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  1. Walking home at about 1:30 am new years day, as I turned the last corner 13 houses from mine, there were two females standing on the footpath by two vans. As I got closer one said 'do not look ( some name ) is having a wee wee, when I got to the vans I looked to my right to see a side view of a female with her dress up around her waist sitting in the vans bumper having a gusher of i piss, I could not see any knickers. I walked on the last 4 houses to my gate, just as the first one came back onto the footpath and the second one saying ' my turn' and starting to pull her dress up as she went between the vans. I went in and up stairs to a bay window but the angle was wrong to see between the vans, but I do know that all three females peed there. Later as I was about to get into bed upstairs and the back of my house I heard people in the back lane so I looked out of my window. There was a man and a drunk female coming down the lane. He got the female over to the wall and by a lighting pole, and got her to lean between the pole and the wall, he then stepped along the wall just so he could still hold the female up and then he peed onto the wall, when he was done they both walked on down the lane. I watched until they were out of my sight just in case the female also peed but she did not. And so onto bed.
  2. Day 1, did not see a thing. Day 2, about 5:30pm, temp 30C:- Driving along a long, long straight 'A' class road with lay-by's on both sides made from loops of the old twisted road, no other cars seen for miles, when in the distance I see a blue car in a long open loop lay-by with a wide patch of short grass between it and the road, on the other side of the road. By the car standing with his back to it is a male in a light coloured shirt peeing into the hedge. As I get closer a female gets out of the drivers seat warring a shin length light wide summer dress, as she walks to the back of her car she is already raising her dress to her waist, as I get level with their car she as her back to the road, feet slightly apart, knees just bent with her bum sticking out. It was a nice large pale bum, I could not see any pee stream but a patch on the ground was getting darker and bigger. As I continued on I watched in my mirrors as she straightened back up and dropped her dress, did not see any knicker, she returned to her car door and I was gone. Day 3 :- Stuck in traffic for two hours only moving 20 miles, had lunch in a pub about 12:30pm, was planing to stop after about 150 miles, traffic now moving (about 3:00pm) I need a pee, driving on an 'A'class road, so I look for a lay-by, see a sign for one in 1/2 mile, as I pull in there is a car at the other end of the bay about 6 cars long. I get out and step into a field of tall wheat grass turn to my right and walk about 3 metres along the trampled down grass to the end of this path to there the bushes to the road are taller and thicker, I turn to my right to pee towards the bushes and the road. As I start to take my dick out I hear a female shout 'A we were here first', I look to my left to see just past a clump of this tall grass two females squatting, one with her back to me the other facing her. I reply. 'if you had not said anything I would not of know you where there', the one facing me them said, 'well there is no need for you to look is there?', I replied, ' that it is rude not to look at a person talking to you or not to look at the person you are talking too'. While this conversation was going on two things were also going on. 1. My dick was getting bigger. 2. The one with her back to me stood up giving me a quick flash of a nicely shaped and tanned bum with a pale centre, as she pulled up her dark coloured trousers, did not see any knickers, she was now blocking the mouthy one and so did not see anything as she stood up. The one with her back to me started to walk away, the one facing me shouted 'pervert' turned and walked off. I finished my pee and returned to my car, as I drove past their car the mouthy one gave me the finger, I just smiled back and waved bye. Later on the road a silver sports car with a lone blond female over took me, some miles down the road she was parked in a small lay-by and just getting out of the car and walking through a gap in the hedge, I bet she was going for a pee. And so to home at last.
