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  1. JustRich

    Vocally desperate video request

    I wish I read this earlier. I was desperate and peed on the side of the road, on my way home about an hour ago. I would've been glad to help you out!
  2. JustRich

    Females Only :)

    Sooo sexy
  3. JustRich

    What should I wear tommorow?

    Who needs panties anyway? Lol
  4. JustRich

    What should I wear tommorow?

    I say, no panties!
  5. JustRich

    Anyone else live in the United States?

    I'm always traveling, you never know!
  6. I'm from central jersey too, so I would love to know too!
  7. JustRich

    What should I wear tommorow?

    If I saw this earlier, I would've
  8. JustRich

    The Mouth

    So sexy What kind of exploration do you like?
  9. JustRich


    Couldn't find you
  10. JustRich

    Paulypeeps peeing

    More more more! I love this!
  11. JustRich

    Peeing in high heels

    You are incredibly sexy! Me and spyware had the same idea lol, believe me, I'm sure you're still unbelievably sexy! (Especially with a stream of pee squirting out if you)
  12. JustRich


    Didn't work