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  1. I had an operation and the anaesthetic really effected me and they had me on a drip all day. I knew I needed the toilet but held it as long as I could but it was painful so had to ring the bell. I was attached to tubes and wires and my leg was bandages up, I asked if they could disconnect me so I could hop to the toilet but they refused. Said sue to the anaesthetic effects I had to use a bed pan. I argued it but they wouldn’t budge and I was busting at this point so bad to agree. they bought me a bedpan and I said I was worried I’d fill it but they laughed and left the room for me to
  2. Where haven’t I would probably be a shorter list 🤣 in the back seat of in laws car while they drove, various places around the house with other people walking around, in bed while my husband was asleep, in bed when sharing room with friends, on the sofa while I had many friends over and we watched a film together, public toilets, toilets at work, at my desk at work, in the stationary cupboard at work, in the work kitchen, in a queue at a theme park (where I worked), in class sat at my desk, on a bench at the side of a busy road, on a tree stump near a roundabout, in the middle of a public
  3. I think I could write a book on the places I have masturbated 🤣 I’m actually a really quiet shy person and not that sexual so it’s so out of character but I have masturbated so many places it’s embarrassing 🤣
  4. Done the right way urethra play is amazing, I think those that do it genuinely enjoy it and it’s addictive. I started sounding and I orgasm so hard when I do, however I keep it for rare occasions to prevent and long term issues. I understand it’s a turn off to you though as you imagine how it’s feel for you and that makes sense, just thought I’d throw the other side out there though.
  5. You pretty much sound like my idea pee partner!
  6. I have never been in the situation where I can’t hold it and have never had an accident, not even a tiny leak. Even when I’m at the extremely painful desperate stage I can hold it for a few more hours. I have wondered if my bladder would burst before I wet myself.
  7. In a pharmacy while stood waiting for a prescription, and round a supermarket even when stood next to people. Other then that on a railway bridge as others walked past and in a few car parks with others nearby and in the woods while people were in the distance
  8. Sounds like a perfect day. Enjoy it!
  9. I’m guessing it’s the male dominance thing and maybe even non pee fans enjoy that scene. I agree with you though, I’d rather see women peeing on men or peeing during sex, basically seeing the things I want to do!
  10. I’m female but I taste my juices a lot, I’d love to be able to lick myself out lol
  11. I forgot my old logon password so have had to start a new account but I’ve found a new piss fetish friend and we have had some fun!! it’s amazing having someone that’s into all the same kinks as me, being able to be open and explore everything and being encouraged. We aren’t a couple but we are sex buddies and we do a lot of piss play together 🙂 it’s good to be back here!
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