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  1. Omg I love these! They were an instant turn on!
  2. JustRich


    Oh believe me, I've "cum" to realize! Hahaha
  3. JustRich

    Watching the Water Turn Yellow

    You should do this more often!
  4. JustRich

    Fitting Rooms?

    I was literally in a fitting room this afternoon and I wanted to do it so bad, but there was an employee right by the door
  5. JustRich

    Backyard peeing

    I always thought I was the only one that enjoyed peeing in backyards, plants and stuff. I love the naughtines. Im going to post a story in the "Encounters" page about a backyard party, that I was at a couple of years ago. If anyone wants to check it out!
  6. JustRich


    I never seen her videos before, thank you!
  7. JustRich

    Girls,what about mens bits?

    Maybe I can help you with that
  8. JustRich


    Definitely don't stop with your selfies. If you want attention, you got it;)
  9. JustRich

    Anyone else in the midwest US? :)

    Hey I'm not in the Midwest but I live on the east coast!
  10. JustRich


    Hey PM me
  11. JustRich

    Snapchat pissing!

    Hey message me when you can
  12. Margot Robbie, Priyanka Chopra and Katy Perry. plus many many more
  13. JustRich

    Peeing favourites

    I didn't realize until I saw your quote, that I forgot to do it. Thanks! I LOVED your new video! "Enjoyed" is a huge understatement! I had a really long day at work yesterday and that's exactly what I needed when I got home. Well I could've used a few other things but definitely did the trick hahaha So thank you for that, you're the best! P.S. I'm probably going to do something today, I'll post it later. Stay tuned!
  14. JustRich

    Peeing favourites

    Your Pee Q&A. Very sexy