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  1. A bit more. If you read " How we found our mutual passion" You will read of my experiences, but here is something to watch. It is a great experience Enjoy
  2. My girl will sometimes poo when having regular intercourse. She gets incredibly wet and slippery when she does this
  3. It was my girl that introduced it to me, I enjoy it but we do not do it a lot Cheers
  4. Thanks for posting I hope you both enjoyed cheers
  5. Curly wet her pants in the shop HI Thought I would add another from more recent times. The boys are being looked after by the grandparents, Curls had won some free tickets to the movies with a drinks and nibbles package. We have been at the movies for about 30min, good lot of drinks and snacks, I go off and have a wee. Come back and there is Curls talking to another woman. She moves away from the other person and askes, where have you been, I said I went off for a wee. I said we go in in about 20 minutes, do you want to go, she said yes and stood there bending slightly forward. Then said that’s better. I must have looked surprised. She said, before we left home I put a lot of pads in my pants so I could stand around out here and not have to go into the toilet, I just did a wee in my panty pads, it was great, no one knows. About 15 min later the bell goes for the show to start, she said I need to do a wee before we go in, she lent a bit forward and then sort of jumped and breathed a bit quickly. I asked are you all right, she said yes but I have filled up my pads and I think I will leak, she rushed off to the ladies. She met me at the door of the theatre, we went in and sat near the back, I asked are you OK and felt her panties under her skirt, and they were damp. She said I overloaded the pads and threw them out in the ladies. Part way through the movie she said I need to do a wee, I suggested she slide forward in the seat and pee on the floor, she said no leave it till later. We leave the theatre and she said I really need to go to the toilet, otherwise I am going to wet my panties. Then she followed this up by saying Let’s go to the shop across the road and you can buy me and ice-cream. ( Now let me say Curls is five foot 2, has really trim legs and very petite features and feet, she is wearing a nice skirt a fair bit above her knees, and is wearing low sandals on her feet) We are in the shop, and I am looking in the freezer for the ice-cream, it is at the back a long way from the counter, and there is no one else in the shop. I look at her and she gives me a kind of naughty little girl look, and looks down. Then I notice, pee is starting to dribble down her legs and make a small pool at her feet. I could hardly move, I watched, she finished, I think. I walk over to her about 3 metres, she said I think we better leave, I just wet my pants. I have got 2 ice-creams to pay for and a big lump in my jeans that is hard to hide. We walk out and I give her ice-cream, we walk over to a nearby park, she is casually eating her ice-cream, I am thinking what she just did, I might have given her my ice-cream, maybe I gave it to a passing pelican, who knows, all I know she is walking around the city with wet panties. We come to a park bench, and I ask how are you, The reply was, I have got wet panties and I want to take them off. There is a kind of monument in the shade of the lamps, she says come here. We go behind the monument, she steps out of her wet panties, and bend over and says NOW. Now! You have got to be kidding I have been ready since she was wetting her pads and had damp panties in the theatre. Not long later there is a mix of our juices falling out of her pussy on the ground. I put myself away, she looks at her panties on the ground, and Curls says They are all wet, let someone find then and think he is lucky. We get back to the grandparents to pick up the boys, and my mother asked me what’s wrong with you. You look all hot and bothered, you have only been to the movies. She is a constant source of joy and amazement. NO we don’t do this every day or even every week. Maybe just a few fun times a year. Guys if your girl does this, don’t push it, appreciate it and support her, she is doing it for both of you. Till next time, I will post some more if anyone is interested I would love to hear your stories to Regards Stan
  6. Funny I often tried ot get her to wear a skirt, to pee in, but she occasionally did it in her jeans, . But love she loved wetting her shorts. I like it , thanks for your reply regards Stan
