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  1. lordofcoatham1

    Erectile Function

    I've never had any problems doing it, I didn't even consider that some guys couldn't, I've surprised a few ex girlfriends who didn't think I could either one of whom was very interested to find out I could
  2. lordofcoatham1

    Backyard peeing

    I've always enjoyed peeing in the back yard, for a long time when I was younger it was one of the few places I could get away with, mostly at home, but had peed at friends and relatives as well, then when I could explore further afield I found a few other mostly unoccupied back yards to go in. After that I found a lot of yards doubled up as toilets at parties as well as though not strictly back yards but pub beer gardens. Whilst I was still living at my parents and either finished work or coming home late I used to get in via the kitchen so the dog's didn't go as mad when they heard me and was often easier to pee in the garden first. Over the year's I've peed in a wide variety of places in yards, drains, walls, trees, lawns, on and some cases through fences, behind sheds and garages , in holes in the ground and on plants potted or otherwise and seen others do the same.
  3. lordofcoatham1

    Pee Porn. First Encounters

    my early experiences of pee porn were quite limited, usually adverts for phone lines in the back of magazines such as razzle or escort I had aquired, even then they were censored such as 'hear me p*** call 09...' but it was the first confirmation after years of wondering if I was the only person that I wasn't alone. Eventually one of these mags had a story involving a couple into peeing and would read others every so often. The only peeing I ever saw on screen was on the tv show Eurotrash, some thing about a woman who cast pee holes in snow and showed her and others making them. Towards the end of the 90s a few adverts appeared for vhs videos that apparently contained pee scenes, one company was called xstreams and featured British girls wetting and peeing in public and were filmed by a guy called John Dare, I sent off for their catalogue which was the first time I had actual physical pictures of pee porn, I did later send off for one of the film's, but only received an empty envelope. Then around 1999 we got an internet connection and I started watching things online and picked up the odd DVD here and there
  4. lordofcoatham1

    Oldest pee sources you can remember?

    wetset forums and cascademag are some old ones that are still running that I remember, I think I found wetset from xstreams the site that made the john dare films, which I found in turn from the adverts in the back of fiesta, then have to wait until the house was empty before taking hours to see even the shortest sample clip
  5. I know what you mean, it's strangely sexier if they're clothed, I suppose its the excitement of brief glimpses of what you're not meant to see and the anticipation if what's under the clothes.
  6. lordofcoatham1

    Sink pee

    yes, it beats using the toilet, I often aim for the overflow drain when I do
  7. Ubisoft had npc enemy guards that would pee during their patrol in far cry 2, 3, 4 and primal, at one point during primal you get peed on by a cave man. Rockstar skirts around the peeing subject on the radio advert for the spoof 50 shades book is the line "I wish a billionaire would buy me diamonds and piss on me" amongst others and their fictional beer is called 'pisswasser'
  8. lordofcoatham1

    When did you last watch anyone piss?

    a few weeks ago a friend of mine got in touch and wondered if I would like to join the pub quiz with a few friends that night, having no plans I decided to go, only three of us turned up, myself and Sarah and Katie (not their real names) we had a nice night catching up although didn't come close to winning, we had a few more drinks and had a smoke outside when a random girl asked for a light and started talking to us and told us her name was Jo, she was a bit lairy telling us how she had just been barred from one pub for fighting with an ex boyfriend and then she just sort of invited herself to sit with us, she was quite pretty but a bit dischevelled from drinking half the day and her earlier altercation, she had long dark hair in a ponytail, bright peach short dress, black leggings and boots on. We had a couple more drinks and left the pub, Sarah got a taxi home and Katie was meeting up with other friends at a club to which Jo tagged along and I would walk with them to the other end of town as it was sort of on my way. Almost as soon as we had waved Sarah off in the taxi and started walking when Jo mentioned in no uncertain terms that "I need a piss right now" and was prepared to do it right on the semi deserted high street which Katie persuaded her against, knowing of a nearby alleyway I suggested I needed to go as well and there might be better, so we wandered around a few corners to a small alley between some shops, there was a big red biffa bin where Jo walked to pulling down her leggings and a black thong down as she did and squatted with her bum low to the ground not hidden by the far end of the bin as I thought she might and started peeing as Katie walked around her and hid out of sight, I just peed against the side of the bin and carried on watching Jo make quite an impressive stream which flowed into the centre of the alleyway where it audibly ran into a drain, then she stopped, bobbed up and down a bit then gave me a great view of her bum as she pulled her thong and leggings up as she talked to Katie as I finished then once we were all done we left the alley, they went to the club where apparently Jo got thrown out for fighting within 10 minutes of getting there and I went home.
  9. lordofcoatham1

    Anybody else peed in the sea?

    yes, I've peed in the sea before, it's more noticeable in the north sea than the med, I did pee in an inflatable boat in the med which warmed up the water pooled in the bottom of it noticeably
  10. lordofcoatham1

    Favourite Pee Model?

    without a doubt Tiffany aka Nikki Noo is my all time favourite model.
  11. lordofcoatham1

    Site running very slowly

    I'm not sure, it's only happened within the last week or so, but in general it's not too much of an issue, just having the sites more important
  12. lordofcoatham1

    Site running very slowly

    it's alright, mainly seems to be after I open a few pages it will run slowly and writing comments and messages can take a while for the text to catch up but it's not happening all the time. I'm afraid I don't have a pc I can test it out on either.
  13. lordofcoatham1

    Site running very slowly

    still running slow on puffin for android
  14. lordofcoatham1

    MFC girl

    It seems like a crazy way to go about things with semantics like that, but who knows their reason, I'm guessing its pressure from the banking facilitator they use. But sounds like you had a good show despite that
  15. lordofcoatham1

    New urinals for women?

    Because most scholars are "heathens", religion especially Christianity in the west is on the decline and CE is a more accurate common denominator.