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    Normal man who whith a peefetish

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    peeing in naughty place, see females do the same
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    pissing together whith a girl in an elevator

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  1. Staircase , elevators, and basement is great to use as toilet. Parkinggarages usaly offer you all of that.
  2. Basement with cemented floor is very god place to take a pissa. You can see the puddle and even all the splashing around onthe dry floor. And the smell of the pee dont disappeared. Love the soft smell of piss in this places .
  3. I realy like to piss in parking garages. The staircase ore elevator is favourites.
  4. Aroused. I like to find piss pudles and if i know its female piss on the floor in a naughty place i sometimes get a hard on .
  5. Congratulations man!! That was a realy hot story and both of you enyoyed whats happend. Thanks fore sharing and there be a new crismas next year.
  6. staircase, elevators, parkinggarages , public transport is some place i like to see a female pissing.
  7. Thanks!! Se you have find the emergency toilet. I always piss in the parking garage,they are great place when you need to empty the bladder. Sometimes i use the staircase ore elevator,wipe it out and pee on the floor and leave a nice puddle fore someone i hope enyoy what i have done.
  8. Great start. Now i whant to read more. Thanks
  9. Nice story. I got a shed fore garden tool that i use as a toilet when i are outside or feel naughty. Feels so god taking my dick out piss on the floor and up the wall, leaving a big puddle. If you go there you can feel the smell of pee. Hope i can have a female piss in there whith me, whould be fun.
  10. Some years ago pissing in a parking garage together whith a female frend. We made a very big pudle in there.
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