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    At least there is some consistency... .

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  1. WantonLee


    Interesting question, never really thought about this. I guess for me a superpower that does not allow me to bring peace to the world is not worth having. (Well a superpower that would allow me to bring pee's to the world on the other hand.... ) Anyway, I still have no answer. I'm not that much interersted in spying on naked ladies. The internet has enough... material in that regard to keep my busy. When it come to looking at ACTUAL naked ladies, for me it is _A_LADY_ rather then _LADIES_ .... meaning I am more interested into having a partner... because what good is looking if you can not touch? If I could control on which day I would be invisible though.... that would get me thinking. Maybe I would use it to make someone incredibly rich somewhat slightly less rich and re-distribute some wealth... ? The secret archives of the Vatican are also an interesting option... . Alternatively, yes... the changing room it has to be... because boobs. (Toilet not so much as I prefer a Lady to pee for fun... naughty fun, if possible.... especially when she wants me to watch. Hence invisibility is rather pointless here. ;))
  2. WantonLee

    Are more guys or girls into peeing?

    I have absolutely no idea if on or the other gender is more into it, regardless of the peronal preferenes of what KIND of peeing we are talking about (wetting, golden shower, naughty, etc.). However, I would not be surprised if there would be more male pee-fans out there, simply for the reason that it is much easier for a man to actually see where the pee is comming from and to have control over where it goes (which in turn might also lead to more male naughty pee fans then femal ones). From a female perspective I guess there is not much to see and to do, and as it hase been pointed out already, the actual FEELING of peeing would probably more interesting for a woman then a man - though I am merely speculating here. I can only speak for myself, and while the feeling of peeing is very nice, actually seeing where the pee goes is the icing on the cake for me.
  3. WantonLee

    Thoughts on astrology

    At this point in time, I stopped believing in astrology. A couple of years I did a lot of research on this topic, and came across a site which talked a lot about the traits of each zodiac, and I started to study the traits of other zodiac's as well. I figured out that a lot of it was interchangable, and that a lot of traits associated witch other zodiacs are traits I had as well, while some of the traits associated with my zodiac where "totally not me". Then there is the point about everything being related to the planets. And that is what totally broke the straw for me. When I was a kid, we had 9 planets - Pluto being on of them. I am not going into the discuassion of wheter Pluto is a planet or not. I just did not care as much about it's state, and it was a video of the US-American astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson talking about this topic at google when it came to my full attention. He explained it very well, I did listen, I did understand why Pluto has been reclassified and... just carried on. Unlike many US-Americans who apparently went batshit crazy about this. (If you do care about astroNOMY, check it out: Neil deGrasse Tyson: "The Pluto Files" | Talks at Google. Its very interesting (at least to me), and gives a lot of background-info as well.) Long story short: the question is, why are certain objects withing our solar system planets (as far as astroLOGY is concerned), while others aren't. Planet Ceres being the perfect example... - buit if you've seen the video, you know about it. Anyway: if zodiacs have any meaning, any influence over us, I have no reason to believe it is related to any object in our solar system. But then again I doubt it has any other influence over us but through our own thoughts. That being said: I think my zodiac is the coolest of all twelve there are.
  4. WantonLee

    Can you 'get rid' of a pee fetish?

    I don't think iot's possible to get rid of any fetish. Though, if there's a way, let me know - I'm interested.
  5. Out of curiosity, because I don't know about those things: How expensive is it to run this site per year? And who is the provider (or is it called web-host? Sorry, I think my bad English is letting me down again here...) ? Does anyone know where admin could get a cheaper provider?Might save our admin some bucks!
  6. WantonLee

    Flush Fetish

    Hmm. Have to admit that the theme is not for me - I guess I'll have to stick to the naughty peeing fraction once more. But your writing is flawless! How should I put it.... "I don't like the ingredients - but you're an amazing cook!"
  7. WantonLee


    Welcome! spywareonya has written down basically everything that you need to know about this forum, so I have very little to add. There is quite a large variety of members on this site with a wide range of interests. What ever it is that fascinates you about pee, I doubt you are the only one on this site with that particular interest. The total number of ACTIVE members is maybe only a hand full, with a large number of inactive members and some members that only reply to a topic if something specific piqued their interest. I am on of those. I am curious about what else you have created - I have to admit thought that I am not interested in vore, and I can't even imagine what "flush" means. (English is not my first language, though, so maybe that's the problem here.) I have created some art myself, but since I have basically no artistic talent, my "art" consists only of collages. And I am not very happy with them since I was never able to find the right kind of picture of ladies that I was looking after - I never shared my art with anyone so far, mostly out of embarrassment. I am generally interested in art, though, and started a thread a couple of years ago, where I gave some examples of the different kind's of art I found, and asked what everyone else here thought about it. It was not a particular popular topic, to be honest. (It can be found -> here, should you be interested.) Anyway, in case you want to share your creations, -> this thread in the pictures sub-forum seems to be the one where everyone posts picture that are not photographes. It is to this date 73 pages long. O_o. I have no idea why it was named "Inexpensive art ?", btw. Fictional stories also have their own sub-forum, which can be found -> here. If you want to catch up on what has been written so far, you will probably be busy for the next 2 months! Ok, I think thats enough for now. Besides, I need to go to bed in... 2 hours ago. O_O G'night!
  8. * Dusts of the old thread * Found something even older then this thread while browsing for one of my favorite german cartoonist, the creator of the "nichtlustig" comic series. (nicht lustig means not funny in English.) He translated some of his comics to English, on -> notfunny.com. Years ago he hired some game developers to create a game for smartphones (I think it's still available for iPhone), that was based on one of his comics, namely -> this one. A trailer for this game can be -> seen here. I think it's one of the few game that really have peeing is their main theme. It's however more funny then sexy.... unless you like cartoon-yetis
  9. WantonLee