  3. No she was more like 3/4 bum to her left side from the bathroom door way out through the window at an angle.
  4. Yesterday (Sunday) when I got home from church there was a massage on my answer phone from a neighbour, I returned there call and was asked if I could go and look at her daughters toilet as it would not flush, I said that I would after I had had my lunch. So after lunch I picked up some tools and went down to the daughters house. She let me in and we walked along the passage, passed the back door to the yard through the kitchen door passed the kitchen window with the kitchen sink and into the bathroom door. The toilet was full to the brim with water, it was blocked not that it would not flush. I asked if there was a manhole in the yard and there was. we went through the kitchen and out the back door into the walled yard, the manhole was about halfway between the door and the window, I opened it and found it was empty, I went home and got my fibre-optic camera and laptop, I pushed the camera up the pipe to the toilet and just after a bend into the bathroom there it was the blockage. Now inside me and her partner tried to pass a garden hose down the toilet to push on the blockage but could not get it to go around the 'U' trap. So the toilet had to come out, got most of the water out into a bucket and the toilet out, put the camera down to see a load of toilet paper, I asked if he had a wire coat hanger we could us as a hook, and he went up stairs to find one. As I waited his wife (about 35 years old) went out into the yard, I stood up in the bathroom doorway to see her back over the open manhole with a foot on either side, with a look up at her neighbours back windows she undid her jeans and pushed them down to her knees then her pale blue knicker, going into a high squat she started to pee and pee, her nice firm round bum to me, as she tailed to a stop she giggled her bum to get any drips off and pulled her knickers and jeans back up. I got back on the floor and was looking at my laptop as she came back inside, just then he came back with the coat hanger. We hooked out the blockage, toilet paper, a rag with bits of wall paper and a scraper. They had been doing a bit of DIY in the morning and he had dump a bucket of dirty water down the pan and flushed, later she had used the toilet and flushed that was when it was found to be blocked. I said it is funny how a wall paper scraper will go around the bend but not a garden hose pipe. With the toilet back in and working I left. Not only did I get to see a nice firm bum peeing but they gave me £20 and a bottle of red wine for my help.
  5. My girlfriend peeing I guess that I got interested in females peeing when out and about with my girlfriend. If we needed to pee we would go to a public toilet, I would go into the gents and if it was empty she would come in too, I would use the urinal while she would go into one of the cubicles. I could some times hear her pee hitting the water in the toilet pan as she peed. At the toilets at our local park she would ask me in with her as the only cubicle in the gents did not lock so I had to keep the door closed for her. On these times she would quickly drop her jeans and pants and sit on the toilet with her knee's together so that I could not see anything but I could hear the lot. When she had finished she would stand up and in one movement pull up her pants (without wiping) but most times I did get to see a flash of pubic hair, them pull up her jeans and I would open the door and see that the coast was clear we would leave the gents together.
  6. At the weekend I went for a drive to see a steamboat and a steam railway. It was to be a round trip first boat, the train and back to the start by bus. When I got to the town were the boat was to start from I went to the top of town to a big car park by the pub I was going to go in the evening, this car pack I have only seen about 6 to 10 cars in it, this time it was full, so I drove down to the next and the next, at last a space by the back wall beside a large van, I reversed in so that my drivers door was by the van, I locked up and waled to the quay ( as it happened only across the road and behind some buildings.) I then found out why the town was full it was market day, also the water was wrong for the damed boat. I walked about and bought a few things and went to put them in the car. Between my car and the van I found a number of wet patches 3 with tissues in them, this must be the ladies loo. So I put the things in the car and moved my dash-cam to look out the side window and left to go to a pub for lunch. A few hours later I returned to see more wet on the floor and the side of the van, after I got home I took the disc out of the cam and put it in my laptop to view. Yes it did show females coming to pee but always peeing just out of the cams view, the only pee action I did get was of a female and a man, the female came in first and was about to drop her jeans when the man also came in and so the female moved more to the wall out of the cams view, the man then peed on the side of the van while looking too the female, all I could see was his junk and up close, not a good end to the disc. But I may try to use my dash-cam like that again to see if I get better luck next time.
