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    Hi there. I'm 34. I love crafts and nature.

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    Peeing into cups. Desperation.
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    When i peed a little over two cups after a 'hold' with people years ago.

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  1. i've always been reliant on my vibe against my clit. I mean i can occasionally orgasm with my gspot but that's rare.
  2. Blackinksoul30

    Pissing as a foreplay

    i dont know if i'd say no chances..but just very highly doubtful. he doesn't mind peeing on my hip a little in the shower if we're showering together. but..that's.. more of just like a casual thing.. but to turn it into a sexual thing.. i don't know.
  3. Blackinksoul30

    Pissing as a foreplay

    i imagine it would feel nice to have my clit peed on by a guy
  4. Blackinksoul30

    Hello From Nz

    Aw hi! Welcome!
  5. This question is for guys and girls.
  6. Blackinksoul30

    Unisex toilet pissing?

    Either my hubby or if i was lucky enough, with my celeb crush
  7. Blackinksoul30

    Heard you got questions, I got answers! Get to know me :)

    What makes you smile the most?
  8. Blackinksoul30

    Unisex toilet pissing?

    I don't think i've ever used a unisex bathroom.. i mean..maybe i did... i don't know... i think i'd be too shy to go into a unisex bathroom.
  9. Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Sweetin, Taylor Momsen.
  10. Blackinksoul30

    Do you have a celeb crush?

    I'll mention some female celebs that i think are cute : Jodie sweetin, Taylor Momsen, Anne Hathaway, Melissa joan hart, Alyson Hannigan
  11. Blackinksoul30

    Impromptu masturbation.

  12. Blackinksoul30

    I have three adorable therapy baby dolls. :)

    Left to right Alice, Jack and Emily.
  13. Blackinksoul30

    Do you have a celeb crush?

    Very nice post spywareonya. I checked it out. I was able to meet my celeb crush last year. He was so kind and friendly. I miss his hugs. He gave nice hugs. *sigh*
  14. Blackinksoul30

    Women you just would..

    This is beautiful
  15. Blackinksoul30

    I have three adorable therapy baby dolls. :)

    two of the dolls use the same baby doll crib that i've had since i was 4 years old. My grandpa put it together for me. 80's kid toy being put to good use. So glad i kept it. The nice thing about baby dolls..is if i'm not feeling well enough to care for them one day, i feel okay knowing that they stay in the crib all day. Couldn't do that with a real baby.