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    fascinated by the many aspects of human sexuality,especially the mechanics of urination without a penis.(girly wee wees)

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    How girls pee,like where does it come out?
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    Watching 2 girls pee,each girl watching the other along with me.

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    Japanese and other Asian pee related sex.

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    This club is dedicated to images forum members want to post of themselves.

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    Like to play video games? This is the place to be!

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    Roll up roll up, come join Sophie's Funhouse full of games for everyone! Why not spend a penny and have fun at the same time.

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    The club uniting British Pee Fans.

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    Friendship is like peeing your pants. Everyone can see it, but only you can feel it's true warmth

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    Just women you find beautiful or sexy.

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    For those of us of a New Zealand persuasion

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    This site is all about girls.Lets post some pics they might enjoy.

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    For all those with any kind of interest in history - military, political, social, modern or ancient or anything in between. Can be pee-related or just general interest

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    Enjoy seeing ladies on the throne? This is the place to be!

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    We all like to see the girls slits,and watch them wee,but to see girls been penetrated is what its all about.

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    Black girls need to wee too!

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    How often do you look at a girl and wonder if shes wearing knickers etc.Or not even?

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    This site is dedicated to those who enjoy the silky, sensuous, sexy qualities of bras and panties, whether wearing them or seeing them on others. So, if any ladies have a favorite pair or several, you're more than welcome to model them here.

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    Women wiping after peeing -- either on the toilet, or squatting somewhere