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    I'm a shy girl, who loves to be naughty. Happily my boyfriend does understand my fetish... a bit.

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  1. That's funny because I do also shower after my bath. It's crazy but otherwise I would feel "dirty" - even wothout pee in my bathwater...
  2. Hey @gldenwetgoose! Thanks for welcoming me 😊 And also for the encouragement. I have read quite a lot about how to not make a big mess. But not so much about actually getting away with it. Like when I peed on some Towels I'd need to rinse them pretty much right away and put them in the washing. I am somehow "afraid" my boyfriend would notice such things and ask questions. But maybe I'm just paranoid. I guess my BF would not be much aroused by finding me having an "accident". Maybe. He gets hard when he sees me peeing somewhere outside. However I believe he is not into wetting mu
  3. Very hot video! I love watching men pee 🤭 Also thanks for the encouragement. Very daring of you to do such naughty stuff with your wife being "around" 🔥 But I am still curious. When you cleant this up, did you have to soak up a towel wich needed to be washed right away?
  4. Hey Guys. I´m reading posts on here for quite a time now. Due to that I realised that I am absolutely into naugthy peeing. The tougt to use everything that I am not supposed to do so as a Urinal drives me so horny! My boyfriend does know about my fetish. He is interested in it himself. However for him it is more likely only peeing on someone oder getting peed on. I wont complain abot that because I do like it myself. But I cant really enjoy naughty peeing with him. He does not like the thougt of me pissing somewhere in our Apartment. I still would like to do so. And since I can´t enjoy t
  5. Imaginig this happening to me... I would not say you´d be mean to me if doing so 😇
  6. I´d love to pee on a carpet one day. For now all I can use is my shower or the sink. But I did have a hot pee on a bus stop once!
  7. Hey, I may don't have any advice for you, but I really enjoyed this thread so far. I'd like to know how thing developed over the past months. Does your family already know about your peeing habbits?
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