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    peeing in naughty place, see females do the same
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  1. iI use the sink, washing maskin and my garden shed as my toilet at home. parking garages is also regular place i pee in, parking aria ,staircase and elevators.
  2. I like a soft smell of pee in staircase .
  3. twice in a parking garage and the sink.
  4. I think that the women hide themself more than men.
  5. Fore me, 10 minutes ago i was outside and need a piss so i go inside my garden shed agen to solwe the problem. I wipe my cuck out and piss on the woden wall and over the cement tiles on the floor.
  6. Jaa! Parking garages staircase and elevators ar exelent toilets when you need to pee. I use this place every time i have the chans.
  7. All indoor staircase is god place to use as toilet if you need to pee. Love the puddle and smell of pee inside the staircase.
  8. I have a small shed outside my house and i use it alot as my toilet, even go there insted of the toilet inside the house. A nice feeling just wipe my dick out and piss in the wall and floor.
  9. I never take a piss where i have to clean up. I go fore public place like basement, staircase, parking garages, elevators, and sometimes on the floor in public toilets. It feels so god just wipe it out and piss on the floor knowing someone find my puddle ore feel the smell of my dryed pee. Hopefully other people find it ok to urinate there when there already is a pisspuddle on the floor.
  10. Most of the time i like to leave a visible puddle, and hopfully someone enyoy my puddle.
  11. Hi! Fore me the P sign saying piss and park. I use the garage as my toilet alot. you got the elevator, the staircase and the parking area. Just make your choise and let it flow. i also like the smell and hopefully a female puddle .
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