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  1. My full bladder being emptied is loads and would not have been possible to hide
  2. Has the value of your neighbours house just quadrapled lol
  3. What a thoroughly wonderful way to spend a bank holiday afternoon.
  4. Noticed a couple of days back an abandoned sofa with it's seats removed and a couple of bits of carpet folded on top in the downstairs communal hallway of my block of 6 flats (I live upstairs) I got back from a 5k run having emptied my water bottle en route so needed to pee. It was 725pm dog walkers were passing the always propped open communal front door and the occasional car drove along the road. I nipped out the communal rear door to see if anyone was approaching and could see my female downstairs neighbour was in her kitchen. From her kitchen door she can see her front door down a s
  5. I do love your confidence and openness. Amazing times x x x
  6. Sounds like no missed opportunities there. Oh to be your friend soaking up the views x x x
  7. Bad luck chap I thought I saw a woman dart into undergrowth tonight but couldn't follow her as I was in my running shorts and there were way too many stinging nettles so like you can only dream of what my view might have been.
  8. We have a clear winner for luckiest man in the universe 2021. Thank you for sharing such a fabulous account x x x
  9. Well done on braving that step from lurker to active member.
  10. Have done that in a crowded pub. I was on the seat. She sat sideways on my lap and released enough for me to feel my leg slowly soak without any puddle forming on the floor.
  11. Nature peeing is my absolute favourite. Welcome aboard
  12. Peeing into a urinal when a woman joins me and pees standing up
  13. 2 years or more ago in real life. Local lady but we just haven't had the opportunity / permission to get together since. Videos have been watched in recent days though lol
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