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    Since young ive been fascinated/obssessed with how women urinate.

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    Women using toilets
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    Had a very few golden showers.

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  1. Having only recently joined here,i feel im a bit straight-laced compared to others. Im not into drinking pee,peeing in cupboards on carpets etc.I just like watching women pee. It is a fun site of course but i think its too extreme for me.
  2. JMY


  3. Very simple.To be invisible and follow any girl i liked into the ladies unseen,and observe them do their thing.
  4. Am i wrong to find the idea of a teddy bear nappy quite arousing?
  5. JMY


    Very nice..the feminine parts are truly lovely to look upon.
  6. No wiser sadly,but thank you.I will look her up..Shes made so many films ive never heard of!
  7. no wiser but thats me..thank you.
  8. Erm....that is why i was asking,because i dont understand all the peg png gif malarkey..Ill give it up.How are you supposed to know if its a gif or a ping whatever!
  9. Lately whenever i try to attach any media i get a message saying something like only gifs or whatever.What does this mean?
  10. who is she?quite tasty.
  11. you can hear the woman saying to herself a second later...oooops.
  12. Censorship on what is right,is different to censorship on vague "moral" grounds.Its rightly illegal to make or view child porn,or animal sexual abuse,but to ban pee because people dont like it is wrong.Best idea is if you dont like it dont watch it.So called "revenge porn" im ambivalent about.In the first place,WHY would you even WANT to film yourself having sex with some one-night stand?So dont do it if you feel you be exploited.I would enjoy watching it if i ever saw it,sorry. I find it generally odd that there is sexual censorship anyway,we are all male or female,we all know what our bits and pieces are for,so why censor it?If people can make a living having sex with each other,and people wish to see it,wheres the harm? This is parents who find it somehow unpalatable to actually discipline and monitor their kids online.In my day we had "dirty magazines",which i do pity these days arent as much a forbidden fruit,as they were in my day.

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