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Men: favorite places to piss?

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Do you as a man have your favorite places to piss, like on a bush, against a wall, or in a parking lot.  I'll start: I  have 2 favorites...on the wall of a vacant store  and in bushes near a bus stop. Post a pic if you can.

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On 8/11/2022 at 3:58 PM, RainGod said:

I like watering trees or plants, especially if it's like a smaller plant and my cruel "watering" kills it, like oops! was just trying to give it a drink, looked thirsty! 😈

Polluting bodies of water like streams or lakes is fun too! As men, pissing on the world is just what we do!

on one hand, i love plants, and i'd be so upset if someone killed them off by pissing on them

...but on the other hand, it's so hot to watch 🥵

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Just now, LovesToWet said:

I'd say in the middle of nowhere whilst on a bike ride, then I'd just let myself go in my lycra shorts and enjoy the warmth. Yep, that's my favourite place

Do you stop and do it or let it go on the bike?

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