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    Hi, I am IEnjoyPiss and you can tell by my name I enjoy piss! I am mainly a geek interested in stuff such as tabletop roleplaying games, video games, anything sci fi and books particularly dystopian. I haven't had much relationship experience and both of them i had ended rather quickly sadly. In terms of piss i have been into this for some time now actually and seem to enjoy watching people piss and take satisfaction when i do it myself. I hope that everyone reading this do have a good day though!

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    Golden Showers, Drinking, Wetting

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  1. A wonderful erotic story to read, please post more Marianne's peeing adventures would love to read more!
  2. Welcome! You will enjoy it here on the site so many friendly and amazing people to talk to and share experiences with! I hope you have good experiences on here!
  3. You can always squat on the poop deck, but I don't think it was made for peeing but the other bodily function.
  4. If anyone knows the show The Inbetweeners you know of the hilarious scene of Neil pissing the bed with Will in it, even the behind the scenes are hilarious for it.
  5. First thing that came into my mind was camping, unless you are on a proper camping site with toilets you are usually peeing in the woodlands
  6. Ikea might be a good place to piss at, a lot of carpets there but its doing it without getting caught is the hardest part.
  7. Limited to the internet, my friends would tease the hell of out me if they found out about my piss fetish.
  8. An abandoned building or in the woods.
  9. Hey welcome! Wow some wondeful photos you have there and would love to see more! I do hope you have a pleasant experience on here and enjoy any content produced!
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