  7. I was driving through a small shopping road near were I used to live, but there had been a car accident so the main road was closed. I thought that I could get around it by turning off to my right and through some side roads. After passing the post-office, the green, then the school, and some new houses on what used to be a children’s play park, I turned left onto a now two lane road only to find that was also closed for road works. This road used to be a single lane with a roundabout in the middle to allow two cars to pas one on ether side of it. A group of us used to hang out on the swings in the children’s play park, two females and about four males, if anyone needed the toilet they would go to the roundabout. When it was only me and my girlfriend at the park, if she needed to pee we would both go over to the roundabout. The roundabout was about 20 ft across with a park type railing around it with a small gate for the grounds-man to get in. Then there was a ring on big rhododendron bushes. To get in all you had to do was put one foot on the gate latch and up over you went, the ground was higher on the inside, then crawl or push your way though the rhododendrons into the open space in the middle about 8 ft across. My girlfriend would drop her jeans and knickers, squat and piss, I would take my dick out and stand to pee into the bushes while watching her pee come out of her dark hairy bush. Sometimes if she was feeling playful after she had stopped peeing she would stand turn round and bend right over to pull up her knickers and jeans giving me a great look at her bum and pussy, She could see that I liked what I saw and sometime would come and stand behind me and place her arm around my waist and take hold of my now stiff dick, one or two jerks and I would blow, she would then hold me will I peed waving my dick around. We would then leave. She would let me watch her pee and would hold my dick and things but would not let me touch her bottom or things with her knickers down, that took years to come.
  8. Just been away for a few days, seen a number of lorry drivers peeing on the side of the motorway due to hold up's caused by road works, but also had two sightings of females too, I will start with the second sighting first. One evening about 7 pm I walked from the hotel to a pub, pasted a small shopping arcade, there were a small group of lads and girls smoking and drinking, some two hours later on my return they were gone. But there was a female with her trousers down squatting in a corner peeing, as I got level with her her female friend stepped in front of her and stood with her legs apart and arms out like a big X, as the road was two or three steps lower then them I could still see the peeing girl, the friend said 'what you looking at?' as I slowed to look. All I could see was the pale colour of her thighs and her pee stream. I walked on back to my hotel. I went to a heritage railway for a ride behind a steam train, I got to the station which was in the middle of a line at about 10:30 am, bought my ticket to travel and went to a local bar for a drink. I was in the bar when a small number of females came in most in what I would call was fairy outfits, one or two had gone the hole way with green tights, little green leotards with short green skirts and wings, other just short skirts and wings. My train was at 11:40 so at 11:30 I returned to the platform and boarded the train, the train left about 10 minutes late and at the end of that part of the line the engine was slow to run-around the train, we were now running a good haft hour late. When we returned to the first station the platform was now packed with females most dressed as fairies, it was a hen party and they had booked the last three carriages of the train, set up as a bar and mobile dance floor, the station staff were trying to get them on board but it was like trying to herd cats. We left the station to go the other way now 47 minutes late, the driver did get back sometime. We arrived at the last station, this was in the middle of nowhere just a platform with a bench a litter bin and a run-round loop, I got off the train to watch the engine run-around the train and as I did a mother was saying the her child do not look, I turned around to see about 9 or 10 females squatting on the platform by the last three carriages peeing with the train guard saying that there was a toilet on the train. I had a nice view of the bums but mostly side bums with strong pee streams in the sun shine. By now there were a few other men standing watching as the guard gave up with the females and was trying to get us all back on the train and let the females pee without being watched. When the train did pull out as it pasted the spot on the platform it was awash with pee and a few tissues. Back at the first station (about 4:30 pm nearly 2 hours late) I returned to the bar after the train had gone I could see the platform and the the untidy and some what drunk fairies all trying to head some to the toilets on the platform, some to the bar but most out and home. As it was now getting too loud in the bar with them I left for my hotel. I did get to see the fairy that at the start was I think in the nicest getup now with holes in her tights with her pale skin slowing and with only one wing. I think that they enjoyed themselves, I know that I enjoyed the scenery on my train ride.
