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  1. When they wear outfits like in those outdoor wedding voyeur videos that make it that extra struggle to squat and pee.
  2. She is my dream type. Glasses and cute little boobs.
  3. Doc-S


    Their webplayers they use aren't great either.
  4. No it still exists. I got rebranded, so to speak. WD Girls - the well known Czech fetish site
  5. Narrowing your search there isn't easy. Trying multiple words just brings up any clip with either word in it.
  6. Realism is better however there are a couple of model studios that do handle it very well.
  7. Will 2021 be the start of the big pee purge?
  8. What about the rest of the sites like xvideos ect though? They get the same content uploaded to them that PornHub has taken down.
  9. Doc-S


    It doesn't ask me.
  10. Japan has had censorship laws in place for as long as I can remember. I've never understood why but I did see an article on Pixiv earlier this year saying there were talks about them finally laxing on it. Never heard anything since though.
  11. Never knew, thought it was just the smell and that was it.
  12. Not exactly, was looking for a bit more of a natural situation.
  13. I'm not ashamed of it, but I haven't told anyone either as I don't know anyone in my live that I consider "close" to be open with about anything like this.
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