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    Medical for money, occupy myself peeing for fun
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    Love wetting, holding, desperation, outdoor peeing, mildly naughty, no toilet days/weeks, standing pee. GS, men who are as pee-centric as me.

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    The naughty factor, the feeling of trying to control it..
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    Too many to choose...

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  1. Curvy_Luscious

    New ways to pee

    So where do you like to pee now?
  2. Curvy_Luscious

    I didn't make it

    Amazing... Just that gets me juicy.
  3. OH. My. God. Hottttt
  4. Curvy_Luscious

    Story Behind my Photos

    Love your horny piss mind...
  5. Curvy_Luscious

    Pre Soaking My Laundry

    Major hotness. I like this as well. Standing or squatting.
  6. Curvy_Luscious

    Couldn't make it to the potty

    Beyond hot....
  7. Curvy_Luscious

    Where's the beef?

    Always, Tom. Goes without saying.
  8. Curvy_Luscious

    Do any songs arouse you?

    Dirty song... And so true.. AC/DC Givin' the Dog a Bone... "She's got the power of union, she only eats when it's hot... And if she likes what you're doing, then she'll give you the lot..."
  9. Curvy_Luscious

    I pee all over public toilet! (Video)

    Tasty and naughty!
  10. Curvy_Luscious

    Sink pee

    I hop up there now and then. Hang my puss over the sink and pee. Helps to have a vanity type sink. Once, I peed so hard it squirted up the curve of the sink and shot out between my legs all over the floor.
  11. Curvy_Luscious

    From a standing position.

    I had a messy, soak event today.... Grrr
  12. Curvy_Luscious

    From a standing position.

    Sometimes the same technique can work amazingly. Even more laser-like than a peeing cock, and other times be a splashy mess. Girl parts are squishy and changeable.
  13. Curvy_Luscious

    Anybody else peed in the sea?

    Before I learned you can pee right on your beach towel or sand chair without even being noticed, I would always venture to the water up to my waist and pee. I grew up near ocean that typically had no big waves. But if there were waves, I liked peeing when the big wave had washed over me and gone back out. While my body was out of the water. Much more visible and naughty but not like anyone would notice.
  14. Curvy_Luscious

    Question for the Girls.Wetting.

    Peeville is the lifestyle we enjoy. Not a place but a state of mind.
  15. Curvy_Luscious

    Question for the Girls.Wetting.

    I was referring to myself. After a 10 year absence from peeville...