    Getting Content Producers to Notice Us

    Ok, it seem's I missed your point then. I have to agree with you about most of what you wrote, though not everything. Especially the part that says that sientists are forced by the gov to lie to the world - I think it's a bit more complicated, but this would just completely derail this thread and - if you feel inclined to exchange oppinions - should be discussed in a separate thread(*). Plus I am just not in the mood currently to write my thought down. Since English is not my first language, I would need to look up a lot of things in a dictionary, too. Speaking of which, I seemed to not get the part about "somebody is unable to get erection unless he bites a socks in the meanwhile". Is that sock part some sort of a saying, or is it to be taken litteraly as an example for a paraphilia? I also do not get how this differs from "the fact that people get excited with non-sexual stuff". You write, or better I understand what you wrote as if getting exited with non-sexual stuff is ok, while the sock-thing is not ok. To me, that sock-thing would indeed be a non-sexual thing. I am confuse now. (*) I can imagine you have made you point about this rather clear somewhere else in this forum, but since I am more or less a casual participant and simply have neither the time nor the neccessary patiance to read each and every written word, I have to pick what I read, and so I miss a lot.
  10. WantonLee

    Getting Content Producers to Notice Us

    Didn't you explained at some point in some threat 8as a reply to someone else) that from your point of view fetishes did not exist... or did I missread that? o_0
  11. WantonLee

    Getting Content Producers to Notice Us

    Ok, you want feedback, so you should get it. The main question is: what kind of content producers/creators do we want to attract? Which in turn begs the questions off "What types of content creators exist?". My take on that matter takes into account that several years back I was a content crerator, too. I don't want to go into to much details, but it was (very) short stories for a game I once played. My interest was not only the writing in itself, but of cause also the recognition (why else does anyone do something that is not directly or indirectly related to putting food into ones mouth?) So, I would not have minded if someone would have helped spreading my stories... AS LONG as they would not claim they had written them. So for all the pee related content creators out there basically only two reasons for creating video's exist: making money or getting recognized (giving pleasure to someone does in my books fall under recognition in one way or another). So while people who create videos not for the sake of making money would probably feel at home here, the people who make money by selling such video's would probably think more about getting new customers - even if their interest in watersport is genuine, as soon as money is involved... it usually shifts the focus away from the pleasure. They would certainly not start to share their creations for free with us (if they wanted to, they would upload their videos free of charge on sites like eroprofile in the first place)... and I doubt they would look very favorable at people who ripped their creations off. It might even get this site in trouble if we would invite over money-focused content creators. (They might however get some inspiration for their.. work... from us.) The content creators that simply want to share their fetish* with likeminded people on the other hand... I think you catch my drift, lugia. * Yes, I will still call it a fetish, if only for the sake of simplyfying the discussion. Sorry spywareonya.
  12. Looks like the other forums I frequent do not use this modern forum software then. null I also don't use MS Word, but a different third party program; I do however just remember that in WordPad I have the same problem, but when ever I use it, I just uncheck the Checkbox that says "After each paragraph add a 10 point spacing" (something like that; I use the German version of it and am just translating what it says in German on the fly). Anyway, good point about the "paste as plain text", will try that next time I want to copy&paste a longer text. I somehow agree with you about that double line spacing looks better... well.. to some extend. Probably it's the amount of spacing that I feel... uncomfortable with, as it would be the same amount of spacing I tend to create when adding a blank line to break up the text into paragraphs. So when I add a blank line HERE, the spacing looks to big in my eyes. (I hope what I wrote makes sense somewhat; English is not my first language... .) Is the spacing here 10 points? Would half of that still be enough to look good? I don't know if experimenting with this would be worth it; especially since everyone wrote their text with double spacing in mind, and it's only two persons that have problems with it. Again, I am not complaining, I was just confused a bit and wanted to know what was wrong with me. null I say, unless an overwhelming majority of the forum users suddenly speak up and want to see a change - lets just drop the subject. As I said, I will just adept my style of writing, as I had in the past. Keep up the good work. Admin, and thanks for your answers! null
  13. WantonLee

    Feel free to get to know me

    Same as with my asthma spray. Iam supposed to use it twice a day, but usually only use it once, sometime not at all - letting need dictate my action. Good you don't have to use it 24/7.
  14. Thanks for the hint, glad1. @ Admin: I am also all a fan of readability, so I will always make sure the text I am writing looks the way I want it to look. Problem is though, that I am used to write with single spacing happening as the norm (in all other forums, plus in any writing tool I used so far), and then I will add blank lines where I feel they belong. I sometime even write a text I want to post in a writing tool and then just copy&paste it over into the forum, which in case of this forum is always puzzling me. Anyway, I was just curious and sinceI am the only one who has to adept his style of writing, i will just continue doing so.