  7. Thought I would share a bit more. We are married and the 2 boys are old enough to do things by themselves. We are on holidays on the north coast of NSW .Camped right on the beach. The boys are down at the beach Just after lunch and Curls said would you like a beer, bit early but OK I am on Holidays. She brings one out and I hug her and say thanks, she said if you keep squeezing me I am going to poop in my pants. So I let her go, then she says, don’t you love me enough to cuddle me. So I hold her again. She kind of leans forward and holds her breath, then I hear a sound, and I know she has pooed in her panties. She said didn’t I tell you that if you did that I would end up pooing my pants. She had on a reasonably short summer beach dress. I lifted up her dress and sure enough there was a small poo in her pants. She said come on lazy bones lets go for a walk, as we were walking out of the caravan park, past the amenities block I said, did you want to go in there (thinking she might want to get rid of the poo and wipe herself), she said don’t be silly, why would I want to go in there I have already done a poo. We walk through the park and up to the main street, she talks to a few people, at a milk bar she says, don’t you think I deserve and ice cream, I buy one and we head back through the park toward the beach, she sits on a bench, kind of sideways, I am looking up her dress, she say, this ice-cream is making me cold and I feel like I need to do a wee. And does a good trickle through her pants, but I notice it is a bit brown from the little poo in her pants. She finishes the ice cream, I asked her do you need to go to the toilet after having that, she looks at me and half closes her eyes and does more poo this one a bit softer and really filling up her pants a bit more, and you can smell it. We head off again through the park toward a more deserted part of the beach, on the way she stops and chats to two more couples, who are unaware, that not only has she wet pants, she has pooped herself as well. She is totally unhurried, and when I look at her in the eye between talking to the first and second couple, she just smiles at me. We finally get on to the beach, and walk a way up into the deserted area. up behind an old shipwreck, she asks. Don’t you want to do a poo? I wasn’t going to but I will now, as I turn and squat down, she watches from behind, when I am finished, she says, you have not done a proper wee. Do a wee, I am rock hard, she holds me and I am just about to come. I kind of do a dribbly bit, as that is all I can do. She looks down and says, well it is a pity to waste that, turns and bends over. I am presented with a bum with a pair of wet pants with some hard and soft poo in them, I can smell it, but it excites me more than anything else. I slide them off her, some of the soft poo make a bit of a mark down one leg, and a bit of the soft poo is still between her cheeks I enter her easily, after a minute or so she says stop, you must be tired lay down, I do on the sand. She straddles me and moves up and down rapidly, she was incredibly wet, but then it got warm, she was peeing as she was riding up and down, then I heard a phut sound and smelt something, I could feel something laying against my balls. She stood up and there was a bit of soft poo in her crack, it looked beautiful, we were getting up and gathering our clothes, I motioned to her pants, and said do you want them, she said no they are dirty, why would I want dirty pants. Bit of a splash in the surf, clothes on, her minus panties. We walk back to the caravan and the boys are back there, Curls acts as if nothing has happened, just starts being a mummy again, the oldest one looks at me and says Dad are you alright, you look a bit funny. Am I alright, I am better than alright. Share your story, I would love to hear it Till next time, enjoy each other
  8. I have posted a few stories of our times together, under" how we discovered our mutual passion", here is a more recent happening Curls at the concert A more recent story in our life Two years ago we went to the Chicago / America concert in the vineyards in NSW, outdoor venue. We had been to a few of these in the past and it had been good. Last weekend it was raining on and off. We had Cocktails on the terrace package, so for 3 hours drinks and nibbles were included. After the music had started we made our way down to our reserved seats, plastic garden chairs arbour 12 rows back. The wet weather, rain on and off during the day must have kept some people away so we were not as jammed in as usual. When the band were changing over my girls said, I have to go to the toilet, I said look how far the toilets are away, and there are long lines she had had a bit to drink but not an excessive amount, She said, if I don’t go soon I will end up wetting my pants. I put my hand between her legs and said why you don’t do it here. She slid a bit further forward on the seat and just started peeing. Straight through her pants, had on dark colour crinkly type slacks, just sat there and did a heap of pee. When she was finished after a minute or so stood up and started talking to the people a few seats along as if nothing had happened, she was quite wet but in the half dark it was hard to tell. Sat in her wet pants for the rest of the concert, I had a feel a few times and was still wet. Talked to a few more people at the finish, she really seems to enjoy doing this when she has wet herself. When we were walking back to the car I put my hand between her legs and said, do you want to warm up pussy, she just did a little trickle. Back at the motel same again little trickle, then said lets go outside for a minute, she sat near the pool and wet herself again. Quite a big flood in her pants sitting on the lawn chairs Back in the room I knelt down in front of her pulled off her slacks and there was a delightful pee stain all over the front of her panties. The marks on the front of her panties had dried off, and there was a couple of different levels of pee stains. Turning her around and pulling off her panties, which were sopping wet. Grabbed a couple of spare towels from the bathroom and made love straight away, although she was already juicy, she got very slippery, Cheers till next time, and I would love to hear about your experiences as well Curly poo stories, which are all true, start at curly poo, then curly poo one, I hope you enjoy reading them all
