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Naughty peeing goals?

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Well, I plan to buy one of those heavy duty carpet steam cleaners.  The kind that are made for people who have incontinent pet dogs.

Once I have that I aim to have a small party with three or four escort ladies who will come to my house for drinks,  but will have my permission to pee on the living room carpet instead of using the toilet.  Of course I will be under them for some of the time too. 

Not sure when I will be able to do it.  It would be quite expensive to set up,  and I'd need to know the potential guests reasonably well to gain their trust,  but it's nice to have a fantasy with at least the potential to become real.

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I guess I have a few fantasies about being watched when I'm peeing by women. 

Particularly I'd love to be watched by women when I'm at urinals without dividers maybe with a lot of guys and they can take a look at our penises. 

This can also be at troughs, festivals and things like that. 

I'd also like to see the womens reactions within the group to the guys. 

I'd also like to be watched on a camera from a business woman while peeing and I'd like to see her reaction. 


I also have heard that in India (I have no idea if this us true) during weddings there are places to go pee behind the tent. Women and men do it so I'd like to be watched.


That's alot but still. My dreams are weird and wild lol. 

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3 hours ago, Horse_water said:

There are a lot of things I want to try. I really want to find a partner who is down to pull my cock out and spray things down in pretty much any and all places. I also would love to be part of a little piss crew. Pissing everywhere is so much more fun with friends. I also need to continue the search for new and exciting places to piss. I have an elevator I need to scope out for cameras, hopefully its clear.

As for being watched/seen I like the idea but not the risk of jail time. Life is challenging enough. If I could find someone who's into I'd be constantly spraying things down.

Anyone else super turned on by the idea of getting a few people together and absolutely flooding a stairwell?

Absolutely, flooding a stairwell with a few people would turn me on so hard

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1 hour ago, Overlord said:

Just come to central Europe. It's on an almost daily base here. You can't go to a concert or festival without seeing some dicks out pissing in public (urinals or even wild) with dick and stream in very good visibility for everyone. And believe me, I've personally observed some very cheeky looks from the girls. This is just standard issue and even tolerated by the force of law here.

I know, some of our friends here shouted me out before for mentioning this, but i think they just don't have the same background as where i come from.

But honestly? I'm jealous of our female pisskink friends here. You want to see some dudes dick pissing in open public? Just go to the next best festival and you'll be in your wettest dreams. Try to do this as a dude watching the girls pee.... Good luck on that one. Almost no chance to get a glimpse on a girl peeing, just massive loads of dudes pissing everywhere.

Just a little anecdote: 

One time I almost got pissed on by some dudes who just casually pissed over the back of the bleachers where everyone was walking beneath.

Lol I guess I'll have to book my vacation there. 

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