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    At least there is some consistency... .

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  1. My brain just played "Rrrate your hack!" ... from that guy on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/A2rozm8hdss ^^
  2. Take all the time you need. Cya! 😄
  3. Sorry, no luck here. But thanks for reminding me that Hazbin Hotel is now out - I almost forgot. However, since I am not interested in any streaming services (no pun intended!), I hope to catch it when it releases in another form... are DVD's still a thing? ^^ Anyway... I think I gotta catch up on Helluva Boss as well... hum. In regards to the book: amazon seems to sell it at around 45 € (about 50 $ + shipping) - at least on the German amazon site. Not sure if they ship to where you life, and if that price tag is worth it (to you). 😉
  4. Was kinda thinking the same. I do not know how to word it, though; I might word it like "that was more exiting then it should have been", or something like that. Well, YOU know your husband best, Bacardi. 😉 Tease him at your own risk; he might like it, he might not. Unless you are to blunt about it, the only thing you can loose is the uncertainty about your hubbies position on it. (Which can be a downer, if he actually dislikes it your ego might take it personally a la "if you don't like my favorite thing you don't like me, too", which is nonsense of course, but name me ONE per
  5. Not really, but this YouTube-Tutorial might be helpful: Good luck! 😄
  6. I usually skim over long threads instead of reading everything, because: "Time - I has it not!" And I post even less. But I just want to express my concern here: This is the very first time - at least as far as I can tell - that I have seen Bacardi so genuinely angry. (And from my perspective this looks angry, sorry if I misinterpret.) Bacardi, you scare me! - You're supposed to be a nice drink! ^^ Have a nice evening y'all! 😉
  7. Don't worry, Steve. Set priorities, get your shit together. If you are able to reconnect, do so. If not, it's fine, too. No one has a right to judge how someone else lives their life. I have gone through similar struggles. And I did not even had the decency to explain myself - I just... disappeared. So... you are already way ahead of people like me. 😉 Here is an old German Song text I'd like to quote (and I am not going to translate because 1. google will do it better then I and 2. I know you know a little German. ;() "Und sehen wir uns nicht in dieser Welt,
  8. Thank you for your input. I can only speak for myself, in that I am aware that church and religion are two different - sometimes VERY different - things. I hope you do not feel offended by my words when I said that I consider spirituality and religion to be almost polar opposites. I am aware that this statement very much hinges on my personal perspective of religion, which was almost always the organized form of religion (what I assume you are meaning by saying "church"). I think the major problem I have/had is the dogmatism related to many religions. That being said: I am n
  9. ^Pretty much this. I kinda disagree with the God-part ("entity controlling everything", as you call it); my personal research has led me to believe that this entity might just simply be the collective of all that is (you and me included) and we are disconnected on purpose and voluntarily for... well... probably just plain curiosity...? I can't really tell, since - if this is correct - I am disconnected right now, as is anyone else. Well, with some spiritually very advanced people being the exception, maybe. ^^ In any case: Either we will all come home and remember once we cross
  10. If life gives you lemons... become an awkward lemonade-dispenser...... err... what I mean is: I hope you are fine with what nature did to you. If not, try to adept this kind of attitude: Yeah, I know, not exactly piss-related... ADMIN? Delete if necessary! 😛 😉
  11. If you sometimes have a burning sensation when peeing you might have an infection. (I had this once, too, it is treatable, but needs to be diagnosed, first.) That being said: Since you say your friend doubts urine should be part of sexual intercourse - BUT DOES IT ANYWAY - there might be a psychosomatic component at work here. What I mean is: she is doing something she actually does not want to (are you really 100% sure she is not doing it just to do you a favor?) If this is the case - and only she knows that, providing she is willing to be honest to herself - there might be an
  12. No, not religious. My upbringing was fairly neutral in that way. I am leaning mostly towards atheism, but am curious about unexplained phenomenons. What mostly made me chose atheism as my point of view was seeing what religion tries to teach us. I just can't wrap my head around the idea of a big guy in the sky that created us simply to have something to play with (and not even in a kind way, mostly). Currently I am exploring spiritual ideas and are coming to conclusions that are somewhat related to what Phyche wrote. NOTE: I consider "spiritual" to be almost the polar opposit
  13. No worries, Abby, I was just confused. ^^ As I said, I was unable to find the original, and since no one else mentioned it, I thought it was just me who couldn't figure out what was written (English is only my second language). BTW, since now I was able to read it: Would you mind starting a separate thread with this picture, and ask what the people here would choose? I think this would be quite an interesting thread (although I have to admit that I would not be able to spend all 7 points, plus some of the suggestions I would re-write in a subtle way). Anyway, thanks for post
  14. Thanks Bacardi for finding it; I was unable to, so.. thanks... again. 😉
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