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    Peeing on myself, being encouraged to drink
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    Piss in a cup, jerked off using the pisd and drank the cup.

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  1. Flapnjack

    Happy Halloween!

    Im never ready for snow :(
  2. Flapnjack

    Happy Halloween!

    oh wow you guys had snow? I'm by toronto but I haven't seen snow yet!
  3. Flapnjack

    Happy Halloween!

    Halloween!! Canadian fall is awesome. I like sweater weather :)
  4. Flapnjack

    Pee Bucket List

    Honestly this. It would be great to have a party where people can piss wherever, and whoever . You can have cups and ask to sample their fluid. It would be like a piss cocktail party. This needs to happen!
  5. Flapnjack

    Pee Bucket List

    I really like this list. #3 sounds lots of fun. I can imagine pissing on her, cubs or just causally peeing when I need to. #5 is hot. If she can drink all my piss...she's a keeper
  6. I've seen this movie! Slender, fit and nice body. It always goes well with pee I bet it does taste tangy too lol
  7. Flapnjack

    Where did you find us?

    Same! me and @Blackinksoul30 was members on PeeSearch. She msg me about this place and we migrated over here!
  8. Flapnjack

    Hi all!

    I'm glad @spywareonya forced you haha! Just wanted to drop a hello
  9. Flapnjack


    You're so hot!!! Am I too late to give you some attention
  10. Flapnjack

    Anyone here university/college students?

    Wow! Good luck !!!
  11. Flapnjack

    Very unique way of using my piss fetish

    at the moment no :P ....But I do wanna give my golden spray to people :)
  12. Flapnjack

    Very unique way of using my piss fetish

    I was limited on resources ahaha
  13. Flapnjack


    I bet it would appeal to a lot of people here And welcome to the site!!