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  1. No it still exists. I got rebranded, so to speak. WD Girls - the well known Czech fetish site
  2. Doc-S


    Narrowing your search there isn't easy. Trying multiple words just brings up any clip with either word in it.
  3. Realism is better however there are a couple of model studios that do handle it very well.
  4. Will 2021 be the start of the big pee purge?
  5. What about the rest of the sites like xvideos ect though? They get the same content uploaded to them that PornHub has taken down.
  6. Doc-S


    It doesn't ask me.
  7. Japan has had censorship laws in place for as long as I can remember. I've never understood why but I did see an article on Pixiv earlier this year saying there were talks about them finally laxing on it. Never heard anything since though.
  8. Never knew, thought it was just the smell and that was it.
  9. Not exactly, was looking for a bit more of a natural situation.
  10. I'm not ashamed of it, but I haven't told anyone either as I don't know anyone in my live that I consider "close" to be open with about anything like this.
  11. Outside or next to the toilet, yes.
  12. Certain body smells can really turn me on so I guess I'm with you sniffing people. Glasses are a big thing for me as well, they're just a big attraction feature on some women, Naughty stuff in public too. If I ever do get into a relation the thought of doing things in dangerous areas is something I dream about.
  13. I don't mind watching them on a toilet doing it normally but I'm into play of any kind.
  14. I don't go out much at the best of times.
  15. Oh yeah I experienced this in a club in Greece last year. Also if you tipped him a bit extra he'd squirt you with some expensive perfumes/after shaves etc. Seemed to be a common theme with their late places. A lot of Spain's smaller outside toilets have someone stationed there at all times too. In the McDonalds in Alicante they had a 4 digit pin on the door to the toilets as well. So different from here in the UK.
  16. I barely know anything about escorts but I didn't think they'd do anything pee related.
  17. Gender equality. Us men always get in trouble for this or that. How things are now.
  18. Oh god I didn't realise this was a thing.
  19. Pay toilets only became a thing last year for where I live and so far they're only on a few council owned car park toilets. The only reason they made them pay to use is because of vandals and drug usage that goes on in them. Made more of a shock when I first visited mainland Spain a few years ago and pretty much every single one of their public toilets is pay to use. At first I must admit I did think it was a bit of rip-off (guess it's a British thing), but I did notice how much cleaner they were. So I guess I see why they charge now. Nobody likes paying for things like this though. That's just normality.
  20. I imagine women wouldn't be happy with that either. It's been brought up a few times over the past year and it never went down well.
  21. I still don't understand that law of theirs when you consider the mount of hentai that's released by them and all the Pixiv artists drawing nudes.

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