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    Im a pharmacy technician
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    Im a 20 year male who loves peeing i love sports i used to Striker in soccer and quarterback in high school and point guard in basketball im 6”2” 8”To 9”inches long my family are lax about peeing

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    Peeing without a care
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    My mom tells me all time that the toilet is not for men so i have a lot of experience to tell

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  1. I was at the Bar a couple weeks ago in Mexico and I bit drunk and I asked the female bartender where the restroom where to pee the bar was a poor like the floor was dusty and it was small. She said they didn’t have any thats what the bar drains where for. I shrugged and pulled my big penis and started peeing again the metal sheet covering the wood. Her eyes went wide with shock she said “la tienes muy grande y no pensaba que tenías los huevos para ace eso” translated to English by me it means “Wow you have a big one and I didn’t think you would have the balls to do that”. Well I didn’t want to
  2. Well my Girlfriend enjoys pee but we’ve been dating since we were younger mostly in my experience it always the quiet type of girls
  3. I’ve gone the whole day without pissing until the night time so i gotta say I think I have a big bladder but I’ve never measured it
  4. I usually choose the drain to pee on but the urinal is option to
  5. Ya I asked her about it and she fine with it and she said she the only man she wants is me but she’s fine with sharing me
  6. I don’t want to sound womanizer but my Gf lets me have many women do you think this is okay?
  7. My mother encouraged me and my sister and brother to piss anywhere we wanted locker rooms, carpet, changing rooms, the car, and the house walls since we dont waste a lot of water
  8. Since My girlfriend is really submissive she lets me do anything to her like I have finger her in public. But this happened when she was driving and I had to pee so I pulled out my cock and just pointed my cock at her and shot piss at her face and hair she nonchalantly took it after I was finished she said good thing we’ve just came back from my parents house
  9. Me and my gf we’re having sex and she said needed to pee but I was to in it and didn’t want to stop so I told just go as she did pissing on my belly and after we were finished I pissed on her clit making her cum again
  10. My Gf and me were out and were walking back home and I needed to pee so I walked up to and ally way pulled my cock out and started pissing as my gf lower in a squat and pissing to as we both chuckled
  11. My mom encouraged all my siblings and me to pee outside to waste water at the house
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