  9. Curly Poo 5 We are still in the 70’s and off to a party, now my girl did not drink a lot, very little really, but when she has just a few she tries things that I could not have imagined some months ago. It was in an old house and was already under way when we arrived, we just walked around talked and had a few drinks, and she had on a reasonably short dress and looked lovely. After a little while she asked if I needed to do a wee, I did so she and I walked out into the back yard and she held me while I peed. As I was getting erection thinking about what she might do it was hard to pee. I said how about you; she said no I am right, and went back inside, about an hour goes by she takes me out for another pee, but does not do one herself, just said wait, but pulls her panties so that they have a floppy bit just under her pussy By now she had had a bit to drink and she must have to go soon. Back inside she said “sit there”, on an old lounge chair, She then walked about 6 feet or so away and started talking to another girl, as she was talking I could see a bit of wee coming from under her dress, going straight down, she sort of moved her bottom around a bit as if she was trying hard to stop, and she did, but kept talking for another few minutes. Shortly after another girl joined in, and she did some more but a bit running down one leg. It amazed me that no one noticed, but then no one was looking the way I was. She came over to me and I said are you finished she said no and I really have to go. We went out of the front porch and were there by ourselves, she immediately squatted down and peed straight through her panties, giving a little fart as she did it, and seemed embarrassed by the fart. She stood up and said I think I did a little nugget, and sure enough a bit not much bigger than a marble was in her panties. We went back inside and had a few more drinks, and talked to a few more people, about what I do not know all I could think of was the nugget in her panties. After a few more drinks she is getting a bit tipsy and said to me, “I want to take my pants off and do a proper poo; I really need to do one.” She leaves her shoes near the door and we head outside, she said take off my panties, I squatted down behind her and started to pull her panties down and she started doing a wee, and it ran down both her legs as I pulled her pants down, the little marble of poo was there, she simply stepped out of her pants; I asked her if she wanted to put them aside, she said don’t be silly, they are all wet. We went back inside, not really sure what to expect, but she sat down on my lap and I could feel her pushing a bit as if she wanted to do a poo, but nothing happened, I asked if she wanted to go and she simply nodded, we went out in the back yard, in a reasonably well-lit part where there were a few people about, she started talking to a couple and was bending slightly forward from time to time, I realised she was trying to poo and let it drop on the grass. The walked away and I had not seen anything, so asked her couldn’t you go, she said yes I have done some and it is still in my bottom, I was about to explode, I walked away to a quiet part of the yard and behind some bushes bent her over, and sure enough there was a little bit about 2inches long just sort of sitting there, I entered her straight away and we had a very quick lovemaking, she was extremely wet. The bit of poo must have fallen off. We left shortly after I did retrieve her panties and she her shoes and we drove down the main street which was now deserted, pulled up near some seats and she just perched her bum just on the seat edge and did a really big poo, it just went plop on the footpath under the seat. In the car on the way back to her place, we made love again and I quite enjoyed wiping her bottom, as I had never done it before. I enjoy telling of these experiences from a while ago and if you are still interested I will write a few more, and encourage others to write out their experience as well
