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  1. Hey all, I really enjoy seeing guys who are desperate to pee. They eventually then whip it out and get the relief they need ;). Has anyone got any vids to share in this thread that are in line with this scenario? I've seen loads of ones with guys peeing in all kinds of ways, but not as much desperation. Thank you in advance 💛
  2. Couldn't even wait to get it out behind a tree so they had to do it where they were sitting. Must have felt good 😉 Keep this topic up guys, it's super hot.
  3. Mmm I love this too ♥️. If anyone wants to sign post us to some hot videos it would be appreciated haha
  4. This is incredibly hot - you did have to go didn't you? 😊 Thanks for sharing hehe
  5. The links here are so hot far 🥰 I really like this dude too - I am into desperation so his long, powerful pees are amazing for me: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph61865823e0b7b (Peeing starts at 5.33 in this vid but there are tons of other videos on his channel too)
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