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    Haha I don’t really do these sorts of things well, but yeah basically I just love pee play. I used to pee outside all the time as a kid, everyone did actually in my neighborhood. Find a good built up bush, under a flight of stairs that lead up to an apartment or behind a tree and just go. I always loved it.

    I guess that freeing feeling stuck in my head and, one night while watching HBO early on in puberty, a program came on about late night porn and tv around the world. One of them was of a show in Japan where women got naked and used their pee to solve puzzles of some kind. I don’t remember the details exactly, and unfortunately I’ve never seen that video again, but I knew then I had some kind of sexual desire towards pee. From there, it was only a few years later I’d search AOL for pee related stuff and yeah, here I am now in my late 20’s a giant pee fan, looking for someone else like me to share my kinks with. In the mean time, places like this are an awesome outlet to satisfy my pee desires. :)

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    I don’t know that I have one favorite thing. I really like just about all of it. My only turnoffs are when pee is used as a power thing. I’m not trying to dominate anyone with my piss, not consistently anyway. I want to share s mutual affection for it.
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    The first time I told a girl about it. I was young and I thought it was going to be the end of our relationship, but she was super accepting and immediately pissed on me. It was a great moment in my life.

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  1. When I was young and lived at home, all the time. I used to have an old bmw as a project car that I would work on. When the garage door was closed I’d just pee freely on the concrete to the side of where I was working. I loved it. Sometimes it was against the wall, sometimes just right on the floor, sometimes I’d slide from under the car and just pull my cock out and aim towards the corner while still on the ground. The best feeling.
  2. Really hot, but a fair bit shorter than I had hoped. 😅
  3. Lately I’ve been pissing in my bed, mostly when I wake up on the weekends and don’t have to be anywhere. Just point my cock all around and soak my blankets. Not pissing a tin mind you, though I did the one day when I went and grabbed a towel and laid it over the top blanket, but definitely a good bit. I’ve also been using my pee as lube basically, which I haven’t done since I was a teenager, and the orgasms have been unreal.
  4. Welcome! You’ll definitely find plenty of people here who appreciate similar thrills. 😁
  5. Alcohol: Makes your pee essentially warm water once you’ve had enough to get very tipsy. diet soda: your body filters the synthetic sweetener out through your urine and it’s relatively quick, thus sweetening your pee. combining the two is a very effective way to make it taste good enough to never spill a drop. 😁
  6. I would not only like it, I desire it. Casually pee everywhere and on each other anywhere.
  7. Just realized I still have a vid of it on my phone too. 😅
  8. Have done the mall changing room before, loved that. was definitely a bucket list for naughty pee. I recommend one with a carpet though to keep the noise down. plus carpets are more fun. 😁
  9. There are a few places, but off the top of my head I’d say the Bloomingdales dressing room mirror. Recorded it for a pee friend who I would go back and forth with peeing in different places, usually just around the house but sometimes in fun places like that. Didn’t end up buying the pants I tried on either lol.
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