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    At least there is some consistency... .

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  1. For all the Furries out there (and those who want to become ones themself): It's from https://foxes-in-love.tumblr.com/ if soneone wants to know. πŸ™‚
  2. No. But then again, I am not that much into football to begin with, so I am not the kind of person who's oppinion about the world cup matters. Then again, again, considering that the main source of the Quatari legislation is the Sharia law... well.. let's say that my view of the world is not ... compatible enough to consider their justice system just.
  3. LACKADAISY - Jazz Cat Dance Loop (It's a sideproject from the Lackadaisy youtube channel where people are currently working on turning the prohibition timed webcomic of Tracy Butler into a 20 minute video. Yes, all characters are cats. Don't ask why. If you are a fan of Disneys 1973's Robin Hood you probably won't, anyway. -_-)
  4. Hi Snout, according to the -> site rules I doubt furries are forbidden here. IIRC some members here mentioned being into furry stuff, and the community is quite diverse actually (also when it comes to the fetish itself). Plus some members have something furry-like as their avatar/icon, so... yeah... make yourselves at home. πŸ˜‰ Myself, I am ~kinda~ into furry stuff, occasionally digging up pee-related material at e621 and similar sites. However, like most average people who have seen Disney's Robin Hood (yes, the one with all the "animals", ie Robin an
  5. Hmm, let me consider this... .. ... I have considered it. No, thanks. I think for day-time, I will stick with my usual option of #5 πŸ˜›
  6. Unless I have a couch-accident (just laying down on the couch "to relax a little" and waking up in the middle of the night), I am #20.
  7. In regards to the wall: do as Bacardi said. Just make sure not to rub the wall with to much force, as you could literally rub the paint off of it (or rather smear it around). (Don't ask me how I know.... just trust me.) You can also wet the whole area below the mirror using a water spray bottle.... just a little bit to basically give this entire part of the wall a uniform look. Cover the floor below with a towel or something to catch the water, and use a hair-dryer to dry the wall if you can and/or have to. If all else fails.. well... looks like you "spi
  8. If your partner does not agree it's ok to p in the tub... ... you don't need this tub... ... you need a new partner. πŸ˜‰
  9. My first thought was "good idea", then my second thoughts chimed in noting that "well, this is a Pee-Forum, so ALL the ladies here are into it somehow - can't get a more skewed result if you had to make that up". Well, you can only find out what specifically the ladies here are into, not THAt they are somehow into it. πŸ˜‰ Sorry that I can't add anything helpfull. Yes, I am ~totally~ fun at parties. πŸ˜›
  10. Hi Calypsoland, when , I think with "people" he meant the people bothering you; they should scoll by, not _you_ should scoll by their comments/questions. At least this is how I interprete it. @gldenwetgoose, correct me, if I am wrong. Hope that helps. o7
  11. When ever I see a toilet roll in orientation "A", I have the urge to change it to the better. Or the worse, if I am only there for a number 1. >:) But usually I do not dare doing that, first out of respect for the next... user (especially if there is no replacement roll present, and second because I did not wanna get caught. But it is tempting... . πŸ™‚
  12. I am not so much into hearing as into seeing a lady peeing. But _only_ if she actually WANTS to be seen (or heard, for that matter), as otherwise there is no... connection between her and me. Plus for me it is a sexual thing, and if it is not sexual to her, it's pointless (because it's just a rather mundane activit if it is just done out of necessity).
  13. Well, if you are certain that your BF will be offended by your revelation, then of course my comment is irrelevant. I'm just a bit confused why you - even after he peed between your legs - consider his behaviour absolutely normal and in no way sexual. (Well, that's at least how I interprete your statement; then again I can only speak from my point of view, which is that such a behaviour would be totally and a 100% sexual in my case.) So, please ignore my comment; you know your BF best after all. πŸ™‚ In regards to your original question, which I totally forgot to anwer:
  14. Hello Shybabe, I do not post very often here, but you mentioned something about maybe taking a female friend of yours on a, for lack of a better word, pee-tour, instead of your boyfriend. This made ALL of my alarm bells go off. I do not know enough about your relationship to give any advice, but I would encourage you to find out wether your BF is into the same kind of naughty peeing as you are or not. (Unless you are afraid of him not being into it, and prefer to live with uncertainty rather then with being certain, but that certainty being not what you want.) Lets just say if
  15. Is your husband aware of the fact that his behaviour is very disrespectful? (I am aware that "being respected" means something different for everyone, and it is important to know that everyone has different boundaries, if you want to respect them; unless you do not care). What I mean is just because what you are going through would not bother your husband if he had to deal with the exact same thing, does not mean you should also not be bothered by it. I am not very good at keeping relationships alive (the total time I've been in relationships is negligible, quite literally), but resp
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