  9. At about 2 am today I hear foot steps and voices in the back lane, so I looked out of me bedroom window to see two men walking down the lane and two women a few yards behind them. One of the women said something and the men went on down the lane. Opposite my house is a 3 bay garage set back from the lane with a transit van packed across the middle and the right hand doors. One of the females went to the left door and dropped her trousers and went into a squat, when she was done she stood and pulled up her knicker and trousers, at this point I saw a dark bush, and both females walked off down the lane leaving a wet patch and a small stream out into the lane. I wish my neighbour would prune his tree as the lighting pole is shaded by the branches.
  10. Sunday evening about 10:30 (it was still light) I was sat at a red light on the edge of student flat lands, when five females came around the corner. Four were wearing tops with short shorts the fifth was in what looked like just a long blue shirt. As they pasted me I looked into my door mirror, the one in the shirt was being help to walk with one on ether side, I was just thinking as she got any shorts on under that shirt when she tripped on the edge of the pavement and as the other two stopped her from falling a lot of bare bum cheeks came into view but no sign of any knickers, just then the light went green. I turned left and left then left again into a back lane, at the other end of the lane I stopped so that I could look to my right along the pavement, two of the females had stopped and one of them stepped into the road between two cars and ducked down the other got out her phone and started to film her. I could not see the one between the cars. As I could not turn right I went across the road and turned right down another back lane, by the time I got to the other end and slowly turned right all five were now on the corner of the road, the one in just the shirt was leaning with her back to the wall of the last house, suddenly one of the females jumped back from the one leaning against the wall, she was having a gushing great pee down onto the pavement, as I turned right up the road past them it was now just a dribble, I could not see anything more. I am just guessing but I think the one in the shirt had no knickers on, and as she was pissed out of her head I think she may have wet herself earlier and taken off her shorts and knickers. I drove back along the road to the lights and turned right and off home.
  11. Friday night as I went up to my bed at about 11 pm I could see funny lights in my neighbours back garden, so I went to my bathroom window and opened it, and saw that it was two females and two males with head lights and gloves with LEDs on the finger tips, could not see what they were doing because of the neighnours trees and shed. In the morning I found out that they were practicing putting up there tent in the dark for a trip out onto the moors later in the year. Sometime around 2 am I was woken to the sound of laughter and what sounded like a hose filling a plastic bucket, I looked out to see a male standing between the tent and the shed with a LED glove peeing into a 5 gallon plastic bucket with the others in the lent giggling and laughing at the noise. Then about haft an lour later I heard the noise again, but this time as I looked it was a female with the LED gloves holding her bum cheeks with her ass over the bucket pointing my way, as she finished she bounced up and down but as she did so she farted witch echoed in the bucket, the ones in the tent laughed real loud at that. It was to dark to see details but it was funny to see the LED fingers doing the holding, no more that night, the tent was still there Monday but it was only used Friday night I think.
  12. I was looking through my files for an old hymn sheet and came across a St. George's parish magazine for April 1983. Our pray group goes to different churches each month, and we try to go to a church of St. George in April. In 1983 it was out in the country, miles from anywhere. Me and my girlfriend said we would take the vicar. So we set off with the vicar in the back seat with all his maps telling me were to go. (I had looked at the maps earlier so I knew anyway). We arrived and I parked on the grass verge outside the church, this church was in the middle of a grave yard. We all went in, after we said our office we sat at the back with a cup of tea and some cake for a meeting, after as we started to pack up my girlfriend came up to me and said that she needed a wee wee before we headed home. We headed out side and turned right and right again around two corner, as we walked along the long side of the church my girlfriend stepped up onto the grass and behind a large tombstone, dropped he jeans and knickers and squatted three quarters side on to me and started her long pee giving me a nice view of her bum and piss stream, I just stood on the path and peed onto the grass, when she was done she shook of any drips and pulled up her things, when she came back over to me I said that I had something for her, she playfully gave me stiff thing a slap and said put it away which I did. We turned and retraced our steps to go back, we turned the first corner only to see a full moon between two graves, it was another of our party with her skirt pulled up and her knickers around her knees in a high squat or more standing bend forwards having a good hard pee out behind her. We quietly turned back and went back past my wet spot and turned right at the next corner and there standing under a big tree with his back to use and cassock pulled up was our vicar peeing on the tree trunk. We went past him and around the last