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    Medical for money, occupy myself peeing for fun
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    Love wetting, holding, desperation, outdoor peeing, mildly naughty, no toilet days/weeks, standing pee. GS, men who are as pee-centric as me.

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    The naughty factor, the feeling of trying to control it..
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  1. So where do you like to pee now?
  2. Major hotness. I like this as well. Standing or squatting.
  3. Dirty song... And so true.. AC/DC Givin' the Dog a Bone... "She's got the power of union, she only eats when it's hot... And if she likes what you're doing, then she'll give you the lot..."
  4. I hop up there now and then. Hang my puss over the sink and pee. Helps to have a vanity type sink. Once, I peed so hard it squirted up the curve of the sink and shot out between my legs all over the floor. 😊
  5. Today was the kitchen pee bowl. Super convenient. Teaspoon for scale. 😊
  6. Sometimes the same technique can work amazingly. Even more laser-like than a peeing cock, and other times be a splashy mess. Girl parts are squishy and changeable. ❤️😊
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