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    Haha I don’t really do these sorts of things well, but yeah basically I just love pee play. I used to pee outside all the time as a kid, everyone did actually in my neighborhood. Find a good built up bush, under a flight of stairs that lead up to an apartment or behind a tree and just go. I always loved it.

    I guess that freeing feeling stuck in my head and, one night while watching HBO early on in puberty, a program came on about late night porn and tv around the world. One of them was of a show in Japan where women got naked and used their pee to solve puzzles of some kind. I don’t remember the details exactly, and unfortunately I’ve never seen that video again, but I knew then I had some kind of sexual desire towards pee. From there, it was only a few years later I’d search AOL for pee related stuff and yeah, here I am now in my late 20’s a giant pee fan, looking for someone else like me to share my kinks with. In the mean time, places like this are an awesome outlet to satisfy my pee desires. :)

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    I don’t know that I have one favorite thing. I really like just about all of it. My only turnoffs are when pee is used as a power thing. I’m not trying to dominate anyone with my piss, not consistently anyway. I want to share s mutual affection for it.
  • Your Hottest Pee Experience
    The first time I told a girl about it. I was young and I thought it was going to be the end of our relationship, but she was super accepting and immediately pissed on me. It was a great moment in my life.

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  1. ZooeyGlass

    Things that annoy you about pee porn

    I don’t really get off to the power aspect that a lot of it contextualizes itself as. Like I get that there are elements of that, but I genuinely like and enjoy piss in all forms, and I want to see someone else who’s similar. Watching someone crying or near-puking is not a turn on for me, it’s actually the equivalent of a rejection in a lot of ways.
  2. ZooeyGlass

    Backyard peeing

    I would definitely pass a quick comment to see if you reacted positively to a little pee humor. I always try to get a read from people about it if it somehow comes up, even if it’s just a quick one in passing.
  3. ZooeyGlass

    Backyard peeing

    My parents have a nice sized backyard and whenever I’m over there I’ll make sure to head to the back of it, behind the yard and whip my cock out for a very relaxing piss. There’s a hiking trail that is close to their backyard and I always hope someone is on it and watches me.
  4. I want to see Rosario Dawson. I’m infatuated by her, she’s maybe my favorite person in Hollywood. Her smile is as beautiful as it is mischievous and I would love to see it as she’s pissing everywhere, preferably on my cock.
  5. ZooeyGlass

    Pissing as a foreplay

    If both people are interested in it, piss is a logical foreplay or first step sexual move. Ideally for me, I want to start getting intimate, and then do some sort of pee related activity, get inside my lover during or after we are finished whatever watersports exchange our passions take us, and use that as a mechanism to enhance our sex and make the orgasm that much more enjoyable. Maybe we pee on each other more as we go along, or I pee inside her or whatever, but waiting to let go imo isn’t as enjoyable as using piss really get to an incredible sexual place. I only had one girlfriend who was willing to do this, but she was more turned on by what it did to me than doing the act. It was still great and I really appreciate her sexual willingness to explore and engage, but I want to find someone who is as stimulated as I am by the idea of piss play and sharing it with their partner.
  6. ZooeyGlass

    Peeing at home living with parents

    I peed on my HS girlfriend right on my carpet in my room. We set one towel down but it wasn’t enough. She didn’t like it too much but I was so hard. Other than that, I used to set a bunch of towels up in my bed and lay on them and just pee into the air, onto myself and masturbate with it. Sometimes I’d let it all out at once, but most of the time it’d just be a little at a time. Just enough to keep my cock lubricated basically. I loveeed it. I would always wash the towels right afterwords and I’m surprised my mom never questioned why I washed three or four towels at once lol.
  7. Welcome. Hopefully you get some enjoyment out of this place and maybe even expand your kink a bit.
  8. ZooeyGlass

    Naughty places to pee - the percentage count

    All but 12, 13, 16 and 17.
  9. ZooeyGlass

    The Holiday Pt 3: Maddie's House

    So good.
  10. ZooeyGlass

    Girls Night 3

    Yes, I hope they’re incorporated or spun off in some way.
  11. ZooeyGlass

    Girls Night 3

    I legitimately can not wait.
  12. ZooeyGlass

    Girls Night 3

    Oh my god please tell me you have more coming. I read the previous ones and they were quite good, but this one has me absolutely ready to explode. Wow.
  13. ZooeyGlass


    As someone who likes really just the early stones, that’s quite intriguing.
  14. ZooeyGlass

    Pee Porn. First Encounters

    My first was with one of HBO’s Shocksave videos, or whatever they were called, where they showed different late night adult content around the world. At some point they got to I believe Japan, and ladies were participating in a gameshow type thing where they had pee on different contraptions in order to fill up some kind of container and I guess whatever team got it done first won? I really don’t remember the details, I just remember it being the first time that I made a sexual link with pee. It was like a light switch flipping on. I have always wanted to find that clip but I don’t think it exists on the internet.
  15. ZooeyGlass

    I guess I should probably introduce myself

    Thanks everyone.