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19 hours ago, Kupar said:


Well, sometimes you just need to let go of your problem... even if it means it will get warmer then you intended to... .
(If this is a solution to either of the problems... well... your choice. 😉)

* Continues to save some CO2 by riding a bike instead of a car *

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11 hours ago, ABBYPEEGODDESS said:

😂😂😂 Sorry and thanks Sophie for finding the link.

No worries, Abby, I was just confused. ^^
As I said, I was unable to find the original, and since no one else mentioned it, I thought it was just me who couldn't figure out what was written (English is only my second language).

BTW, since now I was able to read it:
Would you mind starting a separate thread with this picture, and ask what the people here would choose?

I think this would be quite an interesting thread (although I have to admit that I would not be able to spend all 7 points, plus some of the suggestions I would re-write in a subtle way).

Anyway, thanks for posting it! 😄

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