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  1. I was very young, about 8-10 years old .. Maybe even younger ..
  2. I was actually searching for a website like this (pee blog, site with real stories) about a year ago and then I found this .. Never thought it was so many pee fans !
  3. Well, if the quality was good and the video was more than a few seconds long .. Yeah sure !
  4. @Admin I was just searching for pee blogs / sites and found this .. Never thought it was so many of us !
  5. I'm not ashamed by my fetish, but I have kept it a secret though ..
  6. I just found this site myself, never thought there was so many of us ! And yeah, I also pee in my boxers .. Specially when surfing around and watch pee videos, dont know why but theese just make me wanna pee like alot ..
  7. I use FolderLock to encrypt folders on my laptop .. It also encrypts external drives with portable function included ..
  8. TrueCrypt ended it's updates in may 2014 so there is most lightly alot of security issues .. truecrypt.sourceforge.net
  9. If you consider having them on your phone and have a Samsung phone you can use secure folder .. Everything stored there is encrypted ..
  10. I was browsing for new pee sites / blogs and accidently I came over this site .. Never thought there was a forum site with so many with same interest in peeing ..
  11. If you're interested I can host videos for you and protect them with username and password .. Sorry if I misunderstand the keeping secret part hens the user + psw protection .. Just send me an message .. Best regards, Andre ( andre82xxx )

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