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    Disabled on SSI
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    Hi I’m Marley I love power pissing wetting bed wetting and omorashi stuff I am a married lesbian I love sushi and Chinese food and guitar and everything

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    The smell, how warm it is, the color and how it’s humans weakness we all got to pee badly
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    My wife peeing on me. Peeing myself on lsd

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  1. Yes you are actually correct I recently checked I’m surprise you got my measurements right. .
  2. I really would like to try to do this Can we plz talk in messages. I’m also mad that onlyfans purged peeing?
  3. Lately I am trying to figure out my bra size I know it’s somewhere between C and double d But I don’t honestly know 100% ..
  4. I’m gonna post pics from my circle light later would you really love to see peeing content of me in the future what would you like to see me do I’m a transsexual woman so don’t be rude plz
  5. Lately I feel like people are really rude to me or like I don’t feel welcome here cuz I am a transsexual woman
  6. I honestly don’t remember a lot I had a lengthy dream and I felt like in my dream I need to find the bathroom and I couldn’t and I was in a lot of pain last night but suddenly I felt BETTER. Usually during my bed wetting accidents I just leak a lil or a bit but I flooded my bed so bad I had to flip my mattress I think I slept in my pee before waking up and showering. I felt relieved tho. It was a super huge puddle. Later in the day I can take a pic I feel so embarrassed I’m 27 years old. I don’t even have kids. Why tf am I doing this
  7. I like that in fact I want to make some free videos soon to start me off
  8. Support sex workers 🖤 and the ones who make specialized content
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