  10. Curly Pee 4 Living on a farm has advantages, the other morning I slipped a pair of stretchy shorts on my wife before she woke up. . A while later she was up when I was cooking breakfast, she did not say anything but as we finished breakfast she said” I really have to go, I am about to wet my shorts come outside”. While we were walking around the garden she peed several times, and these stretchy type shorts she had on you could not really see the wet mark. I said maybe you should wear these out one day. She looked at me and said, remember my little green pants?, I must have had a silly look on my face because she said, “ my little green training pants” Back a lot of years, we were not engaged and I had been talked into a walk around the gardens in the city. Picked her up mid Saturday morning and she was wearing a nice knitted top, a mid length skirt, like you would wear to work and rubber thongs, odd combination but so what. On the way in she said could you get me a drink so a pulled in to the next petrol station and bought a small coke, brought it back to the car and She said” I am really thirsty could you get me a bigger one”. OK back get another drink when I got back to the car she had slipped off the blue skirt and was wearing one of the briefest pairs of shorts that I have ever seen. She said “that is why the skirt, Mum would not have let me out of the house wearing just these”. And that is all she was wearing nothing under them just the very brief low hipped stretchy shorts. As we started driving again she said “I forgot to pee before I left home and now I really have to go” then took several large sips of her drink. When we arrived at the parking lot there were only a few cars parked there. As she was standing beside the car she let out a little gasp and started to wet herself very slowly just enough to for a puddle, around her rubber thongs. Nearby was a swing so she walked over and sat on that and asked for a push, and peed some as she was swinging back and forward. Off we went for a walk, the funny thing was the shorts did not look wet, you could feel the wetness on them though. She did one more pee, a small dribbly one and then we ran into friends, they had no idea; although the man of the couple was looking at my girl fairly closely. Someone suggested let’s have a coffee. So we went off to an outdoor café and sat right out on the deck in those plastic wrap around chairs with the small hole in the base. We had been there half an hour or so when our friends said good bye; I thought it strange that my girl did not get up to say bye. However, straight after they had left she said “can you see much”, she pointed down and there under the chair was a puddle, only the size of a small plate. She said “I have been sitting there in this chair and just been letting little quirts of pee go, it’s warm and wet right up around my bottom as well” there was not much overall. Left the café and walked out, looking at her backside the shorts were still not wet. Back near the car she did a big flood and then put her skirt on, standing close to the car I pulled off her shorts with a very wet splash and we made very fast love with her sitting on my lap in the front seat. Quite a fun morning that I certainly was not expecting
  11. This is a true story from a long time ago, Very old house a mate was renting. My girl would wee in front of me and from time to time wet her panties as well I would often try and get her to pee while she was wearing a skirt, and she did this from time to time both with and without panties, but at a party one evening in the 70’s… She looked great, platform shoes lime green top and tight black pants. Like most parties back then there was sometimes a little pot, but mostly just beer and wine, some spirits. Nothing much had happened, everything just getting louder and a bit of falling about. My girl had by this stage had more to drink than me, and she normally did not drink very much. I was sitting on a set of outside stairs when she came down the stairs to me, and stood on the step I was sitting on, I started to rub her lightly between the legs and asked her if she wanted to do a trickle, she said yes, giggled and moved around a bit and said done it. I told her I could not feel any wet spot, she said look down, and then soon there was some pee, not a lot flowing over her shoes. Here pants still did not look wet but you could now feel the wet spot. I said finished? She said no I have got to do lots, so we walked around the place a bit looking for somewhere a bit quiet, no one in the lounge room so I sat down on a chair, she stood beside me and started to pee again, just then someone walked through and did not realise what was happening, although she stopped and you could still see the pee dribbling off the cuffs of her pants and onto the floor. We went out onto the front veranda, and she just stared and peed and peed, quite a puddle formed around her feet. I had a massive hard on by this stage and wanted to get going, she said no, get me a drink, a big one, which I did. She drank it quickly and then I thought we would get going, but she just went around talking to people in her wet pants and nobody noticed. About half an hour later she peed on the kitchen floor,( by this stage of the night there was so much other spillage that it was not noticeable) I was watching from the back and you could just see it dribbling out the legs of her pants, just a small puddle. She did one more out on the back concrete almost all of it going down her left leg and really running over her feet. After we left and parked in quiet spot up the road, I was helping her get her pants off and with them being so tight and wet it was quite a pull, but worth it
