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  1. Hope you will get better soon, I'm praying for you Man.
  2. I recorded myself twice today. How do I safely upload the videos? If girls are interested to see them, just send me a private message. I'm a straigt male.
  3. Sunshine108


    Hello everyone! Does anyone here likes to weld? Tell me about your projects! Or does anyone in there needs some advises to weld correctly? Let me know, I'm here for that (proffessionnal welder)!
  4. Honnestly, I'm single since about 5 years. And I like that! Don't rush to find love, begin by loving yourself. It may take time, but it's worth it trust me!
  5. Another question here girls, does your pubic hairs affect your stream? Does it make a difference when you let them grow and shave them?? Please girls, would be nice from you to reply my topic. Seems like the random pee stream of a vulva is a taboo subject.
  6. As I came back from work this afternoon (dirty as hell with oil, grease and rust), I just dropped my lunch box at the doorstep, and stepped in the shower right away. After a few minutes feeling hot water on myself with the perfume of soap, I suddenly had to pee. No desperation, just the feeling of a bladder filling slowly. I wanted to have fun, but actually, peeing in the shower isn't a turn on for me. Not naughty enough (at all). I just stopped the stream of water, opened up the curtain, and turned my whole body, facing the side of the bath. Then, I released my bladder.. I was peeing over the bath on my dirty clothes on the floor whistle washing my hairs, not watching my peeing tiny dick at all.. That was soooo relaxing and naughty enough to enjoy a "shower pee". Right after tha last drops, my tiny penis became harder, and loocked for the ceeling. As I was already in shower, I began to toutch it and I came in just a few seconds. That was fun!
  7. Exact! Long labia looks better, more fun to lick and play with. I love them!
  8. It's a matter of preference these days. It's no longer true that manual transmissions are more fuel efficient, cheaper, and easier to maintain. (except for highway tractors). Since we have 5 (and more) speeds auto transmissions, efficiancy and reliability is there. And torque converters are stronger than before. In North America, only a few cars on the road are still manual, and I hope they won't stop building them due to a lack of demand. Anyways, transissions of all sorts will disapear with the future of electric cars. I will miss my third pedal and my stick shift!
  9. How do you pee on your clothing??
  10. Thanks Dr.P, but I would like female members to reply. As we are on this forum because we are turned on by peeing, I was wondering how girls found to pee on themself while on the toilet. But sadly, they don't give me a lot of answers. Seems like it's taboo.
  11. You know why girls has two sets of lips? One on the face to yale at you, and one other between their legs to be forgiven.
  12. Abstinence is for quiters!
  13. That's what we thaught. 1st, she was not very used to pee in the woods. And 2nd, we didn't want to attract bears or other animals, we didn't take that chance. Not even myself as a guy.
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