corner and back into the church, were we all said our goodbyes and went back to the car and home. The journey started in silence until the vicar said that he was sorry we had seen him by the tree, I said it was ok as we did not see anything and that I also was out there for the same thing. We dropped him back to his vicarage, and that is when it started. I had just started to pull away when she said that's right let him know that I was out were peeing. I said that I had said that I went for a pee not you, anyway his wife and daughter pees so! So you think that that makes it better only you peeing, now he will think that I am a pervert going only to watch you, or even to hold it for you. We reached the pub for last orders and we had a Pint each which were drunk in silence, I dropped her home to her place and I went home to mine alone. WOMEN!!!!! At a church that I was organist, in the choir vestry there was a large window with a granite sill, this sill was about 3ft wide and about 2ft front to back and craved into it was a basin about 10in round and 5in deep, with a waste pipe out through the wall to a drain. It was known for females in the choir to use it for emergency peeing while male members would go out the door and pee into the drain. I had to pee into that drain before the service once to a chant of ‘We know what you are doing ‘ from the females of the choir. As it happened during the service two of the females left the choir and went back to the vestry, On there return I leaned back and whisper into there ear, ‘I know were you have been’ one replied no she had felt faint. After the service we all returned to the choir vestry and there in-front of the basin was a chair used to get up to squat over it and the basin was wet. But the tail tail was the bright red face of the female who had peed. I was asked to play for evening prayer in a neighbouring village one Sunday late in the afternoon, so me and my girlfriend after morning church went to a pub for lunch and then on to this church, I had been there before and in there choir vestry on the wall opposite the door was a slate trough on the floor about 2ft wide, 10in front to back and about 14in deep with a shower curtain around it. When we got there about 4 o’clock both of use needed a pee, the pub next to the church was closed, (this was when pubs closed a 3pm on Sundays) so I asked one of the men that I know if there was some there for me to pee. He told me to use this trough and that the rule was if anyone opened the door and saw the curtain closed they know it was in use and would not come in. I lead my girlfriend to the vestry, the door was open so was the curtain, we both went in and I closed the door and stood with me back to it so no-one could open in, my girlfriend dropped her jeans and knickers and backed over the trough and peed, she said she felt naughty peeing in a church, I said not as naughty as what I was thinking of doing to her there. When she was done she shock of the drips and pulled up her things and came and stood by the door as I went over and stood to the side of the trough so that I was side on to her so she could see me and also give me a bigger target as I was a little bit stiff, when I was done we returned to the main part of the church for the service. After cups of tea on the way home we both peed by my car at the side of a road,
  13. One Saturday in the 1980's my girlfriend wanted to go to Marks & Spencer's in Torquay to see the wedding gift list of one of her friends ( the one here did not do the lists), and as usual I was in the dog house as I had Planed to work on that Saturday. So at 8:30am I picked her up in my van and drove to a small industrial unit, I had the key to the small side door, we went in, opposite this door about midway along the wall was another door (which was locked) to the office and I guess the toilet. We started to work I set up the ladder and remove the first of 8 pendant lights while she unpacked the new fluorescent lights and prepare them for me to fit. By about 12:30/1pm we were done and loaded tools and ladders back into and on the van. In the corner opposite the side door was an earthenware sink on two brick walls with a cold water tap above it. ( I think they are called Belfast or Butler sinks). I went to it and washed my hands drying them on some of the blue paper roll that was there, I then struggled out of my overalls and stood and peed into the sink. When I was done I took my overalls out to the van. On my return I was greeted with the side view of my girlfriend with her jeans and knickers around her ankles sitting on the sink leaning slightly forward having a piss, I walked over to her to have a better look, she was gushing into the sink and the gurgling noise of her piss going down the plug-hole into the open drain below was very loud. When she was done she jumped down and facing me, I ripped a sheet of blue paper off for her and she patted herself dry putting the paper into the waste basket by the sink, she then went to her jeans pocket and got out a tampon which she put in, (I had only seen the string hanging out in the past, this was the first time I had seen one put in) she then pulled her things up and we left, on the way out she picked up a crumpled white tissue from the side witch she throw into the brambles behind the van. We went to Torquay and she picked a present for her friend and I paid haft, (and I did not even know them) we also had a meal with a bottle of wine and with the petrol, bang went the money I had earned that morning plus more. I did get to see well hear her piss again on the way home, we both peed beside the van at the side of the road, but it was dark only lit by passing cars.
