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  1. Got out for the first time in over a month to take advantage of the ridiculously mild weather to fit in a 5k yesterday. Still found a wet leaf mulch section on a hard standing footpath I had to walk through and was very breathless at the end as possibly starting come down with something but posted an encouraging 28 minutes 23 seconds.
  2. Watched Labyrinth for the first time in years last night. You can't see anything but Hoggle is clearly having a pee. Not sure how I didn't recall this part of the film lol.
  3. You weren't kidding. Have finally listened to the audio version by our dear friend.
  4. Spot on. If there are others I am unaware. She can't make the first one as she is away for the weekend and I am almost certain to be unable to make the second as won't be home till stupid o'clock Sunday morning and will be too sleepy to get there. Arghhh.
  5. Details of the naked 5k runs in the UK get released today. I have a young female colleague who is interested if she is not already partying elsewhere.
  6. Took advantage of the hot weather 7° by putting in my first 5k of the year. Still far too much slippery leaf mulch for my liking so a lot of walking but was proper belting along in my terms over the non leaf mulch areas so celebrated with a wetting just before the finish.
  7. Brilliant. Love the use of imperial measurement in the scoresheet. Such fun.
  8. Thanks for all your splendid content. Happy lurking x x x
  9. Good luck with that plan my friend. Get that spreadsheet completed.
  10. I love having an audience which I haven't done for years but watch this space.
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