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  1. glad1

    Hi from holly from England

    Welcome, Holly. I hope you'll have great time here. As bpb says, this is a great group, both knowledgeable and helpful, and with a wide range of experiences. What are you favorite interests?
  2. glad1

    Anybody else peed in the sea?

    Let's just say I have very good equipment!
  3. glad1

    Anybody else peed in the sea?

    I often spend much of the day on the water or a shoreline. At some point I'll need to pee. It makes perfect sense for me to return some salty water back where it came from.
  4. glad1

    Could anybody be interested?

    I'm sure someone like you could give men a lot of advice. But, what I think most need are lessons in how to become interesting to women, which seems to start with first being interested in them as people, and not as merely hook ups. I'm pretty sure I speak for most men when I say I was most awkward when I only listened to my little head and didn't paid attention to the big one.
  5. glad1

    Ladies please answer

    Just thinking about your "strange" angle makes my day!
  6. glad1

    Ladies please answer

    Not that I'm complaining, but I've seen five, maybe six. Given your talents, I'm sure that's not beyond your reach.
  7. glad1

    Ladies please answer

    That's what I love about you most, spywareonya, the fact that you will try. Perhaps I should give you more encouragement.
  8. glad1

    Ladies please answer

    I'm rather proud of my abilities. I've never lost a contest yet. If I did, I hope I would be a gracious loser.
  9. glad1

    Good or not ??

    While not my favorite fetish, I sometimes find a good poo at least mildly arousing. Maybe that's because the muscles involved give a nice squeeze to my middle-aged prostate. And, since they're stronger than the ones holding back what's in my bladder, usually all my pee come with it. Which, depending on my feelings, may or may not be a good thing. I spend a lot of time outdoors, so eventually ..it happens, but it seems to be a lot more often to a hiking partner than to me. Usually they're a good sport about these things, and I've found two or three that pretty much get off on it.
  10. glad1

    Backyard peeing

    I used to live in a place that had a good-sized yard. Many areas were out of sight from the neighbors. So, it was an ideal place to pee most anywhere I wanted. Obviously, I took advantage of the situation, and saw that the garden, trees, rocks and much of the lawn was well-watered. In addition, the house was sited in such a way that no one could look in. Often, when in the basement, I'd step out to pee on the stones. And, on rainy days, I'd open the sliding glass door and just aim out onto the concrete patio.
  11. glad1

    Ladies please answer

    Somehow, I think you're responsible for a lot of your country's rain.
  12. glad1

    Unisex toilet pissing?

    Yes, but not with a stranger.
  13. glad1

    Unisex toilet pissing?

    Sometimes the strongest feeling we had at the time was relieving our shared desperation.. We'd be back in the car and down the road before we realized how much it was a major turn on.
  14. glad1

    Unisex toilet pissing?

    I've been to several coffee shops that have only one shared facility. At least a couple of them have both a toilet and a urinal. More than once, I've gone in there with a partner and it's been a race for the latter. The toilet doesn't get used.
  15. glad1

    The Best Thing About My Flatmate

    Don't rush on my part. Unlike some things, I can hold out for this.