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  1. wee wee girl 1

    Peeing with a Hard On

    It must be so hard! Lol
  2. wee wee girl 1

    Turned on by listening to women wee in the ladies loos

    Chatting while having a wee is so common. Sometimes between stalls or sometimes sharing a stall. A group of girls often share a stall when there is a long queue. I don't know why. But its hot! Maybe they want to look because it turns them on. Like it turns me on. Or they are curious. Maybe its a territorial thing going way back, women pissing on the same spot. I don't know but its hot. Being in a cublicle with a couple of girls, all desperate. Pulling down panties so they are ready to wee when the girl on the look has finished having a wee. I think women are often attracted to other women even if they are straight.
  3. wee wee girl 1

    new girl

    I would like to say that while I enjoy reading erotic stories about pissing and watching videos / looking at pictures. I also enjoy pissing myself and I enjoy catching someone pissing or listening in at a public ladies loo. I do not have any wish to photograph or video myself doing any of these things. Its a turn off for me. Just wanted to be clear.
  4. I don't know if anyone else gets this but I've always felt incredibly turned on when I am in a public ladies loo. Listening to women pissing in cublicles is just so exciting. My imagination runs wild listening to the variety of sounds. From gushing to hissing. Long wees or short tinkles. If there is a queue I love waiting because I get to listen more but if there isn't I often sit a while listening in and I usually have to bring myself off. So hot!
  5. wee wee girl 1

    want a bit of company

    I'd love to chat and pee with you!
  6. wee wee girl 1

    My Pee Videos

    Wow that is hot! I love a long powerful stream! You certainly fill that toilet up!
  7. wee wee girl 1

    Post about your pee!

    I had a long wee wee this morning at work. I held on for hours. I waited until there was a queue for the ladies and stood in line squeezing my lips together. I felt little trickles dripping into my panties. I felt horny and my pussy was wet. When I got to it I had a long glorious wee. I spread myself wide open to feel it splattering. It was a loud wee. I loved it!
  8. wee wee girl 1

    new girl

    Hello there. I'm wee wee girl. I love holding and wetting myself. I like to drink a lot and wee a lot. I like to do long and messy wees. Good to meet you.