, she looks at them sideways and I can almost hear her thinking that she "hopes they don't try anything with me". She knows about our other perversion (as she calls it, lol) but strangely, that takes a back seat against the way we live. Wallowing in pee is fine, but 3 people in a king sized bed is too hard to accept. Mary's sister in law back in Scotland is another, it is just beyond her that Mary likes girls as well as guys, there is no room in her world for a girl who is bisexual. Is a 3some relationship so wrong to so many people? If you could see people's faces when we check into a hotel with only a double bed, the looks we get are priceless, and all of them will ask if we need another bed, or a different room. Shopping with them can be hilarious too, when they turn on wench mode, either with themselves or include me too, people just don't know what to think or where to look. They don't do this in the small town where we live, but when we go out, anything can happen, and usually does. I was thinking of doing the interview thing like a few people have done, but what would happen? Would I get ripped up for living like this?
  14. Pee snuff?

    This pic may have been drawn because "this has been done before". The Pashtun women in Afganistan used to do this with captured prisoners, British and non Muslim from the 1830's and even some Russians from the later time period. They would peg the victim to the ground, force his mouth open wide preventing him from swallowing, then would take turns peeing into his mouth. There were conflicting reports that these women 'had their way' with the unfortunate soul first, but given the barbarity of the region, not sure how that went. I'm not sure I agree on the video game reference, I know some things have been blamed on video games, but in most cases the person involved had a previous condition, mental illness is usually mentioned. The 3 of us play a variety of games, we have a PS3, 2 PS4's, an Alienware gaming laptop and the monster PC in the spare room. We play everything from Superbike racing, car racing games (the girls have their own posse in Driveclub) to games like Destiny, Wolfenstien and No Mans Sky. We have no sudden urges to take any of this into the real world, for whatever reason.
  15. Last Night

    This happened last night, early this morning, and I must have made a good impression. I'm eating toasted English muffins with egg and bacon in bed while writing this, lol. No pee in this one, why I've posted it in here. The three of us have been sick for a while now, all with reoccurring bouts of this damned flu, and as you would expect, not much has happened lately. We are all on the mend at last, Maigh is the only one that is still coughing, and she sleeps in the spare room because of it. Mary usually stays with Maigh when she is sick, I don't mind it, but feel somewhat lost in a king sized bed alone. Last night, Mary came to sleep in my bed, Maigh's persistent cough got the better of her, and she had to leave her to it. Anyway, at about 4.00am I woke with a pee boner, and before I could do anything, Mary was awake and felt it, I heard her sigh as her hot little hand grabbed me. She murmured something softly, then pushed me onto my back, kicking the covers off and just looked at me, sighing again. She hustled off her tiny knickers and quickly got on top of me, her pussy grinding into me, then with a quick movement, I was inside of her. Mary is a small girl, and this position can be somewhat uncomfortable as I can 'touch bottom' if you know what I mean, it's enough to make her gringe so it must hurt. She had no problem this time as I let her do the work, her slow teasing felt wonderful as she moved on me. She had one hand on my chest, supporting herself, while her left hand was between her legs, I could feel her wanking, breathing deeply in time with her movement, looking down at me. "Don't you come yet, laddie. Wait for me" she sighed as she rocked backwards and forwards, I would almost fall out of her, she came off me that much, then slowly pushed back down, taking me deep inside again, her hand working between us. Eventually, she came hard, murmuring "Mo dhia" softly, feeling her shudder, and feeling her hot warmth set me off, and she sighed again as she felt me come too. She collapsed on top of me, snuggling into my neck, and we stayed that way for a few minutes, then she sat up, peeled off her sweaty tee shirt, and wiped us both off. She then snuggled up and was quickly back into sleep, with me not long after. I woke to girly laughter, they were cackling away in the kitchen, busy with breakfast, even now, they are still laughing and having a fine time, glad things are getting better, we were all sick of being sick. Maybe some more fun will happen again soon. I think I'll have a good day.