  12. Curly poo 3 Hope you are enjoying our experiences, thank you for your kind comments so far By now we could hardly get enough of each other, I had proposed and she had accepted but no engagement or telling parents yet. We decided to play it a bit cool, so this Saturday was just me turning up at her place for dinner with the family, nice quiet night. When I was leaving we were standing in the front hall by ourselves, She said I really wish you could take me to the toilet I really want to do a wee. I suggested that I pick her up early the next day, I take her to the toilet and we go to the beach early and when it got hot later, we would go to the pictures. So early next morning I am back, she is dressed in a frilly top, and a pair of lemon coloured shorts. Said hello to the one sister that was up, and curls whispered to me “hurry up, we need to leave, now, or I am going to do it in my pants”. OK lets go, walked out the back door and around the side of the house, and I said” well why don’t you do it in your pants here” she shook her head. “Come on just a little trickle” she did a bit and then told me to hurry up because she really needed to go. A few miles up the road we drive off the road and into a deserted picnic stop. She said again let’s get out before I do it in my pants, (I thought she already had) So we get out and she says I really want to take off my shorts, I mucked about with the top button and said,” must be locked, I can’t open it, just wee in your shorts they are already a bit wet” She looked at me funny and started to wet quite a lot, then bent forward and I heard a phht sort of sound. She said “I told you I needed to go now I have done a poo in my shorts” but she did not seem all that was quite hard and just fell out when I pulled down her shorts and panties. I was thrilled, I was happy when she let me watch her pee and the, when she wet her panties in front of me, but this was amazing. We made love immediately and she was incredibly slippery. Gets dressed in a skirt, but no panties, and we are off to the beach. Walk from car park to Kiosk, get an ice-cream, walking along the secluded part of the beach after finishing the ice-cream, and she says to me “I have to go again do you mind”? I sit on the sand and watch as a trickle comes from under her dress, then she bends forward slightly and drops two small pieces of poo on the sand, amazing watching it fall from under her dress, she immediately straddles me where I am sitting and we make love again she is really dripping wet. So off to the pictures that afternoon, I have no idea what I saw, I just kept thinking about what happened that morning. We saw an advert for some exhibition houses, and decided later to both take some leave during the week, when it would be quieter and look at these houses. Picked her up during the week and headed to the houses, she looked lovely, frilly yellow top and black jeans, platform shoes. We were the only people in the exhibition houses at the time and we were alone in one I put my fingers between her legs and asked if she wanted to do anything. She nodded, and for a minute or two nothing happened, I asked her did she want to go and she nodded again. She held her breath a bit, and was bending slightly forward, then let out a little gasp and said, finished. I was a bit puzzled as I could not feel any dampness, she walked off and I caught up with her in the next room. I went to slide my hand down the back of her jeans and she said, careful. I put my hand on the outside of her panties and slid it down, and there was a lump. A small poo about the size of a walnut. I was rock had in an instant and wanted to leave. She said no, we haven’t seen all the houses yet. We walked around two more houses, but I wasn’t seeing anything, but she was happily looking, then back to the salesman and she was chatting with him about the houses, all the time with a small poo in her panties, I was almost insane with desire, surprise and, I really did not know what. All the while she calmly chatted away. We did leave and drove off to a quiet spot at an old colliery nearby, I got out a rug and I sat down, she stood and I slid her jeans then panties down, looking straight at what she had done, I almost came just sitting there. I wanted to make love right then, but we lay together kissing and my playing with her pussy. She started breathing quite hard and then became incredibly slippery, and then in a shaky voice, said, guess what I have done, sure enough; as I was playing with her she had done another poo, just a few nuggets. Later she said that although she didn’t mind wetting she thought she could be naughty and have no one know, so thought she would try it, she went on saying that” it is incredible what people don’t realise. What a buzz, I am taking to the salesman back there and he has no idea I have pooped my panties”. I was certainly a surprise for me, I was hoping for just a trickle in her jeans, and this is what happened.
