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    I'm a student who would love nothing more to spend all his time naked, and just piss the second I feel the need to, regardless of where I am.

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    Naughty peeing and golden showers
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    Peeing on the floors of my old school.

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  1. I'd preferably just piss on the floor, but I usually use the urinal.
  2. Off the side of the bed is an easy one, I just turn to the side and piss on the wall. If I feel like setting up for my lazy pees, I'll lie down carpets wherever I'm going to be for a while so I can just piss on the towels while I'm lying on the couch. I'd go straight on the floor, but it's carpet and the cleanup would take too long. And, I like getting drunk when I'm home alone, and since I'm always naked when I'm home alone, I'll just stumble out the back door into the backyard and let go. This last one isn't really lazy exactly, but I'll like pissing when I do some household
  3. 100% go somewhere in public rather than wet myself. I'd much rather risk a few people at most seeing me pissing somewhere publicly than wet myself and have everyone I pass till I can get home and change know I couldn't hold it. Besides, pissing in public is fun
  4. On the floor in class. Colleges are about to go back to normal, so I have this mental image of a college trying to ensure that students are paying attention and absorbing information, so they encourage students to just go on the floor during lecture so they don't miss anything. It would just be so nice to be sitting in class, then hear the sound of urine hitting carpet next to me and look over to see the cute girl/hot guy next to me just going on the ground. And I'd love to be able to just whip my cock out and just piss as I was taking notes.
  5. I don't live alone, so I can only get away with it on the weekends when I'm alone. I'll usually piss on the wall in my room, or I'll set up towels around the places where I'm going to be hanging out and just piss on them.
  6. Having a day where I just go naked all day and not hold it at all that entire day, just pissing the second I need to, regardless of where I am or what I'm doing. Lying in bed, sitting on the couch, in the kitchen, wherever.
  7. When I have my house to myself for a week, I'll do this a bit, setting up towels in a lot of the places I regularly hang out so I can just piss the second I feel the need to. It feels so nice, just to be able to let go whenever you please.
  8. There have been days where I've either set up carpets around where I'd be hanging out all day just so I could piss on those without getting up. Sometimes, I didn't even bother with the towels and pissed on the floor. I've also occasionally intentionally pissed in bed. Outside of my own home, I've pissed backstage at my school's musical once and in an outdoor hallway there, since it had been raining and there were already a ton of puddles.
  9. I've only ever been stoned with my friends, so I haven't been able to test seeing if getting high enhances the wetting feel. I'd certainly like to try sometime, though.
  10. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone had this particular kink; where you're just chilling or doing whatever either clothed, bottomless, or completely naked. And the second you feel the need to go, you just go, regardless of where you are. This is something I rarely get to do, mostly because cleanup can be a hassle. The most I'm ever really able to do is lie down a towel in front of me at my desk, so when I start pissing, I just go on the towel in front of me. But, does anyone else have this particular kink, and does anyone know a good way to go about doing it without making a huge mess?
  11. Peeing in toilets is just comparatively boring. I'm also not a big fan of peeing on bowls and on pee pads, or in diapers, but at least diapers are usually in a desperate category so I can filter them out quicker. I hate it when the camera zooms in too far and you can only see the chick's peeing pussy. I like seeing all of her, especially if she's naked. Slight niggle, but I'm annoyed when English based sites have Japanese or European girls speaking their language with no subtitles. I don't hate it, I just wish there were subs. I'm also annoyed when the video is titled as peein
  12. 1. On the days that I'm home alone, sometimes I'll lie down two towels by where I'm situated and, whenever I need to piss, I just go. I only ever do that when I'm home alone. 2. That's basically everyday, I only pee in the toilets when it isn't easy for me to get away with going elsewhere. 3. When I'm really horny, my favorite thing is just pissing wherever I'm standing. 4. My favorite place to pee is on floors and carpets. 5. I'd enjoy that so much. And once I get my own place, I'll probably rarely use the toilet and just pee myself or go on the floor or on a wall or somet
  13. Now, with this, I mean, where was the first place that you chose to pee specifically because the idea of doing it turned you on. Accidents don't count unless it was a planned accident. For example, the first place I peed when I first realized peeing turned me on was in bed. I didn't full on wet the bed, but I'd occasionally pull my pajamas down and let out a spurt or two into the bed. Though, this was years ago, back when I was still afraid to let loose and back before I slept naked. So, I'd like to hear from the rest of you. Where was the first naughty place ya'll peed when you di
  14. The last time was yesterday morning. It might not count, since all the bathrooms were technically taken at the time, but I could have held it. I went outside to let the cat in from the backyard and decided to just whip it out and piss on a plant while I was out there. I guess the last time I just chose to pee outside was when it was raining last week and I knew no one would be able to tell, so I took a piss next to my car before I headed home from class.
  15. Never traveled outside of my home country either. I guess I can heat things up a bit. Never have I ever peed on another person.
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