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  1. Last month I was at one of the Polish escort girls . I had to search the internet a bit, not everyone wanted to go to the mall with me. At this point I managed to find a girl named Edyta who agreed to it, http://www.xlove.pl/pl/kobiety/warszawa.html. I had such a fantasy that, being in the toilet of a shopping center, we would pee on my face. The girl is young also there was no resistance. The toilet was cramped but they did it. The biggest problem was that I had to go to the ladies' room. The girl was a short dress also quickly rolled her up. When we were inside, I opened my mouth and she pissed inside. I drank some, the rest flowed down my face. I had a little wet sweater but the pleasure was unearthly. Unfortunately, I couldn't persuade her to pee on her. It's a pity, despite the tasty warm urine that fed me a little. Playing with such a girl was not cheap. I had to pay about $ 100 for such fun.

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