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    Hi, I am IEnjoyPiss and you can tell by my name I enjoy piss! I am mainly a geek interested in stuff such as tabletop roleplaying games, video games, anything sci fi and books particularly dystopian. I haven't had much relationship experience and both of them i had ended rather quickly sadly. In terms of piss i have been into this for some time now actually and seem to enjoy watching people piss and take satisfaction when i do it myself. I hope that everyone reading this do have a good day though!

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    Golden Showers, Drinking, Wetting

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  1. This last one @Bacardi I think you will like as much as me!
  2. Hi there welcome to pee fans! am glad you get to join this community of wonderful pee enthusiasts
  3. Hi there! Welcome to Peefans! I am sure you will fit well into this wonderful community of amazing and friendly folks! Please feel free to browse around find what you like and participate! I am sure you will have a lovely time here!
  4. I swear that vibrator is giving me the 2 finger salute
  5. Hey pretty good regardless! I agree what a great way to start the new year, luckily I did the same but actually managed to go outside this time and have a pee out there, so still I hope it was a good pee at least!
  6. Bacardi you are a delight for this site, peefans would never ever be the same without you being here giving us the positivity and sweetness that radiates off you in such delightful bliss. I am glad you have found a second home here on pee fans though and I hope 2022 comes with more good luck and comfort we can give you on here! Remember, you truly are my Atom Bomb Baby
  7. Same on Microsoft edge on desktop with me seems to now display anything at all for me
  8. Hi there welcome to to pee fans! you will find one hell of a great community here full of friendly faces that will make you feel right at home!
  9. Well a warm welcome from me to you, welcome to pee fans! One hell of a friendly community that you will honestly enjoy interacting with as well as some fun and amazing content!
  10. I have been thinking about this one, peeing whilst swinging upon a swing, do not know why but that does seem rather interesting, just swinging up so high and peeing allowing for it to fall down like raindrops leaving pee marks in a line would be very interesting to see happen.
  11. To add onto what Kupar has said if that is okay, How did you deal with your first problematic student, that one student who didn't listen, kept on talking whilst you were talking, being rude and all that, kind of got curious about that to be honest.
  12. Black Sabbath - Iron Man - YouTube Been binging this banger of a song lately, love the lyrics to it and some awesome guitar solos as well
  13. Something like that I think hard to explain its more easily recognisable based off hearing it a few times
  14. I may give this a test sometimes but for me I think songs that have what is known as a beat drop may work when the music goes silent for a second then the chorus plays you just release as the beat drops
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