  13. Thank you for sharing Gracey, It is true as you say, most people don't notice what is going on around them. Going back even to parties in the 70' s my now wife would often just pee where she stood, sometimes no panties under her dress, and one memorable one wearing black jeans. Glad you are enjoying and also writing it as well Cheers
  14. Curly Poo 2 Now we are one week ahead to the next Saturday night. at the dance again at the same club. It is about 10 so we decide we might go so we have some time to make love before I have to drop her back to home. I asked are you right to leave, she answered I think I want to go to the toilet first. I told her don’t worry we won’t be long to get to a place for her to go. She said OK and got up and went to the ladies. I was a bit put out. She came back shortly and asked for another drink , which I got and she finished it very quickly, she said I didn’t do anything in the ladies, I looked down and noticed she wasn’t wearing stockings anymore, I started to put my hand up her dress and she said, don’t, I realised she had taken off her panties as well. Walking past the same set of shops, she said I need to do a wee, I said well it is quiet, do you really want to do it, she just looked down, and then started a lovely little stream going straight down from under her dress, could not wait to get her back to the car and to some where secluded. We were seeing more and more of each other as we could not get enough of each other. Next day Sunday we went on a picnic, this being mid 70’s very few 4 wheel drives about, and I had one, also very few restrictions on where you could go, so no trouble finding a secluded spot on the river to ourselves. She looked lovely short mini skirt, we spent the day making love, skinny dipping and just lying around naked in each other’s company. Time to go and she was packing up some of the clothes, towels, etc. she had brought along, I noticed she had a pair of blue shorts, really brief with wide legs, so I said why don’t you put those on with a t shirt. She started to put on her panties I asked her just put the shorts on, she said she wanted to pee, I said do you want to go much. She said a fair bit but not a lot. I gave her the wine to finish off, maybe a quarter of a bottle. We got in the car drove off. I said how about we call in to Maitland ( Regional town in the Hunter valley of NSW) and get and ice cream, this was about a 50 minute drive, she also drank a can of coke on the way there. We parked in an almost deserted car park near the river, this being the 70’s nothing open Sundays, only the odd small business, milk bars and petrol stations, so all the main shops were closed in the main street. We got out of the Landrover and she said I really need to do a wee, or I am going to wet my pants. I said just have a dribble in your shorts and it will pretty much go straight out of the leg, she was a bit reluctant but did a little dribble, and most of it did run straight out of one leg, and the pants being dark blue, you could not see the wet spot, she seemed quite happy with this and as were waking out of the car park someone asked us for directions to somewhere, after they left I turned and said, see, he did not notice you had been naughty, she just looked down , so did I and she did a little trickle again in those little blue shorts. We were walking along the main street and ran in to her boss from work, she introduced me and we talked for about 2 minutes, at one stage she squeezed my hand really tight for a few seconds. After we were alone again, she said, you know when I squeezed you hand, well I was really nervous, but I did a tiny bit of wee in my pants as I was talking to him, think about this she continued, I am wetting my pants and no one knows. People don’t know what I am doing then don’t notice I have got wet pants. Standing near the post office she did quite a bit, a small puddle around her feet, and as we were walking back to the car she asked a couple of people for directions, or just a question, and her shorts were really quite wet. When we were getting close to the car, she was breathing quite rapidly, and was talking with a bit of quaver in her voice. I opened the door on her side of the car, and as I said the park was deserted this Sunday afternoon, as it looked like she was getting in, and the Landover being high, I often helped her up. This time she kind of bent forward and as she did dropped her shorts with a wet plop around her ankles, bent right over and said quick. I was rock hard so entered her immediately, she came almost straight away and I was not far behind, the whole thing lasted 60 seconds. She pulled her shorts up and got in the car. No tissues, just a mix of pee and our juices sliding around in and partly out of her shorts. I asked how you feel, she said naughty breathless and slippery. We stopped about 20 minutes out of town so she could change and clean up before I dropped her home. We got out her dress and a towel of mine and some tissues, as she was about to take her shorts off, I said do you want to give them a final rinse, she did a small pee sanding there it going down both legs. When she had taken her shorts off, she said , I think I need to do a poo so she squatted down, I held her while she did, she got all dressed and pretty again and we headed to her home. What I would have liked was her to mention that she needed to poo before she took off her shorts, I wondered next time if I could somehow get her to leave her pants on when she wanted to poo.
