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  1. https://www.erome.com/a/PB4Q40ec Fuck I needed a piss so bad... The shed made a great urinal
  2. https://www.erome.com/a/OJiiEklT Watering the garden with my dick 😉
  3. I need to upload the video I took of that soon 👀
  4. Had a lil bit of a naughty pee night and released my bladder inside the shed
  5. Another long time but I started a new job and didn't make it home. At least I was on a secluded path !
  6. I have definitely just lost... Felt so good to just let go
  7. Everything hit me all at once and I just leaked a lil in my underwear.. oops!
  8. Joining in on some pee related fun today too. Currently hydrating and not feeling too much yet.
  9. I often leave it with just short neat hair, I don't really go full bush because it means when I'm using my prosthetic to piss with the hair will stop a pee tight seal 😛 I have some more pee content over in the male section (as that's where I feel most comfortable) as for more general porn things.. well it does exist, just not on here (yet?)
  10. Been desperate as all hell this evening and went outside using my stp and made 4 lovely puddles in various places outside.... No shame. When you gotta go!
  11. When you've been drinking and have to put on 'safety' undies to make sure you don't piddle accidentally without your notice .... And then not even know if you've tinkled in them Oops
  12. Just a short one this time, messy spray piss out of the door while it was raining. Didn't wanna go outside and get wet. https://www.erome.com/a/0SLYtZPX
  13. The defiance is a lot of fun. I'm a dude with a vagina so like. I have the male urge to be 'damn it when a guy has to go' and no shame just piss with what I've got. I still wish I could aim better while doing so though !
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