  14. Yesterday I went to a beer festival, it opened at 11am just as I arrived, the first thing that I did was to go for a pee, (the tablets that I am on). The toilet area is normally set up so that as you go into it there is a hand-wash station with 2 or 3 disabled toilets behind it with the lady's toilets going to the right in a L shape, to the left a 6 module urinal with its entrance in the middle, then toilets to make up a L shape. This time the lady's was the same but the disabled toilets were to the left of a gap, (to give an emergency exit), with a 3 module urinal to the left of them with the entrance on the end with the hand-wash station infront of the entrance. I went in and as I peed I could see the hand-wash station and anyone using it could see straight into the urinals, when I came out I saw the other 3 module urinal on the other side of the hand-wash, its entrance at the end so that anyone coming from the lady's to use it could see right up through it. On my second visit to pee there was a woman with her back to the hand-wash side looking into the urinals at a young lad, I said excuse me as I went passed her into the urinals passed the lad to the second urinal module trough, she was still looking as I peed, the lad went to the hand-wash with the woman, who was still watching. The next time I went there was a male security guard there telling you to go to the far end of the urinals as some lady had complained about the men peeing. The last time I went there was both a male and female guard there they were putting red/white tape across the other urinal entrance and had taped black bin bags over the first urinal trough with a notice not to be used. How come us men can get into trouble peeing into the gents urinals there for that use, but a women watching can complain about it and get it stopped.
  15. On Saturday there had been a bad crash going north, as I had to go that way on Sunday afternoon I thought in would have been cleared by then, I left home around 1:00pm, at about 3pm I was wrong, the traffic slowed and stopped, I was in the middle lane for 5.5 hours to move 2 miles, the first was a male continental lorry driver in the right hand lane, jumped down and walked around his lorry to pee on the center crash barrier. A little later (now stopped for over 2.5 hours) a female driver in the left lane, 3 cars in front of me got out and went around to her passenger side, opened both doors and squatted, I did not see her peeing but her pee stream came out from under her car, when done she returned to her seat, as the car moved I had clear look at her pee splashed puddle about 2 feet across with a wide stream running across her lane into my lane. The two cars in front of me were together and driven by what looked like two sisters, they had been passing food and drink between them, as we crept forward the lorry to my left had turned his engine off and so did not move for sometime to come, ( I think to have his TACO break) so a large gap in the left lane opened up, the first car pulled through this gap onto the hard shoulder and stopped, the second did the same but stopped at an angle across the back of the first car, both females got out and went to the rear of the first and so the side of the second and squatted, when done they moved there cars back into the left lane, just leaving two puddles with tissue paper in them. The gap in front of me was filled by a white van, the male driver peed by his front tyre, he then walked around and talked to his passenger. It was now dark when his passenger got out, it was a blonde female in a light coloured top and black leggings, she was doing a pee pee dance with her hands in the sides of her waste band, ( I thought this is going to be good). She was talking to her driver and dancing around, ( here we go, but no) suddenly a female driving in the car to my left got out, spoke to her and they both ran off to the hard shoulder and darkness (dam), she came back to the van, standing calmly to have a smoke. When the traffic started to move you could see puddles and tissue paper on the road in all lanes, it was now 9:30pm, as we slowly pasted the screened off accident. (the wrecks were still on the M5 on Wednesday morning as I traveled south)

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