  15. Curly-Poo Hi, Thought I would tell you how my wife and I got started in our interest. It is mostly weeing together, and her wetting, with the occasional poo. The little bit of poop as the stories progress, no smearing or anything remotely scat related If anyone likes the way the thread is progressing I will add more My interest in girls wetting started with my mates younger sister, who often seemed to have wet pants but no one seemed to notice or care, she would just sit there and wet her pants. Later we progressed to the; I’ll show you mine, you show me yours. But that was all Things really changed when new people moved into the house next door, two sisters one older one a bit younger than me. I was maybe 10 or11 and was sitting on a bench with the younger, I heard a hissing sound and said what that, although I think I secretly knew. She said it’s nothing, but I could see the pee splashing down on the ground. She then kept talking as if nothing happened. She said a bit later that she wanted to go but was happy sitting with me so just had wee there. A week or so later I went next door to see her and on the path around the back of the house, was a pair of panties with 2 nuggets of poo in them, that is the first time I had seen this and I became very interested. Went inside and we were sitting on the floor and sort of pulled her up an on to my lap and sure enough, no panties. We walked outside and she did not seem to care about her dirty panties. She was a pretty and smart girl but a bit of a loner, and just did what she felt like. A few days later, after this I asked her if she wanted to do a wee, because I did, she was interested so we walked under the house and I peed in front of her, and she was watching very close. I said your turn, hoping she would take off her little green shorts so I could see hers, she said OK and stood there and wet her shorts, pee running down her legs, then took my hand and said come on lets go for a walk, she was not worried a bit and walked around till her shorts dried. This has sparked a lifetime of interest. Later as a 19 yo I met a girl who would eventually come to share my interest, it was only after she had wet herself a few times she shyly admitted to me that she had wet herself deliberately a few times earlier, the last being when she was 16 ( 2 years ago) She was sitting with a group of friend on the grass and wanted to pee badly but did not want to get up, so wet her pants where she sat, letting out little dribbles and shifting a bit till she had finished. So there we were one night in the back of my old Landover van, we had being going out for months and had played about a bit, but she was still a virgin. She said to me I really have to go to the toilet, it was raining like mad outside, so I said , do it here, you will get wet and cold outside. I had an old ice cream container with a few first aid supplies, so I dumped that out and gave it to her, after a little while she agreed and took off her pants, and said it might smell, I said that’s all right, thinking she wanted just to do a wee. She and squatting over the container and did a bit of pee then did a poo, I was surprised and excited all at the same time. I said you have done a poo, she said yes, is that alright, but her voice was really husky. That was the start, she would wee and sometimes poo when we were out together, she loved to hold me when I peed and wanted me to do a poo in front of her, I was a bit reluctant but eventually did, and she seemed quite excited by this. About a month later we had been to a dance at a local club and had had a few drinks, we were walking up the street and she was fidgety, I asked what was wrong and she said she really needed to do a wee, we were in front of some lit shop window but it was very quiet, I said just do it here, she looked at me and said, in my pants. She was wearing a skirt above the knee, and looked nice. I said you can just pee and no one will see, she was a bit reluctant and we talked back and forth, I was really excited, she said again I really have to go, I stood there and she looked a bit funny, I looked down between her legs, and there was a few drops on the pavement. She stopped and said I can’t I encouraged her and finally she did a flood, we walked off, she was a bit shy, embarrassed, but had that low husky voice when she talked, that was the night we first made love, she was very excited and keen after what she had done. That is it for now, very early years in our 40 years from when we first met. We thought we were a bit unusual, as this was the mid 70’s, no internet sites, nothing much in adult book stores, hardly any of those either. But we enjoyed it with each other, and did not realise until many years later how popular our shared interest was. I will post some of more of our exploits from time to time if anyone is interested. The title, well she has curly hair and she does the second bit