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  1. Totally understand that tbh! I agree the puddle is one of my favourite parts
  2. I only feel SLIGHTLY bad that I pretty much always piss in the pool Like It gets diluted and also the water against my parts just... I cannot help it 😳 I've always peed when I'm in water ...
  3. I'm never sure if I wanna post diaper content on this or not .. Personally I love that I can piss freely in places I don't wanna actually ruin It's such a tease and also like Such a bad puppy if I'm made to wear protection in case I puddle everywhere. Let me know your thoughts?
  4. https://www.erome.com/a/MZM58OPb No stp this time Just pissing on the floor because I wanted too
  5. https://www.erome.com/a/PB4Q40ec Fuck I needed a piss so bad... The shed made a great urinal
  6. https://www.erome.com/a/OJiiEklT Watering the garden with my dick 😉
  7. I need to upload the video I took of that soon 👀
  8. Had a lil bit of a naughty pee night and released my bladder inside the shed
  9. Another long time but I started a new job and didn't make it home. At least I was on a secluded path !
  10. I have definitely just lost... Felt so good to just let go
  11. Everything hit me all at once and I just leaked a lil in my underwear.. oops!
  12. Hiya! I am okay, how about you ? 🙂
  13. Joining in on some pee related fun today too. Currently hydrating and not feeling too much yet.
  14. I often leave it with just short neat hair, I don't really go full bush because it means when I'm using my prosthetic to piss with the hair will stop a pee tight seal 😛 I have some more pee content over in the male section (as that's where I feel most comfortable) as for more general porn things.. well it does exist, just not on here (yet?)
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