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    Love pee fun, especially desperation, wetting, and 'naughty' peeing but would try anything once. Would love to meet someone who shares this some day.

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  1. I completely forgot about sentry mode. Whoever has the Tesla I hired last week will have two videos of me having a quick wee beside the car whilst charging 🤣 That said, I’m far less photogenic than the girls above so I doubt anyone will care
  2. Since the heavy snow this week I don’t think I’ve gone anywhere else. Love a wee in the snow.
  3. If I were 10 years younger or much fitter I’d have just found a new hobby 😍
  4. I’ve also noticed a change toward shorter flys. Fine when standing but more than once I’ve unzipped to pee in a bottle whilst sitting in a car and that is harder with some of my newer jeans! I think my worst (best? Depending how you look at it) fly experience was when I was really desperate and stopped in a lay by. I was wearing really thin soft to the touch boxers that had no fly but a higher waistband and I literally couldn’t get them out the way, I pulled my penis through the fly still behind the boxers and just let go through them. A combination of the force of the stream and the thi
  5. I used to. Although haven’t worked hospitality for years now. Used to take the odd pee in the alley myself back then too. Especially in winter when the cold hit me when I walked out the back door I often NEEDED to go!
  6. I love peeing outside (or other places you’re not supposed to ) but being caught is my worst fear. Whilst we all dream of being caught in the act by someone who’ll enjoy it the unfortunate reality is most won’t and I don’t want to offend anyone ( or be arrested ! )
  7. I’ve peed off a bridge before but on a completely deserted road. Wouldn’t do it in public. I went to college with a girl who did it once too (not over a highway tho!) on the way home while trying to be discreet. She hiked her skirt up and sat on the edge of a “wall” unaware of the drop below I guess. The sound of her stream falling below was incredible 😍
  8. I’ve peed in a few abandoned building when they’ve been scheduled to be torn down or when they’re already accessible by animals which have down the same. Favourite “naughty” ones were down a lift shaft and stairwell from the top of the building. Something I could never do in an occupied building. They were demolished three weeks later so no guilt felt there!
  9. This is quite common in some older small aircraft. Google “relief tube” I’ve only had the pleasure of using one once and sadly never seen anyone else other than a male friend
  10. I’ve used takeaway cups and bottles many times. Once I found myself stuck in a huge traffic jam and frantically looking for something regretting that I’d thrown the cup out from the huge coffee I drank a couple of hours earlier when I stopped for fuel. I ended up leaking a little into my shorts which made it bearable to hold on a bit longer until the traffic cleared and I managed to pull over in a lay-by. I let more out in my shorts accidentally as I stepped out the car followed by a very relieving pee onto the side of the road. Normally I try to be discreet but I was past ca
  11. To be fair, I don’t agree with pee vandalism generally, however I worked in a building with similar toilets. The walls and floor are both tiled and they have floor drains, the usual reason for this is that cleaning them is as simple as hosing them down so doesn’t really feel the same as if someone had to mop up or scrub a wall?
  12. I can’t count how many times I’ve done this of going to a hotel to check in or arriving at a work event or conference or something where I know people. I often hold it a little too long so when I step out the car I need to go with some urgency. I don’t want to have to look for a toilet as soon as I walk in the door or - worse - have to ask so will pee a short distance from my destination or - more than once - in the car park having parked far away from the entrance.
  13. These days my only regular spot is the garden or on longer car journeys one or two lay-bys I always stop in. However, going back to uni days, I used to walk a fair distance from the bus or train home and there was this one derelict abandoned building I always stopped for a pee break in.
  14. I definitely had a more boring time at this age than most of you 🤣 sounds fun now though.
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