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    I live in the UK, and pee is pretty much my main kink. I’m more likely to be found on omorashi.org than on here, but I do like to come back every once in a while and browse through the new content.

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    Naughty peeing, peeing in containers, relief and moaning, outdoors, standing to pee, urinals

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  1. I’m one of the “flies on the wall” who comes here to read a lot more than I react (incognito mode, after all). This thread has inspired me to log back in for the first time In months and show some appreciation 🙂
  2. Yes this happened to me! In a friend’s back garden once 🤫
  3. Woooooow, I love this idea. Especially naughty that the guy doesn’t wanna get his own legs wet but has no qualms about mine! The sudden warmth spraying from behind, alongside the atmosphere of the concert, could be lovely. Though I’d have to be careful what footwear I chose... There’s never really a scenario where this is absolutely necessary, but it’s fun to pretend that it is. Being out in the middle of nowhere with nothing high enough for my bf to pee on, and him deciding he needs my leg. We both know he could go on the ground, but I find myself lifting my skirt to give a nice cock-
  4. Hey everyone, I've been trying to pee standing on and off for a few years, and I'd honestly like to get serious and master the skill. I'm able to shoot my pee well in front of me for the majority of my pee-- and then comes the issue of the last 10%. As my stream slows, the angle becomes less and less, until by the end of my pee there are just a few drops dripping directly downwards-- onto the toilet seat or my clothes. I've experimented with pushing harder near the end of my stream to keep it coming out forcefully at an angle, but I'm worried that this might be damaging-- and there a
  5. Hey guys, I’ve been peeing in some quite naughty places lately and recording the results, and while I’d really like to keep these photos + videos, I’d rather not have them stored on my phone! I’m also not ready to make them public yet (maybe sometime in the future...). I was wondering if there’s a website that I can safely upload my videos to, where only I’ll have access to them for now. Any ideas? Thanks 🙂
  6. If I start peeing whilst I’m still pulling my jeans and panties down, then it’ll go all over me like that. But if I start peeing on the toilet, I don’t think that’d ever happen.
  7. I was in Pattaya last August, and there’s a reason it’s frowned upon to take photographs on Walking Street— being seen there could ruin the lives of the girls who work there, many of whom are earning money to sustain more conservative parents. Of course, there are plenty of scantily clad girls standing outside to try and lure foreigners into the bars. They’ll grab the arms (and more) of older men to get them to come along. I especially remember a Russian pole-dancing in a transparent box, with people in the street below watching the show. It’s just sex everywhere. As a young woman m
  8. Or on Walking Street late at night. Pattaya is a lot more, ah, liberal than other areas of Thailand.
  9. Pee usually comes out into a main stream.
  10. Can certainly think of a few places they could be put to good use. Branding them sexist, as was done in the article, is surely not necessary...there’s nothing to stop us ladies from using them all the same!
  11. Sorry for the misunderstanding- I meant it in a humorous way- as in “is this a rhetorical question?! Of course I’ve peed outside of a toilet!”
  12. Is this a rhetorical question? That being said, my urination experimentation has mostly been in secluded outside spots, or in toilet facilities (except...not in the toilet, of course). I await riskier opportunities, but I’m not actively seeking any at the moment. I don’t actually tend to experience arousal from peeing in ‘naughty places’; it’s more of an endorphin rush.
  13. I’m familiar with Canterbury- quite a lot of uni students about.
  14. I was curious about the demographics on here. (If such a thing has already been done in the recent past, link welcome).
  15. I agree with this. I get the impression that straight guys aren't too keen on seeing other guys’ dicks, and straight females aren’t too keen on “unsolicited dick pics”.
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