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    Love pee fun, especially desperation, wetting, and 'naughty' peeing but would try anything once. Would love to meet someone who shares this some day.

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  1. This is unsurprising - western countries don’t have “squat toilets” whereas India definitely does (China maybe less so now?) so it’s something western women don’t do daily, whereas Indian women definitely do. I have a friend from India originally who said before she misses the squat toilets and that they helped maintain leg muscle strength. She’s probably right!!!
  2. Years ago I did an underground mine tour thing, great fun, and as there are no toilets and the mine is already pretty wet tour members were actually allowed (encouraged?) to go in the mines if they had to; saw a couple of girls in our group disappear into the darkness for this reason.
  3. I tried this again last night out of curiosity. I can do it but it’s difficult (my body seems to want to stop all the time!) and unless naked my clothes are definitely going to get wet in the process 🤣
  4. walanuk


    I think a spoonerism is “An accidental transposition of the initial sounds, or other parts, of two or more words.” So don’t think it needs to be just the first letter? A classic example is “Three cheers for our queer old dean” (dear old queen)
  5. Shame it’s fictional I would want so much for this to be true. I’ve recognised my home town once or twice in videos, sadly usually many years after the event. Live in hope 😀
  6. This is home for me so I regularly take advantage of the quietness 😉 I must admit I don’t like the tissues. I like what they show happened but it’s a beautiful landscape. By all means piss anywhere you like but take tissues with you or drip dry, or find someone willing to dry you off in another way 🤭 The downside of the quietness of course is that sightings are few and far between even though I know it happens constantly!
  7. That was definitely written by someone who’s worked in that environment. Hot hot story and so easy to picture 😍 It’s also not impossible to imagine by any means I worked a show once where someone peed in a bucket once between scenes! I imagine (or at least like to imagine) she did it more than once
  8. Nine. None of which had any interest in pee or trying anything “unusual”
  9. Why do I have no fun coworkers like this? That said I’ve peed during a few zoom calls. In summer I work from the patio, so just let go under the table whilst still on the call!
  10. I don’t share them online but do exchange videos now and then with people I trust, even though most of them I met online (first at least) It’s far too easy to identify people and locations (Google “OSINT”) and I, personally, am probably a little paranoid about being identified.
  11. Thanks. Getting to the age I don’t need reminded 😂
  12. Welcome, always nice to have some more people from this side of the pond who like being wet (and not just from the rain!)
  13. Yes. I’ve met a few people through this and similar forums I consider to be friends, there’s limits we have and respect, but would still happily do things together that wouldn’t go beyond those limits.
  14. I loved this about my time in Germany, they have a much freer attitude towards peeing (and sex for that matter) than even many other European nations. Saw many people peeing in parkplatz male and female whilst there. Back home in the U.K. it’s less common but most A roads have lay-bys that don’t have any facilities and you’ll usually see signs that people have peed there, but since they’re so small and there’s so many I expect if someone needs to pee they’ll drive past any with vehicles stopped in them already until they find a completely empty one so you’re far less likely to see a
  15. I got stuck in a temporary road closure for an hour and a bit when I was already quite desperate (I like the feeling of needing to go so that’s my fault for not using the bathroom before driving but I knew I’d make it home if not for the closure!) I felt myself leaking a little and pulled my jeans down so that they didn’t get wet and made quite a wet patch. Once the traffic started moving again I was able pull off the road and into a parking bay jump out the van and let the rest out! It doesn’t happen often! I usually find a place to pull over.
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