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    I pee a lot mainly in doors occasionally piss outdoors

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    Feeling the warm pee
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    Pissing outdoors while others watched
  1. My absence

    Welcome back Sally , keep a look out for yellow snow lol
  2. How long is too long, or does it matter?

    I don’t think it matters if you revive an old post as long as it’s interested you and you can add to it then it’s all good
  3. Peeing in the back yard

    How many people have peed in the back yard when desperate? . I've pissed in my yard when been too lazy to go in the house
  4. If you pee in sinks at home, Is it ok to pee in others?

    I very often pee in the sink at home wouldn't think of doing it in someone else's, there's plenty of other places to pee
  5. Post about your pee!

    Mine was about half an hour ago . I had been holding on for a while and was bursting for a pee and I peed straight in the toilet with a long straight flow liked the sound of it hitting the water I felt much better after
  6. Panties pulled to one side.

    Great picture thanks for sharing
  7. Peeing From a Boat

    That's sIve never peed from about but I love to read of your experiences. Do you find it better to pee with TP or just pee without it
  8. Clothes pee

    The other day I had to pee really bad and I peed on a pile of towels before putting them in the washer has any others peed on clothes etc before washing them
  9. Biggest turn on for men

    Forme the biggest turn on is seen girls pee outdoors when they are desperate they just go for it
  10. Masturbation Technique

    I masturbate daily and usually the right hand wank while I'm watching videos of girls and women peeing which is always a turn on for me
  11. Pee Shooters

    Sally I hope you like this of me pissing