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  1. Cycled 5 miles from a railway station to a friend's house last night and it nearly killed me. They had hills there and I mainly only cycle on the flat here.
  2. PS have only run 26.18km all year
  3. So my local running day has only just been announced for this year and I genuinely fear there isn't enough time between now and then to get Marathon fit.
  4. Sadly a third going lock the door, a third saying didn't happen and a third going weirdos who even does that.
  5. Arghhh. I was only looking at the word Ealing. Thanks for putting me out of my misery.
  6. Only 5 letter answer related here I can think of is Urine. Only anagram I can see is Angel or Angle or Glean and can't link them to pee.
  7. I have always wanted to be like Inspector Morse. Whilst I have the penchant for real ale, opera, classical music and an unerring ability to be rubbish at pulling ladies, I will never own a classic car nor ever get a crossword clue right....
  8. Meanwhile my cock is becoming harder than her granite counters Brilliant words ha ha ha
  9. A temporary one pops up in Norwich and I always use it when it is open. Am heartbroken when it is closed.
  10. Superb effort. I finally went running after 2 months and completed a very slow 11.5k in 75 minutes.
  11. Certainly not going too much into detail and thank you for sharing your wonderful day
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