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  1. Now, with this, I mean, where was the first place that you chose to pee specifically because the idea of doing it turned you on. Accidents don't count unless it was a planned accident. For example, the first place I peed when I first realized peeing turned me on was in bed. I didn't full on wet the bed, but I'd occasionally pull my pajamas down and let out a spurt or two into the bed. Though, this was years ago, back when I was still afraid to let loose and back before I slept naked. So, I'd like to hear from the rest of you. Where was the first naughty place ya'll peed when you discovered you had a fetish for it?
  2. The last time was yesterday morning. It might not count, since all the bathrooms were technically taken at the time, but I could have held it. I went outside to let the cat in from the backyard and decided to just whip it out and piss on a plant while I was out there. I guess the last time I just chose to pee outside was when it was raining last week and I knew no one would be able to tell, so I took a piss next to my car before I headed home from class.
  3. Never traveled outside of my home country either. I guess I can heat things up a bit. Never have I ever peed on another person.
  4. I've actually done this fairly often. Sometimes, when I get up but don't want to get up (or I get up and someone's already in the bathroom), I'll lie in my bed and piss onto the wall right next to it till I'm empty. Other times, I'll lie in bed, move my covers to the side, and piss straight up for a bit. Or I'll just piss under the covers. And sometimes, I'll pee on the carpet or the walls, if no one is around to here me. The thing I do the most is, almost every-time I do laundry, when my clothes are still lying on the floor, I'll piss all over the pile before I put them in my hamper. Or I'll just pee in the hamper full of clothes.
  5. 1. Carpets, floors, and beds, preferably my own. 2. Call me lazy if you want, but I love the ability to, if I'm walking around naked or lying in bed naked (since I sleep naked 90% of the time) to just let go the second I feel the need to. It's super fun and relaxing. 3. The carpet backstage at my old school. 4. On a random person on the street. But, in a consenting way (linking to 5). 5. I'd love to find a place, a building or a sectioned of part of a city or a beach or anything, that was a free relief zone and you could go anywhere you wanted, including on other people. So, if you were chatting up a cute gal/guy, you could just start pissing mid conversation, even onto them, and they'd be completely chill with it.
  6. Not a girl, but the naughtiest place I've pissed is on my living room carpet. Context, I live with family, but one long weekend, I was home alone, my family being gone from Thursday Morning to Monday night. So, once they were gone, I spent entire time I had to myself naked. And, whenever I had to piss, I just went wherever I was, usually on the carpet in front of me. But the most fun I had was being able to just walk in the door, whip out my dick, and piss on the floor.
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