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    I'm a student who would love nothing more to spend all his time naked, and just piss the second I feel the need to, regardless of where I am.

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    Naughty peeing and golden showers
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  1. Once, my friend and I went for a night walk. We we're in a dark area and I needed to pee, so I just whipped it out and started going on the ground. I don't even think she noticed.
  2. Usually depends on the length for me. I usually grab an Icee every time I go see a movie and the only time recently I've had to get up to pee was in Oppenheimer, and that was a 3 hour movie. In most other cases, I'm able to hold it. It would be far nicer if I didn't need to get up at all though, of course.
  3. I used to have a pee friend that I'd exchange clips with, but then she got a boyfriend and we grow apart. I have a boyfriend now too, but he's not into piss like I am so sometimes I'll send him jacking off videos and he'll send me piss videos.
  4. My boyfriend considers himself neutral to pee, though when he's drunk or horny, he'll always mention how much he'd love to piss on me, which is fun. He'll pee for me and let me go on him and in return, I let him tie me up sometimes, which I'm not particularly into but I'll do for him.
  5. Around people I'm intimate with, yeah, I love it. One of the recent times I went out with my boyfriend, it was a huge turn on when we went for a walk and I just whipped it out and pissed in front of him. But around strangers, I'd be too paranoid I'd get reported or something.
  6. While I'd love to be able to free pee wherever whenever, that stuff just wouldn't fly around kids. Peeing anywhere has always been a kink thing for me, same with going around naked (I know plenty of people don't necessarily have it associated with kinks, but that's how my brain works). So while I definitely intend to have my fun before me and my boyfriend start a family, that's all going to end when we get our first kid. Involving kids in a kink in general is a hard no.
  7. I've been lucky enough to find a partner who, while he's not into it, is willing to let me go on him or our floors as long as it's just us and we clean up right away, but even if he wasn't, I'd never even consider cheating to satisfying that kink.
  8. It is my preference to not even wear swimming attire when I swim, but when I do, I still piss in my trunks.
  9. My boyfriend wasn't into pee at first, but was willing to try it because he knew it was a turn on and I was willing to try stuff I wasn't into that he was like bondage. He'd pee for me and send me videos or pictures, but the real test was if he minded being peed on or not. We tried it once and he decided it wasn't a turn off, so I'm good to piss on him pretty freely, especially if I'm doing something he likes while doing it like kissing his neck and feeling him up.
  10. So my bed is my urinal or toilet toilet? If it was just my urinal, every few days. Toilet toilet, definitely daily.
  11. I have a few ideas. 1. A Teacher during class. A teacher in a skket is in front of a class giving a lecture, going between talking and writing stuff on a whiteboard. At one point, she lifts up her skirt, casually moves her panties to the side, and begins peeing all over the floor as she speaks. Bonus points if she walks over to the board and writes down more notes while she's still peeing. 2. A girl or two+ are hanging around at a pool/hot tub in bikinis and wondering why their last friend is late to the pool party. Soon, their friend arrives, completely naked. The girls ask why, a
  12. Carpets and on other people are my favorite places to piss. I also love being fully naked and just casually letting go wherever I am.
  13. I haven't played hide and seek in years, but I remember often hiding in the shower just in case I needed to wait a while, so if I needed to go, I could just whip it out and piss down the drain.
  14. I have pissed all over my boyfriend every single time I've showered with him and I never intend for that to change.
  15. I work in mental health recovery, so I have to watch people complete urine tests for drug screenings to make sure they aren't trying to cheat the test. Nothing particularly arousing about it
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