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What was the last place you peed?

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My further pees today were in another laundry basket, on my balcony and into the shower while showering. I think I will have to go once more when going to bed, which could be into the sink, on the floor or something like this. Probably not gonna pee my bed today since I just washed the sheets. I guess I will stop handling it so gently by tomorrow, then 😉

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I pee in my sink a lot at home. Work we have a urinal I use to avoid trouble. Out in the world is where the adventure begins.,

I did get caught at work the other day. We had just arrived after a good long 2.5 hour drive and I had to go not matter what. So I stood with my vehicle blocking me from the other guys and pissed in the parking lot. And like clockwork the clueless guy comes looking for me and almost walks into my piss stream. Honestly I was more irritated than anything and kept pissing, he was basically said "lol oops" and turned around. I don't lord dick size over other people (not like I earned it though effort) but it is cool to casually  demonstrate firepower (even if it is a fighting four inch.)

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2 hours ago I was finally alone in the gym shower, so I had a change to piss there. I aimed my piss as high up on the wall as I could and watched how it drains down the wall tiles. 

After my pee play, I rinsed the wall clean with plenty of water. 😇😅

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