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  1. Adore these, especially hearing you speak in a couple.
  2. Love the T-shirt and the card particularly.
  3. Welcome aboard and great content so far. You are going to feel so at home.
  4. Welcome aboard Katie and roll on the good times and adventures
  5. Had a request from a female friend who I am sadly unlikely to meet given her distance from me to take some photos peeing in my car. She approves so hope these entertain.
  6. I used to love how often I would stop and pee on long bike rides, such a glorious feeling but sadly never spotted any ladies like yourselves doing likewise.
  7. Great scenery and lovely peaceful route. No nipping off to pee opportunities though with the tail walker always in sight. Fortunately I was still relatively dehydrated from the previous night's session for it not to be an issue this time.
  8. We made it around. My poor friend was so unpracticed due to being ill and a busy family life that I nearly killed her, but am well proud of her completing it.
  9. Panic. My running buddy is not feeling great. So if she bails on me I will want to post sub One Hour but haven't practiced at all on the basis we were aiming for 90 Minutes together. Of course she might drag herself along to walk it which means taking longer and more pee stops. Final weather forecast is 23 degrees moderate Southerly winds and cloudy so ideal in my opinion.
  10. I have a work wife who knows everything about me. Sadly it will never get any further with her but it is a most comforting relationship.
  11. We are going to be be stragglers spaced out at the back. I might try and persuade against it ha ha ha
  12. This is my lifetime daydream and something I dream of on occasion. Very jealous.
  13. Race information has arrived "Portable toilets are also located on the course in close proximity to the refreshments points" Blast.
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