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  1. lordofcoatham1

    Favourite Pee Model?

    without a doubt Tiffany aka Nikki Noo is my all time favourite model.
  2. I'm not sure, it's only happened within the last week or so, but in general it's not too much of an issue, just having the sites more important
  3. it's alright, mainly seems to be after I open a few pages it will run slowly and writing comments and messages can take a while for the text to catch up but it's not happening all the time. I'm afraid I don't have a pc I can test it out on either.
  4. still running slow on puffin for android
  5. lordofcoatham1

    MFC girl

    It seems like a crazy way to go about things with semantics like that, but who knows their reason, I'm guessing its pressure from the banking facilitator they use. But sounds like you had a good show despite that
  6. lordofcoatham1

    New urinals for women?

    Because most scholars are "heathens", religion especially Christianity in the west is on the decline and CE is a more accurate common denominator.
  7. lordofcoatham1

    Concerts & Music Festivals - best places

    At concerts one overlooked place where there is often peeing are areas where people congregate to smoke outside, granted its mainly men, but at one popular northern venue smokers tend to hang around the side where there are several skips next to the perimeter fence and I've seen several women often blatantly peeing there. Also look out for quiet areas near the venue itself as they will often get used after the concert has finished and everyone leaves.
  8. I think they went bust due to their content being shared all over the place, most of the major tube sites have lots of it mainly in compilation videos with several clips all put together. I'm not aware of anywhere that has the full content of all the separate clips as it would run into the thousands. Maybe if you know the original designated name of the clip from pisshunters you could find individual vids.
  9. lordofcoatham1

    MFC girl

    I've seen several models on mfc blatantly peeing under the guise of "squirt shows" I'm not sure they would be able to stop such shows and they do prove very popular and no doubt profitable to mfc, well until the banking corporations decide to take a moralistic view against that as well which is the reason I think against peeing on there due to card companies terms and conditions for processing transactions.
  10. lordofcoatham1

    New urinals for women?

    the use of CE and BCE (common era and before common era) has been around since the early 1600s and gained a resurgence in the 20th century mainly by scholars and more recently has gained popularity which would make sense as the majority of the world's population are not "Christians" rather than tying historical events to a fictitious character who theologians believe would have been born in the spring of 4 to 6ce. As for the urinals it does seem an unusual choice of design to make popular over a more standard white porcelain version, but I can't see any argument to children seeing it, whilst not as common, granted, but fathers have alway taken daughters to the gents out of necessity and there has never been an issue of exposure. Either way it does seem like a solution to increase capacity in women's toilets.
  11. lordofcoatham1

    MFC girl

    the best I saw on there was a bunch of 5 I think, Australian models who had filmed with girlsoutwest at some point, they were getting very drunk, tokens for shots sort of thing and people were paying out loads of tokens, eventually this lead to several bathroom trips where the cam was taken too, all the models peed at least once some times in pairs and once with three of them. Then someone mentioned that it was against the rules so they stopped but I think someone was notified as about half an hour after the channel was pulled, I'm guessing they lost all the tokens somewhere north of 10000 as well that they had most definatly earned.
  12. lordofcoatham1

    don't leave without saying goodbye

    i dont have any intention to leave, even if the censorshiip did happen its still well within my realm of interest, maybes this thread is a kneejerk reaction to events as they stood at the time last night, it was just so people who are jumping ship could keep in touch.
  13. for those of you who will maybe no longer be visiting here once the watersports censorship begins please let the rest of us know if you are online elsewhere, it will be sad to see this community disperse, it is upseting how many great posts and people will soon be vanishing, if you do decide to go, I wish you all the very best, it has been a pleasure knowing you.
  14. lordofcoatham1

    Site Issues

    Ive just been into chat, is it suppoed to reset itself so looks blank if you go back to the forums and return to chat later?
  15. Glad to see everythings back up and running again, Ive missed this place!